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Default After having sex with a horse girl raped Threesome

Anja since the childhood loved horses. For her romantic life is like a journey back in time to the days of noble knights and beautiful ladies. Therefore, when the travel Agency he saw a last minute horse-riding tour in the Caucasus - I think it is not necessary.

The first impression will not disappoint her. The people in the group that got good, cheerful and easy in communication. There are two girls – Sasha and Nelly, noisy and chaotic student from Moscow.

Three guys – Stas, Kirill and Alexey, who had, however, a rather vague idea about horses and just came to rest in an unusual setting. The eldest in the group is, perhaps, Violetta Aleksandrovna, a typical business lady, who is probably the best experience of all. Led by a group of local instructor Ruslan S.. The day flew by fast, but extremely interesting. Lived in tents, horses tied to a little distance, letting go, slightly, in the freely grazed.

One night, Anya can't sleep, she kept tossing and turning in a tight sleeping bag, trying in vain to sleep. "Even a player to listen to, maybe music will soothe it, thought Annie and reached for the bag. "And damn, I forgot! In the saddlebag left! Have to go pick up, and it is not from a warm sleeping bag out of it!". Anya snorted with resentment, but still climbed out of the tent and went to the horse. Coming up she heard some strange sounds - whether moaning, or groaning. Carefully, trying not to make noise Anya came closer and saw a picture where she literally took my breath away.

His friend Sasha is completely naked standing in front of the horse with his knees and with both hands jerked the huge cock of the horse! Member dangerously swelled, turned purple, the veins swelled like ropes, the head is red as a cherry, and which is ready to explode!

Sex girls with horse
Sex girls with horse
His huge cock of stud hands that she felt like a sexual desire to increase or
Sex with horse in village
Sex with horse in village
One time I went to the village to enjoy having sex with a horse. So, today I decided to have
Sasha gently took the hand in cock, rolled the ball with your fingers and greedily licked the prick of a horse, trying to swallow horse cock. He was moaning softly sweet and quickly moved the hand and finger and sucked the member along the entire length, licking his balls and moaned, moaned, moaned... And finally he broke down and shot Sasha in front of a large part of the thick and sticky cum. The semen flowed around her face, dripping rivulets on his chest and stomach and numb in the crotch and hair spray. Sasha choking greedily swallowed the cum, licking it from the head Crna trying not to miss any droplets and furiously masturbated. She furiously penetrated himself with two fingers trying to get deeper and finally with an animal groan came violently, writhing in the throes of sweet passion of a horse. He was covered in the mud of the earth and horse semen and fairly purred caressing the clitoris.

"Such as?" suddenly heard Anya behind him and jumped in surprise. This is Nellie, quietly coming behind me and looked at Anya.
"Come join us! Sure, you'll love it!".
"Oh! What do you mean! I! Oh! I'm Sorry!...",- not know what to say Anya is bullshit.
"Do not embarrass you Annie! Believe me – a good horse better than any man. At first I also hesitated, and then tried as a drug-addicted. Try it – this is the biggest orgasm of your life! Trust me!".
"Yes, but how? I don't know... he is so big... it will break anything...,"stammered Ann.
"Fear not, be careful and listen to your feelings, and you will succeed!",- Nelly cheered him and pushed the horses

Annie timidly approached the horse and gently touched his cock. Cock stirred and began to swell under his fingers. After Anya took off her jacket, t-shirt, kicked off my shorts and stood before him completely naked. It gave him confidence, he rose to his knees before him and gently held the tongue on the hot trembling flesh. member began to grow and swell, then Annie began to caress the hand of his balls and lick the wet from arousal prick.
The girls quickly settled and acquired a taste, he confidently worked the tongue with the pleasure of watching as a member becomes a heavy leather Cane. She really liked it! He enthusiastically licked and jerked smacking his lips with pleasure, the second hand caressing between her legs. And here the horse is ready to fight the big tool was rocking slightly and was stable as granite. After the girls got cancer and began to insert it into her wet excited pussy. The horse realized his mistress and thrust drove his cock into it almost halfway. Annie screamed from the wild pain and began wildly squirming, and the horse became even jerks to put it in his powerful piston, each thrust tearing her pussy.

Annie squirmed, screamed, cried in pain and pleasure at the same time, and a horse quietly neighed and deeper drove his big cock in her little pussy. And finally, a spasm ran through him and horse cumshot in girls huge help your semen.

Anya screamed and fell to the ground, the sperm stream flowed from his razdrochennaya hole, flowing in the legs, smeared on the stomach. He was almost unconscious, before he was only two guys and they are very common, and suddenly this!

Her screams roused the whole camp and all, for a long time, with interest in watching him. Especially excited with these guys, they are ready beat to run to him and repeat all the same. Their members literally jumped out of his pants and is ready to explode at any second.
"That's a girl!" -admiringly said Stas,"and posed as such a prude!".
"Such prudes!",- reply Kirill.
"Well, if he and the horse did not hesitate, from in the company of three great guys, I think, certainly will not refuse!" and licking his lips lasciviously towards him.

All the guys slowly walked to the lying on the ground the girl and began to unbutton his pants.
"No crap dude, I would be happy",- said Stas.
Guys raped the poor girl, all three of us, right after sex with a horse. First began Stas. He lifted Annie by the hair and shoved his trembling with the passion of a cock in her mouth. "Suck it bitch, you love it!". Anya choked but swallowed the member, Stas humming pleasure was rude to put her head of the girl on his cock, thrusting it deeper and deeper. Anya tried to escape, but Stas is firmly holding him by the hair and quickly fucked his mouth. Cyril also came on the back of the took her legs and raped her, the sudden movement parted them and drove his cock into her ass. Anya twitched and moaned softly, but he held tight.

Anal Anya is small and Cyril barely stuffed into his big, swollen like a bratwurst member, and the stuffing is rude to cut in a fine undeveloped flesh. Alex is also not left behind, he ducked under the frantically twitching and she was raped in her broken after having sex with a horse helmet.

Anya muffled moan choking, tearing her throat with cock, but the guys were unforgiving and fucked her faster and harder. Three member tore her tender flesh from all sides, and he could only cry, squirm, Yes, muffled moan, which only whet the entered into a rage guys.

"Good bitch," - exclaimed Stas, drilling Anya's mouth, "let's suck slut, deeper gulp! You like — just build a play the virgin!". Anya swallowed hard and he immediately came in his mouth. A trickle of cum that flowed from his lips, so as not to choke, he drank eagerly at his seed, and he erupted on the face, on the Chest, in his hair...
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