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Default Karen and Michelle - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, BDSM, Bestiality, Interracial, Male / Female Teens

Karen and Michelle - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, BDSM, Bestiality, Interracial, Male / Female Teens

Karen is taken to a night club and forced to perform
Karen and Michelle's Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 6
By Redlegtiger

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity. If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

Chapter 6, Karen's Night Out

Darrell stood there and admired Karen's beauty and just thought how lucky he was to be able to have made her his personal sex toy. He had plans to really put her through her paces tonight. He hoped that she would be totally humiliated by the end of the night. He wanted to drive any bit of self esteem she might have out of her. While looking at her he decided to use something other than a dildo in her ass. He went and got the remotely controlled Ben Wa balls. He ordered Karen, "Bend over the couch and lift your skirt. E

Karen was too afraid of being paddled again to refuse so she bent over the arm of the couch. Darrell grabbed the end of her Anal Dog Sex dildo and took it out. He pushed the two balls into her ass and reinserted the dildo. He pushed it in as far as he could to drive the Ben Wa balls in to the maximum depth possible. When he was done, he picked up the remote and turned the vibrate setting at medium. He immediately heard a moan from Karen as the vibration began to excite her. When he saw that she was beginning to really get into it, he hit the shock button. Karen let out a squeal from the pain. Darrell thought that this could be a really interesting night.

When Darrell ordered her to bend over the couch, she wondered what depraved thing he was going to do to her this time. When she felt the dildo being removed from her ass she dared to hope that he wasn't going to make her go out to dinner with it in her. It wasn't long before her moment of reprieve was over as she sucked in her breath at the cold metal balls that he pushed into her ass. She grunted at the discomfort with each ball as he pushed it in. But when he pushed in the dildo she squealed in pain and begged him to take it out. Darrell ignored her though. When he had forced the dildo in all of the way again, she felt a gentle vibration deep inside her bowels. It felt real good and she started building to an orgasm. She was just about to launch into her most massive orgasm ever when she felt a severe shock that replaced the pleasure with pain. She squealed from the pain and tried to get her breath.

Darrell had Karen stand back up. He looked at her blouse and noticed that the tit and clit chain was covered more than he wanted. He cut a slit through the blouse immediately over her nipple rings and pulled the ring through the blouse. He attached the chain back to the rings after he had finished. This had the effect of drawing the eyes immediately to Karen's beautiful tits.

Darrell had Karen walk back and forth again. With the 4 inch pumps, she was a bit wobbly at first but got better with time. The shoes really tightened her calves and ass cheeks and dramatically improved her beauty. He looked at his watch and saw that it was 7:30 pm. He grabbed the leash and collar and buckled the collar to her neck. He led Karen to the door and went out. He told Karen, "For tonight you can walk instead of crawling like I normally want to. When we come back to the cabin you will go back to crawling anywhere you go. Now get in the front passenger seat of the car. E They went to the car, got in and were off to the restaurant.

During the drive to the restaurant, Darrell ordered, "I want you to untie the knot to your blouse and pull it open to expose your tits. E

Karen cried silently as she did as she was told. She knew that to refuse would only bring her more pain. She already had 100 swats coming. She knew she could never stand that many. She would do anything he asked to avoid those swats. What she didn't know was that was exactly why he had given her so many. He wanted her to be thinking about what 100 swats would do to her instead of what he was going to make her do.

When Karen finished exposing her tits and the blouse was pulled to either side of them and held in place by the nipple chains Darrell ordered, "Now pull up your skirt and scoot forward so your pussy is at the edge of the seat. I want you to fuck your cunt with the dildo until we get to the restaurant. E

Karen pushed her ass up and pulled her skirt up and exposed her cunt as he instructed. She reached down and started pushing the huge dildo in and out of her cunt slowly. She was crying at the humiliation of doing this in the car as they drove down the road where anyone could see in to the car. She didn't know how she was going to be able to get through the night if he was making her do such perverted things before she even got their.

After driving for about 40 minutes, they came to a small restaurant and bar that seemed to be extremely busy. There were at least 40 cars in the parking lot, rather surprising for a seemingly isolated bar and grill. This restaurant was not just any bar and grill however, and the clientele was mostly male. Darrell ordered, "Karen, fix your skirt and blouse back the way they were. When you get out of the car I want you to walk immediately to my rear and one step to my left. You will not do or say anything without my order and you will agree with anything I say or else I'll double the number of swats with the paddle. He grabbed her leash and headed to the door of the bar. As they got closer, they could hear the cheers of a lot of men. It looked like they had something going tonight.

As they came up to the door, a huge black guy stopped them and asked for an ID saying, "My, my now what do we have here. You are about the best little piece of eye candy that I've seen in a while. But you can't be over 15. Let's see some ID. E

Karen blushed at the big black guy leering at her. She couldn't believe that Darrell was going to take her into what was obviously a bar that required everyone to be over 21. She knew that he was going to force her to do something humiliating while she was here. She didn't think she could do this she thought. But if she didn't do what Darrell said, she would be spanked within an inch of her life. It took every bit of will power she had not to bolt from the spot and try to get away.

While Karen was fretting over what Darrell might do next, Darrell showed the bouncer a fake ID for him that said, "As you can see, I'm 21. My wife here left her ID at the cabin. I can vouch for her. E

The guy took the fake ID and looked at it closely. He said, "I don't think that this ID is any good. I can't let you in unless you give a valid ID. E

Darrell looked at the guy and asked, "What would it take to allow you to let us in? E

He lecherously looked Karen over and said, "A blow job now and a full hour with your pretty little wife when my shift is over would help me to look the other way. E

Darrell looked at Karen and nodded his head yes. Karen's eyes started tearing up due to the humiliation of having to do such a disgusting act right out in front of the restaurant where anyone coming up could see. She slowly fell to her knees in front of the big black bouncer and unzipped his pants, pulling out what had to be the biggest dick she had ever seen. It had to be 12 inches long and 2 and a half inches in diameter and it was totally soft. She knew that she was going to struggle with this but wanted desperately to get rid of as many of those swats as she could. She grabbed the cock and started jacking it off with both hands and tentatively brought her mouth to the head. She had her mouth as wide open as she could get it and his big black cock still barely fit in. She was just able to get it in her mouth and started laving the head with her tongue. His dick started to swell and get stiff until it got stuck in her mouth. She tried to open her mouth and pull off of his thick turgid cock but the head seemed like it had doubled in size. She began to really sob at the humiliation of kneeling out where people could see her sucking on the big bouncer's black cock. She wondered what she ever did to deserve this. Finally she realized that if she didn't make him come she would be stuck on her knees sucking his cock for hours. She redoubled her efforts to try and get him off as quick as possible.

The bouncer was enjoying this young tart sucking his dick. He knew that she wasn't 21, but he would look the other way in exchange for a blow job and a chance at having an hour with the bitch. It was definitely a trade worth making. When he noticed she had his dick stuck in her throat, he knew that the only way for her to get it out of was for her to get him off. This had happened to him before with other chicks but not very many. He took things into his own hands by grabbing the back of her head and cramming the entire 14 inch long and 3 and a half inch wide monster down Karen's throat. He just started pulling her head on and off of his cock barely giving her time to gasp air in when he pulled out.

When the bouncer grabbed the back of her head and started forcing his massive cock into the back of her throat, Karen started gagging. Her stomach tried over and over again to purge its contents but the big cock had closed it off completely so it had no where to go. Tears were streaming down her cheeks now. She felt as if someone were forcing their arm down her throat. She wondered how much worse it could get. Little did she know what Darrell had in store for her.

Darrell decided to see if he could get Karen to have an orgasm while she was being abused by the guard and turned on the vibrator function in the Ben Wa balls at its highest setting. Karen felt the extra stimulation and started to feel a tingle in her cunt. She couldn't believe the wonderful feeling that seemed to be growing. She had never experienced anything like it before.

It didn't take long for a small crowd to form around them and stand in amazement at this petite young woman taking the guards humongous dick all the way down her throat. He continued to fuck Karen's throat for a good 15 minutes, waving several patrons in as he face fucked her. The vibrating balls in Karen's ass was doing their job and finally pushed Karen into a massive orgasm, the first in her young life. Her body went rigid and began jerking. She let out a long loud moan of pleasure that could be clearly heard by everyone.

The vibration from the moaning and jerking from Karen's orgasm was too much for the guard. He felt the first inklings of an orgasm and pushed his dick in to the hilt. He held her there as he pumped her throat full of his cum. As the guard pulled out to put his dick back in his pants, Karen passed out from the orgasm and collapsed to the ground.

The crowd clapped and cheered the show they had just witnessed. The guard looked at Darrell and said, "Man, she is one hot bitch. When can I have my hour with her? E

Darrel told him, "We should be inside for the next few hours. Just come on in and find us. E

Darrell grabbed the leash and yanked on it a couple of times to wake Karen up and get her moving. The guard waved them on in and began carding the new comers and letting them in.

When they went in, they found the place was filled with a crowd of mostly men all packed around a stage area where there was a stripper currently going through her paces. This wasn't just any strip show though, as there were all sorts of sex toys and other paraphernalia set up around the stage. Darrell noticed that most of the booths were actually empty, which was surprising considering the crowd. He pulled Karen along with the leash to the booth that gave the best view of the dance floor.

Karen on the other hand was oblivious to anything that was going on. All she could do was think about her having her first orgasm of the night while her throat was being raped and being watched by a crowd. She had hated every minute of it yet she had gotten excited and had a massive orgasm. She thought that she must really be a slut to have become sexually excited and getting off like that. She was so ashamed and focused on these thoughts she just followed wherever Darrell pulled her.

Karen finally realized that they were at a booth. She looked around and noticed that they were in the most visible booth from anywhere in the place. She knew this didn't bear well for her future. Darrell had her sit opposite of him and Karen tried to slide as far into the corner as she could so she wouldn't be seen so readily. She immediately felt a shock in her ass. She let out a squeal of surprise from the shock and moved back to the outside edge of the seat without Darrell having to say a word. It wasn't long before a waitress came up that was dressed in a very short French maid outfit. She left them a menu and said she would be back in a minute. Darrell took the menus and thanked her.

Darrell turned his attention to Karen and ordered, "Take the dildo out of your cunt and clean it off until I tell you to stop. When I say you are done, just set it on the table in front of you. E

Karen blushed red as a beet from what Darrell ordered her to do in plain view of the entire restaurant and bar. She didn't hesitate however, because she desperately wanted to get rid of as many swats as she could. She knew she could survive the humiliation but couldn't stand any more pain. She slowly and reluctantly pulled the dildo out of her cunt and brought it up to her mouth and started licking it clean. It was a little smaller than the monster cock she had just sucked so she went ahead and just sank the cock into her throat to the hilt to give a good show for Darrell.

As she was slowly pushing the dildo down her throat she heard a patron at the bar exclaim loudly, "Will you look at that!!!! My god I wish that was my cock she was pushing down her throat. That little filly can suck me anytime. E

About half of the bar was now focused on Karen and everything went quiet except for the music that the stripper was dancing to. Karen was humiliated beyond belief. This was worse than any nightmare she ever had. Tears were again streaming down her cheeks as just a bit more of her innocence was destroyed.

Karen pulled the dildo out slowly, twirling it around continually to be able to use her tongue to clean it thoroughly as she pulled it out. When she was done she slowly pushed it back in again. She continued deep throating the cock for about five minutes when Darrell finally said, "That was quite the show slut. You've got every cock in the place hard wanting a piece of that sweet little mouth of yours. You can stop now. E

Karen pulled the dildo out of her throat and laid it on the table near the outside edge leaving the 12 inch dildo in plain sight for anyone to see. Groans of disappointment could be heard throughout the place when she stopped.

Once Karen had laid the dildo down, Darrel ordered her, "Look at me slut. E

She did and he complimented, "You did a fine job with the bouncer and with that little show you just put on. If you keep it up, you just might be able to get rid of a majority of those swats you earned. E In some small way, Karen felt a twinge of happiness that she was doing well but mostly she felt a combination of relief and embarrassment.

Darrel then told her, "When the waitress comes back to take our order, I want you to ask her to show you to the bathroom. When you come back, you must have her panties and a mouthful of her piss. E

Karen's face turned white at what Darrell asked her to do. Her eyes begged him to not make her do this but she said nothing. She knew that there would only be punishment later if she refused. She took a deep sigh and resolved that she would do it.

About five minutes later, the waitress came to the table to take the order. She immediately took notice of the dildo and looked at Karen. She noticed the collar and the way she was dressed with the chain attached to her tits and she knew that she was a sex slave. She turned and focused all of her attention on Darrell and asked, "What would our visiting master like to order for dinner tonight? The special is Prime Rib and we do have a special slave's plate available so that you can feed your slave your leftover scraps. Or you could order the standard slave gruel. E

Karen looked at the waitress in amazement, her mouth open wide in surprise at her characterization as a slave. But she knew deep down that it was true and that her marriage was really just a farce to enslave her. Darrell ordered the prime rib and slave gruel for them and as the waitress began to turn away, Karen spoke up and asked, "Uh Euh EM E E Eiss? Could you h E Eelp me to the b E Eathroom please? E

The waitress turned back to them and said pointing toward a small hallway, "You'll find the ladies room down that hallway to the left. You can't miss it. E
She started to turn away from the table.

Karen began to panic. If she failed she would be in serious trouble and not only would she get the 100 swats she already had coming, she knew Darrell would give her more. She quickly decided that since this waitress already thought of her as a slave she might as well play up to that. She quickly said, "Wait, please. E She reached out and grabbed the hand of the waitress before she could walk away. Karen continued, "M E E Ey master has asked that I have you show me to the bathroom. Could you please take me there so I can keep m E E Ey master happy? E

The waitress had a surprised look on her face. She looked up at Darrell and he was smiling back at her. He held out his hand that had Karen's leash in it. Darrell handed the leash to the waitress and told her, "Please do take my pet back to the restroom. I promise that you will make me happy if you will let her do what I asked. I'll even put in a good word with the owner of the place so if it takes too long you won't get in trouble. Now take good care of my little cunt here okay? E

The waitress Eface went white when Darrell mentioned he would speak to the owner. He had promised to say something good to him if she did what he asked, but she also knew the hidden threat that if she didn't he would tell him how displeased he was. The fear was obvious on her face as she took the leash saying, "I'll be happy to help your little cunt here accomplish her tasks for you sir. Please let me know how else I may be of service to you this evening. E Darrell waived her off and she led Karen to the bathroom.

When she got there she said, "Here it is. Go on in and I'll be back in a minute to pick you up and take you back to your master. E

Karen started to panic and immediately reached out and grabbed the waitress's arm as she was turning away and asked quietly, "Wait please. E

The waitress stopped and turned around and said, "Yes? Ein a questioning manner.

Karen told her, "Please come in with me. My master said I had to get some things from you before I go back to the table. I don't want to be punished for failing him. Please help me. E She cried in a desperate whisper.

The waitress shook her head with an understanding look and sigh. She took Karen's hand and pulled her into the bathroom. Once there she turned and locked the door and asked, "Now what is it that your master has asked you to do? E

Karen explained, "My master has asked that I bring back your panties to the table. I E E E also have to have a mouthful of your piss. If I don't then I know that he will punish me. I can't stand to be punished. Please help me. E

The waitress looked at the desperation that was clear on Karen's face. She thought for a minute and said, "If I agree to do this for you then I want you to suck my cunt to orgasm. Are you willing to do that for me? E

Karen's face went white. She really didn't want to do anything like that. She wasn't a lesbian or anything. Then she thought back to the swats Darrell had given her with the paddle. Her ass was still sore from the first paddling. Karen thought that she might be able to get some brownie points with Darrell if she could get the waitress to do something for her. After a moments hesitation she answered, "O E Ekay, I'll do it. But if I do, instead of me taking your panties to the table, I know that my master would like it if you came back with me and took them off at the table and give them to him there. What do you say? E

Karen could only hope she would comply and she didn't have to wait long for her answer. The waitress answered, "For starters, you can get down on your knees and suck me. If you do a good enough job, I'll do as you ask. But if I'm not satisfied then forget it. E

Karen immediately complied and started licking the waitress's cunt and clit as if her life depended on it. The waitress continued, "In about two hours I have a little stage show to put on. I want you to be my toy for the show. E

Karen quit momentarily and answered, "I can't promise you master will let me as he has not told me his plans. But I am sure that it is something he would be interested in if you asked him. I know he wants to humiliate me as much as possible. E Karen went back to licking and sucking on the waitress's cunt and clit. It wasn't long before Karen had her on the brink of orgasm. Then she started gently nibbling her clit. The waitress launched into a massive orgasm. Karen didn't stop and kept on sucking and nibbling on the waitress's clit until she nearly collapsed. She just caught herself by putting her hand down on Karen's shoulder.

The waitress finally recovered and stood up. She told Karen, "That was definitely worth a mouthful of piss for you. And if your master agrees to the show, I will give him my panties at the table. E She grabbed Karen's head and brought it to her cunt and said "Here it comes slut, drink up. E

She started pissing in Karen's mouth. Karen had to swallow a little of the piss to get it all but by the time the waitress was done, her cheeks were bulging from all of the piss in her mouth. Karen usually just tried to swallow the piss as quickly as she could. This was the first time that she had to hold it in her mouth for a long period of time. It had a bitter acidic taste to it that just got worse with time. She hoped that she didn't throw up before she got to the table.

Karen stood up and nodded at the waitress, who picked up the leash and led Karen back to their table. As Karen slid into her side of the booth, the waitress looked at Darrell and said, "Your little slave has made a special request of me. It is definitely something she thinks you will like, but I want something in return. If you will let me have her for my floor show in a couple of hours, I will give her what she has requested. E

Darrell was a bit surprised at this turn of events and was intrigued so he said, "I hope this is going to be worth it. E He said looking at Karen with a warning glance. "I agree. She will help you with your show. You can do whatever you want with her as long as you don't injure her. E

The waitress lifted her skirt up and reached under. She pulled her panties down, stepped out of them and handed them to Darrell.

Darrell had a big grin on his face and took the panties and held them up to his nose and took a big whiff while looking the waitress in the eyes. He told her, I look forward to the floor show. Remember, Karen is not to be permanently marked or harmed and no blood is to be drawn. Her clit and nipple rings were just done this morning with a cauterizing procedure. If she wanted to inflict pain, that would be a good way to do it. Otherwise anything is fair game. E

Karen just sat and listened to the exchange with her mouthful of piss tasting nastier with every passing second. If Darrell didn't hurry up, she would end up throwing up all over the table.

The waitress finally left to place their order and Darrell pushed a glass of ice in front of Karen and told her, "Now spit everything into the glass. I want you to drink the ice cold piss along with your meal. I'm very pleased with the initiative you took to bring me pleasure. That was a nice little surprise. If you continue to do things like this, you will find that our time together will be more pleasant. Now get down under the table and give me a blow job. E

Karen's face immediately went scarlet. She knew that everyone would be able to see her. She spit the piss in the glass of ice and slid down under the table. She knew that she really didn't have a choice. She crawled over to Darrell, unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. She reached in and grabbed his cock and pulled it out and started sucking on it. She knew that this was likely to take a long time since he had already come several times that day.

Karen had only begun to really get a rhythm going, when she heard a deep authoritative voice say, "What do we have here? E

Darrell answered confidently, "Hello Sheriff. E

When Karen heard Darrell say sheriff, Karen pulled back and hit her head on the table in surprise. Darrell just reached under the table, grabbed her head and pulled her head back to his dick while he invited the sheriff to have a seat.

Karen went back to work sucking his cock, tears of humiliation flowing down her cheeks again while Darrell asked, "How are you Rob? I haven't seen you for ages. I think the last time was when my folks went to the lake about four years ago. E

Rob responded, "Your right. I was there with my cousin Vincent and a couple of babes he had set us up with. We had a great time. It's a shame you were too young at the time to join in and had to stay at the cabin for the day. If memory serves me correctly, Vincent is a cop in your home town now. E

Darrell responded, "I haven't seen him around. But then I haven't been looking for him either. I'll be back in town Friday and Saturday. E He groaned in pleasure as he came in Karen's mouth. Karen tucked Darrell's cock in his pants and buckled him back up and then got up in her seat, sitting next to Roy on the outside of the seat.

Darrell ordered her, "Go get us a beer cunt. If the bartender gives you any trouble then do what ever it takes to get him to give them to you. Don't come back without them or your punishment doubles. E

Karen's face went white in fear when he said that. She got up and left, determined to get the beers. Darrell turned to Rob and asked, "I need a favor Roy. E

Rob responded, "Your parents have been friends since we were in school. If I can help out I will. What do you want? E

Darrell asked, "Can you talk to Vincent and arrange for him to do something for me Friday evening? My parents have a little party planned for my wife and I on Saturday afternoon and he could definitely help me out. E

Rob immediately asked, "You're married? How do you get your wife to let you do things like that with the young girl that was sucking your cock when I came in? E

Darrell responded, "That is my wife. E He said laughing. He then explained, "We went to the prom together in April. Well you know what happens after prom. The short story is that I took her cherry and got her pregnant. EHe left out the part about the rape. He continued, "When her parents found out, they forced her to get married. They said that they would disown her if she didn't. I decided to take advantage of it because she was a nice sweet girl and I had sensed that she might have a submissive streak in her. I've spent the last few days indoctrinating her into a master/slave relationship. I'm going to make her do a series of humiliating things Friday night before the reception on Saturday. That's where I need a little help from Vincent. E

Darrell then explained everything to Rob and asked if he thought Vincent would do it. Roy laughed and said "Do it! EHe exclaimed. "I think he would pay good money to get to do something like that. I'm pretty sure He'll want to participate. Do you mind if I attend the festivities Saturday? E

Darrell told him, "That's fine by me. I'll have to clear it with mom and dad first though. If they approve then you and Vincent both will be invited to join us. E

While they were discussing Karen's fate for Saturday, she was at the bar trying to get a couple of beers for them. The bartender had steadfastly refused so far because he did not believe she was old enough. She had offered him a hand job and a blow job and he had still refused. She was beginning to get frustrated and finally asked, "Is there anything at all I can do to get you to give me a couple of beers? I'll do anything you want. E

The Bartender answered, "You'll refuse to do what I want so no. E He turned and served a beer to a patron.

Karen was almost in a state of panic now and told him, "I said I'll do anything. How do you know that I will refuse unless you ask me? E She thought that anything sexual was better than getting her ass and tits beat black and blue again.

Finally he leaned on the bar and looked left and right to make sure no one else was listening and whispered to her. "I want to fuck your ass and then piss in it and then after you have cleaned my shit covered cock, I'll eat your cunt out and drink your piss. Is that something you would do for a couple of beers? E

Karen's face went a bit pale but the thought of failure was too abhorrent to her. She looked at him and said, "Where do you want to do it. My master is going to get impatient if I don't hurry. When is your break so I can return or you can come and get me? I'll be at the table over there where you see the man with the sheriff. E

The Bartender agreed to come get her when his break started in about 20 minutes. He then gave her the beers.

Karen returned to the table with the beers and noticed that they were talking. As opposed to interrupting them, she knelt down in the normal manner at the end of the table and sat on her heels with her head bowed waiting for Darrell to acknowledge her.

Darrell finally acknowledged her and said, "Get up and hand us our beers and take a seat. What took you so long and what did you have to do for the beer? E

Karen explained, "The bartender refused to serve me because he thought I was underage. I promised him a hand job and then a blow job and he still refused. Finally I told him I would do anything he wanted. He didn't believe me at first and still refused. I reemphasized that I would do anything and said that if he didn't ask me, he would never know whether I would do it or not. Finally he said that he would give me the beers if he could fuck me in the ass and piss in it when he was done. Then he wants to suck my cunt and drink my piss. I agreed and he gave me the beers. He says his break is in 20 minutes and will come get me to pay up then. E

Darrell complimented, "You did well cunt. E He then turned and asked Rob, "Would you like to have a sample of her wares? E

Roy looked at her and shook his head saying, "Most definitely. E

Darrell then ordered, "Karen, why don't you get down under the table and give him a good example of your abilities. E

Karen quietly sighed and blushed as she slipped under the table, unzipped Rob and pulled his cock out. She proceeded to give him the best deep throat job that she could.

While she was giving the blow job to Rob, the waitress came up with Darrell's prime rib and a bowl of what looked like old Gravy Train Dog Food. Darrell asked, "What's your name miss. E

She answered, "Deb sir E

Darrell asked, "What do you have in mind for Karen in your show? E

Deb told him, "I'm still working through all of the details but I'm thinking seriously of bringing in my German Shepherd as part of the show. E

Darrell said, "I like that. But she does owe an hour to the bouncer out front too. E

Deb smiled and said, "You mean Jeremy? He would be a wonderful addition to the act. What do you have in mind? E

Darrell told her and she agreed and went to coordinate with Jeremy.

Karen finally brought Rob to an orgasm and crawled back up to her seat. Darrell pushed the bowl of slave gruel and told Karen, "Here's dinner. Now put it on the floor and eat it like the good bitch you are. E

Karen's eyes started to water at the humiliation of having to eat like a dog in front of the crowd in the bar but she complied with Darrell's orders. She set the bowl of food down on the floor at the end of the table and got down on all fours and took a bite of the gruel. It had no taste and was crunchy like cereal. She hoped that it at least had some nutrients in it for the growing baby. She continued eating until the gruel was gone. It was the closest thing to food she had eaten since Darrell gave her scraps off his breakfast plate before going to the porn shop. After she finished eating, she kneeled in position at the end of the table and waited. Darrell gave her permission to speak and she thanked him for her meal and asked if she could rejoin them at the table. He agreed and she picked up the bowl and put it on the table and sat in her seat.

As Karen was just sitting down, the bartender came up to the table and asked Darrell, "I just got my break. I'd like to get my payment for the beers now. E

Darrell gave him the leash and told him, "Make sure she removes the Ben Wa balls from her ass and then clean them before you fuck her. E

The bartender took the leash and pulled Karen up. He led her into the back room and found a bucket. He put it in the center of the floor and ordered her to push out the balls. She squat over the pail and started straining. It didn't take long until there was a thump as one fell into the pail, quickly followed by the other.

Karen knew what Darrell had meant by cleaning so she picked one up and put it in her mouth to suck it clean. She kept turning it in her mouth with her tongue until she couldn't taste the shit any more. There was a couple of times her gag reflex was triggered due to the rancid taste of her shit, but she was starting to get used to it and was able to keep from throwing up. When she had that ball clean she set it on a nearby box and took the other one and repeated the process. When she finished cleaning the second ball she placed it with the other. She turned to the bar tender who was now completely naked. She asked, "Do you want me to take off my clothes? E

The bartender answered, "That would be nice miss but hurry up. I only have fifteen minutes. E

Karen took off her skirt and carefully unhooked her chain from the nipple rings and removed her blouse. She reattached the chain to the rings and winched in pain as she did.

The bartender noticed and asked, "What's wrong? E

She told him, "The rings were just put in this morning. They're still very sore. E

The bartender had her kneel on all fours. He knelt down behind her and slammed his 6 inch prick in to her ass hole to the hilt. It only took him a couple of minutes to cum, he was so excited. He stayed that way as his cock deflated and soon Karen felt a liquid warmth spread through her lower abdomen as he pissed in her ass. When he was finished he got up and stood in front of Karen. She pushed herself up and brought his filthy dick into her mouth and began sucking it clean. She kept it up until he began to get hard again. She looked up at him and continued to suck him completely down her throat. She began moving her head back and forth while rapidly twirling her tongue all around his dick. She had him cumming in her mouth within 5 minutes.

When she was done, he lay down on his back and told her to squat down over his face. She did as he asked and as she squat down over him, he reached up and grabbed her around her ass cheeks and pulled her cunt to his mouth. He began licking and chewing on her cunt lips. It wasn't long until Karen felt an orgasm beginning to grow in her belly. She was just about to the brink when he lightly licked her clit which drove her over the precipice. She stiffened and groaned in ecstasy as she came from his administrations. When she finally began to relax, he pushed her up just enough and told her to go ahead and piss in his mouth. She hadn't been for a while so she quickly let loose. It seemed like it took forever, but when she was done and getting up he told her, "That was my favorite fantasy. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would ever get to do it. E

Karen took a small bit of pleasure that she had made someone happy, even if it was at her expense. She went over to her clothes and put on the skirt and then unhooked the chain from her nipple ring. She put her blouse on and tied it and gently threaded the nipple rings through the holes and reconnected the chain. She picked up the Ben Wa Balls and put them in her hand.

Karen handed the leash to the bartender and asked him to take her back to her table. He did as she asked and when he got there he told Darrell, "She was wonderful. Don't worry about a bar tab for the rest of the night. All of your drinks are on me. E He turned and left.

Darrell put his hand out and asked for the balls. Karen quickly complied. He then ordered, "Stand up at the end of the table. E He handed her the dildo and ordered, "I want you to put this in your cunt and masturbate with it until Deb or the bouncer comes to get you. You can't cum unless you ask for and are given permission. E

Karen felt as humiliated as she had ever been. Darren and Rob both leaned back in their booth and watched her. It wasn't long until Karen had drawn a crowd around them to watch. Darren told her to take one hand and start pinching and squeezing her nipples and to pull them out through the holes of the blouse. She complied and even though there was a little pain from the rings she started to build to an orgasm and when she was close, she asked Darrell for permission to cum. He denied her and reminded her not to until he said she could. She began to twist the nipple rings a little harder to cause pain to try and take her back from the precipice and it worked for a while but after about ten more minutes, she asked for permission to cum again. Again he denied her and reminded her not to cum. Karen groaned in frustration and tried to think of anything she could to take her mind off of wanting to cum. She began to hit her clit ring hard to cause pain and that seemed to work for a bit. She begged Darrell to please let her cum and that she couldn't hold back any more.

Darrell saw the big black bouncer coming toward them and he told Karen that when he got there, she could ask for permission again.

Karen thought she was sunk until she sensed a presence to her left and glanced and saw the bouncer. The look of relief on her face was priceless and she quickly looked at Darrell and begged, "Please master, let this unworthy whore cum! E

Darrell and Roy laughed at her and gave her permission. Karen launched into the most massive orgasm of her life and began to collapse. The bouncer quickly grabbed her and kept her from falling. Everyone that was watching around their table broke out in applause, cheers and wolf whistles. Karen finally started to regain some of her senses and stood back on her own.

Darrell said, "That was quite the show. Now clean the dildo and place it on the table. E

Karen complied and Darrell then told her, "Jeremy is going to help you with the show that Deb is going to put on with you. Go with him and he will take you to get you ready. Remember that his and Deb's orders are the same as mine. E

Jeremy took Karen's leash and led her to the backstage preparation room. Once there, Deb told Karen to get down on all fours. Karen immediately complied, and started wondering what they were going to do to her. Deb went to a cabinet and looked at a collection of butt plugs that were made to look like tails of various animals. She selected a four inch wide butt plug that looked like a horse's tail. She selected an item from another cabinet that looked like a miniature saddle. She finally went to a third cabinet and selected what looked like a miniature horse's bridle that had an 8 inch long dildo attached to the bit. Deb went over to Karen and after putting some lube on the butt plug, she rammed it into Karen's ass causing her to scream in pain.

Deb leaned down and whispered in her ear, "You'll thank me for that later. E She put the miniature saddle on her back. She grabbed the straps and ran the left one through the ring on her left tit, pulled it through stretching it and wrapping it around the base of her right tit and hooking it back on the strap. She repeated the process with the strap through the right tit's ring and wrapping it around the base of the left tit. She took the front straps and threaded one through each tit ring and then back up and tied behind her neck. Finally she took the long straps on the back of the saddle and pulled them down through her ass crack, looped once around the butt plug, then on down through her cunt lips and one through each of her tit rings and back down and hooked to her clit ring. The straps of the saddle were elastic and once everything was connected it pulled on her tit and clit rings and caused Karen to moan from the pain.

Deb picked up the bridle and bit and ordered Karen to open her mouth. She inserted the dildo and pushed it in until the bit had pushed the corners of her mouth as far as they would go. Deb strapped the harness of the bridle around Karen's head. She stood back and looked at Jeremy and asked, "What do you think of our little horsy. E

Jeremy laughed at Karen and replied, "She looks good enough to ride. It looks like you missed a hole though. E

Deb looked and stood up scratching her chin in thought. She looked at Jeremy and asked, "What do you have in mind. E

Jeremy answered, "Let's just keep it simple. A nice big dildo should do well. EHe went to the dildo cabinet and grabbed a dildo that was 16 inches long and three and a half inches wide. He pushed it slowly into Karen's cunt until it bottomed out on Karen's cervix. He gave it one more firm push causing Karen to grunt in pain. She still had about 5 inches of dildo sticking out of her cunt.

Jeremy stepped back beside Deb and asked, "What do you think? E

Deb agreed that suited her. She went to the wall with all of the whips and chose a nice riding crop and asked Jeremy, "Did you the other equipment on the stage? E

Jeremy looked at his watch and said, "Yea I did. It looks like its time to start the show. Finish getting ready and I'll go introduce you. E

Deb was dressed up in her leather corset that came up to the bottom of her tits pushing them up and leaving them exposed. It ended at the bottom just above her pubic mound and ass cheeks. She sat down on the saddle strapped to Karen's back and put her legs up over her shoulders. She grabbed the reins to the dildo bit with one hand and had the riding crop in the other. When Jeremy announced Deb, she swatted Karen on the ass repeatedly and told Karen to giddy up like she was a real horse.

Karen knew what was expected of her and started crawling toward the stage. Each movement put more stress on her very sensitive tit and clit rings and each strike of the riding crop caused her ass to turn redder and redder. Karen was crying from the pain and humiliation of it. She never in her life had ever even imagined something as deprave as this. Deb rode Karen around the stage several times and finally stopped at the front of the stage and got off of her and took a bow. She immediately asked for a volunteer from the audience and selected a tall 20 something blonde woman with huge 40 EE tits that were obviously fake.

The woman came up on stage and Deb asked her to remove the dildo from Karen's cunt. She grabbed the dildo and slammed it in several times as rapidly and as hard as she could before she pulled it out. She took the dildo and put it in her own mouth and swallowed the whole length to the hilt and pulled it back out clean of Karen's juices and handed it to Deb. Deb asked, "Do you want to check out the merchandise? E

The busty blond had obviously done this before. She said yes and got down behind Karen and inserted four of her fingers in Karen's pussy. She started moving them in and out and eventually folded her thumb under and stuck her entire hand in Karen's cunt causing her to scream in pain. She started slamming her fist back and forth in her cunt until you could here Karen's groans of pain begin to change to groans of pleasure.

Karen began to push back on the girl's arm when she pushed forward. It wasn't long before Karen had an intense orgasm that caused her whole body to shake. Karen could hear the crowd cheering and whistling and yelling for more. She was so stunned and humiliated that she just wanted to die. But she knew that this was what she could expect now. She wondered what she had ever done to deserve this kind of treatment. Then she remembered that if she had listened to her parents and not gone to the dance, none of this would have happened. It was her own foolish pride that caused her to be in this situation. She wondered why she refused to listen. She cried silent tears knowing that things were going to get worse before they got better.

The blond pulled her hand out of Karen's cunt and licked it off before returning to the crowd. Deb asked the crowd if she should remove the gags and butt plug and get on with the show. They all cheered for her to continue so Deb unbuckled the bridle harness and removed her dildo gag. She grabbed the two saddle straps over Karen's shoulder and pulled them hard and snapped them. This caused Karen to scream in pain from the tit rings pulling against the tender cauterized flesh of her nipples. Deb reached under and disconnected those straps from Karen's tit rings. She grabbed the rear straps at the dildo and yanked them hard causing the straps to pull on Karen's tit and clit ring which elicited another scream of pain that was longer and more sustained. After the screams ceased, she disconnected the straps and let them snap back, hitting her several times and causing a squeak of pain each time.

Deb had Jeremy grab the saddle and pick Karen up. This had the effect of tightening the straps around Karen's tit and causing them to bulge out like large purple oranges. Karen groaned in pain from the pulling and stretching. Deb wheeled a table under Karen and Jeremy put her down on the table on her hands and knees. Deb detached the remaining straps of the saddle, removed it and put it in the tables built in cabinet. She grabbed the tail and pulled it out of her ass, releasing a loud fart out of Karen. The crowd started laughing hysterically and Karen turned beet red in humiliation. Deb brought the dildo in front of Karen and ordered her to clean it. Karen started licking it off and swallowing the disgusting slime from the dildo. It took her a couple of minutes and several pauses to keep from throwing up, but she finally got it cleaned. Deb put it in the cabinet.

Deb grabbed a box with three long wires that had small alligator clips on the end. She attached an alligator clip to each of Karen's tit and Clit rings. She turned the setting to the medium setting and pushed the button and immediately Karen screamed. Deb released the button and announced, "We are going to play a little game. It's a variation of Truth or Dare that I like to call Truth or shock. I'll ask you a personal question and then you answer. If the crowd believes you are telling the truth, nothing will happen. If they think you are lying then I will shock you. There are ten settings on the box. We will start with one and each time we think you aren't truthful the setting will go up one until we reach 10. Your first question is, 'How old are you? E

Karen answered E8 E

Deb asked the crowd, "Is she telling the truth? E They all booed and Deb held the button down for 10 seconds and Karen groaned in pain.

Deb said, "The next question is, "How old were you when you lost your virginity? E

Karen answered E5 E

The crowd booed again and Deb set the device at 2 and pushed the button for 20 seconds. Karen groaned out, "Oh God Eas her body went rigid.

Deb asked, "How long ago did you lose your virginity? E

Karen didn't think and answered reflexively, "Two months ago at my senior prom. E

Deb turned to the audience and they booed again. She set the device at 3 and held the button for 30 seconds. Karen's body went rigid and she let out an actual scream this time.

The next question Deb asked was, "How many men have you fucked since you lost your virginity? E

Karen said truthfully, "I don't know. E

The crowd booed and Deb set the device at 4 for 40 seconds. Karen screamed loudly the whole time.

The next question she asked was, "When was the first time you took it in the ass? E

Karen answered "Monday E

The crowd booed and Deb set the setting at 5 for 50 seconds. Karen began to realize that no matter how she answered the questions, she was going to get shocked anyway. She screamed for the 50 seconds that the button was held.

The 6th question Deb asked was, "When did you suck your first cock? E

Karen answered, "Monday E

There were more boo's and a 60 second shock at a 6 setting. Karen screamed long and hard from the pain.

The next question asked was, "What's your favorite sex position? E

Karen said, "I don't have one. I hate sex. It's disgusting. E

That brought a stupendous roar of boos. This time the shock was at a setting of 7 for 70 seconds. Karen blacked out from the pain. She was quickly brought back with an ammonia capsule.

The next question was, "What's your favorite sex toy? E

Karen answered, "I don't like any of them. E

She got booed again. This time the button was pushed with a setting of 8 for 80 seconds. Karen screamed, pissed all over herself and passed out again. She was brought to with the ammonia capsule again.

Deb asked her, "Are you having fun tonight? E

Karen answered "no E

The crowd went wild with jeers and boo's and yelled "Torture the bitch E This time she passed out fairly quickly into the 90 second shock set at 9 and so missed most of it.

For the final question Deb asked, "Have you ever had sex with an animal? E

Karen said, "No and I will never have sex with an animal. E

She got booed again. This time the shock was at 10 for 100 seconds. Karen's scream was as shrill and loud as she had ever screamed in her life due to the severe pain. Her entire body went stiff as a board and when the shock ended, her bowels released and she shit on herself as she passed out again.

While Karen was going through her ordeal for the show, Joey from the porn shop came over and joined Darrell and Rob at the table. Joey asked, "How's the entertainment been this evening? E

Darrell responded with a big grin, "I think the show's been pretty good so far considering they had no prior planning ahead of time. E

Joey grinned and shook his head in agreement and answered back, "You know Darrell, Karen is one fine sample of womanhood. I wouldn't mind adding her to my flock and make this her permanent job. Would you be interested in selling her to me? E

Darrell thought it over for a few minutes as he watched the activities on stage and turned to Joey and responded, "Joey, she is my first try at training a sex slave. I want to finish the process and see if I can't get at least a couple of Kids out of her. With her IQ and good looks, our children are bound to be exceptional. Maybe after I grow tired of her, I'll let you have her for good and find me someone new. E All three of them finally focused their attention back to the stage area where Karen had just passed out.

They woke Karen up again with the ammonia capsules and made her get back up. Deb looked at the piss and the shit on the table. She grabbed her by the hair and pushed Karen's face into the shit saying, "You bitch. Look what you did to my nice clean table. You'll just have to get busy and clean that up. E

Karen knew what she meant and tentatively took a bite of the shit and began eating it off the table. She couldn't believe she was being made to do something so disgusting in front of a crowd and nobody was doing anything to help her. She didn't know that this was a nightly occurrence at the bar and restaurant and that is what drew the crowd in the first place. This is what they came to see.

As Karen slowly ate her shit and slurped up her piss, Deb continued calling her all sorts of vile names and finally said, "Since you can't seem to control your ass, we'll just have to plug it up. Jeremy, would you like to do the honors? E

This was what he was waiting for. Jeremy had been slowly stroking his mammoth 14 inch cock to make sure it was at its maximum hardness. He had this bitch's mouth earlier and he wanted her two remaining holes before the night was done. He walked up behind Karen who was at the perfect height for him and grabbed her by her ass cheeks. He lined his cock up with the rosebud of her ass and rammed in as hard as he could.

Karen had a mouthful of shit when he slammed into her ass and she couldn't help from screaming from the pain. Unfortunately for Karen, she sprayed shit all over Deb when she screamed. Deb got angry and immediately started slapping Karen's face, swinging her open hand back and forth across her face until it was bright red and Karen was bawling uncontrollably. Deb stopped and retrieved her riding crop and started whipping Karen's tits as hard as she could. It wasn't long until her tits developed a deep red tone all over. Whenever she hit the nipple rings, which was quite often, Karen's crying turned into screams of excruciating pain.

The crowd was cheering and yelling for her to keep whipping the bitch over and over again. All Karen knew was that she was in pain in her ass, on her face, and her tits. She knew that she couldn't take much more and began begging for her to quit. She pleaded for mercy through her sobs of misery.

Deb kept up the constant barrage on Karen's tits while Jeremy slammed his dick into her ass as hard as he could. He spanked her ass cheeks over and over with each in stroke of his cock.

Karen begged, "Please, Sob Eob Eob E Oh God it hurts. Sob Eob Eob E Please stop. Sob Eob Eob E I'll do anything if you stop. Sob Eob Eob E Please have mercy on me. Sob Eob Eob E E No one listened to her pleas.

Finally Jeremy slammed his dick into her ass as hard and deep as he could and let loose with a massive load of come. When he came, Deb quit slapping Karen's tits with the riding crop.

Karen sobbed uncontrollably for minutes, but her misery wasn't over yet. Deb grabbed her hair and pushed her face back in the shit and told her, "Get busy bitch. You have a lot more to clean up. E

The crowd let out another cheer as they watched Deb rub Karen's face into the shit and piss. They listened to Deb yelling at Karen to hurry up and clean all of the shit and piss off her table enjoying each and every disgusting thing that was being said and done.

Karen finally got herself under control and started licking up the piss and eating the shit. It took all of her concentration to keep from throwing up from the vile smell. She heard the crowd now chanting "Eat that shit Erepeatedly.

When she finally licked off the last remaining vestige of piss and shit from the table, she looked up for Deb's next instruction and found a huge black shit covered dick in front of her face. She knew what was expected and opened her mouth to clean it off. As she was licking and sucking Jeremy's dick, it started to harden again. When it was clean and hard he picked Karen up and Deb pushed the table off stage.

Jeremy sat down at center stage and lay down on his back never putting Karen down. He ordered her to spread her legs wide and started lowering her cunt onto his huge dick. Jeremy lifted her up and down with little effort at all, fucking himself in her cunt.

Jeremy finally stopped once his dick was seated all the way in. He pulled her down onto his chest, mashing her tits against him. He ordered, "Get busy bitch. It's time you started doing the work so start fucking me, NOW! E

Karen complied and started moving up and down on his cock. After several minutes she began to feel her self build up toward an orgasm. Jeremy felt her getting close and ordered, "Stop moving and lay down on me. E

Karen complied and Jeremy folded his arms around her so she couldn't move.

Deb returned to the stage with one of the biggest German Shepherds Darrell had seen. She led it up to Karen's ass and ordered "Lick Duke E

The dog began licking Karen's ass and along her cunt where Jeremy's cock was impaled. Karen jerked with a start at the feel of the cold nose on her ass and then the long rough tongue. She knew that it wasn't human and looked around and saw the dog. She understood what was going to happen and let out a long piteous wail pleading, "Noooooooooooooooo E E Please not that. Not a dog. Pleeeeeease Noooooooooooooo. E The crowd started chanting for the dog to fuck her.

Deb positioned the dog on her back with his dick out. Deb reached under and started masturbating the dog and soon its erection was complete. She guided it to the rose bud of Karen's ass. When the dog felt the tip of his cock touch Karen's ass hole he lunged forward and it penetrated about half way on the first inward lunge. The dog started rapidly pounding away and each time, his dick went in further until his knot started banging away.

Jeremy reached back and spread her ass cheeks to help the dog sink his knot in her ass. After a few short minutes, the dog gave a final heavy lunge and forced his knot in. He let out a howl as Karen let out a scream when the knot sank in to the hilt in Karen's ass. The dog then really started a rapid fucking movement.

Deb left and went off stage again. She came back with another German Shepherd. She had him mount her back, placing his dick in front of her face. Deb ordered, "Suck it Karen. E

Karen refused and shook her head no. Deb began pinching and twisting Karen's tit rings, making her scream in pain but she still refused. Finally, Deb grabbed her clit ring and pulled it and twisted it hard. This time after she screamed, Karen opened her mouth and took the dog's dick in it. She decided that she wanted to get this over with as soon as possible and started really sucking hard on the dog's dick. The more she sucked it the bigger and longer it seemed to get. Finally the dog took full charge and started trying to ram its knot into Karen's mouth.

Deb told her, "Relax Karen and let the dog do its thing. It won't take long and you will soon be done. Finally the dog plunged into her throat hard and forced its knot into Karen's mouth. Its 8 inch dick was all the way down her throat and the knot had forced her jaw open wider than it had ever been. After about 10 minutes of this, Karen felt a warmth in her ass that spread as the dog filled her ass with his cum. It seemed like the dog would come forever and she felt her lower abdomen bloat a little from all of the cum. Right after the dog came he lifted his leg and turned his ass end to Karen. He tried to pull out, but his knot was too big and Karen yelped in pain.

Shortly after the dog in her ass came, the dog in her throat began to cum. She couldn't swallow fast enough and dog cum started squirting out through her nose. The crowd loved it and let out a loud raucous cheer. When the dog was done pumping his cum down her throat, he lifted his leg over her head and turned around causing Karen's nose to be stuck in the dog's ass. She closed her eyes in further humiliation as she couldn't believe how far down she had fallen. She had always thought that only whores would do something as despicable as have sex with an animal. She came to begin to realize that that was Darrell's goal.

The crowd went wild with laughter and chanted lick his ass over and over. Deb seeing an opportunity to degrade Karen even more ordered, "Do it. Lick his ass or I'll start whipping you on your tits again. E She knew full well that Karen couldn't do what she said until the dog's knot shrunk and allowed her to remove the cock from her mouth and throat. Deb started swatting Karen's tit with under strokes which caused Karen to scream around the dog's cock. This delayed the knot from shrinking, leaving her stuck with the dog cock in her throat and tears of pain streaming down her cheeks.

While all of this was happening, Jeremy was continuing to pump his dick into Karen's cunt. The dog in Karen's ass finally pulled out and Jeremy came for the last time that night in her cunt. This left Karen on stage with just the dog stuck in her mouth and it wasn't going to be moving until its knot shrunk enough to get past her teeth. To speed things along, Deb went and got a bucket of ice water and threw it on the dog and on Karen. This caused the dog to pull out a bit before it was ready and Karen felt her jaws pop as they were forced open even wider. She screamed from the pain and was afraid that it had broken her jaw. She collapsed sobbing uncontrollably.

Once the dog's cock was removed from Karen's mouth, Jeremy picked Karen up and Deb pulled over what looked like a plastic kiddy pool that was about 10 feet across. Jeremy put Karen down in the center and she curled up in a fetal position feeling sorry for her self.

Deb announced to the crowd, "That's the end of the show for tonight. Karen will remain on stage for the rest of the night for your pleasure. You are all invited to enjoy any of her available holes on a first come first serve basis. E

While Deb made her announcement, Jeremy pissed on Karen's face. When Deb finished there was an almost uncontrollable stampede to the stage stairs to line up at either end of Karen. For the next four hours, Karen was taken in all of her holes too many times to count. Most of the time she was taking cocks in two or three of her holes at a time. About a third of the guests that fucked her also pissed down her throat, up her ass, in her cunt and all over her body. Her stomach and ass became so full of piss and cum that several times in the four hours on stage she threw up piss and cum through her mouth and nose or sprayed liquid shit, piss and cum out of her asshole. There were even a few women who forced Karen to eat them out and drink their piss or put on a dildo and fuck her cunt and ass. Karen spaced out after she experienced her fifth orgasm in the first 30 minutes and just ran on automatic pilot.

Darrell finally called a halt to the gang rape and asked Joey to have Jeremy bring Karen out to his car so he could call it a night. He went out to the car and waited. About five minutes later, Jeremy came walking out the back door, looked around and brought Karen over to the car. Darrell instructed him, "Put her on the tarp in the trunk would you. That was a great show you guys put on. E

When Karen was locked in the trunk, Darrell got in the car and headed back to the cabin. Forty minutes later, he pulled up in front, stopped and opened the trunk. He noticed that Karen was sound asleep. She was worn out from her ordeal of the last couple of days. He locked up the car and left the trunk open with Karen still in it, covered in shit and cum and went inside the cabin after laying the two dildos next to her. He locked the front door and left a note on the back door for Karen to clean herself up and make breakfast. He noticed that the clock said 2:00 am and went in to the bedroom to sleep.

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