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Old 10-06-2016, 03:52 PM
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Default A dog fuck me !!! Part - 1

I want to tell you this incredible story that happened to me this summer. And so my husband and I, rented a dacha in the suburbs. Our lovely neighbor, with whom we Met yesterday was very kind with us. Omit all the formalities (age, appearance, sexuality....)

In the morning, the husband went to Moscow and I, as always, woke up late. Went out in the garden in the same Robe. It seemed to me that opened my neighbor's gate. I remembered that she Invited us to her house. And without a second thought went to her. The gate was not Locked, and here I am at the door.

- Lida, it's me, you home?

And here I am, a "sixth" sense caught that behind someone's worth. I turn around and see a Huge dog. In the rocks I do not understand, but he was of such impressive size that I was gripped by "animal" fear.

I'm actually not alive, nor dead. And the dog, "at home", comes up to me, his nose drew in a breath And muzzle "poked" me, between my legs. In horror, I took a step back, and plopped her Luxurious booty on the bench, that stood behind me.

The bottom button on my robe was unbuttoned, and legs from falling slightly Spread the sides. And guess what, the dog comes up to me and again stuck his nose into my Naked pussy.

No, you can not imagine, and rightly so. This needs to be tested, and Then the judge of that horror that I experienced.

His menacing, yet agitated, I was paralyzed. I was under Hypnosis, not to move, to scream. And then I started shaking, do not know from what More, from fear or from the fact that someone may be, I can see all such "Depraved".

Fear gripped me so much that I began as a cotton and everything around, except the dog, I Stopped reacting. And the dog, didn't waste any time.

He was so snout poked between my legs that I, unwittingly, they opened even wider. And then his tongue danced on my pussy. When I realized this, I almost fainted.

When I realized what kind of history is fucked, I broke out in a cold sweat. And then, I Involuntarily caught myself on the fact that fear of fear, and the dog is not just extreme, you Can get a "huge" buzz. But, as events will develop further, I can Not imagine.

On such a licking, I never dreamed of. I had libicki experience, and my husband's well Done "Cooney". But what would you like that in the garden, on the bench, and even I myself parted legs, there Is just too much. And here my mind is lost and surrendered to the power of emotions.

All for sex - best online sex shop in Russia!

Don't know what I was guided, but I like the last bitch started to adapt His Kobelkov. The tongue of this dog is so cool he worked on my pussy that I involuntarily Even wider spread her legs, not even that, I moved booty to the edge of the bench and Leaned against the backrest and their feet on the bench, and spread them widely.

In this position, my second hole was more than available. From such a Fantastic licking, when one movement of a tongue licking first one and then the Second hole, I must confess, I'm off like a bitch podzabornaya. Dog smelled my Selection, and whined piteously.

To me just did not make it, what it is, but when the dog stood on his hind legs and the front Put on my shoulders, I passed out. When I came to, I felt his "Rooster" beating on my stomach.
I bowed my head, and saw a huge, red, with a blue tint "cock" - which is the Method of "spear" trying to take over one of my holes. From such "crazy" Actions, I suddenly came, my legs cramp convulsions, and instinctively squeezed the dog.

He screamed, in pain toli toli surprise, and loudly chattered with his teeth in my Ear. It "sobered" me up. And the first good idea that came to my mind - what if I can't help him now, he will hurt me.

Here the dog, as if reading my mind, he stopped for a moment as if he were giving me time to Attach his "rooster". And I again gripped the horror of this whole situation. Thoughts Overwhelmed me, she's darker than the other.

- What if he comes at me, and then I'll end up there, what will happen to me???

And if I accidentally get pregnant
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