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Default A friend gave me that sex with her dog

Hi all! I'm Katya! I am 24 years old! I want to tell this story that happened to me a month ago. My friend Lin invited me to her house for the night, explaining that her parents went to spend the weekend at a ski resort! I immediately agreed: we would gather at her, bulling about something, share a photo fondling each other.

I began preparations for a promising weekend: take a bath, shaving her pussy, wearing stockings, black skirt, short, pink top and went. This time I didn't wear a bra because I thought it doesn't need right now. My chest 3 Size, I am slim, height 168. I finally came to the door and called Lin. It was nearly 21.00.

I look at her, and she was in the same outfit. Parents left her in the care of a 2 year old jack, a Doberman! Invited me to the table. Then we moved to the old scenario. They turned on some porn and my hand went under the skirt interior. As they could not resist. Then we moved on each other Lenka section me quickly and fell to pisechki that flowed! Lenka and I would love to lick this love moisture! Then breaks away from me and says he wants to surprise me! She said to me, put his chest on my knees on the floor. And hands tied to the assistant chair. Then blindfolded me with a silk handkerchief and dimmed the room light, leaving a dim lamp! I trust him, so I just did what you told me!

Like first time fucked in the ass
Like first time fucked in the ass
After sex with my wife friend persuaded me to give him in the ass. I'm bisexual but I didn't
How did you become gay
How did you become gay
Came out of the bathroom almost naked she was wearing panties in the ass, and a fitted bra. I wonder
And to come now. 30 seconds came! I realized that they brought the dog! I have long dreamed about having sex with a dog! Link a special day has been prepared (washed). She brought me and I felt his hot tongue my pussy. Grease was running down the inside of my thighs! I began to moan and move her pussy on his tongue! She is willing (at this time was wipe his penis). I took her by the legs and took the jack from me so that his cock in my pussy. On the paws the dog was wearing any socks! Lynn took my cock and put it against my pussy. I'm Manon, I'm very pleased! It was hotter than a male cock. And Jack immediately began sharp pushes to fuck me. You even fooled me for about 5 minutes. Then froze and I felt grow inside of me his knot! I was scared a little bit of Beijing, but she said:
Don't worry, your pit can handle, you have to design!
These words reassured me, really it does! Suddenly I felt how he was filling me with his sperm. I was more moaning of pleasure!!! A ring of Pussy tightly fitted member of the jack, but leakage of sperm to break through and ran across my feet! Suddenly jack began to back toward me! And I got a second batch of treats! We stood there for another 10 minutes! The site began to decline in me and his cock popped me out of the hole, SAL Vice-President! It was too much and started to lick her from me with my juices! After that I thanked her by licking her vagina!
Lin later admitted that he long secretly fucking with Jack was afraid to tell me! Now go to it with more fun!
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