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Default Dog wedding

Dog wedding

Author: Galina
Category: Bestiality
Date added: 03-01-2012
Rating porn story: 9.85

When kitty and Leah got finally two purebred Doberman puppies, their joy knew no bounds. Girlfriend for a long time wanted to buy dogs. Their plan was, receive in the future from them a good offspring, as did their friends and make money. By mutual agreement, calm and considerate kitty took a bitch and Leah of the dog.
As their friends began the painstaking work of caring for Pets: feeding, trips to vet, training. As time went by, the puppies grew up, and now it's time for the first mating.
Girls especially carefully preparing for this event because this is the first binding their favorites. They took the necessary literature, all studied in order to avoid surprises. Friend felt a special interest in the upcoming event, it is understandable because the binding will be the first time in front of them, with all the details. The thought of them became hot and wet in panties. In the book of breeding has been written that the first mating of young dogs is best done in a quiet and familiar for the dog. So, after some discussion, they decided to spend it in the apartment, Leah.
To this end, the Lea has prepared your bedroom: the bed was removed, two chairs located in corners of the room, served as a wonderful vantage points of the window, she draped dark curtains. A light snack and a bottle of "Brandy" was intended to celebrate the "dog wedding".
At eight o'clock, as had been prearranged, he brought his gay. Powerful well built Gay character was similar to his mistress. Loving and gentle Leah was somewhat spoiled by his dog, And Aron, as she called it, was a bit flighty and hard to control. So Leah locked him in the kitchen.
Barely smelled a heating bitch, locked in the kitchen Aron whined and even began to howl. This further piques the interest of her friends. They already do was a bit nervous.
Before you run to the bedroom Aaron, friend reread most significant and exciting locations.
Kitty was particularly struck by the place where it was written that the sexual organ of a male when excited can be increased 2-3 times. She even regretfully looked at Gaia.
Poor Gay how will she handle it? - inquiring she said.
- But she's not in danger, much more dangerous than "the castle" replied Leah, Oh, you can read it. And the girlfriend began to read: "a member of the dog has
blunt end, sloping at a slight angle. The largest diameter it has in the first 2/5 of its length, then gradually tapering, reaching the bulbs are located at the base of the exposed penis. Onion - considerable thickening near the base of the penis, which provides communication between the dog and bitch during sexual intercourse. Prior to ejaculation the bulb increases, and maybe then the two dogs go to the castle. The first time that the dog is not afraid and tried to withdraw the member from the vagina of the bitch, as this may cause serious damage to the genitals as males and females".
- See, you should keep your gay so they don't harm themselves - passionately told her Leah.
They drank a glass of "Brandy", and ran into the bedroom of Aaron.
At first all went as written, but when Aaron seemingly had to leap on is already quite prepared gay, as if he shirked it. He whined plaintively and paced the room.
It took another half hour, the girls drank another drink, and Aron refused to jump on Gaia. Kitty was starting to get upset.
Your dirty dog very tortured my gay - angrily said kitty - he is clearly treated as a different type males "tainted minion".
- I'm not sure, but I think that the Aron is not being written in the book that young males for a first litter you need to find experienced in such matters bitch - tried to reassure her friend Leah, I can see. What Aaron just need to show how and which side to climb the bitch, and your Gay all the time to spin.
But where do we take this now "experienced bitch," the angry asked kitty.
- Don't know - Leah replied, pouring himself a full glass of brandy.
Suddenly his girlfriend eyes flashed mischievously, she quickly stood up, taking gay by the collar dragged that into the corridor. By the time when she returned to the bedroom, the girlfriend and I halved a bottle and rather drunk.
- Get on all fours - he ordered returned kitty.
- You, in your mind? - Leah almost choked with indignation - for whom do you take me for.
- You have not correctly understood, reassured under
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