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Default My sweet Kira

My sweet Kira

Author: Sasha
Category: Bestiality Incest
Date added: 03-01-2012
Rating porn story: 9.93

Kira was my aunt on my mother's side. She was only 34, she was an attractive woman, divorced and without children. In late August, parents gathered to go to the rest home. I refused to go with them, citing the fact that don't want to leave, but rather will start to prepare for the upcoming school year . Mother called Kira and asked me to live at home, especially in your ending vacation Kira wouldn't have left town. Aunt said she will have nowhere to put the dog,and drag her to the other end of the city will be problematic. She invited my mother to come to her.
The next morning the parents were gone. I landed at home mom aunt waved and they drove off on vacation. I got up, called , Kira immediately opened the door. It was a few starosennaya.
- I thought you were coming later, Kira smiled.
- Yes, the parents apparently wanted to go faster-I responded, located the room , which Cyrus had prepared for me.
The day passed quietly, with keira was great, she was soveremennaya and fun. In the evening when I lay down to sleep, she came up to me and said she now would not be so sad. She bent down to kiss my forehead, and I noticed that I like her touching me..... From her fragrant smell of bubble bath... She left, turning out the light. I could not sleep, crawl on the bed.
I was only 16 and unlike many of my peers, I have never been with a man. But I could not imagine that I will be able to thrill a woman, and even my aunt. At my age, I had already formed figure. Heavy large Breasts with large nipples, a thin waist and broad buttocks. My little pussy I shaved. I liked to touch her, sometimes I was masturbating in the bathroom fingers ,bringing themselves to bliss.
Don't know how long I was thinking about Kira, but suddenly I heard moans coming from the next room. I got out of bed and tiptoed to the bedroom Kira. The door was ajar. I looked at her... Oh, God, my aunt was on all fours, and on top of it rhythmically moved Richie, her dog. Shepherd paws clutched to her body Kira. She arched and moaned, trying to do it softly, but the pleasure tore from her chest moaning. Moans of lust. She probably thought I was asleep....
I went back to my room. Can't be... what I saw was not like anything on any porno movie! But I'm not excited, I was interesting and terrifying at the same time... She wasn't hurt?... So, in thought I did not notice how fell asleep.
This morning came aunt, she was dressed. She said she called from work and asked vydti today. Telling and where that is in the kitchen, she was gone. I still lie in bed, then got up and went to take a shower. Standing under the pleasant jets of water I began to remember what I saw yesterday. Now I seemed to have it so scary. I wiped and went to the kitchen to drink coffee. The kitchen came Richie. I looked at him, a healthy German shepherd, he's probably having a big dick.
I returned to the room, and in search of some books reached into the wardrobe. There I found some magazines. They were beautiful buxom women that had men in all the cracks. Flipping through a magazine I came across pictures of women engaged in lesbian love. I was looking at the variety of tools that they used. And unwittingly discovered that my hand rubs Horny Clit. I threw a Terry cloth robe, and left completely naked lay down on the bed. My wet pussy came wet. I ran my fingers, taking moisture from cunt to Clit, and suddenly saw, as in a room squeezed Richie and sat next to me, whimpering. He looked at me with his brown eyes, clearly expressing a desire to participate.
At first I wanted to kick him out of the room, but then my excitement overcame this impulse and I patted the bed. Rich immediately climbed on her and buried his face between my legs. I spread her legs and the dog began to lick my wet crack. I noticed that Richie has bulked up and got out of the pouch member. Pushing his face, I grabbed his cock and started to podrachivat it. My excitement grew with every second. Seeing that Richie is flowing from my dick, I got down on all fours, spread her legs wide apart. Shepherd jumped on me, apparently they have fun with my aunt often because Richie immediately plunged his still growing cock into my slit. I was so wet that huge dick dog slipped right up to the stop, and rich quickly began to increase the tempo. I was at the peak of excitement, from the fact that I fucked a dog, the feeling of a dirty wench. I loudly groaned, crumpling his nipples and moved to meet his angry red member. Noticing that the dog is now finish, I'm for a few moments, pulled his pin out of himself and began to lubricate his tight hole with grease from the vagina. In my ass rich came not so fast because I'm in pain I could not move to meet him, but after a few minutes when my hole expanded and stopped unpleasant throb, I tucked under her knees, ottoperuna more your anus for Richie and began to move him in tact. The dog eagerly began to drill my ass, faster and faster, faster and faster. Suddenly I started to grow heavy entire body, I realized that I'm coming. At the same time I felt as a member of Richie's growing inside of me and starts pushing you to pour in me semen. I came, almost screaming in bliss. The dog made a few more movements and jumped off me. Richie brought his face to my ass and began to lick my excrement and semen. I was lying almost unconscious, my heart was happily, easily. I thank you for your first real orgasm patted Richie on the back. The dog licked my hand and out of the room.
I fell asleep and not even heard came Kira. Kira came into the room and stood for a moment. She's seen on her bed naked niece. Looked at her beautiful Breasts on shaved pubis, the beautiful wild hair. Seeing the log and the dog lying next to my room Kira understood. She went into the bathroom. There she pomylas and wore beautiful silk panties, stockings and wrapped his transparent robe. She approached my bed. I Wake up, scared that Kira is sitting next to me, and I'm naked. But Kirochka leaned over me, pushing Flirty legs. Her robe opened and I saw her beautiful Breasts. They were not very large with beautiful svetlokoricnevykh papillae. She touched my lips pushing his tongue my lips. Costua starts to flow, I raised up and touched his lips to Kurochkina papilla. She from pleasure threw back his head. I licked her nipple, swallowing it. Covering the body of Kira kisses I went down below, pulled down her panties and a few moments of staring at her pussy. It was glistening from moisture, shaven, with a small strip of hair she excited me more than the movies and magazines. I spent tongue around her pussy. Kira lay with closed pleasure eyes. I started to suck her Clit, climbed tongue in her crack. Kira began to moan, his when I ran into her finger. She moved towards me, lifting the buttocks. Seeing her anus, I slowly began to massage it with your finger, Kira moaning louder and louder, I finally pulled my finger tighter and he easily penetrated her ass. There was very hot and quite slippery. Kira sat up, rolled over and sticking out her ass got cancer. I was moving rhythmically in her ass already two fingers, one hand fingering Clit, which was hard and jumped out of the crease. Finally Kirochka meanders, cumshot.
She silently lay face down. Then she turned and kissed me. Kissing, she laid me on my back and began to knead my nipples. They instantly hardened. She ran tongue over her Breasts, flat tummy and down to languishing pussy. A few minutes she licked my baby, and then a rush of hands told me to turn around and get cancer. I waited. Kirochka called Richie. The dog instantly lifted off the bed. Kira crumpling my anus, occasionally wetting his fingers in my wet vagina. She podrachivaya member of the dog brought it to my ass. Do I will experience it again, flashed in my head and I costua as painless dick Richie in my ass, closed his eyes in pleasure. Richie began to fuck me. Cyrus was stuck three fingers in my vagina, I felt filled to the limit. After a few minutes my aunt went before me and has widely placed legs. I started to lick her slit, spitted it on my tongue. After a few minutes I felt the familiar feeling that Richie cums harder began to move towards him and after a few seconds she was forgotten in a sweet orgasm. Seeing how finished, Richie and I, Kira began to moan louder and harder to achievethese on my toes, long raging in her slit. She came. Richie, as usual, licked me, and then Kira and I got.
During all this time, the first time Kira said,"Well, how's the dog?" "Excellent," I replied and we laughed. Then I gently hugged Kira and we fell asleep. We have had a lot of time.
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