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Default Slaveling Dungeon - ZooSex Fiction, Anal Dog Sex, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, BDSM, Bestiality

Slaveling Dungeon - ZooSex Fiction, Anal Dog Sex, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, BDSM, Bestiality

Blowjob, Body modification, Bondage and restriction, Cruelty, Dog Cum Swallowing, Death, Discipline, Domination/submission, Extreme, Group Sex, Hardcore, Humiliation, Incest, Male Male/Teen Female, Male/Teen Female, Males / Female, Monster, Non-consensual sex, Older Male / Female, Oral Sex, Rape, Slavery, Spanking, Teen, Violence, Water Sports/Pissing, Young

Slaveling Dungeon - Snatched

The sun has already set as Lucy drives home from school. Practice ran really late today and she needs to get home soon, or her parents will surely be upset.
Also, since Lucy is only sixteen, she is not allowed to be out driving past midnight.

As she glides along the pavement at the hurried pace of 65 mph, she notice that the motorway is empty.

"Man, I hope mom and dad aren't upset that I'm so late. Its not my fault coach had us stay for that useless meeting." Says Lucy into her cellphone, somewhat annoyed.
"I'm sure they'll understand. But I doubt you'll stay on the team much longer if this keeps up." Replies Leo, her brother, reassuringly.

Lucy is a high school junior, and she attends the prestigious Hellemonte Center for Gifted Females, who are strict about their policies and activities, especially their sports teams.

Lucy has beautiful red hair and eyes that are as brown as the freckles that dot her skin. Her figure is beginning to fill out, but she still has plenty of space to fill. She is lean and athletic, and ready for anything.

She has light skin, and is wearing her school uniform still. The uniform goes as follows: a white button up shirt with a blue neckerchief, a plain blue skirt, long white stockings, and black shoes. Also, the girls have to keep their hair above their waist, which is not very hard to do.

"I wonder where all the cars are." says Lucy, looking up and down the road.

"Everyone is probably at home right now. It's really late."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." she replies.

"I can't wait till you get home, sweetie. I've been thinking about you all day. You and that cute ass of yours. Hey, maybe tonight I can cum inside you again. It is that time of the month, right? You know, when..." Leo doesn't have a chance to finish before he is cut off by Lucy.

"Shit!" She yells as she turns back to the road, slamming on the brakes as a dark figure disappears beneath her car.The car springs up suddenly, coming back down with a loud thump, followed closely by another thump as Lucy's car begins to slow.

She rips off her seat belt and throws the car door open. She is out of the car before it can even stop, worried sick that she has just hit some poor animal. As she bolts down the roadway, she can hear Leo yelling over the phone, asking if she is okay. She dropped it in the passenger seat as she bolted.

As she approaches the poor creature, she can see that its still moving. "Hello?" The animal continues to twitch, but doesn't make a sound as she steps closer.

From behind her there comes a guttural roar as something warm, heavy, and furry tackles her. The last thing she can remember is hitting the pavement, hard. After that, darkness.

===Several hours later===

Lucy awakes to find herself in a poorly lit room. The floor is made of cold stone, and so are the walls. The stone is slick with moss, so the room is probably pretty old.

But there aren't any large stone buildings anywhere near her town. At least, none that she can remember.
" I? What happened?" she asks aloud, dazed and confused.

As she looks around, she gathers more information about her surroundings. She is still wearing her uniform, so that's good. She also has a metal collar around her neck, and large metal bracelets around her wrists and ankles. That is not so good.

Also, the only light in the room comes from a small horizontal slit near the ceiling, which is more than ten feet up and only inches wide. Remembering what happened last night, she realizes that Leo doesn't know what happened.

She searches frantically for her phone, before she realizes that she left it in her car, and that there is no way she will get reception here.

She begins to lose hope, and tears come to her eyes readily. Just then, the heavy door at the far end of the room opens, and light begins to pour in. There is a shadowy figure in the doorway.

A deep, foreboding voice says "Come."
"I'm not moving anywhere till you tell me what the fuck is going on you bastard!" she screams, enraged by the idea of being ordered around by a stranger.

Without hesitating, the brute moved forward, grabbing her by the collar. He shoves a foul-tasting ball in her mouth, and fastens it there with a leather strap. "Talk back now, bitch!"
He says, kicking her over to the side.
Her 'ow' is muffled by her new, cold, metal ball-gag.

He then fastens a chain to her collar rather unceremoniously. As he begins to tug, Lucy gets to her feet.
"Now follow me, bitch, and there won't be any more trouble." Lucy decides that the best course of action is to follow the eight foot tall monster. She doesn't expect to fight it, it could snap her like a twig!

As she trudges along the dim corridor, the monster leading her along, she looks around to try and figure out what kind of a situation she is in.. They pass several more of the monsters, each one looking at her with a certain wistful lust in their eyes.

If she could ask where the monster is taking her, she would. But all she can do is examine him. He is certainly close to eight feet tall, and very muscular. His body is humanoid, but his skin is dark green, and Lucy has seen other color skin as well.

Another strange thing is that he has not a hair on his body. None of the monsters do. What they do have, however, are enormous cocks, perhaps up to three times the size of a man's.

She stumbles along behind the monster for quite a while, eventually coming to a stop in a dark, unfriendly looking room. The walls are covered in strange tools and toys, and there is a metal table in the center of the room, among other things.

As the heavy door closes behind her, Lucy begins to feel a sense of despair growing inside her. "Whatever is about to happen next won't be good, that's for certain." she thinks to herself.

"Strip down, now." commands the monster. Lucy hesitates, and the monster approaches her menacingly. Scared, she begins fumbling with the buttons on her shirt.

"It feels so wrong to be doing this" she thinks as she removes her shirt. Soon after, her skirt drops to the floor as well. She is standing in her underwear in front of a eight foot tall brute that could rape her, probably to death, if he wanted to.

"Hurry up, you little bitch! I haven't got all day." as Lucy reaches behind her back to un-clasp her bra. As she does, she holds it in place with her arms for a moment. Embarrassed, she lets it go, and it falls to the ground.

As she grabs hold of her pretty lace panties, she can feel the cold air beginning to nip at her nipples. She pulls down her panties slowly, still embarrassed that she is even doing this.

She steps out with one leg, then the other. Now, she stands, naked (besides a pair of stockings) in front of an eight fool tall monster.

"Lay down on the table, like a good little bitch." says the brute, tugging her leash. As she reluctantly climbs on the table, she can feel the cold, smooth surface rubbing up against her skin.

"That's right." he says, pulling her arms above her head and locking them in place. Then, he grabs one of her legs, and locks it down to a moveable portion of the table.

Then, he does the same for the other leg. He then rotates the moveable parts, so her legs are open and her body forms an upside-down Y.

She still has the gag in her mouth, and the beast does not look like he means to retrieve it. The beast walks over to her side and begins to examine her breasts. He gently caresses them in his palms, squeezing every now and then.

He then proceeds to feel along her stomach, as if looking for abnormalities. He runs his fingers along her stomach, applying light pressure. The feel of his skin on hers is beginning to excite her now. Seeming satisfied, he moves on to between her legs.

With two fingers he slowly spreads her labia, and inserts one finger into her pussy. It isn't very lubricated and creates a lot of unsettling friction going in. He pulls out his finger and spreads her once again, this time as far as he can.

As he let's go, he moves down to her asshole. Spreading it open with two fingers, he licks a third and inserts it, to the knuckle, inside her ass. He wriggles it around a bit, and then pulls it back out.

"You are a tight one, aren't you?"
He says, tauntingly. "Time for your injections." He pulls out a set of syringes. Lucy wants nothing to do with them, and begins to violently shake her head 'no'. She begins to try and wriggle free, but her restraints are solid.

"Relax, you stupid slut. It'll only hurt more if you keep moving like that." Grabbing one of the syringes, he puts a hand on one of her small breasts, holding it tight. Before she can react, he plunges the needle deep inside her nipple.

As the needle breaks her skin, Lucy's breast erupts with pain. It feels like she is burning from the inside, underneath her skin. The feeling only worsens as he injects the rest of the dose.

"Now for the other one." he says, a big grin creeping across his face as he watches his victim writhe. He seizes her other breast, and injects another dose. Lucy's screams are muffled by her gag as she tugs frantically, trying with all her might to break free.

As the burning pain subsides, she notices her breasts have increased in size. The brute rubs his hand up against one of her breasts. As his rough skin runs across her nipples, a jolt of pleasure shoots up to her brain. She can begin feel her pussy begin to moisten.

"Yeah, you like that don't you? Let's see how your clit likes it." said the monster, spreading her pussy's lips and exposing her clit. He pushes the needle in at the base of the clit, and depresses the syringe's pump. 100 ccs of the clear liquid disappear inside her.

The fire spreads immediately. To her, it feels as if her entire pussy, womb, and ass are burning. She writhes, pulling at her restraints, as if trying to stop it. She tries again to scream, but again is muffled by the gag.

As the burning subsidies, she relaxes her body some. The brute runs his fingers along her shaved crotch, causing ripples of pleasure as he goes. He stops right before reaching her clit, and pulls his hand away. In his other hand there are a few metal objects.

"First let's get rid of that gag." says the monster, reaching behind Lucy's head. As he pulls the saliva-covered ball away, Lucy immediately closes her mouth. "Let me see that tongue of yours." Lucy looks away from him.
"Show me your tongue, you little fucking bitch!" he yells, grabbing her head and prying her mouth open.

He grabs her tongue and pulls it out, so the tip is outside her mouth.
"You deserve every bit of this, you fucking bitch."
he says, producing a metal clamp. The clamp is about an inch long, spring loaded, and it has a sharp set of teeth. As he holds her tongue in place, she tries frantically to pull away. As the clamp is placed around her tongue, she closes her eyes.

With a metallic click, the clamp clamps shut, digging deep into her tongue. Lucy lets out a shrill scream as the sharp teeth dig into her tongue. The brute tugs the clamp once or twice, adding to the pain.

As Lucy pulls her tongue back into her mouth, she can taste blood. The clamp is cold, and is too big to fit inside her mouth. The monster does not stop there, however. He pulls out two more clamps, placing them over her sensitive, swollen nipples.
"No! Don't do that! I'll die of pain! Please!"
she pleads.

"When you start fucking cooperating then maybe I won't kill you, you whiny fucking cunt!" And with that, he lets go of both clamps. Two more metallic clicks, almost simultaneous, as the clamps bite down hard on Lucy's nipples.

As she cries out in pain, her pussy begins to drip as she nears orgasm.
"Oh! More! Please! More!"
she exclaims, her hands clenched into fists. She looks down to see the monster is about to clip on another set of clips. As the clips lock, their teeth digging into her soft clit and pussy, she can no longer contain herself.

Her back arches, and her muscles contract. Her body trembles as she experiences her first orgasm at the hand of this monster. She can feel a warm sensation where he injected that clear liquid.

"Now its time for me to fuck that tight little cunt of yours."
he says as a grin creeps across his face. He spreads her pussy lips by pulling on the clamps, holding her slit open. As he pushes the tip of his massive, rock hard dick into Lucy's tight little cavity, she begins to moan.

"Little fucking bitch is so tight."
He says, pushing forward slowly. As his massive cock forces her pussy open wider and wider, she can feel an increasing sense of pleasure. The brute's cock slides in farther and farther, eventually coming to rest against her cervix.

Feeling how her soft, warm, wet pussy caresses his pulsing mass of meat, he begins to feel even more excited. Lucy can feel how deep he is inside her little pussy, and how he spreads it so wide with his cock.

"Its so big!"
She yells, excited. She can feel his pulse inside of her, the warmth of his slimy cock. The monster puts his hands upon her breasts, tugging on the clamps. He begins to fuck her slowly, making each stroke drawn out and deliberate.

"You like that, don't you?" Lucy nods her head vigorously, moaning audibly. "Little fucking whore."
says the brute as he leans forward, grabbing onto the clamps he has clipped onto her nipples.

As he tugs on them, sending a bolt of pain through her breasts, he rams his cock inside her, slamming it against her cervix. "Ah!" she yells, taken by surprise. She is beginning to sweat a little. "Ah! They hurt!"
she exclaims again.
"What? The little fuck-slut doesn't like it? Too fucking bad, bitch."
the monster responds, almost mockingly.

As he continues with his thrusts, tugging on her nipple clamps each time, he begins to increase his speed, her entire body begins to rock with the force if his thrusts. Lucy's moans soon turn to pants, occasionally screams of pleasure or pain. She is nearing orgasm quite fast now, and her pussy is dripping wet with juices.
"Harder! Fuck me harder! Harder!" Lucy exclaims, completely overwhelmed with pleasure.
"You want harder? How's this for harder, bitch!" The monster begins to pound her pussy with great ferocity. His thrust begin to quicken, at least doubling in speed.

Lucy's is taken by surprise as a new wave of pleasure washes over her. As he tugs at her clamps, her nipples begin to go numb, and hurt like crazy.
"Ah! My nipples! You'll tear them off!"
he yells back, beginning to twist them a little.

"Ahhh! Too much!" she screams, her muscles tensing. As she closes her eyes, she is overwhelmed by another intense orgasm. Her back arches, her muscles tense, and she bites down on her tongue as the pleasure washes over her.

Her juices begin to run from her pussy, collecting in a puddle on the floor. The brute continues thrusting, and as her pussy contracts, he begins to thrust with increased vigor. Suddenly, she feels a small twinge down below as he breaks into her womb.

"So....deep...." she manages to say between frantic breaths. Lucy has never been penetrated so deep before. The last time she had sex was with her brother Leo, and he was half this size.

As she feels the monster's cock stretch her tight little cunt, how he slides into her womb with every thrust, all she can think of is how amazing it all is. She can feel his cock begin to pulse as he begins to climax. "Not......inside...." she manages to say. "I'll do what I fucking want, bitch." he says. And with that, he makes one final thrust, pushing himself balls-deep into her pussy.

Like a volcano, his dick erupts in a sticky shower of warm seed, pumping enough of it in to fill her womb. As she feels her womb fill with the hot, gooey sperm, she climaxes once again.

As her womb is filled to the brim, the monster's seed begins to leak back out.
"You like have your little whore cunt filled, don't you?" says the monster, pulling his cock out of her pussy. Some of the sperm begins to leak out, dripping out into a big puddle on the floor. Lucy lay there, panting, her nipples bleeding, her cunt dripping. She is exhausted, and soon passes into unconsciousness.

He releases her arms and legs, removes the clamps, and carries her, much like a child, to another restraining device. This one looks like a large, upright L, with an extended top, so it looks more like a straightened Z.

As he forces her body into a kneeling position, her legs spread wide apart, he locks her legs down to the metal frame. As the rest of her body is forced forward, her wrists are chained to the floor as well.

Lucy wakes to feel a strange pressure against her lips. She opens her eyes, and realizes that that brutish fiend was trying to face-fuck her while she was out. "Ah, you're awake! Now, be a good little slut and open your mouth."
Lucy, upon glancing around, realizes that she doesn't really have a choice in the matter.

Reluctantly, she opens, and before she knows it, there is a giant cock shoved down her throat. She gags, and tries to cough it up. The brute grabs hold of her head, and begins to thrust as if fucking any other part of her body.

He doesn't last long, however, and after about twelve minutes of throat-stretching, he finally pulls his cock out. Giving it a few good shakes, he finishes off, blasting a load all over her face. "Ha, wait until you meet my pets."
he says, seeing the violated look on her face. Going slightly off topic, he says
"Such a cute little ass. Too bad I'm going to have to mark it."

"You're going to wha-"
she asks, unable to finish. Suddenly, she feels an extremely painful burning sensation on her right ass-cheek. She screams in pain and surprise as the hot brand scars her body with it's visage.

As he pulls away the brand, there is a carbon copy of it, forever burned into her skin. The symbol on the brand is unfamiliar to her. There is a large circle, and, contained within it a pair of triangles, one which is smaller than the other, reversed, and put inside the larger triangle. Inside this smaller triangle, there is a straight line running up the center, and two parallel lines which have been curved towards it. It is red and inflamed, and very sensitive. "...which reminds me..."
he says, continuing his thought from earlier.
"...I have yet to get inside that cute ass of yours."

Flipping the brand around, he shoves it into her still-wet pussy, covering it in her juices. He then removes it, and begins prodding her asshole with it's worn wooden handle.
"Its a tight squeeze, isn't it."
says the monster. He gives up on the brand, tossing it back into the furnace. He then leans forward and spits on her asshole, in a crude attempt at lubricating it.

"Here I come, like it or not!"
says the monster, driving his cock forward, into her ass. He penetrates deep on his first trust, despite the tightness of the hole. There is only a moment of pain as he enters. After that, all she can feel is pleasure. As the brute begins thrusting regularly, Lucy begins to moan as well.

It isn't long before the brute reaches his climax. He pulls his cock out, and quickly thrusts it into her pussy, blowing his load into her over-stuffed womb. As he pulls out, seed begins to poor out of her pussy and onto the floor. It collects in a small puddle between her legs.

"I prefer the one that was meant to be fucked." decides the monster, after thinking about it.
"Now, let me introduce you to my pets."
He opens the door, and in rush two large dog-like beasts. They would better be described as wolves, to tell the truth. Smelling Lucy's hormones, they instantly realize what's going on.

As they approach, Lucy notices that their big doggie cocks are already stiff. As one of the beasts mounts her from behind, the other one moves around to her head. As the beast behind her begins to fuck her puss wildly, she opens her mouth to yell out in pleasure. The beastie in front of her instantly mounts her head, and begins thrusting with the same animalistic fury as it's friend.

Her entire body shakes as the two alternate thrusts, pushing her back and forth between them. She can feel the cock in her puss swell a little bit.

Only seconds later, the beast thrusts it's entire cock inside her, knot and all, penetrating into her womb itself. As it ejaculates inside her womb, she can feel it's knot begin to harden and swell.

The beast's brother doesn't take much longer, soon blasting it's load down her throat. It's knot was beginning to swell as well. The one in her pussy has already grown enough so that it won't be getting pulled out any time soon. Luckily, the other beastie pulls it's cock out before it's too late.

It ventures around back, to it's friend, who is still pumping cum into Lucy. The beast nudges his friend to the side, his friends cock still trapped inside Lucy. It begins to sniff at her asshole, and, smelling the scent of sweet cum, decides that this is just as good of a fuck as her pussy.

Somehow, it manages to mount her, forcing it's friend to move enough over to all it to do this. As she feels the second cock pushing it's way into her, a spark of excitement shoots up her spine.

Her womb is becoming slightly swollen with the amount of seed being pumped into it. "They're bred for their large load size, if you know what I mean."
says the monster, noticing the bulge. The wolf-monster forces it's big dick inside her ass, and begins thrusting immediately. Already excited from earlier, it only takes a few strokes to finish off.

As the second wolf begins to pump in it's load, it's knot swells as well. Lucy has never had anything that large up her ass before, and is driven over the edge by it. She orgasms, her pussy and ass contracting. Her muscles tense, and she grits her teeth. This is probably the best she has ever felt.

As the beasts finish their pumping, leaving her stomach swollen and sore, she passes into unconsciousness. Lucy wakes up, hours later, in a cold, poorly lit room. She sits up on the cold, wet stone, and realises her cunt is leaking seed from earlier. She feels so aroused by the memory of what happened that she begins to rub her sore little clit.

With her other hand, she begins to caress her breasts, playing with her damaged nipples. It only takes a few minutes of constant rubbing to put her over the edge. By that time, she is lying on her back and moaning loudly. As she fingers her nipple with one hand, she is finger-banging her puss with the other, her fingers coated in the monster's lukewarm sperm. As she climaxes, she arches her back, picking her shoulders all the way off the ground.

As the pleasure pulses through her body, her muscles begin to relax. Her mind drifts away, and her body becomes limp. She is abruptly awakened, however, when the door to the cell opens with a loud squeak.

"This ones a cute one. Let's grab her as well." says a voice right outside the door.

"She certainly looks like a fresh bitch. Bet she has a tight little whore cunt." replies another voice.

"Let's take 'er. It is a party after all. As they say, the more, the merrier."

The two monsters enter, connecting a chain to her leash and chuckling. They pull her out, and she realizes that she is not the only girl these brutes have grabbed.

She is connected to a line of girls, and lead down the corridors to a large and largely empty room. Lucy looks around, and can see that, against the far wall, there is another line of girls, who are wearing leather bands over their privates.

Lucy is forced into a line facing away from the girls. She can feel it as the girls come up behind her and begin to wrap coils of rope around her body. At first, the pattern seems random, but as they begin to tie her up in tight knots, a definite pattern emerges.

The rope digs into Lucy's skin, it constricts her chest, and it squeezes her breasts. After a the girls have been tied Kinbaku-style, a scratchy white sack, made of corse fabric is pulled over her head and tied shut around her neck.

The fabric has few holes, and their is little light inside the bag. She is completely blind as the line begins to move again. The floor is damp, making it slippery, and without sure footing it is easy to fall.

Lucy does her best to stay on her feet, but the girl in front if her is less lucky. Lucy can feel it in the chain that connects them, how the girl struggles to stay balanced.

And then, she slips. Lucy, caught off guard, is dragged down with her. She can hear heavy footsteps in front of and behind her as she struggles to get up.
Before she can, she is lifted high into the air by the chain on the back of her collar.

"Falling down on the job, eh? You'd rather lie down and rest a bit than live?" Lucy begins frantically shaking her head 'no'.
"Good answer."

He grabs both her arms and pulls them above her head, holding them there. He then pushes her against a wall.
"I'm still gonna have to punish you, though. You deserve every bit of this."
He pulls out a large paddle, about a foot long, 8 inches wide, and covered in tiny spines.

Lucy, unaware of the imminent danger, struggles to break away.
The brute swings the paddle, making a solid connection with Lucy's left breast. Lucy yelps in surprise as tiny spines poke into her skin, causing mayhem with her nerves. She writhes, her already-sensitive breast beginning to be tenderized even more.

"One." the beast shouts. He swings again, this time connecting with the opposite breast.
Each time the paddle connects, a loud slapping noise is made.
Lucy does her best to hold back the tears as the tiny spines begin to really take effect.

Lucy can hear the girl the dragged her down. She is breathing heavily.
Every once and a while, Lucy can hear a loud *snap*.
it takes her a while to realize the monsters are beating the girl next to her senseless.
"Those snaps are bones..." Lucy thinks to herself, shocked."
"She must have said the wrong thing." Lucy thinks.
The paddle is really beginning to sting now, and small droplets of blood, mere pinpricks, are beginning to form.
Lucy is not sure how much more she can endure. She is afraid of passing out.
She grits her teeth as the last few slaps are swung into her.

Her chain in front is disconnected, then reconnected. She assumes that means the girl that was in front of her has been carried away. Lucy's arms are let go of, and she immediately begins to caress her sensitive, restricted breasts.

The girls are lead into a large, noisy room which smells strongly of alcohol and meat. Lucy can tell that she is being looked at by the relative silence which follows the path of the girls through the party.

They are lined up along what Lucy assumes is a wall on the far side of the room. A loud voice then proclaims:
"My friends! May I have your attention! Our entertainment has arrived! Please stay seated, we shall escort your slaves to your tables for you, one per table."

Lucy is eventually disconnected, and forced through a sea of grasping hands, which feel her all over as she is dragged by. She begins to whimper as she is thrown down on a wooden table, it's rough surface causing her skin displeasure.

"Let's take that bag off and have a looksee at what we got."

Says a rough, deep voice somewhere above her. The sack is torn from her head, and she is blinded by the sudden burst of light. She feels a hard object smack her in the face only seconds after.

"Wake up, sunshine. You've got some work to do."

days another of the monsters, slapping her face again with his hardened cock. Lucy opens her eyes to see five lust-filled pairs of eyes gazing hungrily down at her naked body.

"She is a cute one. She looks young, I bet her little slut cunt is still nice and tight."

"I want to be the first to fuck that sweet little ass of hers."

"You can keep it. I'm gonna shove my cock as deep inside her throat as I possibly can."

As the monsters argue over who gets to fuck what, they begin to grab at Lucy, holding her down, fingering her ass and pussy, and playing with her breasts.

Next thing she knows, she is being lifted into the air. One of the monsters lays on the table below her, and has his buddies lower her down onto his cock. As her body weight pulls her down on his cock, forcing it deep inside her ass, she lets out a loud moan.

"Hey, the slut loves my cock in her tight slave-whore ass. Don't you, you stupid bitch." the brute says from under her, laughing as he does.

"Wait till she feels my dick inside her little slut cunt." says another monster, prodding his head against her slit. This prompts Lucy to moan again, this time more softly.

While this is happening, another of the group of five grabs her head, and forces it backwards. He slaps his cock against her face a few times, and says to her,

"What a pretty face. To bad I'm going to fuck it raw." and with that, he forces his cock into her mouth, through tightly sealed lips. Lucy tries to yell, but it is muffled by the massive piece of meat in her mouth.

Just at that moment, the other monster decides to penetrate, driving his cock deep inside her tight pussy. She tries to scream, and is again muffled by the cock in her mouth.

The two remaining monsters grab her hands and force them onto their cocks, prompting her to stroke them. The beast beneath her begins to slide her up and down on his cock, and his doing skin rubs across her. It is enough to make the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

The monster fucking her pussy times his strokes with the ass-fucker for the deepest possible penetration. The throat-fucker then begins to alternate thrusting with the pussyfucker. Her hands soon catch up with the rhythm, stroking both cocks in time with the thrusts.

This goes on for a few minutes before the brute in her pussy is nearing his limit. He breaks away from the pace, and begins to pound her pussy furiously, the head of his cock ramming against her cervix.

"Ah! Yes! I'm gonna fucking cum!"

He begins to spray his load inside her, filling her pussy with seed.

"Ah! The bitch's cunt is amazing. I'd give my left arm to fuck that again."

"Then it's my turn!" says one of the monsters getting a handjob.

"No. Its mine." says a particularly muscular monster. His skin is pitch black, and he is almost a foot taller than all the other monsters. He has only one eye, and a red scar where the other used to be.

"Of...of course...Cyclops..." says the once-enthusiastic brute, cowering.

The monster fucking her throat cums suddenly, perhaps from the thought of Cyclops destroying the poor girl, filling her throat and causing her to choke.

She looks up to see him looming over her, his massively muscular arms bulging as he flexes, intimidating the others. His massive cock begins to harden, as long as a horse's, and almost twice as thick.

Lucy screams as he unceremoniously forces it into her tight pussy, stretching it past it's limits. There is a wet tearing noise as Lucy's screams are renewed. He has stretched her so wide, it is literally beginning to tear her apart.

He drives his cock deep into her womb, her cervix not even slowing him. As he begins to furiously fuck her womb, a bulge appears and disappears in Lucy's stomach.

He grunts with every thrust, which are drowned out by Lucy's constant screaming. Smith rest of the monsters have gone silent, and everyone is looking at Cyclops ravage Lucy.

" for the bitch....that took my eye!" he yells between grunts. He begins to pound her faster than she thought possible, knocking her body around like a ragdoll.

She is driven mad by this, and finds herself cumming uncontrollably, her juices spilling everywhere, her contractions prompting all the monsters fucking her to cum. First, the brute in her ass cums, filling her with seed, sine if which leaks out.

Next is Cyclops himself. He begins to pump her full of seed, a task which lasts a two minutes as he drains his entirety into her poor ruined womb. Her stomach swells to an unheard of size, and cum simply begins to pour out of her. The two monsters she has been masturbating this entire time finally cum at this, drenching her face, chest, and breasts with a layer of cum.

"Hey! Now it's my turn!"

The monsters grab her, pulling her legs a the way up to her sides. They are held there by the insides of her knees, held up by one of the monsters behind her. Three monsters huddle together around her, each ready to penetrate her.

The first cock slides into her pussy with ease. As the second begins to slide in, the situation begins to get a little tight. The third monster really has to push to get his cock in, filling her ruined pussy past what it was naturally allowed.

They move her up and down on their cocks, their tongues sloppily sliding over her breasts and across her face. They begin to move her so fast her breasts begin to bounce up and down, achieving a full range of motion.

They cum together, filling her pussy full, distending her womb, and creating a massive puddle of cum on the floor. The monsters all laugh and high-five as they accomplish this, before dropping Lucy and moving to see what their other friends are up to.

After the party, Lucy is picked up and carried to a dark room, like the one she was in before. She is tired, and soon falls asleep. She is awoken suddenly by the high-pitched squeak of a door opening. She looks up to see a dark silhouette in the doorway.

"She's all yours." says a voice from beyond the doorway. The dark figure in the doorway advances. As the door is shut behind him, Lucy realises that she is in for one rough night.

Slaveling Dungeon - Domesticated by Xoeleox
Dark Fantasy Animal Sex , Anal Dog Sex, BDSM, Bestiality, Blowjob, Body modification, Bondage and restriction, Dog Cum Swallowing, Discipline, Domination/submission, Extreme, Fisting, Hardcore, Monster, Oral Sex, Reluctance, Slavery, Teen, Torture, Young, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, massage Posted: 2010-12-29 17:00:50
Author's infos: Male, Secret, Neither here nor there

Introduction: This is a sequel to S.D. - Snatched. The transition may seem instantaneous, but there has actually been a few months that have passed between these two stories. I recommend that you read Snatched before reading Domesticated. It will improve the experience you have greatly. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

At first there is silence. Lucy lays against the wall on one side of the room, exhausted and badly abused. Then, the door opens, it's metal hinges squealing as it does so.

"Here she is, the girl you requested."
The bright light from the doorway temporarily blinds Lucy as another monster enters. Lucy lay shivering in the corner of her dark, damp cell. Her stomach is somewhat distended on account of her cum-filled womb, and she constantly leaks the seed of past 'lovers'.

Before her eyesight can return, the monster grabs her, and throws her on the ground in the middle of the cell. Her head and shoulders rest square on the ground as he picks up her legs and throws them over her head. Her lower body is now her tallest point, her horribly abused ass and pussy completely exposed.

As the monster leans over her, he grabs her legs, forcing them against the ground as he begins to rub his cock up and down along her slit. "You're a cute one." he says, a devilish grin in his face. "But let's see if you live up to the hype."'

He penetrates, and puts his entire crushing body weight into his thrust, driving his massive cock balls-deep into her and reaching deep inside her womb. It hurts, but not as much as it used to. Lucy gives out a cute groan as the brutes body weight begins to crush her.

He lifts his body up, pulling his cock out almost all the way, and then let's gravity take over, ramming it deep inside her again. Lucy lets out a gasp as the air is pushed out of her lungs by his crushing weight. He fucks her like this for a few minutes, each thrust driving both of them closer to orgasm, and Lucy closer to suffocating.

The monster begins to quicken his pace, near climax. Then, suddenly, the monster begins to groan, and a stream of hot, gooey sperm is released inside Lucy's womb. This causes her to overflow, and a large amount of lukewarm cum squirts out onto her breasts and all over her face.

He throws her used body to the side, cum flowing from her abused pussy. He gives his cock a few more shakes, and shoots a last bit of cum all over her face. She is left cum-covered and panting, but the brute isn't finished yet.

He picks her up by her head and shoves her up against a wall, and with his other hand positions his re-hardening cock outside her asshole. Without further ado, he thrusts it inside her, burying it deep and crushing her between his sweaty body and the cold, rough stone wall.

He ravages her body with animalistic thrusts for several more minutes, causing her to moan uncontrollably as she nears climax. The rough rocks heighten her pleasure as they rub against her stiffened nipples. It isn't long before she climaxes, her muscles tensing up and contracting, her back arching as much as it can away from the wall.

"The little slut likes my big cock in her ass, doesn't she? Doesn't she?" The brute pulls her off his cock and throws her to the ground again. He kneels down over her, picks up her head, and forces it down on his cock. He forces his cock deep inside her throat, and begins to fuck her face violently, nearly breaking her nose. It doesn't take long for him to cum, shooting a torrent of his hot seed down her throat. It shoots forth with such strength that some of it even blasts out through her nostrils.

He pulls his softening cock out of her mouth and stands up, finished with her. She throws up a large puddle of cum, and then falls face-first into it, gasping for air. The door opens, and closes, and the monster is gone. And there is silence again.

Lucy lays there, once again in the dark. She is beginning to lose hope that she will be set free, or at least abused less. She can barely hold on to life as it is when another pair of beasts enter her cage.

"Is this the one?" asks one of the brutes.
"Yeah, that's his next bitch." the other replies, stepping forward.
"Well lets grab her and go. We've got a lot of work to do to make her look presentable."

Lucy doesn't quite understand what they mean, but she can tell whatever it is won't be good. They come every once and a while and take her to the exam rooms, where they put her through a bunch of horrid tests. So, thats where she assumes she is being taken.

Embracing the inevitable, she allows herself to be chained and ball-gagged like an animal and dragged along behind the two monsters that came to pick her up. But as they drag her past the exam room, Lucy begins to get suspicious.

The brutes drag her along behind them to a different room, one that she had never visited before. The room was covered, roof, walls, and floor in white tiles. Inside the room awaited an eager team of smiling girls, all staring at the door in anticipation.

"Here you are, girls. The master's next bitch. You know what to do."
"Yes sir!" they all reply in unison, and with enthusiasm
"The master's bitch? Is that what I am?"
Lucy thinks to herself, realizing what is going on. The girls grab Lucy, and drag her under a torrent of warm water.

Lucy notices the girls are wearing almost nothing: their only garb consists of a leather band around their breasts, with a strap running down between their legs and connecting with the opposite side. These girls, five in all, immediately begin scrubbing Lucy's tired body.

One of the girls removes Lucy's gag, and begins to run her fingers through Lucy's hair. "Master likes his girls with black hair, doesn't he?"
"He certainly does. How about we change it for him then." replies another girl as she grabs a bottle and hands it to the her.

The girl opens the bottle and pours a large amount of the gel that it contains into Lucy's hair. She lathers the dark goo into into her hair, and it begins to stiffen. Soon her hair is stiff as a rock. "We've got to let that sit for a few minutes. Let's work on the rest of her body in the meantime."

As the soft, soapy cloths run across her skin, she experiences a feeling she hasn't felt in a while: happiness. The warm water calms her, and the skilled hands of the girls massage away her pains. As their magic fingers rub across her swollen breasts, she shudders in ecstasy.

Noticing the affect her hands have, one of the girls begins to work exclusively on Lucy's breasts, scrubbing down every square inch of each. Meanwhile, another of the girls begins to massage her shoulders and her arms and neck, scrubbing her down well in the process.

Soon, Lucy is laying back in ecstasy, the girl massaging her breasts and straddling Lucy's body. The other girls scrub at Lucy's arms and legs, rubbing them almost raw.

Convinced Lucy's breasts are clean, the girl who had been straddling her gets off, and they all scrub her stomach clean, even washing out the inside of her belly-button.

"Time to clean out the dye gel." one of the girls says. She pushes Lucy's head under the torrent of water, and the gel melts like ice, turning into a black liquid which washes down the drain. What is left is silk-smooth black hair. "Beautiful. And that shouldn't ever wash out."

Next, the flip her over, so she is belly-down. The girls begin to scrub her back, massaging it the entire time with their wonderfully talented hands. This full-body massage goes on for what seems like hours before the girls finally pick Lucy up and carry her to a nearby towel, drying her off tenderly and with care.

Next, she is carried into a different room, her body still excited from the massaging shower. The girls lay her down on a plain metal table. By the look of the strange metal arms at one of the ends of the table, she is able to recognize it as some sort of gyno-table.

She becomes somewhat worried as she is strapped down, her legs up on the arms, but soon she is over it. One of the girls has dipped her hand in some sort of blue gel, and is now fingering Lucy's ruined pussy.

"Are you ready for your deep cavity cleaning?" asks one of the girls, wearing the cutest smile.
Lucy looks surprised and confused, and a little worried all at the same time.
"We need to make sure your nice and clean, inside and out. Now brace yourself!"
Barely even a second after she finishes sentence does Lucy suddenly feel a massive something penetrate her.

Lucy looks down, and realizes it is the girl's arm, now elbow deep inside her. She is beginning to feel really excited, and her pussy is beginning to drip with juices. The girl's nimble fingers pry their way into her womb, and the girl slides her arm in even deeper. It feels, to Lucy, like the girl could reach all the way up and touch her brain.

But, suddenly and without warning, the girl pulls out her arm. In her hand is a white mass of goo.
"We're going to need the eels. She's full of this."
Lucy looks at her with a nervous look on her face.
"Cleaner Eels. Don't worry, they only eat the dead cells."

A very active tub of water is rolled into the room on a metal cart, it's icy-cold contents splashing out all over the place. One of the girls reaches in, and pulls out two large, slimy-looking eels. They wriggle about in her hands, splashing water all over the place.

One of the other girls spreads Lucy's pussy lips wide, and the eel is forced inside. The icy feel of it's skin is a shock to Lucy, and as it wriggles up into her, it's thick, slimy body sliding across her vagina's stretched wall, she can't help but feel turned on.

"I think the slut likes it." says one of the girls, somewhat surprised "Let's see how she likes this next one." the other said, pulling out another eel. Two of the girls reach down and begin to spread her asshole with their nimble fingers, just enough for the eel to slide in.

The eel disappears from her grip and slithers up Lucy's ass faster than she can blink. As the two thick, muscular eels disappear inside of her, Lucy begins to moan softly. As the eels wriggle inside of her, her soft walls are tickled and her pleasure builds, which is only increased by the eels' icy skin.

As the eel writhes and wriggles inside her womb, the eel makes visible bumps in her stomach. The eels movements are driving her crazy with pleasure, and she is soon driven to orgasm.

The eels slide back out easily, visibly bloated. The girls grab both eels, and throw them back into the pool. The girl pushes her hand back inside Lucy's womb, again feeling around for any leftover mess. Finding none, she pulls her hand back out, satisfied.

"She's clean. Let's move on to her restoration."
Another cart is wheeled in, this one bearing a myriad of needles and syringes. Lucy is blindfolded for this part, as it may cause her even more damaging stress if she can see what is happening. She is weak enough psychologically, the girls don't want to completely break her now.

One of the girls grabs a rather large syringe filled with a viscous green liquid.
"Clench your teeth. This is probably gonna hurt a lot." she says, as she plunges the needle deep into the soft flesh of Lucy's pussy. Seconds later, the entire lower half of her body feels as if it is being pierced by thousands of barbed needles.

Lucy screams, trying desperately to break free of her restraints, but they hold solid. The girl deposits about half the syringe-full into Lucy's pussy before removing it. As she inserts the needle into the area right inside her anus, she begins to explain what this will do.

"This is going to tighten you back up. It'll be just like you are a virgin again, except with a lot more experience."
All the girls giggle at this, which is drowned out by Lucy's second wave of screams as the syringe is emptied onto her. The sensation lasts for 30 minutes, during which her pussy returns to it's 'factory settings', as one of the girls puts it.

"See! Good as new." says one of the girls, examining their work.
"Now for some 'modifications'."
Lucy can feel multiple needles, at least two, puncture her skin, sinking deep inside her left breast.

Seconds later, she can feel a warm sensation begin to spread from the syringes. This warm sensation quickly accelerates into a burning one, which soon engulfs her entire breast.

The process is repeated for her other breast, and soon it feels as if her chest is burning in an invisible inferno. Lucy screams once again, and desperately tries to break free. "Keep screaming. You're making me all wet." says one of the girls with a giggle.

As the inferno dies down, two more needles are inserted into her breasts, one in each if her nipples. As they are injected into her, it only renews the burning sensation.

Lucy opens her mouth to scream again, but before she can, a gag is placed in her mouth and fastened securely. The sensation soon dies down, and Lucy is left gasping for air. She finds this to be difficult with the gag in her mouth. She thinks it may be over, or rather she hopes it is. With her thick leather blind fold it's hard to tell. The pricks of several more needles tell her otherwise. She prepares for the worst.

200ccs of the burning syrum are injected into her pussy, ass, and the surrounding area. The most painful of these injection was directly into her clit. She writhes in agony and screams in gasps as the burning begins. As it subsides, she is left exhausted and gasping for air once again.

The girls remove her blindfold, and the first thing she notices is that her breasts have swollen to almost twice their original size. One of the girls takes a swing at them, her open palm connecting with Lucy's right breast. Lucy exclaims in surprise, pain, and pleasure as a strange wave of senses wash over her.

"You like that, don't you, you little slut. Master will most certainly be pleased with this one."
"One last set of modifications to make." says another one of the girls, pulling out a piercing gun. "Hold still." the girl says, as she seizes one of Lucy's swollen nipples. She puts the gun into position, and *punch*, the blunt piercing gun punches a hole through her nipple. Lucy's eyes begin to water, and she screams once again, muffled once again by the gag.

As the girl pulls the punch away, another one of the girls fits a ring onto the pin it leaves behind. Meanwhile, the girl positions the gun to punch another hole through Lucy's other nipple. Lucy struggles to get away, but she can't. "Hold still, or this might make you bleed some. And we don't want that."

*punch* and the gun's blunt tip pierces through her other nipple. The second girl then puts a ring on that pin as well. Next up, it seems, is her clitoris as that is where the gun is headed. Lucy tries to pull herself away from the gun, but the remaining girls hold her down long enough, and *punch*, another pin pierces her skin. This time, however, it is too much for Lucy to bear, and she falls into unconsciousness.

Hours later, Lucy wakes up to find herself tied up in ribbons, as if she were some sort of gift. The five girls from earlier are around her, but they are wearing maid's uniforms. There is a collar around her neck, and one of the girls is holding the leash.

"Come on, you stupid slaveling whore. Master is waiting. You've made us late." Lucy is forced to stand up, her arms bound behind her back at the wrists, and the girl begins to tug at the leash. As they walk, Lucy looks over what they did to her. She has nipple rings, and a ring in her clit. She can't see them, but she can feel piercings around her pussy as well.

The place they are leading her through is different. The air is different, and the surroundings seem more civilized. After walking for what feels like hours, they enter a dark room.

"Master?" one of the girls calls out.
"What is it?" replies a deep, menacing voice. A massive blue beast steps out into the open. The girls immediately kneel and bow their heads. "We have brought you a gift, master. A girl, the most celebrated of B level. She is to be your own personal sex toy, to do as you wish with. You may even breed her, if you wish it to be so. She has not been fixed."

"You are late. Which one of you is the leader?" The girl holding Lucy's leash steps forward. "I am, master." she says, bowing deeply." "You are officially released from service. Remove yourself from my presence." The girl backs out of the room, defeated and broken. "You there, go with her." he says, pointing to another one of the girls. "You are now this group's leader. Ensure this failure is thrown to the dogs." "Yes, master." the girl says reluctantly, a tear forming in her eye. "And never be late again, you hear? Let this be a lesson to all of you."

His business accomplished, he grabs Lucy's leash, and lifts her high above his head. The collar begins to suffocate Lucy. "And what of my current toy?"
"She is disposable, master, and ready to be disposed of. This girl is fresh, practically a virgin."
"Then throw her to the dogs as well. I would like to spend some time alone with this one."

A nasty smile creeps across his face as the three remaining girls drag a crying, broken women from the room and close the thick door. The monster pulls Lucy by her leash to the center of the room. "Hello, cutie. You are mine now, whether you like it, or not. Behave, and I might not destroy you. Now, get down on all fours like the bitch you are."

Lucy hesitates, nervous about the mention of her 'destruction'. "I said now, bitch!" He kicks her to the floor hard, planting his foot on her flat stomach. "That's you're name now. You will answer to bitch, and nothing else. And you are forbidden to speak. Now, on all fours like a dog."

Lucy obeys, afraid of what her new Master might do if she doesn't. Once she has assumed this position, the monster begins to talk again. "You are not to stand unless I command it. You do not have two legs, but four. You are no longer human, but rather a sex pet, my bitch."

He tugs her leash and begins to walk. Lucy begins to crawl behind him, slowly and awkwardly. "Good girl." he stops walking in the slow arc he was making and turns to her. "You have the makings of a fine pet. Now, let's see if you can please your master."

The massive blue beast removes what little clothes he had been wearing (it was more jewelry than anything) and steps in front if her. Before Lucy hangs not one, but two massive blue cocks, one above the other, and both beginning to harden. "Let's see how much you can handle." The brute kneels down, his cocks at about face-level for her.

Lucy understands what she must do, and begins to lick the tip of the upper cock while stroking the shaft of the other one. After a while, she switches, and begins to lick the head of the lower cock. He then grabs her head, pulls it off the lower cock, and begins to push her head down on his upper cock.

He pushes the head of his cock inside her mouth, and then a little more, and he begins to move her head up and down along it. Meanwhile, the second cock is dangling underneath her body, sometimes rubbing against her skin.

Her libido kicks in, telling Lucy to grab the second cock, and she sandwiches it between her breasts, rubbing them around its head. Her master then begins to force his cock deeper inside her mouth, causing a startling bulge in her throat.

As he grabs her head and begins to fuck her mouth slowly, his other appendage sliding in between her breasts as she grinds them against it. Her master begins to groan with pleasure, and forces the rest of his massive foot-and-a-half long cock down her gullet, filling her entire esophagus.

Not even the brutes who abused her daily have penetrated this deep inside her throat, and she is taken by surprise. Her master throat-fucks her for a few minutes before giving up a load of his seed. He pumps his load directly into her stomach, causing it to distend and swell noticeably, while his lower cock covers her lower body and the floor beneath her with his sticky white lovejuice.

As he pulls his cock out, he leaves Lucy gasping for air, as she could not breath well with his cock down her throat. She regains her breath, and licks her master's cocks clean. "Good girl." he says, looking down at her. "Now, lick yourself clean."

Lucy tries to bend forward enough to lick her lower body, but she is simply not flexible enough. "I see. We will have to work on that. At least clean up this mess you made." Lucy looks at him, a little confused on what to do. "Lap it up, you stupid bitch." he says, forcing her head down into the puddle of cum on the floor.

"But I..." Lucy begins, but she is cut off when her master grabs her by the throat and lifts her off the ground. "But you what? Have I not forbidden you from speaking? Never question my judgement! I should throw you to the dogs for such insolence."

He throws her down into the puddle, and rings a bell via a cord hanging from the ceiling. Almost immediately, a girl wearing a maid's uniform appears through a service door, and looks at him. "Master? What is your wish?"
"Take my pet to the dogs. She needs a lesson on who she is." The girl grabs Lucy's leash, and begins to lead her out.

"Oh, and don't let the dogs eat her. I merely want her to learn a lesson." he adds as they leave. "I want to keep this one." "The dogs were just fed, sir, so do not worry. And if they do attack, I shall offer myself in her stead." "Good girl. Now take this bitch from my presence. Oh, and send someone up her to clean this mess up."

Lucy is lead through a series of dark corridors and into a large open space. Lucy can feel that there is dirt underneath her hands and knees, and that she is underground again. Lights are turned on, and she can see she is trapped inside a large oblong fence, topped by barbed wire. She can hear the faint sound of dogs barking.

The maid who is holding her leash ties it to a post at the center of the ring, and pulls out a set of chains. She hooks a chain to each of Lucy's nipple-rings, and one to her clit, and connects each of these chains to a corresponding metal ring on the floor. Now, whenever Lucy moves, it tugs at her nipples and clit, sending jolts of pain and pleasure through her body.

"Which dogs should we let in?" asks a girl outside the fence. "Just send in the Alpha. He'll teach her a lesson she'll never forget." replies the maid in the ring. She scurries to the gate and let's herself out, locking it behind her.

There are the bangs and clicks of a few metal doors being opened and closed in the next room over before, and from a gate at one side of the ring emerges a beautiful black dog, with many wolf-like qualities. It is the largest dog Lucy has ever seen, easily as big as she is, if not bigger.

The beast can smell the smell of the cum that covers her, along with the smell of her sweet, ripe, juicy cunt, and decides that this bitch is available for his lovemaking. He sniffs her over once, and then mounts her, his hardening cock pressing at her tight asshole. His body is too tall to reach her pussy, but he doesn't realize that as he thrusts, impaling her on his red doggy meat.

Lucy lets out a yelp as she feels his large doggy cock slide inside her ass, all the way up to his knot. It's been a while since she has been stretched like this, and she finds it alarming how deep the beast's 13" cock is inside her.

She tries to pull away, but between the leash, the chains, and the sheer crushing weight of the dog she is left helpless. She grits her teeth, trying not to scream as the alpha begins to fuck her raw, pounding her ass with powerful thrusts.

He lasts for several minutes, and by the end is panting, his breath condensing as it leaves his mouth and his tongue lolling out to one side. Lucy moaning now, pounded into submission by the big piece of meat in her ass.

His final thrust drives his cock deeper insider her than ever, pushing the entirety his knot inside her as well. Lucy gives out another yelp as she is stretched even wider.

He howls as he begins to pump his dog-seed inside her, filling her ass full of cum. His knot swells, expanding inside her ass and trapping his cock inside her. As he stands over her, panting, his cock buried inside her, Lucy feels helpless. She is utterly trapped, and there is no way out.

The dog's knot eventually deflates, and he pulls out, his cum pouring out into a puddle between her legs. The dog is lead away, and Lucy is taken back to her master's quarters. Master is out, so the maid leaves Lucy tied to one of the bedposts, utterly nude and shivering.

An hour or so later, Master enters, and a beam of light shines through the doorway, coming to rest on Lucy. "Ah, so my pet has returned. Ready to behave, bitch? I would hope so. Tonight, you're going to be sleeping with me. So, let's get you into your 'pajamas'." he rings the maid bell, and a maid appears almost instantly through the same door as before.

"Yes, master?" "Get my pet dressed up for a night in my bed." "Yes, master." The girl enters the room, and removes Lucy's leash from the bedpost. She leads Lucy into a smaller adjacent room, a closet of sorts for all her master's devious toys.

The girl starts by attaching chains to both Lucy's nipples. Next, she attaches a chain to Lucy's clit, and connects the three together with a large ring. None of the chains are very long, and if Lucy tries to tug on the chain at all, her body explodes with sensations of pain and pleasure.

After the chains are in place, the girl fits Lucy with an arm brace, one that straightens her arms, and binds them together behind her back. The binding apparatus has a set of rings running down the center. She also puts anklets on her, leather bands which have rings attached to them.

After that, Lucy is fitted with leather panties which have a pair of chains which, when threaded through the rings on either side of her pussy, keep her lips pried open indefinitely.

After that, she is dragged back into her master's room, bound and ready for a night of rough love. "Anything else I can do for you, master?" "Yes, there is. My pet needs a tongue-bath between her legs where the dog has defiled her, and she is incapable of doing it herself." "Yes master."

Without hesitating, the girl rolls Lucy onto her stomach, and props her up so her ass is sticking up in the air. She kneels down, and begins to run her rough, wet tongue across Lucy's inner calves, cleaning up the cum and the dirt left behind by the dog.

Next, she begins work on the thighs, cleaning up a few small splashes of cum here and there. Then, the girl brings her tongue up to Lucy's crotch, lapping up the cum dripping from her ass. She follows the trail all the way up to her asshole, and licks that clean as well, poking her tongue inside to ensure she has cleaned it all up.

Lucy enjoys the feeling of the girls tongue exploring her body, and her pussy begins to moisten. The girl stands up and bows. "Finished, master." "You are dismissed." The girl leaves without a word, shutting the door silently behind her.

"You look too inviting in that position." Master says, with a devilish sneer on his face. "I don't think I can wait until tonight." He kneels down behind her, and grabs her ass cheeks with both hands and spreads them, his hardening cocks not far behind. "In fact, I think I will take you now"

The master pokes his cocks into both her holes at the same time and thrusts, driving them both deep inside her. Lucy let's out a moan as she feels her master's monster meat slide deep inside her ass and pussy simultaneously. He fucks her like this for a few minutes, his cocks about halfway inside her.

But soon, he can no longer control himself, and he grabs her shoulders, using the added leverage to drive his foot and a half long cocks all the way inside her, easily penetrating into her womb. Lucy let's out a yelp as he does so, in addition to her long moans.

His thrusts become more often, and more powerful, and as a consequence Lucy's moans get louder and shorter. Eventually, it is too much for the master to contain, and with one final, powerful thrust, he drives her entire body into the ground, filling her ass and womb full if his hot, sticky love. A lot of it spills out onto the ground beneath her, and as he pulls his cocks out, even more spills out.

Lucy collapses, panting and moaning. "Tired already? I'm just getting started." he asks, mockingly. Then, he grabs her body and tosses her down onto his bed, face-up. "I can fit one cock inside that tight cunt of yours. Let's see if I can fit two.

He pushes the heads of both cocks up against her tight pussy, pushing them just barely inside. Lucy screams as she is stretched farther than what naturally should be allowed. He slowly forces the rest of his cocks inside, and and Lucy is left in shock as he begins to pump her tight cunt for all it's worth.

"Ah! So fucking tight!" he exclaims as he begins to pound her pussy raw. With every thrust, a bulge appears in Lucy's stomach, and she is left breathless, panting. It is not long before Lucy climaxes, her back arching, the chains tugging on her nipples and clit, and extending her orgasm even longer.

As her tight cunt contracts around his massive pair of cocks, it is too much for him to bear, and he follows suit, pumping at least a gallon of white, sticky cum into her pussy, and causing her womb to swell.

She is given little time to recover, however, because as soon as he pulls out both his cocks, he is already moving her to a new position. His next position has her with her head and shoulders on the ground, the rest of her body up in the air, and her legs bent forward enough that her toes touch the floor.

Without further ado, he begins to double-cock-fuck her ass, pounding her head and shoulders into the floor with a series of serious thrusts. After he has sufficiently torn up her ass, he pulls his cocks out, sliding one into her pussy, and pushing one in between her legs. He fucks her slowly for a few more minutes, before a geyser of semen erupts from the ends of his cocks once again, covering her face and breasts in cum, as well as filling her womb full.

"I can do this all night!" he exclaims, pushing he over into the puddle of cum that has formed around her. He pulls a chain down from the ceiling, one end of which is attached firmly to the ceiling. On the other end there is a hook. Master picks Lucy up, and flips her so she is face-up.

The master then puts the chain's hook through the ring that holds the chains on Lucy's body together, and let's go. Lucy screams as all her body weight is transferred to the rings in her clit and nipples.

Her master grabs her hips, and, without hesitation, pushes both cocks inside her ass once again. He begins to pound her ass furiously, and a wet popping sound can be heard every time he pulls his cocks out, only to thrust them both back in again.

He pulls her down on his cocks as he begins to cum, but quickly pulls out and blasts his load all over her stomach and breasts. He pauses to catch his breath, and begins to play with her pussy. He sticks one finger in. Then, two. Three, four, and before she knows it, he has his entire fist inside her.

He grabs onto her hip with his free hand, and begins to push the rest of his arm inside her. Lucy continues to moan, pant, and groan as he begins to fist-fuck her pussy.

He reaches so far inside her, with the lubricating help of his own cum, that he can feel her cervix, beaten from overuse. This gives him an idea. He pulls his fist most of the way out, and then forces it back inside with the force of a punch behind it. It reaches her cervix, and it receives the powerful blow head-on.

Lucy yelps and recoils, pulling her legs together as best she can. This doesn't stop the master, however, and he continues to punch her cervix, all the while driving Lucy mad with pleasure. Between her short, shrill cries, she is moaning and panting the best she has all night.

Then, the fiendish beast gets another idea. He pulls his fist out with a loud *pop*, and grabs a set of large glass spheres from his closet of toys. He returns, and places one of the spheres in his hand, cupping his hand around it like a spoon. With a little force behind it, he pushes his hand, ball and all, inside her.

This is where his plan comes into play. Using his fingers as a type of spearhead, he forces his arm forward again, but instead of pounding her cervix, he penetrates it, his hand reaching inside of her womb.

Lucy screams with surprise as she feels her master's hand reach that deep inside her. It is too much for her, and she climaxes, her pussy contracting around his muscular arm. What really catches her off guard, however, is the fact that when he pulls his hand back out, it is empty.

He places another sphere in his hand, and in his hand goes, pushing it's way inside her womb as well. And then another. And then another. As the cum pours out on the floor, the master pulls his hand out for the last time. 6 spheres in total have disappeared inside her.

She can feel the balls knocking against each other as she struggles to break loose, in an effort to try and retrieve the spheres from inside her womb. His breath regained, the master walks around to the other side of her, forcing her head down, and pushing his lower cock inside her mouth.

At first, it is just the head, which Lucy runs her tongue over at his command. Satisfied, he begins to force the rest inside, and begins to face-fuck her once again. He grabs her head and begins to bash it against his pelvis, in an effort to get the maximum penetration, and in the process nearly breaking her nose again.

This time, he pulls out before he comes, giving his cocks a last few shakes before shooting his hot cum all over her face, filling her hair with it, and even squirting some all over her breasts.

He leaves her panting, and out of breath. He pulls her off the hook, her clit and nipples now bleeding openly. He licks the blood from around the wounds. "It tastes sweet, you would make a fine meal. But for now, I must tenderize your meats."

He drops her on the bed, and grabs her ankles. Holding her legs together abovr his head, he begins to push both his cocks inside her pussy. "Mmm, even tighter than before." he says, meeting more resistance than last time. It doesn't stop him, though, as he pushes his way in.

This time, it doesn't take him long to cum. The added tightness seems to have affected his otherwise unbreakable willpower, and he pours another massive pool of seed inside her, filling her full, and letting much of it simply pour out onto the ground at their feet. He crawls into bed, pulling her with him, and begins to fuck both her holes simultaneously.

He rolls so that he is on top and that she is buried face-down in the sheets. He ravages her, crushing her body under his with each thrust. Her moans are muffled by the sheets, and she struggles to get a breath of air. After a few minutes of this, he pours a load of cum inside her and pulls out, letting her breathe fir once.

He allows her to catch her breath before grabbing onto both her legs, flipping her face-up, and double-penetrating her pussy yet again. He holds her legs up, spreading them wide as he fucks her passionately, a wet slapping noise occurring with every thrust.

He fucks her slowly, deliberately, and gives her time to enjoy it for once. She begins to moan passionately, as much from the atmosphere as the action. He pulls his cocks out early, and changes positions. He flips her on her side, one leg raised up in the air, the other laying flat on the bed.

He pushes both cocks inside her now-sideways pussy, stretching it in a new direction this time. Lucy begins to moan as she feels his cocks penetrate her sideways pussy. It is not long, however, before he is brutally pounding her once again, his cock buried deep inside her, the glass balls knocking against one another with clicks that can be heard even by the master.

Lucy soon climaxes, and the contractions of her pussy send master over the edge. He pours another load of his seed inside her, much of it spilling out onto the bed. He pulls his cocks out, and moves her into a more familiar position: doggy-style. He kneels behind her, and, planting one hand on her head and forcing it into the soft bedsheets, he pushes his lower cock inside her ass, his upper cock riding along the ridge of her back.

As he begins to fuck her ass for the nth time that night, he grabs a hold of his upper cock, and begins shaking it in time with his thrusts. It is not long before he comes again, filling her ass with seed. His other cock, however, launches it's sticky load out into the open air, spilling it on her arms, across her back, and into her black hair.

He grabs Lucy, and spins her around, kneeling her on the ground before him. He offers her his cocks, an offer she simply can't refuse. She begins to run her tongue up and down the shaft of one, then switches to rim the head of the other. She kisses both tips gently, and then begins to run her tongue up and down each in turn.

She sucks on them for several minutes, never putting more than a few inches inside her mouth. Before long, master takes over, taking one cock in each hand, and shaking them both alternately. Lucy closes her eyes and shifts her head away, in anticipation if the coming torrent.

"No, bitch. I want you to beg for it. Beg for you master's cum. That's right, open your mouth. Open your eyes. I want to see the want in your eyes."
Lucy perks herself up the best she can, and opens her mouth, her tongue hanging out like how she supposed a dog's might.

"Good girl. Here's a treat." he says with a smirk. And, with that, he blasts another load in her face.he then shoves his cock in her mouth, and pumps another few squirts inside. Lucy goes to spit it out, but he stops her. "Swallow it, bitch. Swallow." Lucy closes her mouth, and does her best to gulp down the master's cum.

"Now open." he says, and, seeing her mouth clean, master praises her. "Good girl! You learn quick. As a treat, I will let you be on top for once." He lays back, his cocks standing up very far off the bedspread. Lucy stands up and steps over him, lines herself up, and lowers herself onto his cocks. They each penetrate a different hole, and she let's her body weight pull her body down on them.

Master grabs her hips, and begins to move her up and down on his cocks, savoring the feeling. But he is soon finished with that, and begins to fuck her in full force. With every thrust, he forces her up, her breasts bouncing up and down, and pulling her clit with them.

This, along with being double-penetrated, proves to be a potent mix for Lucy, who finds herself moaning and panting uncontrollably as her master bashes her from below. She can feel the balls shift in her womb, and it all becomes too much for her. She climaxes, her ass and pussy contracting around both his cocks.

He keeps going despite this, and continues to fuck her for several more minutes, prompting Lucy to cum again before he finally melts under her contractions. He pumps his seed deep inside her ass and pussy, letting a lot drain out before he pulls her off his cocks and forces her into another position.

The rest of that night he ravages her, pumping gallon after gallon of his white seed inside her. When morning finally comes, Lucy is exhausted, beaten, and fucked silly. Her breath is labored and her thoughts muddled. The room is a mess, and the bed is in shambles.

The master has long left his exhausted pet, off to fulfill his more important duties, such as the selling of his 'merchandise', as he calls it. He has left a note with Lucy, for his maids to receive. It reads: "Clean my pet up, and makes sure she is ready for my dinner party tonight. I want her as clean as when I received her yesterday."

When the maids enter, the girls look over the massive mess their master has made. Three maids begin the process of cleaning the room, while the other two pick Lucy up and carry her to the showers, leaving a trail of cum behind them.

Once in the showers, they strip down, and carry Lucy into the white tiled room, pulling her under the warm torrent of water again. The girls begin to wash and massage her body, but Lucy hardly notices. She is exhausted from her first night with her Master.

One if he girls begins to work on her stomach, and notices a series of strange lumps. Suspecting that it was the master's work, she lubricates her thin arm, and pushes inside Lucy's pussy. Feeling nothing inside her vagina, the girl pulls her arm out and tries Lucy's ass. Still finding nothing, she checks Lucy's pussy again, this time pushing all the way into her womb.

"Aha!" she exclaims, her arm buried up to the elbow inside Lucy's pussy. "What is it?" the girls partner asks, curious, and a little surprised. And then, with a wet *pop*, the girl pulls put a baseball-sized glass marble. "And there's more than just one." the girl adds, surprised. "No wonder his pets only last a couple weeks." responds the other girl.

As the girl begins to remove the marbles, the head of all the maids walks up to look upon the master's new pet. Looking over all the mess, the head maid looks at Lucy and asks with a smirk on her face: "Enjoy your first night? Because you're going to have a lot more like that one."

Slaveling Dungeon- Precocious

Scarlet a beautiful and cute 12-year-old girl with perfect skin, long brown hair, brown eyes, a cute face, cute round butt and just the starts of breasts at this point only little nubs showing the early stages before puberty.

She could always tell there was something wrong with her father; her father always told her that her mother had died in an accident when she was but a 6-year-old little girl.

Scarlet is a very bright child, excelling in anything she puts her young intelligent mind to she attends regular ballet and gymnastics classes for many years.

On this day she is wearing what her dad had picked out for her a tight light red dress that is too low cut in the back and front only small delicate straps keeping the dress barely covering her and red high heel shoes that is all.

If Scarlet had any breasts to speak of her cleavage would be on full display, she travels through the huge mansion she called home, a building so vast that she often still gets lost, she enters a grand ball room it is her 12th birthday today and her father has invited hundreds of his friends and business associates all people that make Scarlet a little uncomfortable.

Scarlet entertains the guests for a while, feeling uneasy she leaves the party to look for her father searching almost everywhere.

Where could he be, Scarlet wonders as she finally decides to enter her father's usually locked study.

Standing talking with Scarlet's father a gray haired man in his forties standing right next to him is a very tall green beast, with terrifying sharp teeth and claws.

Before Scarlet could scream the beast is upon her and then darkness.

Waking sometime later Scarlet looks about seeing she is in a small cage, still wearing her red dress and high heels.

Moving about uncomfortably in the cage Scarlet goes increasingly concerned as she notices the large metal cuffs on her wrists and on her ankles as well as a large metal collar securely locked around her neck.

The room Scarlet's cage is in is dark and smells very old and is poorly lit a small slit letting light in from the ceiling.

Scarlet whimpers in fear, the large metal door to the room swings open loudly, in walks a different beasts much like the one Scarlet saw earlier.

A deep and frightening voice echoes out through the semi-darkness, "A young bitch, youngest I have seen forever, come here little cutie."

The beast opens the cages and extends a clawed hand into he cage, Scarlet fearing for her life bites his hand hard as he retract his hand Scarlet bolts out of the cage and towards the doorway.

The beast is too quick and easily subdues Scarlet, gagging her with a too big metal ball gag and he attaches a long chain to Scarlet's collar.

"You are in trouble now my little slaveling." With that the best leads Scarlet who is too petrified with fear to resist anymore into a room with numerous torture devices, toys on the walls and obvious unpleasant ambience.

"Only the worst for troublemakers." Leers the monster, as he locks chains to Scarlet's ankle and wrist cuffs effectively limiting her movement to being on her stomach or up onto her hands and knees.

The tension in the room is palpable with Scarlet's whimpers turning to crying as she looks over her shoulder at the monster he is holding a hot iron for branding with an intricate design on the end.

With very little effort the monster hikes Scarlet's sexy red dress up rolling it over her ass revealing the perfection of her body, the crack of her perfect ass running down to the tiny tight slit of a bald vagina.

The monster forces Scarlet down onto her belly with his foot while he rips Scarlet's dress clean off exposing her naked flesh to the cold air.

The next sensation Scarlet has is the searing as the monster brands her right ass-cheek, she screams into the gag and pisses making a puddle under her body.

The monster pulls away the brand there is a carbon copy of it, forever burned into Scarlet's perfect skin.

The symbol on the brand is unfamiliar to Scarlet, there is a large circle, and, contained within it a pair of triangles, one which is smaller than the other, reversed inside the larger triangle, inside this smaller triangle, there is a straight line running up the center, and two parallel lines which have been curved towards it.

The branded flesh on Scarlet's right ass-cheek is red and inflamed, and very sensitive.

Scarlet feels as her asshole is violated deeply by the handle of the iron, hen it is ripped out and the monster tosses it back into the fire.

The beast licks Scarlet's ass, he then moves around all the while barely getting Scarlet to look, he holds her right eye open and then rips her eyeball clean out in one motion.

Somehow Scarlet manages to stay conscious through the unbearable pain and she feels as the monster begins fucking her empty eye-socket, he pound into her head and holds her hair in either hand.

Fucking the small hole with the tip of his massive monster cock he rapidly approaches cumming, then like a hose her cums in Scarlet's eye socket, he pulls out and the cum blasts Scarlet's face, hair and all over her back.

It is too much for her and she passes out, the monster holds her head up by her hair while he says, "You won't be trying to attack or bite anyone again will you bitch?"

The monster nods her head, laughs; he takes the gag out of her mouth grabs a hold of her tongue and cuts it out.

In and out of consciousness Scarlet feels as the monster cauterizes the tongue wound and eye wound with a heated up hot poker from the nearby fire.

"Watch while I penetrate your mouth now bitch, watch with your good eye." Orders the monster as he prods the head of his cock against Scarlet's lips, the tears streaming from her left eye and her groaning like a deaf girl escaping through her perfect lips.

"Feel it splitting your jaw bitch, you have earned this." With that the monster drives his cock down Scarlet's throat, he uses her throat and then dumps another huge load filling her stomach full some of the cum even leaking out the sides if her mouth and out her nostrils.

The beast pulls out and slaps Scarlet's face hard with his still hard cock then he moves around and spanks the young girl's ass to a deep shade of red.

He stops his assault as soon as Scarlet stops whimpering, the beast then thrusts his cock between her ass-cheeks roughly.

"Now I have to try that tiny tight ass of yours bitch." The beast says as he nudges the head of his cock against her virgin asshole.

With one violent forward thrust the beast impales Scarlet on his cock, he fucks her hard brutally violating Scarlet's ass.

The monster quickly cums a massive load filling Scarlet, her belly enlarged from the huge amounts of cum, he pulls out and then fucks Scarlet's mouth again spilling cum the whole time getting it everywhere.

"Let's get you on your back for the next part of your training little bitch, I want you to look with your good eye while I take your vaginal virginity."

The monster uncuffs Scarlet and flips her over relocking her down on her back.

Scarlet feels helpless, the beast between her thighs guiding her, then his finger pokes at her slit.

After several long minutes the monster is finally able to get a single finger into Scarlet's vagina feeling around for her intact hymen.

He rips his finger out and slaps his sloppy cock on Scarlet's crotch hard making unsettlingly loud wet smacking noises.

As if finishing a thought the monster runs his finger up and down between Scarlet's tits saying, "Make sure you are watching this or you will lose that other eye, see how far my big cock reaches up your belly, that is all going inside you pleasure slave."

Scarlet looks on in terror at the monster between her legs, the length of the monster's monster cock making her know she is in for more extreme and damaging pain.

Slowly the beast moves back so the tip of his monster cock is resting right at the opening to Scarlet's sex, he prods his cock into her slowly inch my painful inch.

"Does that hurt bitch? It hurts my cock so much you're super tight, never felt a pussy this tight. It's hard to get it in." He asks not expecting an answer from the mutilated child.

Scarlet tries to scream and it comes out more like a gargling, she watches with her left eye as the monster's cock slowly disappears deeper and deeper into her tiny extremely constricting virgin vaginal cavity.

With such a look of sheer terror painted across Scarlet's face as she feels her hymen torn asunder with the penetration deepening and deepening.

The next sharp pain is that of the monster driving his cock so deep he reaches into Scarlet's womb, her belly bulging every time the monster strokes his cock all the way inside balls deep in the little girl.

The monster wants to prolong the slaveling's torment as long as possible, but after hundreds of deep hard in and out thrusts alternating between fucking her pussy and ass the monster blasts a giant load of his seed into Scarlet's womb some of it even managing to spill out around his cock adding more to the growing puddle under her.

The monster pulls out lifting Scarlet's ass up off the ground as he does and her limp defiled body falls back into the cum below her.

Tears still stream from Scarlet's lone eye, the monster grins at the girl, rips her dress and uses a piece binding it around her right eye, or where her right eye was, he leashes Scarlet, releases her from the floor lifting her up onto her hands and knees.

Somehow she manages to pout cutely, leashed like a dog her belly hanging down like she is pregnant.

The monster basically drags Scarlet behind him after what seems like forever Scarlet feels earth under her, her leash is tied to a stake and a pack of wolf-like dogs come running in licking and nipping at Scarlet's body.

The lead dog mounts Scarlet first forcing his hard cock into her pussy from behind, knocking the wind out of her pounding into her so hard, deeply and fast.

Before Scarlet can even inhale the lead dog knots in her pumping her belly full of his sperm.

After the lead dog is finished with Scarlet and pulls out the rest of the dogs take turns with Scarlet's fuck holes.

The pack gang fucks Scarlet with animalistic fury, knotting and filling Scarlet with cum until each had their fill of the fresh slaveling pleasure slave.

Months pass with Scarlet being fucked by monsters and dogs almost constantly, she sits in her cage her belly kind of distended and seed from past lovers leaking from her gaping holes.

A loud metallic scrapping of the door opening barely gets Scarlet's attention, a beast comes into the room, opens Scarlet's cage, pulls her out, leashes her and leads her on hands and knees into an all too familiar room.

Scarlet knows more unspeakable acts are about to befall her, she I often taken to this room to receive horrible tortures.

The monster spreads Scarlet's body open on a table locks her in place and begins to inject painful fluids into her pussy and ass.

"Have to get you ready for a surprise visit with someone you know bitch." Laughs the monster.

The monster gets a very activity filled tub of water is rolled into the room on a metal cart, it's icy-cold contents splashing out all over the place.

The monster reaches in, and pulls out two large, slimy-looking eels, wriggle about in his hands, splashing water all over the place.

The beast spreads Scarlet's pussy lips wide, he forces the eel inside, icy feel of it's skin is a shock to Scarlet, and as it wriggles up into her, it's thick, slimy body sliding across her vagina's stretched wall.

Pulling out another cleaner eel he reaches down and begins to spread her asshole with his fingers, just enough for the eel to slide in.

The eel disappears from his grip and slithers up Scarlet's ass faster than she can blink, the two thick, muscular eels disappear inside of her, the eels wriggle inside of her, her soft walls are tickled torturously and somewhat pleasantly by the eel's icy skin.

As the eel writhes and wriggles inside her womb, the eel makes visible bumps in her stomach, the eel's movements are driving her crazy and she is brought to intense orgasm.

The eels slide back out easily visibly bloated themselves the monster grab both eels, and throw them back into the tub.

A few more painful injections later and Scarlet's over used asshole and pussy-hole both are back to how they were before she ever came to this monstrous place.

The monster lazily washes Scarlet off with ice-cold water before he retrieves one last injection before Scarlet's special rendezvous.

Scarlet barely registers as she feels a needle stab into her neck, then she falls unconscious.

She awakes sometime later in her father's bed naked with a medical style white eye patch covering her empty scarred eye socket.

Her father is right there beside her gently stroking her hair, he sits beside her bed as if a visitor to a sick person, Scarlet opens her mouth to speak and not a single word is spoken.

It is like a dream, Scarlet can hardly believe her eye, he kisses her forehead affectionately and then he reaches down her belly to rub her labia ad clit.

Scarlet cannot even bring herself to shed tears as she feels her father molesting her she realizes this is not a dream.

His grabbing and touching grow more fevered and rough he twists and fondles his own daughter's chest and nipples while he begins fingering Scarlet's slit.

Scarlet feels as helpless as her father guides her mouth to his cock, she does not even think about it, now so used to having her mouth and neck stuffed with cock every day she simply sucks.

He pounds her head on his cock forcing her to deepthroat him, he pulls out climbs up on top of his daughter between her legs his larger size making Scarlet feel all the more helpless and afraid.

First he fucks his daughter's asshole for a while then rams his cock into Scarlet's vagina fucking her for what seems like hours for Scarlet and only minutes for Scarlet's father.

Scarlet feels so painfully stuff and she can only groan and moan pathetically in protest, when he cums he covers his daughter's mouth with his forcing her to suck on his tongue while his throbbing cock unloads his incestuous seed deep in his broken daughter's fuck hole.

Done with his daughter, his fantasy fulfilled he sedates his only daughter and sends her back to the slaveling dungeon where she is given to the dogs to be dehumanized, humiliated and trained to be obedient she is left with the dogs for a few months.

When she is finally deemed trained she is found to be pregnant with puppies, she spawns a new litter of puppies.

On Scarlet's 13th birthday the heavy door to her cell is opened, in walks another beast, he open the cage housing Scarlet, attaches a chain to her collar and leads her on hands and knees into a torture room.

The monster secures Scarlet to a wooden frame on the ground, locking her in place spread and on hands and knees.

Scarlet feels as the beast fucks her throat cumming down into her stomach, then as he fucks her ass and pussy alternating between to two holes.

Scarlet feels he holes filled with his spunk, then the bandage around her right eye is ripped off, Scarlet feels as the beast cock is pressed against her empty eye socket.

She screams weakly not knowing what to expect it being some time since her eye socket was used for sex.

The pain increases as the monster holding her head forces his cock too deep; the pain so intense as the cock is rammed into her skull.

The monster fucks Scarlet's brains out skull fucking her and cums inside her skull pulling out and letting Scarlet's dead body fall.

Blood and cum leaks out of Scarlet's empty hole.
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