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Hello, my name is Olya, I am 23 years old, by nature I can hardly be called modest girl, but it so happened that I was bound hand and foot, free time for guys is not there and so on and the story itself, or might not exactly a story, see for yourself...
Love sex, just can't imagine myself without him, it's about me said, nymphomaniac, masturbating the beginning do not even remember how many, and touch myself so far, sometimes to frenzy. Parents live in Italy for two years, I live by myself, one of my fantasies has always been having sex with a dog at home I live dog and a Dalmatian, I really wanted, but always something stopped me, one fine evening, I suggested a good website, on this website people communicate with similar like and my Hobbies, where I found different kind of description how do you sleep with a dog.
All the time remember that day when I reread and decided not to retreat, throwing the laptop away, I started to masturbate, and then called Dalmatians, he is always cheerful ran into the bedroom, I patted the bed, he climbed up, looking happily into my eyes, he had no idea what a naked mistress wants from him.
I have terrible hands were shaking, the adrenaline was just bursting with blood, I began to stroke, he soon fell on her back and lifted her legs up, before I just stroked his belly, but now I wanted something completely different. My hand almost immediately reached down to his pouch and began to stroke him there, I almost cried out of happiness when by itself from the bag found the tip of his cock gently without touching the member, I took the bag and began to move it by hand, and gradually his cock that,
hiding again when the time came, I pulled the pouch to the base of his cock, a little effort and a bag were left behind where the dog will grow from the node, I have a horribly dry throat, even to the dogs I terribly loved to suck cock from guys and for me it is one of the best pleasures, of course I wanted to make this moment a Blowjob to his dog.
Head was buzzing, his hands were shaking from excitement I was covered in red spots, holding in one hand a Dalmatian, and a second holding his still small cock, I leaned over to him, the smell just drove me crazy, I directed his cock sticking up and tongue licked him from base to head, nice slightly salty, well, just lovely. Thoughts was not, I opened my mouth and very gently closed my lips on his head, tongue immediately went to the pit in the head of his cock, then slid the trunk member below, I was no longer able to control himself lowered his head down, giving a little more member to enjoy my tender mouth,
at this point I felt a small trickle sprayed me in the sky, from the benefits of the sex, I knew that this is his lubrication, along with highlighted the lubricated cock steadily began to grow, I freed his penis from captivity my mouth and began to lick him with one hand, literally two minutes in hand, was already a member of 16 inches, covered in veins and very red, hot dick more than guys. My desire was no chapel, I just wanted to take him in her mouth and suck, the next moment I opened her mouth and closed lips somewhere on half of a hot dog cock, making the sucking motion I lowered my head below
nosedives mouth on his half, I gently sucked it, then removing to head, then sucked up midway, his eyes were already closed from the mad pleasure, unable to bear I planted mouth so that her lips touched his slowly growing knot, all that time your penis periodically spray lubricant, hand and lips were wet and salty, I pulled away for a moment, looking at the Dalmatian, said he, forgive the boys for taking so long led you to the bitches now I'm corrected, I'll suck you in and expose wet pussy whenever you want me more brought my words I immediately put his cock in her greedy mouth
lips brushed along the trunk to the node, and the tongue eagerly rubbed against the hot walls of the cock, I was getting wild pleasure while sucking his dick, he squirmed a little, but I held his hand for a moment, my mouth ran down his liquid, slightly salty and a bit heavy with iron cum, I didn't miss a drop, he came in her mouth, I was on 7th heaven, has entered the room dog and looked at me with his tongue hanging out, he jumped on the sofa, and stood I immediately reached for his pouch, began to massage, the Dalmatians escaped and cock with a slight slurping popped out of my mouth, but I had more.
I will not describe, how I suffered until finally dragged the dog at you guys, as I led a dissolute life, but I was pleasantly surprised by his cock, he more than 20 cm it seems, but I saw it later, when I knelt by the couch and held the dog on her, the cock was not very big, he was making weak attempts to move his pelvis, very uncomfortable to hold and guide the member in its expiring juices pussy, when the cock touched my wet holes the dog perked up and began to push me your hot dick, I felt like with each thrust member is increased in me, booooze, what a pleasure, from pleasure I rolled my eyes,
I could not resist and said to his new lover, yeah, that's it fuck me, enjoy my wet pussy, now it will be for you, put your dick in my pussy now girl will stand before you on my knees if you ask, I did not notice as a member it is inflated, but I'm so terribly tech that could be heard only a sniffle, sometimes he almost reached the uterus, I knew, would be the site that more of the members, and I was so anxious that he drove into me, when the node began to grow, he could not enter it, I abruptly put his hand to the pussy and widely parted pussy lips to the side, the third boost node just dived into me
I screamed, his dick rested his tip in the uterus and vagina ached with pain of languid, although the pussy and had long been not a virgin, but still made the site work, then the dog got up, how to touch with paw paw, and finally I felt inside pussy gushed hot cum, I just went mad under him, but he still finished and finished.
After standing for so little, he jumped to the side, and we stood butt to butt, I lifted her leg and rolled over slowly on his back, two hands took his cock below the knot and began to move them in their torn the girl was very nice, but the movement was constrained by node I, node standing for more than 15 minutes are unable to cum when his cock came out of me, I threw myself on my knees and without hesitation took it in her mouth and again I sucked the magnificent cock of her lover with eyes closed and when I began to masturbate, just couldn't get enough of their creepy red and wet pussy she was not so much revealed, I eagerly drove her four fingers, has long wanted to try,
I smeared the whole hand in the pussy juice and dog cum, and almost without labour introduced the palm to the wrist in the dog's girl already, you should see this painting, girl with wide open legs hungrily and rolled eyes from lust and pleasure, drives himself, spins in the palm pussy, orgasm is indescribable I was shaking.
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