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Exclamation Sex with a donkey

We live in the high mountains, the village and the village a few kilometers of mountain road. The only transport is donkeys, you and Moers, you and KAMAZ. Once I drove to a neighboring village married sisters and a couple of bags of coal. Journey a pleasant day there, overnight, with their nonsense with the nurse, and back in the morning.

The day was Sunny, warm, mild wind. Only not so easy to obtain as I thought. The donkey is young and strong, but stubborn, and worse. And it happened, that one day, he decided to show his ass in the role. At first everything was fine until we we the village disappeared from sight. Obviously, when the donkey realized that it was a long road full load, he does not like it.
He shook his head,shouting for no reason. I have been this way. And Apple gave a kick-ass. We moved in with him almost half way. I was sweating for him and decided to rest a little. It is already noon, will be good to eat anything seized from the house on track. As the road drops to a small mountain stream. The bridge, which is down the road, but I decided to take a shortcut. And not too much water we can cross the river Ford. Therefore, it will be shorter, but the swimming and the like. A little to lying on its side an enormous stone, which formed a small pond. There we go. Round one, and stone us, no one will see.

I beat the ass of the bag, there opasatsya while I take a shower. Undressed before the goal, and jump into the river. The water is cold the skin immediately covering the goosebumps. Go splash around a bit, my happiness stretched out on the heated stone of the sun. The water is cold and my nipples become hard and when I lay on stomach on the contact surface of the stone, I was shocked. In fact, my lovely girl. For me even these guys once fought. My hero that I'm in the mountains live their lives. There I gave myself to him. Then this travel continued throughout the summer into the autumn took him to the army. I promised to wait for him, but it is not easy for a young healthy girl has known the joy of sex. It has been nearly a year since he left. Sometimes when I'm all alone I began to remember our trip, I was overcome with a warm languor. Then I started stroking his chest and between his legs, pretending it was his hand. From these caresses I quickly finished, but this is not what you want to my body.

How do I become a gay
How do I become a gay
She came out of Bathroom almost naked she is wearing panties ass, and a fitted bra. I don't know.
Shameful sex with pet dog
Shameful sex with pet dog
Ran away from home a girl's Horny and she wants sex with a dog. She beckons
Now from these thoughts, I have awakened the desire. I lay back, one hand covering from his eyes the sun and the other stroking Magnus@. How long it lasted, I don't know, but I can't manage. I was in addition to what did not work, when suddenly, I hear a new grunt sound. Through closed eyes I see an interesting picture. My ass, which I forget, decided to relieve himself. And the stream of urine is this sound. You ask, what is unusual? Nothing. However, when the donkey piss, they grow a guy, I tell you not even a little bit. Never before when I saw this photo, I did not think of, this may make me excited. Obviously I am not satisfied with the desire to impact my consciousness in a distorted form.
Shaking my head, I decided to forget this nonsense, quickly had a snack and started to get dressed. Then I get our Asses to the download of the bag, so once again in his shoulder and continue on your way. I only made one of his bags, and began to fasten the belt, because he jerked the side of the bag falling at my feet. I howled in pain and put his hide on the arm of the stone. For this, he shouted something in the donkey. Maybe I swear. I then took it to the same place and bent over the bag because he accidentally pushed me, I'm lying on a bag of coal. Resentment wanted to cry. The donkey did not listen, did not help, then
Even dirty coal.

After waiting a bit, I decided to take off all your clothes in order not to stain. After loading, I will soon, and put on her clean body. And calm down I'm obstinate, I decided to rinse and clean it in the cold mountain river. I and he went into the water and began to pour from his palm. And then was brought to the shore, pulling him to the place where lay the bags. What happened! All the valley could hear his anger roar. Ass all the troops began to retreat, and has been taking the reins from my hands. I looked, and found a new jungle, pulled it out and began to lure the donkey himself. He sniffed the air, looked me in the eye, but did not move. When I began to slowly close, he suddenly turned and walked away a few meters. What to do? I had to cheat and be humiliated.

If someone came he would see such a picture. I was naked and crawling into the ass and Bush in his hands and sweet words trying to calm him. So I have and he is completely consistent, began to feed immediately torn cluster of bushes. He generously deign to accept from my hand the food. I'm whispering to him sweet nothings, on the other hand began to scratch and stroke his side and belly.

Apparently, he really liked it, because after some time, his erection! Donkey dick in me! I see can not see far. Slowly, I approached his cock with his hand to touch to it. He is so warm, soft and pulsating. When I gently squeeze the penis, and the donkey across the legs, but did not flinch from me. I took this as a signal to continue my caress. God, what I'm doing! I was like under hypnosis. Guy's ass is like a separate creature, I was fascinated and attracted. Remain without electricity. I have one hand masturbating his dick, and the second gently rolled his balls. For convenience, I had to be close to him. My head in front of his affiliate Club, the color of eggplant. From here, the smell of flan. I can't put my cock eyes I'm a lesbian of his own. Finally, I came across him with her lips, then hungrily stuffed in his mouth. I'm not fit or not. I think he want to all. I greedily kissed licking the delicate skin. I tried to sneak the language of the hole on the member. I kiss on the entire surface of the members and reaches the scrotum. In a violent Frenzy, I started licking his balls.

God, what's wrong with me! Such excitement I never! I was ready to go under the ass! And I did it! Already my pussy wet for a very long time. She asked the cock, she wanted and asked one of the members! I somehow fell under the ass of cancer and tries to push to his [email protected] purple club. At first I did not succeed. My hole is not large enough to accept the cock of a donkey. I started crazy rubbing pussy on his cock. At the same time, I sent it, but it hurt. The donkey, who stood before the immobile began to show impatience, and pressing on me. He moved, moving his ass forward. Suddenly, the head of the penis directly opposite the entrance to [email protected] rapidly moved forward and his cock broke into me. This is a severe pain, tears stream from my eyes and widely opens his mouth, but instead of calling he heard a gasp. I jerked the pull members, but it swells in me does not want to leave. My every movement caused additional pain, so I stopped. Ass, but I think my condition is again stalled. His cock is still jumping on me. It seemed like his cock had reached my stomach, I felt a surge somewhere in the middle of your body.

So I lie down donkey. Attitude of cancer with protruding ass, her legs spread, on his cock is stretched to the uterus. From my eyes are flowing tears, and his mouth to be heard the plaintive whine. Cat's in the fire. However, did not stop the flow.

When the pain has receded, I once again tried to get off of the penis. Apparently my vagina is adjusted, this movement makes me so severe pain. When dick almost me, I will stop. It is crazy, but I don't want a member to leave me. I suffered so much pain and humiliation, but never get what I want. Come what may, I decided, and have begun to very slowly sit down on the penis of a donkey. Instead of pain came happiness, feeling of completeness and belonging to someone.

Slow and cautious movement is gradually replaced by faster and more dynamic. I'm flying! I was not here, my head is floating somewhere in heaven. It is so good! I never feel so. God how good?!

The beast within was born, I wanted more, more! I give myself-Yeah, but still! I no longer feel separate earthquakes in the womb, all combined into a single, drawn-out leap into the abyss. When from the height of the flight and to do nothing is possible, then begin to feel all the beauty of fall at breakneck speed. This feeling captured me. Before my eyes closed is a picture of a steam locomotive entering at full speed in a dark tunnel. Its the movement of the piston back and forth back and forth at breakneck speed. Their action is to lubricate and smooth the surface is so beautiful, brings a feeling! Finally, the locomotive makes a deafening Alarm! Steam logo design from the pipe.

Oh! I'm coming, coming! My body shakes constantly spasms. Cum in my dismissal and hot wax spread on the walls of the vagina. Donkey has done to me. 他 奄奄一息 证实 了 我 的 感觉 在 马 格 努 斯 @E. 他 的 精子 充满 我 的 结束, start out running and drain the thighs. My movements slow down, but I didn't stop until I milked it to the end.
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