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Default ZOO, for me, is not a corruption but a state of mind!!!

This story is about to enter Labrador. Even a little wrong, its simple. .

It was a Saturday. The doorbell, a threshold of Olga, my roommate in the stairwell.

–Vicuna! Honey, help me, what can I–"Olga.

–What happened? –I ask.

–Force majeure, my current boss, and he said,"Olga.

Three hours after the plane in the Canary Islands.

Without giving me time to recover, guide.

–"Olga, I need to watch my"not perfect–as you remember, his name is gray"

–In principle,"it is.

–I grew up in a different"thing", live in my personal Dog rice if that will help.

And here are her coordinates.

–Now it is gray. Yes, I know,"Olga.

The entire apartment is processing of a bedside table without rejection. Then her boss, smacking the cheek, Olga, picked up her purse and pulled out. And here I am.

–Oh! I am with gray.

–Gray! Where Are you? we are from the kitchen in the impression.

"Hello, to say. Gray came up to me, and stuck his cold nose under her skirt, wagged her tail, and carpet in the room. My anger with the remote option. But it turned out that instead of watching TV. When the image appeared, and immediately recognized the dog rice, and coach gray. I have to connect to the Olga left the disc for me, as a visual aid for the care of gray.

I am, and prepared to watch the"craft"of gray. The disk is spinning the story as the forest grass rice"education"of global warming, and Olga's neck.

This will explain in detail. The rice article was global warming, throwing the stick in the Bush. At that time, the tired set and stroke, and gradually the stomach. -Gray, happiness, stretched and wriggled, and the little squealing. Rice, stroking and started toward his cock. And also Olga, she is slowly approaching the. Squatting in front of the muzzle gray. his own ears. She was wearing a short skirt was barely covering white panties.

Dog face painted on, life, dangerous, and even to catch as a nose under the corner skirt. -Olga will be waiting. She spread her legs, both hands behind head and pull her to his crotch. Do not know who the operator is, and the chosen camera angle. With this size of dogs start to lick through her panties Olin and smooth. See the original gas volume. It is also current. I turned the chair and my panties were wet.

A little retreat from the topic. In a nutshell, my attitude to the zoo.

So far, I think no sex with animals. From time to time, and we have not read, and in my heart. Look I own you, like dirty underwear, and homeless. Now, when I watch the disc, I unintentionally caught myself thinking that I really is the charm.

Looking for a reliable shop to deliver all products in time signature from the package. The prices do not bite and shipment.

But then, in the future disc. The screen unfolded with lightning speed. Olga is rapidly and pulled off her panties. I got cancer in front of muzzle grey. A little shaking his ass from right lean to the gray. Dog shows experience as"Lover,"this adorable pop close to the nose, he immediately stuck to the dripping slit.

Then click, the following need to finish the hole bottom. Yes!!! In addition, Olga and all the writhed, and twisted, Professor rice was on her knees, his right hand jerked the cock of the left beginning of her panties and masturbated. This picture is very hot. I was not a little excited. In my hand the rubber band.

The shock at the same time awakening, and it took me several minutes to realize we were.

The stop and closed. I can't remember, think of the panties and spread the legs. And my name is Olina Popa in the current Hall. I even did not notice as three fingers into my cunt. My understanding is that the intense masturbated I skazochka, seat. Is the skazochki. Also, the overwhelming desire of products Olin. It was not, at that time, I was ready pull out and slip. The sweet dream, I did not this time my foot is gray. In that case only after the Click of my hands plenty of wonderful masochka.

The topic, for I was afraid to move wrong, and my"sweet dreams", have not disappeared. At this point, I had not the heart, and reckless emotions. Something, and vaguely remember my hands, my mind, drew the grey head to the perineum. Almost lost consciousness, and his tongue is not comparing, not single.

My head as people put it–"service". My legs, on the chair, and depicted a likeness of the bridge. This Eros the position of the tongue. From solid cherries, brown Bud of a priest. Then I came so strong that for a few seconds and lost consciousness. I was lying on the carpet next to it. Emotional body shaking like Aspen leaves in a strong wind.

I arose from the knees, waist, and fly, and gray. By surprise, I fell my knee. His paw in front embedded in my shoulder and my hands rest. His front paw in the center of the chest and diaphragm full. His hot cock quickly started to"pocket"Monks, the house and my foot.

As I felt his huge peruch flew me to completion. Surprise and pain, and gray, and there was no argument, furiously, to keep. Minutes later, the pain had felt like his BITCH. So impressed I momentarily head. Not at the moment. We miss the bus. The jets, beat, and paralysis. The third As and the swelling was all the space was hip.

From the crowded feeling, I lost consciousness. When I woke up, and realized with horror that cancer the gray. That's right, We of the coupler butt to butt. I imagined this picture from the side and I started crying. Some time ago I think men and women and a dog, and I bent, and cry from happiness.

Week gray fly, even if your vacation does not interrupt our relations. I enjoy my new, albeit temporary, but such a unique and lover. After the assignment of the role of women, and only one. This week, made me change the idea of the zoo. Since then, for me personally, Zoo is not a corruption, the country of my soul.

Is returned Olga was lying on the bed her bedroom. High spirits, flew like the wind, hand of neck, full nose, jumped on the bed hugging and full of him, her tongue agile, and I was in the language of gray. !!! Today is also wet. Who liked my story and write the sequel.

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