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Default A dog fuck me !!! Part - 2

If you remember from the first part of my story, I stopped on What Lida standing in front of me with a camera, and enthusiastically takes my . Instinctively I wanted to jerk, but again my ear but jaw.

And then, I felt like "cock" in me started to swell. I realized with horror That he's about to come. And then, fear gripped me so much that it couldn't move. Meanwhile, "rooster" swelled so much that it filled the insides of my girls.

- To bear! - Above my strength,

And here I am, "flinch" from my chest cry of, no, not a cry, but rather a ROAR, AND a powerful orgasm, had cut me off. Hot jets that "burned" me in nutria, I remember very vaguely.

I woke up when the dog jumped off me. The first thing I saw with bleary eyes As the bitch Lidka, standing in front of me on my knees and almost stuck a camera in me, Apparently she wanted to shoot close-UPS, my depraved and expiring pussy.

I instinctively clenched her legs, and Lidka barely had time to pull out the camera. She stood up and said.

- Now! - From this day on, you will < IT> legal < BITCH>. Tomorrow, at the same time? < HE> will be waiting for you.

- And now, bitch, go home, unable to suck, and can ask and husband. With a malicious smile, she threw me in the trail and laughed.

And I, fucked and humiliated, went home. After a shower, lay down, and began in detail the "spin" of what happened.
The offense, which caused Lidka made me "good to think".

For starters, I dot the i. - Lidka caught me with a camera!!! And most likely lay her husband!!! although that husband, I have "unique" "Alkanavt last."

And then, I began to have thoughts that used to bring me in horror - That the sweet, quivering shudder. My long and secret dream, to fuck with a dog, today realized, Though not as I had dreamed in his fantasies, but at the moment, It doesn't matter.

I shut my eyes, and a warm wave between his legs, came over me with new force. I remembered how Ball, licking me.

Its warm and slightly rough tongue, so excited me that I was ready to surrender, Entirely. And when he licked my both holes !!! M, m, m,...!!!! this is FANTASTIC!!! Do not judge me harshly for "scribbling",

To describe such a unique phenomenon as I call it, "NOT to SPANK"
And so, I began to tune in tomorrow . With this minute, I am not just waiting I'm already dreaming about it.
And now, it's "tomorrow"

I went into the room, Lidka sitting at a table with a bottle of vodka, and smiles maliciously. – Well, BITCH, you're not wrong – the Ball was all worn out.

I'm fit, and with a swing beat in her brazen face. Don't remember what place we stopped, But she, along with a chair flew into the corner.

"And now,", YOU, will < IT, BITCH> I shouted. Lidka howled.

Looking for a reliable sex shop, which delivers all goods on time and not signing what's inside the package? Recommend this here and the prices do not bite, and shipping anywhere!

- Don't hurt me anymore, I understand. And so, BITCH, get up and get me out of the booth, a chain with a collar. Lidka, a bullet flew.

- Now put on myself and from now on, you're not just a BITCH, my slave. - I make myself clear? BITCH!!! Again I yell.

And then, I caught myself thinking that I'm not just part of the role, This is my "game" and I became seriously excited. - Yes, my lady, whined piteously Lidka.

- Now, drop everything, clothes you no longer need it. - You, me, going naked slave, and I warn you, if I hear you say the word NO, or something like that

- Blame yourself. < FUCK you, for the most ever.>

- Now bring the Ball. While Lidka went, I sat in a chair. And anticipating the "new" buzz

She opened her robe and is widely planted his feet. The hand itself fell down And my fingers slowly sank into my hot and wet hole. Here, Ball flies, and straight to me.

His nose, unceremoniously stuck under my wet hand and pushed her to the side. A language is frequent and energetic movements, made his way deep into my little girl. I did not expect that at the time of ejaculation.

Usually, for me, THIS is a very long time. And then, one, two,,. and I, Wet, the "ears" the First and natural desire to get "new" kicks. But today I tuned in to another game.

- Lidka! – I shouted, kneel next to the Ball and turn it.

- How? – asked Lidka.

- How? How? – start by hand, I say. Lidka shows just that and waited, she instantly fell back, Her right hand greedily grabbed for cock and left the balls. And starters, professionally, Off.

If you honestly say, that I also wanted so to give him a wank. But now I had another problem, I was the lady!!! I tilted her head and began to observe closely How "cock" is growing in the capable hands of Leki.

Excitement overflowed me with a new force and I abruptly got up from his cushy chair. The ball barely had time to jump. Grabbing him by the scruff, pulled her to Lidka.

– And now touch your toes, I command you, I. Lidka without sound, kneel, and his head, Puts on crossed hands, thereby lifting his highly appetizing ass.

Ball, wagging his tail, instantly put his nose in the current Lekino the hole. The tip of the nose, instantly disappeared in the cave. She slightly leaned back And twisted ass. And the Ball, so intense, began to poke his nose, as if he were fucking her. To better consider this "magic" act, I ducked under Lidka, and lay down in a pose 69.

Now, I'm in all the details , but from the bottom, could observe the "performance" I looked at "the cock"

And this sight caused a new storm of excitement, although it did not Leave me even for a minute. And then I just came again. "Rooster" was so beautiful that to describe it is very difficult. But I'll try. - Of leather bag, stuck a large "Drin" (see 18-20) he was a fiery red with a Purple tint. The head of the penis, as such, I don't have to distinguish

Just at the end he kind of pointed. But what is more remarkable is out of his hole, drained white and cloudy cum that was dangling elongated drop. Lidka, it was the smartest "village" she suddenly spread my legs and her tongue rammed In my pussy. I became her podmahivat.

But at the moment, I was focused on something else. I stretched my hands out in front, and one, grabbed for leather bag Ball, and the second for Hot "cock" feeling, I'll tale, indescribable. I slightly pulled the whole "farming" Lidco, and the Ball was not long in itself, to "Persuade"

He almost any jump, jumped on Lidka. And his "cock" danced all the soft places of Her ass. But, I was on the alert. Caught him "Smoking" a stick, brought it to Lidking cave. And he a bullet flew, meeting no resistance.

Lidka, in principle, was ready to accept, it is Good, but still could not restrain himself and cried out. "Drin" so frequently and powerfully entered ulitkino hole and after a couple, three seconds, all Glistening from her secretions. Lidka shook her slumber, don't know how. I realized that the Ball, got it, where necessary.

Don't remember how long it lasted, but the Ball drove, and for a moment froze. Lidka screamed as not normal, from the high, she gone crazy and forgotten

- That males also commit.
Seen Lidka bound horror, she immediately covered with cold sweat, and "growled" A Ball, meanwhile, as it wriggled and in a moment stood up "ass to ass" Lidka probably was already all pofik. She didn't even try to jerk, and how submissive Bitch, stood in pair with him.

And then, her legs gave way, they somehow parted to the side and she, along with the "economy" of the Ball, fell on my face. Ball, probably from fright, jerked, and a huge purple knot fell out on my face. I don't even have time to figure out what it is. As he jumped to the middle of the room.

And from gouging holes Lidke, mene directly on the face flowed sperm Ball. And then I faced a wave of orgasm, not even a wave but a tsunami, that already I roared like a lioness. My feet at the moment Licki around their neck, pulled her to him, and her face was pressed tightly to my "Hot cave" I became so much podmahivat that Lytkina head swing as "Pear, which batters boxer"
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