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Default The real story of regular camber under dog

I'm Jeanne. Age long for the adulthood and it is possible to add only that live with their parents.
Everything was as all, I guess. Like sex, a in connection with the unpopularity of the guys and low self-esteem decided to look for other methods of gratification. Masturbation is still not the same. Then I began to fantasize on the theme of animals, because they fuck well and never tell anyone. And so it remained a fantasy, attempts to talk to my mom about the dog without shyness. I was upset of their own isolation.

So it took about three years. And so she brought him. A huge Golden Labrador. Is not a puppy, but not old. I was happy that day when he was laying on the bed and thought how I would teach him to mate with me in the absence of parents. Remembered all the articles about this, about schooling using smell bitches who need to smear on themselves, etc. is Very upset due to the fact that you know - bitch can't find. The following morning the amazing happened. I went to the kitchen for Breakfast, there sat the whole family with Shake (as later named the dog). He casually approached me and started to jump clinging to both his legs, hugging and moving the member about the calf. To say I was embarrassed would be an understatement and wildly restrained so as not to let on combustion of embarrassment. Father laughed, and mother. Then it dragged, scolded and told it's wrong. But inside I was hoping he doesn't wean, because it is something that is necessary.

Shake kept jumping on me every day, as you will see. At least once a day, but jump. The parents scolded him and asked me why not criticize itself. Answered generally that he's a stupid dog and normally will not understand, a power I can not, because quite thin, and weak character is not the same. Joked as they could. The fact that after reading online articles about the huge knots and a bunch of scared, which had to reschedule for later, scaring herself to try to resist.

It took another few years of such agony. But the lust remained and grew. Every day gathered a bit of courage. The dog was already jumping once a week, though it is not clear why do not stopped. I decided. Determined that to do this will be in the ass, because very afraid to lose my virginity. Afraid that then when you ask the guy, can't think of anything and will burn with shame when they came to the gynecologist that knows me. All these two years I periodically trained a second entrance, thrusting various items, fearing that fucking my ass is on crack. A long and separate story. So I waited, when parents leave the country to spend the weekend. Stayed in the apartment only Shake. Absolutely confident in their abilities and in shorts approached the dog, pre-developed and lubricated anal, anticipated he began to jump, trying to knock him down.

I really started to get on all fours, lower a little panties to the entrance to the pussy was inaccessible and remained a priest. Not considered one that it's too heavy to get up from under him now is unrealistic. Then the first pain went from the fact that grasping the waist ee claws scratched more scratched was the only priest. Incredibly as we throw it, but did not succeed. Then the crotch started to feel the tremors of something sharp, piercing even. I thought that the member is actually less than expected and the beginning of the sit down anal on this momentum. The sooner you cum, the sooner you will get off — I thought. And the dog entered. Inside cock grew instantly and rested on the move in the wall. It was a hell of pain masking the pain from the scratches.

Automatically opened his mouth and eyes nearly out of their sockets from coming out. quickly jerked forward to remove it from me. But the paws kept a pace of fucking was too fast. His drool fell on my back and dripping on the floor through it. I lowed my first time. Mating was less than a minute as the dog stopped, holding his cock inside me, lying on top and holding paws somewhere else 15 seconds. As he climbed down I ran to the bathroom and washing off all and very depressed. Dog cum gushed out upon the feet of the Creek, was worth Naturita. A he stood and waited on the other side of the door. What was very scary.

Two months after the incident, I don't even go to the Neck, remembering how badly he had me bent under the other, how terribly flogged. It flogged. The parents did not notice anything in changing the behavior of a dog, because I started it periodically to repel and frequency of jumping was again more times a week. Thought to rid himself of all thoughts, until they came to a new wave with their parents on vacation.
I decided that I would take into account all the mistakes and put on a sweater. Sitting on the edge of the tub, stuck in the anal fingers and stretched, wider and wider. Briefs also covered the entrance to the vagina. I liked all this secrecy something bad, spretnosti. But most of all I was surprised at the memories the lack of hitch and knot. As later learned from the videos that did a member very long and the knot at the base remains outside, though the head rests on the wall. After all procedures I went back to him through the excitement. Stimulating the sense of taboo was beating on the head.

Bent, stuck, screamed, came, took. But I still wanted more. I went on all fours around the room, until he would need a rest and again started to fuck. And again. And again. I thought anal I like the bottom of a bottle. I absolutely felt no pain after the first two visits. Just rolling with the subject. Pleasure was his pleasure. Of visits was five (and all subsequent times we've had sex). Then I get up and the legs out of the hole pours a transparent yellowish sperm. When he reached the important for me appeared a trail of puddles of sperm on the floor. Half liters, no less, he descended into me. From this idea I masturbated the last time. Then again there was trouble. As soon as I got out of the shower, the dog again began to try to blame me, as if not cursed. It was like rabies.

I ran from him around the apartment, failing in the end to close the rapist with the parents room. His skin felt, how terrible to be a victim of a mad maniac when you don't want to. Was thought to tell mom to take him to be neutered because as a man he no longer sees me. Two more weeks with this monster. On the second day I let him out of the room with the confidence that all is forgotten. Of course, not. After he fucked me, I was his bitch. Realizing this thought, the tears rolled. After some time in the day helplessness of the situation again developed entrance, and went and gave it. He fought five Walker, as many of sperm. But this time I was watugala ee all of herself squirt on the floor. It's easier to wipe with a MOP in one place.

Cheick has learned me not to scratch constantly, strained only drool across the back neck and a bad smell from the mouth. The most important thing that was noted — after sex in the morning — the dog jumps on me all day. The mood was strange. I realized the dream, I pulled the dog learned to control it, if I may say so. But the realization that I am his bitch, very strange, because I had her and after sex, all the time. On arrival parents are getting a schedule. At 5 in the morning I Wake up, when you sleep parents and SAG under the dog 40 minutes. Every day. For that whole day he behaves calmly, no jumping, but always sits beside me in the living room or kitchen, anyone not allowing. On the street absolutely does not let males to me.

This way of life I had for about three years. I've ostriches with a guy. It's time to give my male in a girl's hole. Then it happened and the castle. Member swelled very much out of that site was not at all painful attempts. 10 minutes seemed like an eternity in such situation and increased the fear that Wake up parents and see this. Experience rather unsuccessful after three times over. Still in the ass faster, a this is important when the dog you fuck to continue the secrecy.

During menstruation did not venture to give himself stared in the interests of hygiene. Usually just jerked him off, putting his hand which he fucked. But what contributed to the writing of this story was today's first Blowjob. Normally holding the arm in the ring, where he put the process I was sickened to see the person, but still wanted something similar to pull and not to give away now? Dick grew in my mouth initially pouring out grease. Shake beat me in the mouth itself, not allowing to move. Member tasted extremely salty, very nasty. They slid down the language here and there, back and forth. My saliva is already dripping chin on the bed, where I fucked for the first time. Here and there, what a disgusting feeling. Even when he came did not stop. Cum poured from his mouth along with saliva. It was disgusting, salty and sour taste. Even trying to breathe through the nose, felt the vile taste. After the first time, as he pulled — I ran down, closing the door to the room, so the dog ran after me, rushed into the bathroom. Began to spit semen, brush your teeth, wash your face. Today I felt humiliated as the first time, even though he was his bitch to relax three years.

And now it became clear that sex with dogs I tried everything to write about it as it is.
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