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Default The dog king licks girl

Looked out the window overlooking his backyard. He noticed that the next house door opened and came out, came to his neighbor Kate, a graceful little beauty of seventeen, nineteen, who looked around, turned to face his house, calmly called out:
- King me!
And then outside the door, seems like a great luxury Dog, his dog! It was a dog, Tim! First of all, he does not want any value, but then curiosity took over. Tim decided to go outside and see what happens. He left the house and beating went to the back yard.
- Hey, Kate, What Are you doing here?
Katia looked back. He did not know that at this time his neighbor, the owner of the dog will be home! He stammered.
- Oh um ... hi Tim... I was just ... talking, the king. I hope you do not mind. You are not always home, and she seems so lonely.
He stooped and patted the dog's head.
- No, I do not mind. I have only one question. I saw gone with the king of your house, why drag him there?
Kate's heart leapt.
- Um... I don't know... - she tried to leave. I'm not gonna do it anymore.
- Kat wait, " Tim said.
He stopped.
- Doing there of the king, something that they do not want anyone to see? He grinned.
- Nothing, Tim, honestly, I'm not doing anything," said Kate, blushing deeply," we're just playing.
- Also, I think that we are going to pass my house and you show me how to play.
Kate confused and a few seconds, the colonels do not make any decision until Tim said:
- If you refuse, I have to go talk to your mom, if what I think you are doing!
- No, please... no.
Katie was already thinking to turn and run, but feared. He did not know whether he is really talking to her mom or not. So it is left standing on the ground. Tim called the king and went home.

How to become a lesbian
How to become a lesbian
It came out of the bathroom almost naked was black, and fitted bra. I wonder
We know, or English teacher
We know, or English teacher
He went into it fully stopped briefly and then began to move, gradually increasing pace. It
"Come," he said to the girl, and taking her by the shoulder.
Go out of the house and into the room. By Tim on a chair sat in the corner of the room and King lay on the floor in front of him.
- So... so what are you doing? Where in your home, you lead?
Kate lowered her head, and she was afraid that looking at your neighbor. The girl was frightened. Almost inaudibly, he replied:
- My bedroom.
- Good, what is it? It seems that you let King watch you change clothes after on the street? "Asked Tim.
Katia nodded.
- So imagine you get home and show it to the king still is.
Kate looked pleadingly at Tim, but he only raised his eyebrows as if asking what the problem is? He decided that it would be just what he asked that his humiliation would end. He removed his white t-shirt and placed it gently stands next to the Chair. Tim started girl.
Now the bra," he said, pointing a finger in the chest neighbor - you are renting and this is not it? Take it off and his next shirt.
Katya brought his hands behind his back and undid the bra, a little sweep of the shoulders, he threw
straps and took off my bra and laid it on the bench. The girl helplessly tried to cover her small tits and hands.
- Good girl, now a skirt, because you do not stay at home skirt?
Hiding behind one hand, she undid the zipper and beige dress, elastic hips shaking, I dropped her skirt fell to the feet of the girl.
- And panties? I'm willing to bet that this girl really is changing after the street panties?
Katya, burning with shame, silently took the hand gum, pulled them down dress lying on the floor in the neighboring room. Now completely naked, she stood in front of his neighbor.
The girl is certainly beautiful, " thought Tim . Long golden hair, her slender shoulders, supple breasts was not yet covered shy girl's hand, on the other hand, stretching along the flat tummy helplessly tried to cover up the crotch, but Tim could see short hair that Kate may not completely cover her small Palm.
And what happens when you completely take off your clothes?
Standing, naked, on the floor, Kate quietly replied:
- I lay down in my bed.
- Unfortunately, the room is not bed, so you must lie down on the floor.
Katia hit her tormentor and slowly sank to the floor. As soon as the tight regarding cool floor, the king stood up. Tim grinned.
- I think he was already familiar with this situation?
The dog walked over Katie and started sniffing his skinny legs. Kate tried to defend and push it with one hand.
- Not to give," said Tim. - Lie down as you lay your bed..
Katya obeyed and lay back on the floor as soon as he did, the dog went ahead and tried to install the makeup girls. Realizing the vulgarity of the situation, it is a shame Katya covered his face and hands. Tim leaned forward to better see what is happening. The nostrils of the king, eagerly fluttered, catching the fragrant smell of Virgin pussy.
- Spread your knees, Katie, and spread your legs. He loves you, don't you think why he suffer?
Katia slightly spread your legs, and the dog reached his goal, started furiously moisture that had his lips.
- Put your hand and go find out," said Tim.
Kate whimpered, but lowered his hand and gently opened her thin fingers shiny from the dog's saliva and his own secretions, sponge, exposing yourself completely dog and its owner. The dog began to babe, even more and more quickly, his coarse, rough tongue caressed the clitoris and deep into her vagina. Tim took off his pants he took his cock in his hands and began podrachivat it while watching. It was the hottest scene he had ever seen in my life! He heard that Kate began to softly moan, feeling pleasure from the action the dog's tongue, Tim knew that the roommate that will be completed soon. Suddenly the girl cried out and immediately began to spew hot milk fluid that the planes fell to his chest and abdomen.
- Oh, Kate ... this was the most that I have ever seen. You still doing nothing it?
Kate shook her head.
- Not only that, I swear," he said, blushing deeply.
Tim smiled...
- It is very good... now ... come and clean for me.
Katya rose from the floor and approached the neighbor.
- You have a towel? "He asked.
Tim smiled.
- You do not need a towel, use your tongue.
Kate has colillas for a few seconds, and then knelt in front of him. He leaned forward and began, thick cream on his stomach and chest. Tim leaned back, enjoying the feeling of warm, babe, tongue to his skin. Kate, the last patch of skin stained with salty liquid. Tim sat down again.
Very good Kate, from now on, you will sometimes come to me and play the king, as of today... and don't worry, it will be our little secret...
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