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Default Dog joy

Dog joy
An excerpt from the story "Dog joy" in the book of Michael Almalinskogo "Persecuted miracle."

Madeleine disappointed in men, and men are disappointed in Madeleine. All can be easily understood - Madeleine older, and she, if there was once attractive, only their youth. Madeleine was no different talents, led you to say, isolated life, because he loved trees and animals more than people. So Madeleine lived in forest home, engaged in cultivation of flowers for the money that her husband left her who died long ago. In the men's Madeleine disappointed with the active participation of her husband, as well, and with the participation of all the few men who ever poured into it his seed. All closer together with her men liked to drink, awkwardly pretended that the women they are interested in something more than the body, and also bragged about his usually false advantages, in a vain attempt to cause Madeleine's respect and affection.

Husband of Madeleine was an ardent lover of pornographic visual images, and paid them much more attention than the sexy image of his wife. The husband preferred to masturbate alone with a screen, driving away the wife who was trying to help him:

— Let me dream! he shouted at her.

Madeline could not understand how a man can prefer a dead image of a living body, even if not the first freshness, and bored. And her husband knew that she will never understand that it is better a beautiful dream than a body that no longer carry any sexual meaning. It raised the anger to his wife because unattainable woman on the screen causes such lust, which the wife is able to deprive. Madeleine often watched the video with her husband, excited and jealous of women who howled and moaned in pleasure. Men Madeleine nothing but moderate sweetness, never experienced, nor moan, nor even howl with them she is not wanted. Howl wanted from them.

In his youth, as a College student, which she never finished due to involuntary motherhood, Madeleine tried joy a variety of lovers. But their essence remained the same: copulation occurred suddenly, and pleasure, which had just started to grow and flourish, was cut off and withered. Madeleine did not know anything else and therefore perceived this as a necessary part of the process of reproduction. From disappointment in sex saved her Masturbation, which she did just then, when it became unbearable. Shame prevented her from masturbating often. The shame is not for Masturbation, and for her husband, which could not approach her at a distance her pleasure, and remained for her distant relative.

My husband gave her two children, who quickly rose and left for their lives, the fruit of their own children and rarely remembering her mother. When her husband died, Madeleine was scared to live alone. She was faced with a dilemma: either to sell the house and move to live in the city, or to protect the life in their forest home. And she chose the latter — too she did not want to deal with selling a home, buying a home in the city, move. But the most disgusting it seemed to her that the number of surrounding trees now will become an even greater number of people that will surround her in the city. So Madeline took the following: she bought a gun and two dogs, who decided to train as his guards. The names of them were Rex and dick. Everything else, life in the forest was much cheaper than life among men. And the danger always comes from people, not from trees, because the fewer people around her, the less danger, and those rare ones that can appeal to her alleged loneliness and helplessness, quickly razumeetsa this, when you see a gun and feel the fangs of a dog on your throat.

The death of her husband made her appreciate even the little that he gave her: the proximity of the male body at night, let rare, but joyful feeling of fullness. Madeleine was tiresome from the accumulating desire, a finger wasn't enough, I wanted something alive and hot inside. Besides, they were required to talk to someone other than dogs that listen to it carefully, obeyed every word of it, but only knew how to bark or whine in response.

Madeleine walked along the trail among the forest flesh, dogs, Rex and dick, scurrying in pursuit of wildlife, but not permanently leaving his mistress unattended. Often they bring in the teeth of the hare, the Chipmunk, the animals, and Madeline allowed them to eat prey.

In one of the rainy days on the ceiling in the living room there was a wet spot — I had to call the wizard from the nearby town. It appeared to be her age, a man in his fifties named Lee. He first arrived in his truck to find out the cause of the leak. Needed a small roof repair, and he promised to come the next day and fixed it. Madeleine offered to get her a Cup of coffee before leaving. Lee agreed, and then revealed that he a year as a widower. Madeleine happily took it.

— Well You do in the city not see? Are You in the woods alone? — asked Lee.

In the city I come when I need to buy food, and lonely is only among people, not among the trees.

But don't You want someone to talk to?

— I talk to my dogs.

— Scary dogs — said Lee — I was afraid to leave the truck until they are withdrawn.

— They are not terrible, and devoted to me, they protect me.

— Well, I suppose to protect is not necessary.

— So the dogs won't touch You, let them fear the attackers. Then Lee began to talk about the quality of the material it wants to use for repairing the roof and it quickly tired of the Madeleine. She apologized that she had to feed the dogs, and If left.

Madeleine decided that tomorrow I will lay it to bed with me. "Now," she decided.

At night, the dogs barked, but it was not alarming and warning the stranger barking, and hunting. Madeleine kept them on a leash, and they never left Madeleine alone. If ran Rex, dick remained with the hostess. If dick were running for someone, Rex guarded the Madeleine.

Early in the morning before you arrive Whether she wore the dress more elegant and I redid my lipstick. Whether and working on the roof until the evening. Lunch he took with him, and lunch Madeleine has prepared and invited Lee. She paid him for the work, and the lunch began. If not abandoned whiskey before dinner, during dinner, drank wine, and then a liqueur with dessert. In a nondescript eyes have appeared lust.

Alcohol, year of widowhood, the presence of a lonely woman, even ugly. He clumsily kissed her on the side of his mouth and slipped on the neck. Madeline it was nice though, because she didn't touch men. However, she felt that he was far from artists from the collection of pornovideo her husband that she had been looking.

Premonition not deceived Madeleine: when they were in bed, Lee immediately got on top and despite the lack of humidity, showed virility and broke inside, making Madeleine the desire was gone, and when If after ten seconds had finished, Madeline was hardened. It fell on its side and with a sense of duty decided to take a NAP but Madeleine resolutely got out of bed and told him to go. Lee decided to argue, then Madeleine cried dogs and they in a second omeras stood on the threshold of the bedroom. They were trained to cross the threshold of the bedroom only with the permission of Madeleine. Lee quickly pulled on his clothes, which were dirty cowards, and out of the bedroom after Madeleine ordered the dogs to leave the house.

— Most men cannot be admitted to the women — hate talking dogs, Madeleine, hearing the fading sound of the truck Whether. She used to say out loud, and the dogs are always froze and listened carefully to her speech, as if realizing it, but out of deference, not daring to utter a word. However, their eyes were so expressive and the reaction to the essence of the words is so loyal that Madeleine created a sense that they are people, but the dumb, who understand everything, but unable to respond. So now, in response to spoken words, males turned their heads to the side of the road, which left Lee, and viciously barked.

Madeleine went into the living room, poured himself a whiskey, turned on the video and sat down on the couch, spreading his legs. When she gave herself to a level much higher than its ever taken out men who ran dogs. In the living room they were allowed to enter without special permission. Not paying attention to the TV screen, they sat down at the splayed legs of the Madeleine. Madeleine noticed that the dogs breathe in her scent and members they are. They previously showed interest in her odors, especially during menstruation, and Madeleine resolutely drove them away.
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