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Old 09-22-2016, 09:49 AM
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Default Husband is a peeping Tom???

Hello, my husband and I live 6 years, we have a 4-year-old son. Sex is rare 2-3 times a month, but most can't remember, maybe the first couple months of Dating.1.5 years he worked on a rotational basis, 2 months in the far East (in very remote areas from the city, in the company of men), 1 month at home, recently changed place of work, without watches, there are rare, short trip. Spends a lot of time on the Internet. A couple of days ago, opened his computer, in the log I found the websites he visited, I was shocked. Sites for bestiality videos, forums. When he came home from work, I, without arranging tantrums, asked how he could explain it. He said that nothing wrong with that, just on some website there was a link and it just out of curiosity, went, looked, and "pinned". Now we don't talk, he clammed up. I did not fit in the head, mentally healthy person may be a curiosity to watch people having sex with animals? I don't know how to live with this person any further, afraid to let his child bestiality and pedophilia in one step from each other). This person is disgusting, I his disdain. Tell me, please, whether there were in your practice similar cases? Can there be SUCH interest in a healthy person? Before such did not notice him, he's a smart, intelligent man, and suddenly a group of men in a distant reservation, the absence of any women, led him to such abominable deeds.
Hello. What about the DISGUSTING acts You write? As you can see from the letter, You describe THREE actions of the husband: 1. viewing animal pornography. 2. conversation with You. 3. husband has closed. All the rest is only Your speculation that my husband is interested in bestiality at the level of bestiality, and not just lyubopytstvom, it contains a whole zoo to meet his abominable needs that he and the son will be regarded as an animal and will experience to his sexual interest. Oh, and something else is born only by Your confusion and instinctive desire to protect themselves from the unknown.
Let's investigate without emotions and strong expressions. 1. Bestiality is NEVER a prelude to pedophilia is a completely different orientation of sexual desire. So for now relax on THIS subject - at once it becomes easier to understand further. 2. Bestiality Your husband has nothing to prove - and therefore, according to the usual presumption of innocence (in court), the husband as a man with a normal libido. 3. But evidence of the NORMAL orientation of sexual desire of the husband IS: I understand from the letter, your sex life for all 6 years remained approximately at the same level. The bestiality part of the libido would be given over to the satisfaction of animal passion, so it would be quite noticeable - about the same as the frequency of communication in the family reflected the emergence of a mistress. 4. No isolation of women and other characteristics that You have described can contribute to the awakening of sexual perversion is ALWAYS a consequence of the special processes in the brain of the person. You do not write anything about the changes in the character or conduct of her husband - probably wasn't any changes. 5. The husband is closed - I understand it. He's a smart, intelligent man (this is a quote), that person considers You - and all of a sudden it turned out that You invaded his personal space - about as if began to search his pockets. Of course, You were in the log by accident, in the case, you have a common computer, etc. - all of this you can tell me, husband, girlfriend and other outsiders. But themselves admit - in the first place was curiosity and a desire to see the inner world of her husband. And it feels great. And the fact that you are talking - so not a coincidence You used the word WE - you BOTH are not talking, so to take on husband's liability for his silence in the family - wrong. Furthermore, it is likely the husband is the strongest shock that You suspect him of SUCH behavior. 6. Bestiality is a sexual perversion consisting in the fact that the person feels exclusive attraction to the intimate actions of animals - and not excited neither people nor objects, nor children, nor bdsm, nor for anything else. So, in addition to animals, anyone or anything he sex impossible. This condition is how the framework of mental illness (like schizophrenia), and within the framework of accentuation of character (such as psychopathy), OCD, and mentally healthy people, - socially determined (with weakness of character can go on about the leader, are forced into bestiality). According to the description, the husband is not related to any of the described types.
WHAT TO DO. What you want - a lot of variants, and life is only your - You it and to manage. 1. Not understanding then, with a sense of disgust to get a divorce and forget forever. 2. To put her husband in a mental hospital and treated violently (although hospitalization is highly questionable - there are no reasons). 3. To persuade her husband to see a sex therapist to get help, not a peeping Tom (even if my husband agrees - and this is not a dogma; and the refusal would not be evidence of guilt - rather an expression of self-esteem, it is unlikely that the doctor will give this certificate is not in the rules of sexologists). 4. Not divorce, but live separate from her husband, in constant anxiety and apprehension. 5. Explain: what was caused by Your emotions that You have for the alarm (the son - in the first place), to make peace and ask for my husband forgiveness for suspicion. And more suspicion and searches (although I think that the husband will long not myself, wandering on the Internet). 6. Do nothing - wait for the actions of her husband, as usual, and disgusting. Maybe he will take care to dispose of your common destiny. Just don't complain IF its decision will not satisfy You. 7. Something else, Your choice.
And once again, briefly: the evidence of the depravity of Your husband NO. It is not possible to decide a zoophile or not. The description of his character and behavior is not consistent with a bestiality. Your emotional reaction is the main section in Your arguments, so beware: emotions can have quite the wrong place. Good luck!
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