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Default The Ideal Female. Part 1: Loss of virginity

The main character of this story name is Anastasia. A month ago she turned 18 years old. She had a perfect body, which would be the envy of any girl. Third bust, sexy ass, amazing waist, amazing legs, shiny dark brown hair and sweet young face. It was the envy of many girls, and wanted all the guys who saw her at least once. But since the relations with guys she has not especially developed, as it is practically all been dumped, the a if with any of them and met then further kisses business did not come, so she in spite of that gorgeous body, was still a virgin. Perhaps her relationship with the opposite sex was influenced by the fear of being abandoned, pregnant, or the fear that after sex the guy restripe about it and it will stick to the tramp stamp. However the fact remains, such a gorgeous girl and still can't find his lover.

Appearance she was like her mother. She's worked as a teacher at the school, she is an excellent teacher, though with not very big experience. A father a few years ago after he was fired from work was an avid hunter. When he became a hunter, he bought two dogs. Shepherds. One large (Female) we named her Atava and little puppy who was the son of an adult dog, we called Valmont. Since three years have passed and during this time the dog has grown in size. Although rose is an understatement, he was just a huge dog. For the past two months, the father takes him hunting with him, as the Atav he gave to his friend because the two big dogs in the first place was nowhere to keep them, and secondly expensive to feed. And Valmont are very well showing themselves in hunting, in contrast to Atavi which was already in its old and could not cope with the tasks.

Anastasia was not very fond of dogs and always had to walk them, wash and feed, eventually she just hated. But that all changed one morning when Anastasia went to walk Valmont. Valmont was an obedient dog, so Nastya was walking him without a leash. Walking through backyards Valmont saw dogs of the opposite sex, instinct took over and he ran after them. Anastasia at the last moment I saw Valmont and the other dogs ran ran into another yard, she ran after them, so the dog could get lost. After going to another yard she found his dog, and quickly went looking for her in other unfamiliar to her yards. She is unaware she wandered into a doorway where turning the corner before she dug two boys in tracksuits. In view of the typical redneck in Adik. One of them was with a broken face. These two of course could not pass up such a charming girls and decided to "get to know" but how to say to meet... Began the typical redneck harassment.

- Hey beautiful, will you join us? (I asked the one with the broken mug)

— No, sorry, would love to chat, but unfortunately I'm in a hurry (she said Politely)

— Kudazh you in a hurry? There are things much more important, for example to brighten up the time to two great guys (Said grabbing her by the ass kid with a broken mug)

That immediately got slapped.

— Wow, arrogant bitch, you will answer for it.

— Get off of me your dirty hands!

Angry he grabbed her arm a second started to take off her clothes, she began to scream but the one with the broken snout clamped her mouth. They took off her black short skirt and a blouse. Began to grope her. All attempts to escape were in vain, remained to prepare for the worst, when suddenly with great speed out of the gate, flew to the dog, it was Valmont, he grabbed one of them straight in the left leg. The girl escaped. The second of them, the one with a broken face I got a knife and wanted to attack back at the dog. The dog could react and grabbed his arm. The one that was bitten in the leg was already cleared from the alley forgetting about his friend. Pat abuser the dog loosened its grip and gave the opportunity to leave. But the kid was clearly not all right with his head, he tried to raise his knife from the ground who dropped the bite. The dog jumped on him again, clutching his shoulder. After that, until the kid finally came; if he wants to live it's time to go. He ran from the alley right with a huge dog on the shoulder. Realizing that the abuser will not harm the dog gave him to escape. Mistress of not having to move away from the shock, stood and watched the scene in his shorts. When she dressed quickly and without saying a word went home with Valmont. She went into the house, the house was his mother that was going to work. She noticed the excitement on your daughter's face and asked what happened. What Nastya said that she didn't get enough sleep (So as to tell her mother of the incident o she was not going to, because nothing happened, the dog caught it in time and saved her. A if she tells everything, the mother will definitely call the police. Why once A problem when everything cost?)

After 30 minutes the mother left for work and she stayed home alone, not counting his own dog. Nastya sat on the sofa and about an hour comprehended what happened. Realizing that all she owes her dog that she's not very liked (Until now), she approached the dog lying beside her on the couch and started stroking him, speaking gentle words of gratitude. She fed and watered her rescuer.

It's been a week since Valmont had saved her from rape. She was very fond of previously, so hate dog. Now the dog has stopped sleeping in the cold hallway of the house. She now slept with Cindy in the same room. Parents noticed the changed relationship of the daughter to the dog, took it with a pleasant surprise. And, of course, was the consistency that they became friends, and allowed the dog to sleep in a room Anastasius, because the dog was well-groomed, despite the fact that often on the street.

Nastya has finished study in the 11th grade, it remains only to pass exams. Vacation began. And as evil at the same time, my parents had to leave the village to clean up all the garbage after the winter, and do the master's business. With them, it did not go as terribly not stand the mosquitoes and the mud, and to do it she was nothing. She insisted on Valmont stayed home with her.

Was the night she sat in bed and watched TV. Suddenly the room ran Valmont. Jumped into bed with her and she felt some strange smell. She sniffed realized that stank of feces. And obviously to blame here, Valmont. She decided to redeem him, because the smell was not pleasant. She took him along to the bathroom. Closed the door. Valmont realized that he was going to wash and jumped into the bathroom. She turned on the warm shower and began rubbing it with the sponge on all sides. 10 minutes later when she almost gave him a bath. She noticed that the bottom of the dog that got out, and continued to increase. Touching hands she realized it was dick, the dog from which it was initiated. And from her touch a member of the dog is clearly becoming more. She was very curious, because earlier she saw the male sexual organ only in pictures on the Internet. She began to consider it in his hands and soon was amazed at what size. She of course knew they are big but really! she started slightly podrachivat member of the dog with a curious smile. The dog liked it and he began to move his pelvis. Dolivory their curiosity she let go of the cock dog. The dog was clearly upset and was expecting something more. He whined.

— What are you Valmont. Don't be sad tomorrow to walk again chase my friends (Ironically she said, realizing what the dog wants)

She wiped dry the dog, led him out of the bathroom and decided to wash herself.

Vyydya from the bathroom she went to her room, chased Valmont. She lay down on the bed and Valmont jumped on the bed waving all the same big excited member in front of the face of the hostess.

— Aiji, Valmont! phew! well, not the face! Enough, go to sleep.

Valmont making a sad face settled nearby. She ...

turned off the light. One thought nedaval her night. She thought long and hard about the case in the bathroom. On member of dog and its size. These thoughts excited her wildly. She momentarily brought this on in my pussy, the sensations she could feel. She pushed it out of my head. But then it dawned on her, startling her a thought, what if making love with my dog? Well, or even just tenderly play with his big dick for the sake of curiosity. She immediately pushed these thoughts out of my head saying to myself that think we should all tomorrow.

Waking up. She saw the dog. stepped over him and went to wash. Washing up she thought of the thoughts that visited her last night. And thought o member of the dog she got a little Horny. And decided that everyone enough time to throw out this delirium from a head. Vyydya from the bathroom she began to dress in sports clothes, Anastasia was fond of sports in the apartment in the morning. She wore mini shorts that emphasized her gorgeous ass and a yoga top which gave her the perfect Breasts. She started exercising, they did already 10 minutes, and then when she's on all fours shaking press on the roller, the back jumped Balmont, he grabbed her waist, and with great intensity began to poke a member in her ass trying to find a passage in a cherished place. Anastasia barely managed to hold in her arms, she almost fell under the weight of huge dogs.
The Valmont loved how Anastasia was playing in the bathroom with his dick. He knew that the girl who feeds and walks him, which is the same bitch he was banging on the street. And that bitch he loved that dog really wanted to take her. Nevertheless the dog knew that this bitch is not simple and it requires a special approach to such a bitch like she need to work harder to achieve.

— Valmont chchchto are you doing? A well sleepstages.

She tried to crawl forward, but could not resist on his hands and collapsed on the floor, the dog collapsed on her, realizing that attempts to penetrate the cherished place of his mistress in vain, Valmont off of her and started to run around.

Anastasia sat on the floor and tried to regain his breath after such a "surprise" from the dog.

She felt a strong excitement, with some pressure and tried to fuck her Valmont, she felt in him a male who can ugovarivaet any need for sex so females like her. At that moment, she thought of how Valmont can make a hell of a lover. I mean, she's 18 and a sex is still not there, but always wanted to try, but the fear that after sex, throw it in there and blabbed it all over the area and a town was a huge obstacle. There is such A possibility. Huge dog sex clearly two times better than the inexperienced guys. Will be able to fuck her when she wants to, at any day, hour and minute, certainly not quit, and certainly not blab about it to anyone. Yes, and to fly in case of an accidental mishap can not.

Meanwhile the dog was running around the hostess, and the time running up to lick her face, the dog is clearly determined to achieve affection from his mistress.

Okay I'll try with him to "play" a further be that (she thought)

Hey Valmont (Called it to himself running around the room dog.

The dog approached her, She sat on my lap and started to stroke, caress and hug your dog. Kissed a dog in his face and the dog answered her back.

After preliminaries she leaned down and took the dog cock in his hand.

— So huge, it'll fit in me? (She thought)

She began podrachivat member dog. The dog obviously liked it. He dutifully waited what will happen next. Play around with interesting maloizvestnoi for yourself "toy" She decided to try the taste of this unit. She gently licked the head of your cock, the taste was very pleasant, salty. Then Anastasia started to act more boldly, she began to suck the head of your cock, and each time tried to suck the cock deeper in my mouth. Anastasius liked sucking cock, she is wildly aroused, she felt like a bitch in the hands of a fearless male. But suddenly all the buzz was interrupted by the doorbell. Anastasia perked up and quickly ran to the bathroom (you never know who it was, maybe the parents for some reason, so came back early from the village) she trimmed hair and quickly solosolo mouth rinse, doorbells amplified "tink-tink". She ran to the door without asking who was there opened it. Behind the door was a neighbor, living with bottom. Seeing the girl he froze, his mouth open. He was clearly struck by her beauty. He closely examined it.

Is there something you wanted? (Asked Anastasia)

— A? Oh yeah. You me, the entire bathroom in water.

— This can not be, in my bath all off, I was just there.

— But the water comes from above, the entire ceiling is wet! A above us only live you. If you do not believe, come with me, see for yourself.

— Well, come on.

Going into your neighbor's apartment, and going to the bathroom, she saw that the floor around the water and completely wet the ceiling.

I don't know what to say. But I'm clearly not being.

— Let's go up to your apartment and see what's going on.?

— Send (she said)

Entering the apartment Anastasius, the dog growled at a neighbor.

— Valmont!

Valmont has complied.

— Cute dog (Said the neighbor)

After going in the tub and making sure that everything is in order the neighbor said:

— Hmm don't know what it is, please forgive me, I thought you flooded me, I'm going to call the utilities, I will understand what may be the case.

— It happens. Bye!

After seeing a neighbor and closed the door, she looked at the dog said:

— Oh such fun interrupted! Oh, these neighbors.

The mood today to do anything was gone, talking with a neighbor tired her.

She really wanted to Valmont took it, and fucked like my bitch, and decided it was going to happen tomorrow night.

The next morning:

Anastasia woke up and stretched.

— Today will be a beautiful day! (She said)

Making all the morning everyday things, feeding the dog, she thought, This is my first sex with the guy (she Said looking at his dog) Need to be prepared to look at all one hundred percent to her male burned the strongest in the world eager to take her.

She went to the store, bought a bunch of different things. After returning home, the father was already waiting for Valmont. He began to jump on it and lick your face.

Hey nah. Wait, my male we get down to business, but I want to surprise you.

She went into the room and closed the door. After much deliberation, she put on her Sexy stockings, who could not look so great on any other girl, a sexy mini skirt that made her gorgeous butt unbelievable. Wearing a very sexy topic, from which almost jumped out of her amazing Breasts. Underwear she decided to wear. Bothering another 2-3 hours on my hair, she decided that everything was ready. And really. Of course she's the perfect girl but still she never looked so gorgeous and sexy. For some time she pondered how it would be, and was looking for information on the Internet o having sex with dogs, after all, was supposed to be perfect, she imagined every detail. The clock was 21:04.

— Well, it's time to show the male present the female (she said and opened the door of the room.)

The dog was obviously smart, and realized that not just the hostess dressed to impress. Member dog prevails on alert for a few seconds.

— Well. As I have my own?

Before she had this to say, as the dog literally threw himself at her and they both fell on the bed. She caressed him, and he her. They had an incredible passion for each other. She lay on her back a dog was lying on her stomach. She carries a huge Magnitogo dog with hands and feet and clung to him while continuing to kiss the dog and his face, feeling the best she thought feeling. The dog stood up on his feet. And along with embracing his mistress jumped out of bed.

— What are you doing honey?

— AVV (Gently said dog)

He walked over to the bedside table, pushed off the front legs and leaning with his paws o the wall, sat on the bedside table his mistress.

— Well now, baby?)

Dog moving through her nose tried to tell her that the mistress turned around and lay on the table belly.

— I understand you. (Anastasia said doing as told her its a male)

She leaned on his stomach on the bedside table, bent back and slightly spread her legs.

Before the dog using a mini skirt opened a wonderful view of the expiring juices pussy virgin, Valmont began to lick the allocation of language.

— Ohhh. Even Valmont, please don't stop.

She first felt such wonderful feelings. Valmont continued high speed to lick pussy of his mistress. She sarakula head back in pleasure.

Ohhh, How he does it, OHHH how beautiful!!! Didn't manage to pass 5 minutes as she writhed in convulsions, she was finished, the new sensations quickly brought her to the agonies of the first in her life orgasm.

— Ohhh how it prekrasnogo...

The juices literally flowed from her already swollen portwise from petting dogs pussy.

But Anastasius was not enough. She wanted more and more and so many times.

— Well, what do you zdesh? Fuck me Valmont. Fuck your bitch. Bitch show me your greatness.

The dog obviously did not have to persuade twice, he seemed to understand what he wants mistress. He jumped on her amatil legs around his waist and after 10-15 attempts to get into the pussy mistress, the dog went straight into the goal. Huge cock dog with huge speed came in the pussy Housewives only at 20% then another jolt and another and another and then a sharp pain that is immediately replaced by wonderful feelings. Dog each time deeper and deeper entered his hostess until he came to a complete stop.

— Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. (In the throes of feelings Nastya was moaning and not saying anything.)

— Hawwah AVV AVV. (Obviously you are having fun whining dog)
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