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Default GINGER - Science-ZooSex Fiction, Bestiality, Male Solo

GINGER - Science-ZooSex Fiction, Bestiality, Male Solo

Richard McDowell considered himself fairly normal. He was a 20-year old man, living on a farm. He had a younger brother and sister at 19 and 18 respectively; and a mother in her early 40s (she had had divorce Richard's father when he was only 15). His father had owned a number of mares which he raised and sold to be breeding horses, and his mother continued the practice.
Richard knew many of the mares by heart: Penny, Bertha, Rose, etc. He had taken care of many of the more "distinctive" ones: Penny, who was extremely shy; Rose, too wild around outsiders; Bertha, who had to be "under-fed" or else she would gain weight at an alarming rate, and so forth. He loved them, and they returned his affection in equal measure. He didn't mind cleaning up after them, in spite of how much poop and pee the mares created. And they left a lot of it: very large and extremely potent yellowish-brown logs of dung as well as ripe pools of urine. The urine would just linger on the ground, taking forever to slowly disappear into the ground. It was like a perverse parody of water: lightish yellow liquid that gave off a very strong smell indeed. Their logs looked like oversized Tootsie Rolls somewhat, yellowish-dark brown and very hot and moist.
Everywhere he saw their waste amongst the hay, large masses of yellowish-brown and black waste, and the air was ripe with the aroma of their poop, astonishing in their olfactory power. The smell seemed to hang in the stable like a thick haze. Every day, he saw the mares lift their tails exposing their anuses, fart loudly and strain noisily. They would do this constantly, especially after being fed. Then the dumping would begin in earnest. Richard watched as their assholes creaked and crackled loudly releasing a faint odor somewhat earthy into the air and puckered outwards, the mares' massive Anal Dog Sex muscles parting as their turds pressed against their butts. He could see their assholes inflate slightly outwards visibly, their anuses opening releasing the inner smell from their bowels, the mighty muscles moving aside slickly to expose briefly a deep black hole before a large yellowish-brown mass began to move outwards from it. The enormous steamy logs sliding slowly outwards till they landed with a plop or two on the ground. As soon as the shit was exposed to the air, it gave off an astonishingly strong smell that Richard couldn't help but notice: rich and ripe and earthy. The aroma was like that of fall leaves mixed with a faint trace of spice. It was the smell of these mares most private areas, their most animal scent And it was very potent. The smell seemed to ensnare his nostrils and possess his lungs every time. But he had never seen in them in a sexual light, even when they were in heat. Occasionally stallions would be brought in to breed the mares and he would watch their lovemaking ensue. Only recently, when he was 19 had Richard payed any real attention to the spectacles of the horses copulating. The stallions would wildly bang the mares from behind before blowing their loads inside them. Richard had to admit that recently watching the horses in this activity made him feel funny, though he shook it off. Sure the mares farted, defecated, and urinated a lot and he enjoyed the smells as they were pleasant in their own way once he had gotten used to them, but they were still mares. Then everything changed.
It happened when his mother acquired a new mare. Her name was Ginger, and she was different from all the mares he had ever met. He didn't know why or how, but there was something about her that made him feel...different. Ginger was an adult mare, with beautiful deep brown skin and reddish-brown trim. Somewhat obese but still powerful, her form was sleek and angelic. Her fat made her more attractive not less. The female horse was a strange mix of fitness and flab, but the combination worked: the fat complimented her body, rounding and softening it. Ginger wore her weight extremely well, as she had considerable muscle hidden underneath her flab, and did not lose or gain any noticeable pounds. Most of the fat went to her thighs, belly, and rump. Her belly was quite rotund and swollen and sagging with fat, its sensuality almost daring to be touched. Her ass appeared inflated, due to all the lard within it. Her thighs were equally plump. Ginger was also extremely flatulent, lifting her tail constantly to pass gas as well as to piss and shit. Her long potent farts heated the air around her hindquarters. She left behind one dung pile after another, streams of stinky liquid constantly flowing from her pussy onto the hay.
From the start Ginger was aggressive and defiant. She refused to be tamed. In spite of everything Richard did, she would not listen. When she was unhappy, she would fart into his face or suddenly defecate onto a spot he had just cleaned. Ginger in fact wanted him to do things for her, he, her owner no less. The mare he owned was de factor ordering him around, and she was unusually strong by his standards. She simply could not be held down. As a result, he found himself having to compromise with Ginger quite often. She would usually listen, provided he gave her plenty of food and care such as being bathed constantly. The plump mare also wanted a lot of attention and company, so he spent more time than he usually did with his mares. She pooped and peed a lot, so he had to work that much harder to clean everything up.

Ginger was unusual in that regard, the sheer amount of dung and urine she produced. She was quite gluttonous, devouring enormous helpings of horse feed. She would eat and eat and eat, her teeth grinding up the food while her throat swallowed it down. In some ways she was more like a pig than a horse. Then she'd strut around awkwardly with a belly most bloated outwards indeed. After a full meal her belly would be massively bloated with food which Ginger carried around like a ton of bricks. Her belly was truly impressive once she was done, she actually had to lie on her side when she was on a full stomach. Every step sent that big belly jiggling about. Afterwards she was farting on a regular basis as her digestive system often churned out tons of mare butt gas. Ginger seemed to fart all the time. Mare farts are much stronger than those of a human female, as Richard himself knew quite well. He had inadvertently inhaled both species' farts before and he knew that mare gas was extremely potent making him gag throughout almost all of his life. He'd only overcome the smell recently. The plump Ginger pooped out logs as if her ass was a shit assembly plant, leaving pile after pile for him to clean up.
A large amount of that time was at night, with her and him alone in the candlelight of the stables. He didn't really mind, he would relax on the hay usually reading literature. Ginger would always be fairly close to him, her plump body often only a few feet away. The air was full of the smells and sounds of Ginger's stinky (but not at all unpleasant) farts, poop, and pee. Sometimes he would do this in nothing but his underwear, since he knew he was all alone anyway. "And why shouldn't I?" he thought. In the privacy of the barn, he often found time to masturbate to fairly traditional pornography (he had stumbled onto one of his father's old stashes about a year ago). The temperature had gone up during the time Ginger had arrived; he was constantly feeling either hot or cold. Though he brushed it off, he couldn't help but notice the air seemed much more heated around Ginger. "Aroused by a mare? Absurd!" Richard scoffed in his mind. But somewhere in the back of his mind he feared it was true.

As days past, Ginger became more manageable. She seemed calmer and more affectionate, though he concluded his methods were finally achieving results. Even cleaning up her dung and urine was easier. What Richard failed to seriously notice was how often she was sweating and panting around him, and that she farted constantly around him. "She just needs a stallion, she's in heat. Perfectly normal." Richard said looking at her moving about anxiously in her stall. Soon, however, Ginger became more demanding...always wanting his attention. His care. Sometimes she even woke him up at night with her whinny neighs, and he would have to go see her in haste wearing only his underwear. He always figured it would be a waste of time to put on the rest of his clothes, since the night visits never lasted very long.
On this night, he was more annoyed than usual: "What the hell do you want Ginger? I've been seeing to your every need." Richard was frustrated, opening the door to the fat mare's stall. "I'm going back to sleep. I've given you everything you desire already." The tired Richard literally collapsed not far from where Ginger was, he was simply too exhausted to care where he slept. For a while, Ginger did nothing. She paused, and then farted explosively flooding the air with her butt gas. Then she very tentatively went over to the sleeping male human, lying face down. She admired the strange animal that had taken care of her for a few weeks now. Ginger had seen other members of this strange breed of creature: walking exclusively on their hind legs, largely hairless, tailless, very different. Yet they took care of her and others like her, although they oddly refused her advances to mate. She had tried on a number of occasions to get one of them to mount her, but to no avail.
Ginger had concluded that they must be related somehow, very distant kin playing hard-to-get. And she had feelings for many of these odd life-forms, even sexual ones. In this case, the urges were quite strong. Ginger needed to be bred by this unusual male, she desired release, she needed a mate, and she sought offspring to continue the species. The mare had chosen Richard to be her lover and mate. She was going to have this strange beast, to feel him deep inside her body and his seed flooding her womb.

The brown female horse bent over, her belly fat jiggling, and pressed her nose directly against where Richard's balls were. Ginger was surprised by their size and texture and wanted to inspect him further, but the underwear was in the way. Ginger despised these strange coverings, so unnecessary. Her snout wandered upwards, and she pushed her nose into the human's ass. She took several deep whiffs, inhaling the smell of the beast's different from a stallion's scent. The pale animal did not wake up, much to the mare's annoyance. The mare turned him over with her head and neck, causing the creature to fall over, and now Ginger got a good look at the attractive creature before her. He was thin but still strong, in reasonably good health, he was an excellent choice for a mate. The obese horse licked Richard's face and neck causing him to groan softly. As she bathed his neck in warm saliva with her hot wet tongue, he mumbled almost unintelligibly in his sleep, "Damn it kiss me don't lick me woman...".
She continued to taste the odd animal's salt and sweat, which both baffled and excited her due to its strangeness. Ginger just slurped it all up, her rough tongue flushing the hairless male's skin. Richard did not taste or smell anything like a stallion, yet he turned her on all the same. She had never been so aroused before, her cunt juices were flowing freely onto the hay. Ginger knew she was deeply in heat. Finally Ginger turned and looked down at the male's penis, which was fully erect albeit hidden by the bizarre covering the creatures seemed obsessed with. She tugged at it, her teeth clamped down on it, very slowly pulling it off until it was down to Richard's knees. Now there was nothing to prevent her from seeing if he truly was interested in her, she had sensed his constant arousal but it was always subtle. It didn't really matter though, Ginger was sure she could get him.
The plump mare looked at her mate-to-be's genitals. Ginger examined the sheer strangeness of the beast's penis, not very much like the stallions she had met at all. She noted that the erection was small compared to a stallion's but again the differences aroused her. Plus it seemed fully functional, more than enough to breed her. Seeking out and being drawn to distinctiveness in potential mates was a habit of hers. Ginger stopped, her ass felt inflated again like a balloon. The mare's bowels were definitely bloated at the entrance alright. She needed to fart and the obese mare snorted in relief as her rump exploded, her ample butt-cheeks vibrating violently as the gas escaped her butt. Richard remained oblivious to what was going on. His mind vaguely sensed that he was being stimulated and that there was flatulence in the air but interpreted it as being part of a dream.
Ginger could no longer hold back, she had to take him into her mouth. First though, she went slow. She tentatively licked his cock-head, watching the now slightly wet object bob about slightly. Richard groaned softly but didn't wake up. Ginger paused, then resumed. She licked his cock-head again, watching the foreskin peel back. Another lick followed, this time right on the exposed head. A quite audible moan erupted from Richard's mouth. Ginger was pleased and lapped away at her future mate's cock, delighting in his soft moans and cries. She took her time, Ginger didn't want to wake him up just yet. She noticed the pre-cum starting to seep out of the strange animal's piss-slit. Ginger lapped up it, found she liked the taste, and licked at Richard's slit to get more flowing. She watched as the human's cock lengthened and thickened before her. Ginger noted the creature's pre-cum was really flowing now, seeping down his shaft and onto his balls. Now she focused on the underside of the human's penis and its balls, feeling them grow larger and larger under her assault. Yet the human did not wake up, much to her annoyance. Then a strange idea hit her.
Ginger turned her ass around, raised her tail, and began to push out a large log of poop. One of her largest yet in fact. It slowly crackled out, her asshole straining and contracting hard, until the dung finally landed right on Richard's cock. Ginger looked at her work with satisfaction, having scored a direct hit. But it simply wasn't enough to just defecate on him. With her hooves, she gently mashed the yellowish-brown turd against the human's penis. Ginger worked the dung in the way humans work with clay, delicately applying her own poop to her mate's genitals. Soon it was completely covered in hot, stinky mare dung, from the head all the way to the balls. Richard moaned loudly in his sleep. Then he suddenly woke up, and the first thing he saw was Ginger's nose just above his now shit-covered erection. It only took him a second to register the fact that his penis was covered in horse poop.
"AIYEE!" Richard literally jumped up and back, running up against the wall hard causing his spine to hurt for a few seconds. Paradoxically his poop-coated erection had actually hardened; it was pointing right at Ginger. Richard freaked out but tried to deny she had been hitting on him. And then Ginger abruptly turned her somewhat dirty rump around, causing the flab to vibrate every so slightly. She arched her enormous meaty butt into the air somewhat, lifted her tail, and presented her pussy to him. As he watched incredulously, its protective vulva cover opened up exposing her wet and massive pussy to him. Then she let loose a long, soft, yet quite potent fart that went right to his cock.
Richard could easily see how soaked, aromatic, hot, and engorged her sex organ really was. It became abundantly clear what Ginger wanted. He could no longer deny the mare's intent. What was worse was that his dung-covered cock remained erect even though it was a horse's pussy before him and that he inhaling the mare's fart. Richard was very alarmed. Ginger had never shown her cunt to the human male before; she had hidden it from him...until now. Richard was unsurprisingly very confused and scared: he had been inspected and turned on by a mare. He bolted from the stables, as far away from her as he could. He went into his room and shut the door behind him, though he soon went to the bathroom to clean himself off.
He avoided the stables for the next few days, thinking: "Have I been interested in her this whole time? A female horse is clearly in love with me and wants me, but am I in love with her? With an animal? With Ginger?" Richard did return to the stables, but he largely avoided Ginger. Eventually, however, he came to one inescapable conclusion: he did love Ginger. A bond between them had formed that was deeply intimate with sexual undertones. Ginger had captured his heart, and he hers. He wanted to be with her, he wanted to express his love for her in all ways possible.
And now he began to dream about Ginger in the most erotic terms possible, dreams of foreplay and fucking. She became his fantasy "girl" predominantly, that fat sultry mare! Sure there were others, but now that plump tan horse was at the top of that hierarchy. She was in his dreams and in his daydreams and in his fantasies. And it wasn't long before he was calling out her name during orgasm when he was alone in his room or elsewhere in private masturbating. He lost track of how many loads he blew, stains he rubbed out, clothes he ruined, or sheets he soaked with her image in his head. Richard's fantasies grew more real, his need more intense. The orgasms grew stronger and stronger, the jacking more and more common and prolonged, the fantasies more and more perverse. Soon he was seriously considering consummating his relationship with her, his resolve becoming stronger with each passing day and night.
One day he went by the stables, and saw a small amount of her poop on the ground. For quite a long while, he stared at the log. It slowly (over the course of a few days) looked more and more edible. Less like excrement and more like food. Eventually he scooped it up, and went into a stall. He looked around first, making sure there was no one around. Then very slowly, he devoured her waste. It smelled and tasted extremely strong, and initially he dropped the whole idea.
However, he later changed his mind and took the plunge, and soon found himself actually enjoying the act. It must have been the sheer perversity of it that hooked him in. Over a period of days, he learned to love the taste of Ginger's dung and urine. Soon it came naturally to him, the desire to consume her byproducts. He'd just pick 'um up and eat 'em where she left 'em, often in plain sight of the baffled mare. It definitely made cleaning up her dung easier, he thought, as he lazily chewed up her waste and swallowed it down in large gulps. Ginger's dung had become part of his diet, tasting best when he mixed it with other foods. His belly now frequently bulged with Ginger's poop, and every day it seemed to just taste better and better. Eventually he was a bit of a glutton for it, as the taste had become surprising addictive.
Then one morning, he woke up sweaty and on fire...having awoken from the most incredible dream he had ever had. It ended with him and her together, her ass constantly vibrating from all the farting she did, her feeding him all of her poop and pee inflating his stomach, her belly hugely swollen with their offspring, their young running about them happily, Richard and Ginger spending both lives together in an endless eternal lovers...mates for life. "I'm going to make love to my wonderful darling mare. Tonight she and I shall fuck. I am going to show her my the most personal and intimate way possible." Richard whispered.
All day he waited anxiously, sweating profusely saturating his clothing till it was soaked. He had successfully hidden his experiences with Ginger from the rest of his family, most of whom were fooling around or working as it was summer vacation. None of them even remotely considered the possibility that he would ever hump a horse. Richard had done his damn best to make sure it stayed that way. It seemed like an eternity, but night finally arrived. He prepared herself, having picked a time when most of his family was gone or deeply exhausted. His cock was never harder, his body temperature had skyrocketed, his heart was racing, his mind was filled with thoughts of love and lust for his Ginger, and he was covered with sweat.
He sneaked out very slowly into the barn, making sure not to wake any of his family members, and walked up to Ginger. She looked gorgeous in the flickering but bright candlelight. He could tell she'd been farting, pooping, and peeing a lot, the air was delightfully ripe. "Ah the sweet smell, how I've missed it!" Richard signed as the familiar scent re-entered his lungs, passing through them as easily as air. She literally seemed to jump for joy when she saw Richard. Richard smiled happily tears just vaguely appearing in his eyes, "I'm sorry I made you wait. Never again my love. I'll never abandon you again. I will do my very best to stay with you forever, I promise. I've never felt this way about anyone or anything before. But you are not a thing to me. You are the love of my life and I want you so damn Ginger. I'm ready."
As if understanding his words, Ginger whinny neighed and nodded her head up and down. She had impatiently been waiting for him to yield, and now he finally had. He was hers, and her his. Richard strolled up to the horny mare's stall, and opened it. The plump mare strolled out, and stood still. He gasped as how massive her belly now was, as if she had swallowed half a large fact Ginger had gained even more weight since their last encounter. Richard spoke earnestly to her: "How can anything this wrong feel so right Ginger? How can I love a woman who isn't even my species? I don't know, and quite honestly I don't care. Well I do care I would like to kn...but that's beside the point Ginger. We're both outsiders: you love human males, I love mares. We belong together." He basked in the smell of Ginger's butt gas.
He could tell Ginger was breathing hard, her sweat-soaked body rose and fell as if inflating in places. He could feel the heat and moisture coming off Ginger's skin, she was so hot and soaked. Richard inhaled deeply, breathing in the wonderful rich, strong scent of his love's sleek and plump body. He placed his hands on her soft, chubby skin which yielded to his touch. Ginger was clearly pleased by his caresses of her skin, snorting softly, her nostrils flaring. She enjoyed the distinctiveness of it. She felt so relaxed that her asshole opened on her, resulting in a small fart escaping.
Ginger was quite bloated with flatulence, her belly swollen almost painfully with butt gas. Moreover, she was definitely filled to the breaking point with three days worth of dung and urine that she had been holding it. But she had been saving it all for this night. Richard looked at his palms, covered with her sweat. But he didn't mind as he took in Ginger's could he not have seen it earlier? She was so lovely, and so very sexy. Her gorgeous face, that long powerful yet slightly fat neck! Those plump long legs, that massively huge belly! Her big fat pussy, and that enormous fat butt of hers! He made a mental note to check out her body A.S.A.P. He knew he was going to spend a lot more time in the future "examining" her. Of course Richard would make sure Ginger got her fair share of inspecting her mate, though he was sure Ginger would take the initiative regarding that.
Richard got in front of Ginger, and she bent down to lick his face. Her tongue felt wonderful, so hot and wet and rough! It stimulated his face in the extreme, as she licked him repeatedly. Ginger felt joy as she heard her hairless mate moan and sign under her fat long tongue's caresses. For a while Richard just let her lick his face and neck, exhaling, gasping, signing, moaning in delight. Damn her tongue felt good on his flesh! Then he gently grasped the sides of her muzzle, pausing briefly, and tentatively put his mouth against Ginger's lips. Richard tenderly pressed against her mouth, her lips peeling back and her jaws opening. Then he put his tongue into the mare's hot moist mouth. He kissed her with growing passion, wrapping his arms around the back of her head and neck caressing her. Richard had to admit her tongue felt really good against his, and her mouth was and always had been clean. He could feel the blood heating her body, how fast and powerful her breathing was, how hot and wet her tongue was against his. Although Ginger didn't completely understand what her lover was doing, she allowed it to happen. Soon he was caressing and massaging the mare's chubby yet still muscled neck as best he could, seeking out knots to loosen. Ginger was visibly shuddering under Richard's erotic ministrations. Richard located several areas where the horse's muscles were tight and uncomfortable, and commenced squeezing those areas sensually. Ginger snorted softly, and Richard smiled. "Maybe I should show you what you exposed when we first really met."
He removed his pants and pulled down his underwear, exposing his hard cock. Richard chuckled, "This is what you want? Isn't it?" Ginger whinny neighed, then took one lick to Richard's cock causing him to cry out loudly. He got down on the ground and spread his legs apart face-up, his cock erect and in the air. "Go right ahead!" He moaned softly. Ginger licked and lapped at his cock-head once more while he held his penis in place as best he could. He moaned shamelessly as the plump horse's tongue bathed his member in wetness, pre-cum seeping out. She swiftly licked it away, right off of his piss-slit. Ginger had already developed a taste for it, as the liquid was quite addictive. Richard gasped and cried out as Ginger feasted off his pre-cum, slurping it right up. Although Ginger didn't know how to suck him off (Richard would teach her that later), she could still pleasure him. Soon she literally coaxed the sperm right out of him. Richard blew his load right into her mouth and she swallowed it all greedily before lapping the excess off his dick. Then Richard slowly got up and resumed kissing her, gradually getting his strength back.
He paused from his tonguing of Ginger's mouth and whispered to her, "You like that don't you, you horny nympho? You've been in heat for quite a while I bet. Does Ginger need a cock in her cunt? I can give you what you want. Well, I've been dreaming about you for what seems like forever and I need this, baby." Ginger was noticeably hotter and more restless; his caresses were increasing her arousal. "I can smell your love juices from here, I bet you're soaked. And God! Your farts smell so fucking good! I wish I could inhale them forever! I am so going to hump you." Richard smiled. For what seemed like hours, he continued to kiss and rub his animal lover, who periodically lifted her tail to fart noisily. Several of her farts smelled like her poop, and he realized she must have been eating like crazy recently. "What a wonderful glutton you are Ginger, and I wouldn't have you any other way!", Richard said happily.
Then he broke off from that and started to lick and suck on Ginger's neck-flesh, causing her to exhale, whinny neigh, and snort softly. Ginger knew it would feel good, but she was still taken aback by how pleasurable it really was. "You always like this, tempting me...well now I'm going to be the one doing the tempting!" Richard exhaled lustfully. Pent-up lust now came to the surface. He was consumed with desire for this four-legged beauty, his cock throbbed with need. Her breathes were becoming quite rapid, her skin felt like it was aflame. Ginger was in heaven, her mate was making her feel so good she didn't want him to stop. Ever. "I was hoping you'd like this," the 20-year old said wistfully, "I've been thinking up all kinds of ways to pleasure you. I may not know much about making love to a female horse...but I assure you...I'm quite eager to learn Ginger." His mare was visibly impatient, whinny neighing restlessly, but he wasn't going to rush. He intended to take this nice and slow. Soon he moved on to her shoulder and side, and then started to lick and suck on Ginger's legs. Richard grinned as he felt Ginger tremble under his caresses, her legs getting weak at the knees. Ginger pondered why he was teasing her so. But like her, he too was becoming impatient. He wanted to taste and eat out that hot mare's pussy soon, and fuck her as well. His breeding instinct wanted Ginger badly.
He went to Ginger's rump and looking right in front of it. It had become quite a prominent part of his fantasies involving her, and now it was before him. The mare had the most enormous, fat, plump, big, meaty bubble-butt he had ever seen; it was just beautiful. Richard could see it was now quite dirty with dried mare-dung, like thinly spread chocolate frosting, and he licked his lips at the sight. His shit-hunger was intense and he was eager to sate it. He grabbed her butt-cheeks, savoring how wonderful they felt in his hands. Ginger's rump was delightfully soft and he almost lost himself playing with her butt-flesh. He then traced his tongue across her ass, bathing the majority in wetness and tasting the strong flavor of her shit-coated rump. Richard shuddered at how delicious her butt-flesh was, its flavor was simply delightful. The poop only made it that much more succulent. What an ass, Richard thought with deliciously perverse lust.
Unable to control his hunger, he began to lick at Ginger's anus. The obese mare whinny neighed in pleasure as he bathed her horse-butt in saliva. Ginger was completely caught off guard by how wonderful the attentions of her mate felt, her body quivering with pleasure. She had never imagined her rump's hole could be stimulated in such a manner. Richard needed to taste her shit, to devour it all. He would feed from her bottom until his belly was completely full and could consume no more of her ample shit-meat. Ginger was grunting and snorting wantonly as she basked visibly in the delightful sensations her strange mate was giving her anus. Ginger's eyes rolled back into her head and her tongue hung out lazily as the mare lost herself in pleasure, drunk with the overwhelming sensations. She could feel her Anal Dog Sex muscles relax and slowly part under the steady caresses of the human male's tongue. She was stunned by how powerful her strange mate's tongue and mouth were, and by how good they felt on her ass. Richard alternately rimmed, licked, and sucked on Ginger's vulnerable virgin sphincter wantonly. Her bowels were being slowly flooded with Richard's heated saliva, gradually soaking the inner of her rump in wetness. Richard could already taste how delicious the mare's dung was, how wonderful it smelled: rich and earthy. Ginger's powerful anus finally yielded, parting before his tongue. Ginger whinny neighed loudly as she screamed out her pleasure at the odd but wonderful violation of her backdoor. Richard lustfully drove it in for more. "Yes Ginger yes!", Richard thought.
Ginger grunted deeply, writhing in pleasure wildly as Richard rimmed her. With every movement Ginger's tail swung about striking the back of Richard's head. He paid it no heed. The human's tongue greedily wormed its way up her hot, dung-coated, moist, tight bowels. The more he drank of her taste, the more drunk he became from it. Poor Ginger was going out of her mind with sheer unrestrained pleasure. This was more than she had ever imagined possible, no one had pleasured her anus in this manner before. Her mate was touching her in places no stallion had ever done before. Occasionally Richard pulled his now shit-stained tongue out of her fat butt, causing Ginger to snort in protest. But then he go right back to pleasuring her sphincter shocking her senses before going into her bowels in for more. Every time he tongued her butt he delighted in feeling, sensing even, how much pleasure his equine lover was in. Then suddenly he felt his tongue hit something hard: it was an unborn turd. Ginger felt her bowels loosening, she could simply not hold her waste in anymore the muscles were just too relaxed. Her shit began to slide out against Richard's tongue. He was excited: Ginger was pooping! Richard repositioned his mouth, closing it over Ginger's ass. Ginger was surprised but not unpleased by this turn of events. She didn't understand why her mate was doing this but she would oblige his strange need.
Suddenly he lost his balance with a fairly loud "THUP!", failing face-up in the hay. Ginger, however, merely repositioned her ass so that it was pretty much directly over the human male's face. Ginger knew it was what her mate wanted, she could read his pheromones. He thought about getting up, as her pooping on him directly was not part of his plans. For a while he paused. But then he suddenly hesitated, and lust overcame reason. He was going to let her poop and pee on him, just to see what it would be like. The urine came first: a steady stream of heated clear liquid. Richard opened his mouth and the mare's piss flooded his mouth. Like soda it filled his mouth completely and he had to swallow quickly just to get it all down. He found it wasn't that bad, in fact he found it kinda arousing. He soon found himself idly masturbating a bit as the strong but sweet taste washed over his taste buds. Quite a sizeable amount of stinky hot horse piss went down his throat and into his belly, the rest hitting his face and/or running down his neck and shirt. His belly was soon quite swollen with sloshy fluid, the fluid of his mare lover. Ginger gave him sufficient time to swallow it all down, as she found her mate's act morbidly fascinating and oddly erotic, though she stopped prematurely. Richard soon found out why.
A few brief farts escaped from Ginger's butt above him, and he heard the female mare begin to grunt as her asshole started to force out her dung. Ginger knew she was pooping right next to her mate but he could always move, and part of her was curious if he would eat it. Soon he saw the obese horse's log begin to slide out: it looked absolutely delectable, just heavenly, and his mouth watered with shit-hunger. He longed to take her poop into his mouth and just feast away on it. Finally the hot fat log landed on his face, covering it completely with her poop. He moaned loudly and shamelessly, intensifying the speed of his masturbation as the feel and smell of Ginger's wonderful excrement washed over him. Richard jacked off wildly as the sheer perversity of the entire situation drove him wild. His foreskin peeled back more so than ever, his shaft painfully tight, his bloated balls bouncing about, pre-cum seeping out of his piss-slit, he was so wonderfully horny he loved every second of his extremely intense arousal. He was in a state of sexual euphoria and he relished in his own depravity. Richard tentatively touched the horse poop with his tongue, slowly. A handful of tongue licks later, increasing in speed, and the human was soon greedily lapping away at it as if his life depended on it.
Then he began to feast, chewing up the chubby mare's dung with his teeth. He ground Ginger's shit-meat into a fine semi-solid paste, staining his tongue and teeth and flooding his mouth with an extremely strong taste. For quite a while Richard just allowed the flavor to stay in his mouth, relishing in its perverse taste, before swallowing it down in chunks. Soon he ate it all, and paused. A broad perverted grin slowly spread over his face, his cock so hard nails could be driven into it. Richard gradually opened his mouth for more poop. "Feed me good Ginger! Give me your hot tasty poop!", the lust-crazed human moaned. Ginger obliged him, and he grinned as his plump mare lover grunted and strained out another turd. Once again her dung fell into his mouth and he chewed up wantonly. A series of gulps and a loud belch later, Richard had swallowed her log in its entirety. He opened his now very stinky mouth for more, and Ginger only grunted once more. He spent quite a while just devouring her logs one by one, browning his teeth and tongue and parts of his face. When he finally got up, his very swollen stomach was already hard at work digesting his lover's waste and his face was caked with Ginger's drying poop. He didn't mind, in fact the whole thing felt deliciously primal. Richard smiled rather stupidly, drunk on and basking in his own perversion.
Ginger lifted her lovely tail, exposing her enormous meaty asshole once more. It look astonishingly strong, large and meaty. Richard almost cried out in joy, instead he signed happily. Ginger was about to fart into his face. The mare had done it before, and he laughed in retrospect at his first reaction, but this time was different. He wanted her to do it, needed her to in fact. Sure enough, he saw Ginger's ass seemingly swell in size, her asshole contracting. He marveled at her butt-hole's sheer size and aroma. Suddenly her anus opened slightly, and he heard her fart noisily and wetly. It's magnificence was matched only by the accompanying smell: strong, rich, yet strangely mellow and spicy as well. "Oh yes Ginger! I need this!" Richard said quietly overcome in excitement before he caught himself. He was enveloped in a dense cloud of Ginger's wonderful aroma, and the gas flooded his lungs as if it it belonged inside him.
Her anus contracted again, and another fart escaped her rump. He was astonished how beautiful her butt gas was, this fart was a ripe one. The smell just washed over him, going up his nose and into his brain. He wondered whether or not flatulence could get someone high since it was partly methane. Unable to stop himself his hands started to wantonly massage Ginger's huge ass like mad. He needed more of it, he hadn't had nearly enough yet! Richard succeeded in and continued with extracting more gas from the obese mare while Ginger grunted and groaned. Ginger was loving every minute of her mate's caresses of her ample bottom, however she soon realized she had other desires. Suddenly she lifted her tail once more and presented her gorgeous pussy once more to him, peeling aside the two sides of her protective vulva, her cunt astonishingly soaked it still gushed out juices. Richard remembered how he had first reacted when she had done that, how he had freaked out, now he had to fight the very strong urge not to hump her right then and there. To make her his forever.
Returning to right in front of Ginger, Richard gave her a command to lie down and face-up, and she actually listened to him for once. Normally she defied him like mad. Even Ginger's defiant nature had become part of her appeal to Richard, however. As he looked down at his mare lover, Richard saw her large belly all fat-filled and soft...which made her look somewhat pregnant. Unsurprisingly his arousal increased, and he focused his mouth and arms on the horse's ample belly resulting a few loud groans from Ginger. He was astonished how good the soft, warm, but still fairly firm mass felt against him. Her belly was amazingly beautiful, she really did carry her weight well. Ginger let a couple of particularly strong ones rip, hitting his nostrils like an aphrodisiac and causing Richard to smile. Part of him wished though that Ginger had actually been impregnated by him, but he could always pretend. Richard smiled, and he ceased his caresses of that part of Ginger. "It's time," he said, and then he looked very lustfully at Ginger's pussy.
He balked at how unbelievably beautiful how it looked: massive, fat, wet, and incredibly wonderful in smell. Her juices were literally dripping ono the lay, soaking the ground. Richard couldn't wait to taste it, he hoped it was good to savor as her poop and pee had been. He exhaled his heated breath several times on it, causing Ginger to tremble and shudder every time. "You like that? Do you want more?" Richard said in the naughtiest voice he could muster, deciding then to not fist her. He paused for a number of seconds, and then the mare started to loudly whinny neigh. Ginger wanted pleasuring, and she didn't want to be keep waiting. Richard almost cried, he was very excited to be this close to her; "At last."
And then he started to lap at Ginger's massive pussy, she tasted better than he had imagined. He slurped greedily around, on, and under her cunt-lips, she was astonishingly wet. Richard continued to pleasure her for as long as his tongue would hold out. Soon he found Ginger's g-spot, and focused on it quite intensely. Her love juices mixed with his saliva, saturating Ginger's cunt in wetness. Richard was amazed how addictive Ginger's pussy was; he just wanted to keep lapping up all of her wonderful pussy juice. He just slurped and licked and lapped away while masturbating lazily.
Ginger was going out of her mind with lust; she had to fight to hold her vulva in place so her human lover could pleasure it. Ginger's neck and head swung wildly back and forth, her mouth opening and closing rapidly, her body trembling violently. She was constantly whinny neighing, grunting, a cacophony of sounds expressing her ecstasy. Her legs flailed a bit in spite of herself though she managed not to dislodge Richard's mouth from her vagina. She farted many long and very smelly gas clouds the entire time which only served to heighten his lust.
With a series of loud crackling and creaking sounds, Ginger's relaxing asshole slowly expelled a huge log of dung before him. "Oh Ginger, you shouldn't have!" Richard grinned, the old hunger returning to him swiftly. He merely tore chunks out of the poop while it was halfway out of the plump mare, and shoved the fragments into his mouth chewing wantonly. He lost track of the time as he became absolutely absorbed and single-minded in this act, as if this action was the very center of his world...his purpose in life. Finally he was done feasting, then he looked at Ginger's exposed asshole. "You're filthy Ginger! Better clean you off!" Richard chuckled. Once again he went back into her butt, pleasuring her once more before finally resuming his eating her out.
The whole time he ate her out he squeezed, rubbed, and stroked his erect member which was poking outwards onto the hay; he was just too horny to resist. He had to fight not to cum inside his clothing, or to bring her to orgasm prematurely. Richard paced his pleasuring of Ginger's pussy, pausing whenever he felt like she was going to cum, all the while feeling breathing in the scent of mare butt-gas. He wanted her as aroused as possible when he fucked that hot mare. Poor Ginger was whinny neighing and crying out like mad. Fortunately Richard had had a stallion brought in and let his whole family know the horse would be spending the night in the stables (the exhausted male horse was sleeping in one of the stalls having already fucked a handful of the newer mares senseless, though Ginger had rejected his advances).
Eventually the need became too great: he simply had to fuck her. Ginger suddenly got up, taking the initiative. Richard watched as she raised and swung her tail back and forth, opened and closed her pussy, flexed her massive (and quite dirty) bubble-butt, let a very putrid (but heavenly to him) fart rip, all slowly and seductively. He knew what to do, letting her urinate in his face while he smelled it evaluating her suitability (though he knew nothing about how to judge a mare from her piss, he just knew that was what he was supposed to do). He showed off his erection in return, demonstrating his own desire to make with her. Ginger needed to be fucked; she desperately wanted to be bred. Richard's erection became extremely hard, uncomfortably so. His sexual energy was fully restored, his balls had produced enough semen to blow another load into her. He ripped his clothes off as quickly as possible, and walked up to her. An idea suddenly hit him as he remembered something, "One second my love!" Richard went back to his pants pocket and pulled out a small vibrator...just enough to fit inside her anus. "Hold still Ginger," he said lovingly and slowly and delicately wormed the pre-lubed device into her asshole. Richard stopped when it was mostly inside though he knew Ginger would eventually dislodge it from her hole. To Ginger's credit, she trusted her mate enough to not resist. Richard smiled and then slammed his hard-on into her pussy, causing Ginger to whinny neigh loudly again.
Fighting the urge to rapidly start thrusting into her, he slowly let his cock being swallowed by her deep cunt. He moaned a low and deep sign of pleasure, his penis felt so good within her: immersed inside her incredibly hot and wet vagina. "OH GINGER YES!" Richard cried out as quietly as he could. He had been waiting for so long to make love to this absolutely yummy mare, and it was finally happening. Ginger let a very deep and long grunt of ecstasy as she felt him sink in, her mate was finally within her. He grabbed her sides for balance, evoking a loud grunt from her. Richard then pressed his lower body against her rear, and then began to thrust into her at a slow but increasingly fast pace. "At last!", Richard said.
Ginger tentatively thrusted back, and he was briefly caught out guard by her power. So Richard worked to time his fucking motions with hers. For a number of frustrating seconds, neither one was moving in synchronization with the other's movements. But soon they found their rhythm, and the pumping and pounding started in earnest. Ginger demonstrated just how much strength her body could channel, but he was prepared. Richard cried out and began to thrust noisily into her, slamming his pelvis into her butt while adjusting his legs for balance. He could hear the sounds of her fluids being moved about by his thrusting motions, causing squishing and squeaking noises. The sounds only intensified his desire. Richard felt somehow at home buried so deep within his beautiful mare lover. It was as if his cock belonged inside her.
His muscles tensed with every thrust, making his arms and legs feel extremely tight. His lower half moved back and forth like a piston, jingling a few forgotten coins in his pocket about violently. Every impact jostled him about for a fraction of a second. He panted heavily with every motion, she could really hump back! Richard felt how strong the mare's body really was, she really was powerful! He got a wonderful of sense of it both her in build and in movement, as the two lovers frantically humped against one another. Ginger was clearly trying not to hurt her less powerful mate, but every now and then she would almost knock him down. He also loved how very good the mare's fat felt as it touched and massaged his skin, so soft and sensual in feel! He especially loved when his balls slapped against Ginger's flab, really making him feel good as if she was milking him with her body! Ginger's body was also rocked about by his wanton thrusting. Her leg muscles flexing, her neck muscles tense, with every thrust he saw her strong tendons flex. Her sensual fat jiggled about, especially her belly and leg flab. Part of him wanted to rub his cock against her soft lard and just lose himself in her blubber, but he fought it off. Richard saw Ginger's big sexy butt as it moved about with every fucking motion they made, could hear her belly being flung back and forth fairly well causing gas to build up within her. Like a balloon it swelled up visibly, and he smiled a perverse smile. The mare skillfully moved her body in time with every movement, matching Richard's effortlessly.
Both of them were in ecstasy, expressing pleasure in the typical ways of their respective species. Ginger was snorting, grunting, groaning, and whinny neighing. Her eyes were moving about, her noses flaring, her tongue hung out lazily. Richard was gasping, groaning, grunting, signing, moaning, etc. He had to fight for his eyes to not roll back into his head, his mouth open in various exclamations of pleasure. Each lover immensely turned on by the sound of the other's distinctive cries. Neither of them knew exactly what the other was saying, but they both had a pretty good idea. Richard realized he was going to always fuck Ginger, as often as possible; a somewhat similar thought was going through Ginger's mind. He didn't want this to stop, ever. He wanted to hump this plump mare forever. If they could, they'd breed for all eternity. Richard knew that it had to end eventually, in spite of his efforts to prevent himself from cumming within her (he had wanted the sex to go on as long as possible).
Richard just barely managed to activate the vibrator within Ginger's butt and Ginger whinny neighed as the inner of her bowels was stimulated violently. "It's okay! It's okay!" He said to her, calming her down as he sped up his thrusts. For a while she still protested audibly a bit and he considered removing it. But it wasn't long before she stopped and actually seemed to like it, then love it. Ginger didn't have a clue what was happening inside her ass, all she knew what it felt wonderful. When Richard tentatively shoved it in a bit deeper, his mare lover signaled her approval. Soon it was almost all the way within her butt, becoming another source of enormous stimulation for the mare.
He soon felt the sperm within his balls moving into his cock...he was about to blow his load. It was going to be a big one. Richard rapidly thrusted into his Ginger with as much power as he could muster. Ginger was whinny neighing and snorting like crazy, Richard didn't even notice how much noise she was making. His eyes rolled back into his head, his teeth clenched tightly. Then it happened, he orgasmed, his entire body becoming rigid: "GINGER I'M CUMMING!" Richard cried out loudly, though he did his best to tone his voice down. He felt himself explode, blowing several loads in rapid succession straight into his love's pussy.
In his mind he saw images during his orgasm: Ginger's body, swelling up with a ridiculous amount of semen, becoming astonishingly pregnant, her belly inflating as their offspring developed within her...then the scenes stopped. Ginger let out a low, long sensual groan of pleasure as she felt her womb absolutely flood with her mate's white-hot sperm. Richard opened his mouth in a low moan as he felt his balls empty their contents into Ginger's hot warm womb. She orgasmed explosively herself, letting loose a loud whinny neigh and splattering juices all over the ground and down her legs. In the powerful violent throws of her orgasm, the over-lubed vibrator started to slide out.
Then exhausted, Richard slumped panting over his obese mare's body, arms on her sides. He savored the afterglow, keeping his cock within her for quite a while. The 20-year old was so content he almost fell asleep, but eventually pulled out of the mare's pussy. He plopped onto the hay with a very broad smile on his face, laying face-up, staring at the ceiling. Very soon after he pulled out of her, the vibrator loosened up even more. All of the gas that had built up within Ginger during the sex escaped. An extremely loud, astonishingly ripe, and impossible long fart just exploded from the plump mare's butt throwing the vibrator aside like a flying missile. For a while Richard just basked in her scent, so astonishingly lovely.
Ginger rested for a while next to Richard, who was busy inhaling her latest fart but soon was on her feet. She sensed he was too tired for sex, so the chubby mare prodded him to get up. A strange desire came over him. Then Ginger gently pressed her butt against Richard's mouth, waking him up as he felt her sphincter atop his mouth. Richard thought, "You naughty thing! You do know what I love though..." Ginger proceeded to feed her mate her dung directly from the source...slowly. He felt her asshole open up and her dung slide out and into his mouth. He delicately chewed it up as the poop very very gradually slide out, Ginger took her time. It took a while, but eventually he chewed it up. More strains, more farts, more poop followed. The exhausted human instinctively devoured it all before cleaning up her ass with his tongue. Richard smiled as he examined his swollen belly, filled to bursting with his lover's poop. Then Ginger moved, and for the first time he was presented with her swollen teats. He reluctantly latched onto one as she whinny neighed softly, and gently drank of her delicious milk. For quite a while she went on, then suddenly Ginger spun him over onto his bloated stomach, "What the? Ginger what are you doing?" Ginger was curious about her mate, not that she wanted to go as far as him regarding her waste. She just wanted to return the favor regarding his pleasuring of her butt. He started to get up but she pinned him down under her hoove. "Looks like I'm yours to explore," Richard signed before laughing softly. She licked him right between his butt-cheeks, and he gasped sharply. "Bad girl, huh?" He remarked. Ginger licked him again, her tongue briefly stroking his sensitive asshole causing him to cry out softly. "This is most embarrassing," he thought. He had no defense against Ginger's massive wet tongue.
Ginger, sensing his arousal, resumed licking her mate in his most vulnerable area. She had caught on to how pliable he was in that spot. Richard squirmed under her hoove, trying to get loose but she held him down firmly. Once again her snout delved between his cheeks and this time she keep licking his anus. He cried out, gasped, and most of all struggled in vain. Ginger had no intention of ceding control to him at the moment, enjoying the feeling of being in charge. Richard couldn't help but enjoy the sensations Ginger's rough and wet tongue was giving his butt. His mare lover bathed his ass in wetness, slowly loosening up his Anal Dog Sex muscles. In spite of himself he felt his asshole relax on him, gradually opening under Ginger's ministrations. "Please Ginger stop!", but his pleas were half-hearted. He was aware of her hot saliva seeping into his bowels, her tongue starting to force its way in. Ginger pressed and pushed her tongue against the human's anus, gradually getting it inside him while her mate continued to gasp and cry out helplessly. She remembered how the strange animal had pleasured her backdoor, so she copied his technique as best she could. Richard couldn't help himself, his cock had long since hardened on him as her tongue drove itself deep up his ass. For a while she relished in seeing him squirm for a change, then got tired of having the unpleasant taste on her tongue. She pulled her tongue out of Richard's now well-lubricated butt.
Then she prodded him against to get up. Richard did so, still consumed with that strange desire. He wanted to mark her as his mate, like an animal. Richard didn't want any other horse to fuck her, he wanted Ginger to be his alone. His bladder was filled to bursting as he hadn't peed all in quite a while. He wonder if he had unconsciously been saving the urine up for this moment before shaking the feeling off. Ginger seemed to realize what he was doing, so she knelt before him.
"Time to let the other horses know just who your lover is." Richard was completely immersed in animalistic urges. He aimed his cock at her; he estimated he had a minute and a half of urine within him. From his cock, a fast-moving stream of yellow piss shot out and splashed against Ginger's face. The liquid went flying as a fine mist whenever it struck her flesh, the rest seeping down her skin. He watched as the obese mare's face was bathed in warm urine. Urine dripped all over his head, her skin coated in a thick layer of his piss. Ginger seemed to be smiling at him.
Then he marked the other sides of her body till Ginger was completely covered in his pee. Piss dripped everywhere from her body, her hair was wet, and her skin glistened with warm liquid. In a surreal way she looked oddly beautiful, the candle-light reflecting off her piss-soaked body surreally. Unsurprisingly, Ginger would now smell like his urine Even when she was washed, just enough of its scent would remain for a horse's sense of smell to pick up.
The female horse knew he was leaving. "I have to go to bed my love." Richard said, still worn-out. He washed her pussy as best he could of his sperm, cleaned off the piss though the scent would still be discernable to other horses, recovered the vibrator, cleaned up the scene, hugged her tightly, and then snuck back in the direction of his room (though he stopped by the bathroom because he definitely needed to clean off extensively). Richard had had his first taste of bestiality, the love of a beautiful female horse named Ginger. It would not be his last......
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