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Exclamation Zoo Fantasies ))

Once, I took a stroll with his beloved dog. I was 13.. don't remember exactly. Going into the forest near me but as usual fired up the desire. Crouching down I stroked the dog. It would be a small, mongrel dog.

I stroked him slowly closer to the stomach. My friend quickly realized what was wanted of him and lay back. I started stroking his cock and testicles. Gradually out of the bag appeared a little red golovatska. I unzipped his fly, but as always, my friend refused to take the cock in her mouth and this time did not even licked.

Sorry I stopped stroking his cock, suddenly, behind came a rustling. I turned round, stood beside the old man.

I saw him on the neighbouring plot across the road.
- I can see you having fun, he said.

I suddenly realized that I hadn't cleaned his dick in his pants. He came closer. I frantically cleaned pussy and covered his hand unbuttoned pants..

- Don't be shy, everyone does it, you just don't know how to handle dogs. Come here to me. I can show you how to pleasure yourself.

I was scared, because he could tell my family about my antics. I had to go. We are quietly in the back were held in his house.
- Come on, don't be shy.

I went into the room he pointed out to me. It is almost nothing but benches bolted to the floor. I sat down and waited.
- And you do that often – asked the neighbor.
- No, actually the first time I tried, it was flushed I ...
- Don't be shy, it happens. For example, I'm sure yours is just a cock, and thou complex about it.
- No, I just want to.
- Let me see – he suggested.
- And is it necessary? – I asked.
- Well, if you want, your family can send you to the hospital.... You know what?

I swallowed:
- Not worth it, I think.
Here, here. Undress from the waist up.

Pleased that it is really a examination, I began to undress. Times to belt means nothing. Well, watch and listen, and let go. The neighbor waited until I strip off the shirt and asked me to come closer.

- Stand straight hands dissolve in the parties. So. Now, bend over. Yeah. Will have to remove his pants. The symptoms are familiar to me.

Had to remove the pants. I was standing in my underwear. He examined my legs, held them hand.
- Turn your back on me and pull the panties to the knees.

I was horrified to looked at him.. I was just embarrassed to undress in front of him.
- Come on, don't be shy.

I pulled panties down to knee level.
- Bend over and spread your hands buttocks.

Obediently spread her hands up my ass. The neighbor stood up and took something on a shelf. I felt the touch of his hands to my anus. Then something slimy started dripping on my hole. Suddenly I had pain. In my anus pierced something narrow and cold.
- Temperature above the put – said the neighbor.

He pulled out the priests of the thermometer.
- Straighten up and turn to face me.

I turned around. He looked at my pussy.
- Come here. So. Now, bear with me.

He two fingers and grabbed his cock and began to pull it on themselves. I was hurt and I cried out.
- Don't worry, it is necessary..

He had pulled my cock and zatsokal language.
- A bit short for your age.

I trembled at his feet. The first time I entrusted her pussy to a total stranger. I didn't know what he wants to do next, but I became interested in the unexplained, and probably inflamed lust.

- You want me to help you with your question, but don't let anybody know – he said.
- What I would need?
Only exactly fulfill my requirements.
- Will it hurt?
- What is pain? A short flash may be, but the constant.... Here, not the Gestapo.
- Well, you can try " I said.
- Well, first I will explain how to properly handle the dog. Take off your panties completely and kneel.

I complied with his request. He patted me on the ass easily.
Your dog will not to satisfy you, unless you show that you are, in his understanding, bitch. He should enter his penis into your ass. Trust me, it's not as painful and unpleasant as it may seem at first. But first, I should prepare your butt.

He began to massage my hole with your finger. I was a bit unpleasant, but I decided to endure until the end. His finger slowly tried to get inside, but he could not. Then the neighbor smeared it with something, and I felt his thick finger enters me. I have never felt this. I was hurt and confused joy from this.
- Lay back and hold her legs down to her chest.

He again introduced his finger into me and with the other hand began to massage the testicles. Suddenly my pussy began to swell, but it was not up.
- Here is the evidence that you need to do. But that is for later. Maybe not today. Lie so long.

He went out and came back five minutes later, taking my boyfriend. My friend came over, sniffed my butt, testicles sat up and yawned.
Well, I do know how to inspire him. My bitch's in heat right now, you just have to wet cotton wool in her secretions and everything will be fine.

He pulled the cotton wool soaked with juice of a dog, and smeared my anus, rubbed his penis and scrotum. My friend eagerly sniffed and began eagerly to lick my hole. I was dumbfounded, never before had he didn't act like that. The neighbor pushed him to me. My friend got on top of me.
- Give him a hug, but not much, he should leave the place so he could move.

The neighbor took his dick and sent it to me. It was narrow and slippery. Developed ass neighbor, easily let him in. My friend began to twitch and I could feel his cock moving in me.

- Soon will have to wait. His knot enters you and it might hurt a little. But it's necessary. Then when he's finished, he can not just leave you and you will sit still, not twitching so he doesn't bite. Understand?
- Yes – only able to squeeze out of me.

Buddy began to move sharply and suddenly, something incredibly big and hot pierced into my anus. It was unbearably painful, I tried to push away the Friend, but the neighbor held my hands.
- Be patient and all in vain.

I had tears in my eyes. His knot was huge. My friend made a last effort and drove it into me. I felt the hot liquid flowed inside me. I was breathing heavily. The pain subsided, hole, throbbing, ached. But his knot was in me.. my Friend slowly turned his back to me and quietly lay on the floor.

- Now you are his bitch. He must be by nature to lick you. In the meantime, will do the necessary.

He took the rope and deftly pulled me each testicle and penis. They immediately turned red, and then blue. I was silent, I was so hurt from the node that the pain was just trifling.

Now the most important thing. You body does not have enough male hormones, they must be inserted artificially.

The main thing is to ignore the disgust and false shame. I have no other substitutes, except his own sperm. You should take my dick in her mouth and suck it. Do you agree?

- I don't know, it's embarrassing.
Don't worry, I'll close your eyes.

He threw me a handkerchief to his eyes.
- Open your mouth.

I opened and my mouth went his cock. It was not long, but thick.
- Come suck.

I started to smack and tried to suck. The neighbor grabbed my head and began to stick her on your cock. I was already nothing to breathe. His cock has penetrated my throat. The handkerchief slipped from my face, and I saw his black hair. His balls slap me in the chin.

He growled.
- Hold on, I am now.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and ordered, as much as possible to open it. I saw from his head flowed jet. His semen was salty and unpleasant, but I diligently drank it all and when hands wiped her face, licked his fingers.

The host's Boyfriend, meanwhile, slept quietly and began to leave the priests.
Oh, how I cried out.
Oh, don't tense up now, legs up.

Knot Friend with a squelch out of me. The Pope flowed his sperm. It was too much. The neighbor smiled slyly.
And see how your master lover.

He smeared the vaseline hand and easily began to introduce it in my ass. I again had pain, but the neighbor with the power pinned me to the floor and I pushed hand. Suddenly she fell into me. He wiggled his fingers inside. Then he took it out and wiped on me.
Now the last step, take in the mouth of your dog..

I almost no feelings crawled to the other and, turning his back and choosing from his pouch cock began to lick it.. I was sick of the priests was blood in the mouth was the mixed taste of sperm neighbor and the smell of my anus. I didn't feel his penis and testicles, and when my neighbor lifting and putting on his knees again, something crushed in my anus, I lost consciousness.

I woke up after an hour or two, judging because the sun began to go. I was lying naked on the bed, but clean. I looked between my legs, my purple swollen cock was absurdly large. The eggs, however, looked better. But the booty was something wrong. I gently felt her. In it was something. And something big.

- And woke up. How are you feeling? Normal?
- Like anything. And what of the Pope?
- Eggplant. Purified naturally. Tomorrow I will pull out. And while it is advisable not to touch it. I tied him, so he's not going to work. Get dressed. And come tomorrow morning.. Need your feces. Need to finish the job.

I was getting dressed. Buddy poked his nose between my legs and whines, as if asking for more. I was hurt. But at the same time infinitely curious about what tomorrow will bring.
So you are coming?

I smiled and showed the language knows how to save a modicum of sperm in the cheek.
- Well of course!
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