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Old 10-06-2016, 03:51 PM
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Default As we with her brother, masturbate each other (my memories)

This story, I still did not dare to write. On the one hand inconvenient to tell everyone your not a child's game with my brother and a neighbor's dog named "General" But I knocked on this feat, one of my virtual lover. And so listen.

We slept in the same room with my brother, he's older than me by 5 years. I do not remember how it happened, but my brother persuaded me to first see his penis.

I was curious, of course, could not miss such a moment. Like that morning, when parents already left for work, he climbed in my bed. I was still asleep, as a hand crawled under my nightie. Wake up did not want to, but I feel like she pushes already between her legs. I got scared and flinched. Brother but firmly held back.

- Goosey, don't be scared, I want to show you my pepper, you wanted to see it, remember?

- You do not cheat, I ask?

- If well you'll lead, I'll give it to hold. He whispers in my ear.

Where's your pepper?

He put a blanket on the floor, pulled the panties lay on his back and has widely placed legs. His limp sausage lying between his legs.

And you know what it is? He asks.

- No, the first time I see, I say.

What's interesting, I ask.

- And let go Jack, I'll tell you what to do. I was just a fool, and all took at face value. And here we went. The brother says.

Now take my penis in fist, and pull it up and down. I did just that. I grabbed his handle, so much so squeezed that he cried out.

- You're not that stupid!!! Don't know what to do it gently. I was offended, and immediately released.

- Let's repeat, he says. I promised you candy, remember?

Or will not receive. I'm almost crying, take again in hand and pull on yourself.

Tender, it is necessary, he says. How do I know how gentle.

In General, I'm pulled to and fro, looking hard became. And from the Cam head sticking out with such oblong hole in the middle. I became very interested, and I leaned over to him. And he lies and catches the buzz. Doing that, I didn't even notice his hand stroking my vengeance "bald" pussy.

- What are you doing? I ask.

- Look into your crack.

Listen, as he no longer fits in the Cam.

- OH!!! How interesting, with enthusiasm I say.

Now blow on it. I just bent down and he a parasite, he slams my head.

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And his head was in my lips. I even crazy enough not to reveal the Cam, otherwise he would be fully immersed in my mouth. I'm so smart. And then, I froze with the head in his mouth. And he twitched like crazy. Head of course jumped out of Orta. And muddy trickle popped out of his hole. I was so scared that again I almost wept. And he moaned with his eyes closed.

You will not believe it, but oddly enough, I do like it. And we started doing it regularly. Somewhere in a month, and I began to first orgasm. He also used me to masturbate, so we satisfied each other. And you know the shame I experienced. Or because they have been stupid, or because liked. All details do not ask me, and the memories, now gonna come again.

But with "General" it all started just corny. In the summer for two weeks gave us a German shepherd named "General" , holidays, parents in the morning at work, and I General. At this age, I was already torn by desire, before the end of the unconscious, to try something not ordinary.

By that time I already became a habit, and maybe desire, like a member of his brother. And my hands "itch" to try something new. And the General, here. Worth, the language from the heat outside, the face to me rolled. I with one hand behind the ear scratching, and another on the back stroke. Then on the sides and on the tummy, right shudder from the memories. On the abdomen do not stay and in the palm "cock" carefully picked.

And gently began to masturbate. It's like it froze up and even leaned forward, feeling in the palm of something wet climb. I top not seen this picture, but the hands, I clearly identified that he got up the cock.
Me so excited Nakata not believe it, I instantly began to flow. Then I second hand began to masturbate.

And so I adapt himself rhythmically stroking him and myself. And he, with excitement, snout was rooting around under my hand, which I stroked. And then it so zakolbasilo that he rushed "grabbed" my hips arched and began to arc my leg to fuck. I was scared, I wanted to lose it, and he just growled furiously and earned. I leaned back almost crying, and he, as Vice grabbed me, and rapes my leg. After a few minutes of this fucking, I poured it all to the knees.

And then probably it was attracted by the smell my lubrication. His nose in a moment he found himself under my palm. I did not make a blunder. I instantly took off my panties and relaxed. His language is so worked up that I can count count the orgasms.

Then he somehow lost interest, and then I went to experiment. Got a two-liter jar of sour cream, "soaped" your cake and pulled it again. He was so absorbed in "eating cream" that hour was already empty Bank.

And as I got orgasms!!! Do not count!!!

And that's when the house was mom, he again jumped up on my leg and began to Kachitsa.
- Mom, fu, General, fu, you can not!

I say to her.
- Let him play.

- And it is not necessary so to play, scratch, and bite can. I blushed and sent him away.

Two weeks with General flying as one day.
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