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Default An almost endless story or the dog comes to the party - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Anal Dog Sex, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Bestiality

An almost endless story or the dog comes to the party - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Anal Dog Sex, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Bestiality
Blowjob, Dog Cum Swallowing, Fisting, Group Sex, Male / Female Teens, Oral Sex, Water Sports/Pissing

A young man meets a girl and her mother, who have developed a very special relationship with their dog
An almost endless story or the dog comes to the party

I had already noticed she at the entrance to the nightclub. She was not tall, but she had a great figure. All rounded off nicely how I liked it. She had a golden disco dress. Her hair was dark and she wore shoulder length.
I came up with her this week and so I learned after a short time that it was Franziska and she was seventeen. After a few drinks I did not notice that my first impression me had deceived - She was sharp as a pepperoni.
When it came around eleven, she said she had no desire to stay here, and if I did not lust would have to come with her, it was not too far.
And if I wanted.
We were already come to us pretty close on the dance floor, the short way was to her apartment even more exciting. We kissed and our hands slid over all Parts of the body.
No sooner had the door opened and we went hot in her room.
Franziska pulled her dress under it as I had already suspected, no panties wore. Then fumbled their nimble fingers on my belt and jerk twitch was my pants down and my hard piston surged forth like a spring.
Immediately she took it between her red, hot lips and began vigorously and wild mind to suck. Zippy her tongue moved over my penis and I felt her teeth on the shaft.
Suddenly the door opened. I was alarmed, should be about her parents ...? But she had said her father was on a business trip and her mother would come until the next day by a Girlfriend back.
Relieved, I realized that only a dog entered the room. But what kind of a dog, a black mastiff. He was huge and I did not know whether I should be really relieved as he came closer to us.
Then I saw how moved down a little slow at his gut - his penis.
A powerful device.
The Dane came even closer and began to sniff Franziskas ass and suddenly shot out his big tongue and sluice over Franziska's bare bottom.
Franziska's only response was a spread her thighs.
It did not seem to be the first time that the Dane tried mingle.
Fascinated, I watched now as the Great Dane Franziska licked lips and my eyes fell now back on the dog flask, dropped out from something. Then the dog jumped on Franziska's back, trying to push his butt in Franziska's cunt.
Franziska sucked even stronger on my lath and handle with one hand backwards, grabbed the cock of the Great Dane and led them to her pussy lips. Now I saw the Dogs whipping slowly but steadily disappeared in Franziska's cunt.
This sight and Franziska's powerful suction meant that I squirts.
Franziska sucking richer and swallowed my egg cream until nothing came.
I pulled my dick out of her mouth now to watch only once, as with the dog would continue.
Deeper and deeper into it pushed the corporal and soon the giant machine was fully in Franziska cunt disappeared. But that's not enough, now the huge animal started buck. The piston wiped between the labia back and forth and Franziska moaned loudly with pleasure. "Yeah, more...fuck me, oh yes!"
Almost half an hour had passed after the Great Dane finally hosed would have. Now Franziska put downright together with this animal. I had read already, but to see it even once, I would have never dreamed of me.
Franziska still moaned, the nodes of the dogs dong blocked her cunt on.
Suddenly there was a "plop" as if you uncork a bottle, and pulled the dog his now shrunken penis out.
From Franziska's cunt dripping of canine semen. I was now already so sharp and also become hard, that I have no hesitation took the place of the dog and my hardon slipped in Franziska's pussy. There was immense damp and slippery, my stiff sashayed through the canine semen to unimagined depths.
Franziska moaned again with pleasure, then she leaned down so that they are getting the could still take slippery whistle the dog into his mouth. I saw her lick the prick and then began to suck on it.
This sight made me so horny that I was willing to inject into Franziskas cunt.
In that moment I had the feeling that there was someone else in the room.
I pulled my pumping hose from Franziskas pussy and splashed the charge on her ass cheeks.
At once a young woman's face had appeared that deal with greedy lips of my pumping cock accepted and began to suck it.
I had no way about to make my thoughts. She sucked perfect.
My gaze briefly to Franziska, who had heard of anything so far nothing. She still suck on the whistle of the dog.
The young woman had licked my butt spotless and now licked like a Kitten the sperm of Franziska's ass cheeks.
Now, the dog had hosed in her mouth, Franziska turned around shortly. "Aah" the dogs cream dripping from her lips, "I see, did you already know made. Hello Mother, this is Bert. "
Mother? I had kept the young woman for Franziska's older sister.
"And I'm Sonya, Hello!" She ran her slender hand on my penis. "Like me see also Arko has already joined you. "She rose from her kneeling posture.
"Now Arko, my good fuckers, you want to lick mistress not a little?"
Sonja sat with spread legs before Arko that this instantly pussylips could lick and I saw that he was doing his tongue pushed deep into Sonya's cunt.
Franziska pushed the loud of the dog back between her lips.
What should I do now? I never had a dog, moreover, with these qualities entered into competition. What awaited the two horny brides from me?
But I did not hesitate. I dipped my stiff brush again in Franziska's cunt, but only to make the tail again nicely slippery. Then I pulled him back out, put it on to Franziska's rosette and oiled as he was, he popped straight into her asshole.
Franziska moaned briefly and without the dogs flask from his mouth take, she said: "I knew you would make the right decision."
And when I moving my cock in the narrow hallway, she moaned loudly, "More! Yes, shockproof,
Sonja was watching me while the dog licked continued vigorously, and smiled at me encouragingly.
I drove my hard all the way into Franziskas chocolate channel.
Deep in her I squirted. I pulled my cock out, the eggs and cream natural chocolate was slightly brown.
Sonja and Franziska now swapped places.
Franziska could be leakage of Arko the asshole. Sonja took the stiff licked dog dick in her mouth and I took my milk brown acorn to Franziska's lips, That shone from canine semen as lippgloss. Although I her tanned device from the had kept eyes, Franziska did not hesitate and put her lips to the natural chocolate bar. She licked and sucked completely blank and suck - but I was empty for now, what should I do?
After she had drawn quite a while, I was so horny that I could not help and urinated in her sucking mouth.
Franziska noticed immediately what was there, I saw it in her eyes, but still swallowed she the pee just as they already believe and Arkos swallowed sperm.
Sonja had not take long to suck cock Arkos. Franziska had good preliminary work. When I looked at her again, Sonja already swallowed Dogs cream.
Franziska leaned toward Sonja and during a kiss, the lesbian is not better could be carried out, they exchanged a mouthful piss of a man with a mouthful Dogs sour.
While they kissed they moved so that they in a sixty-nine-position came to rest. Franziska was placed under Sonja. Sonja licked Franziskas Pussy, pussy licking during these Sonja.
I looked at the pseudo lesbian sex together with Arko. The dog kept coming closer and I saw his unit increased again in size.
Sonja was the non-fucked woman of the evening and now that I wanted to change. But when I saw the huge piston of the dog, I had another idea.
I grabbed Arkos stiffeners and led him to Sonia rose. He was oiled enough to all cases. I pressed the dog on Sonya's butt and then I saw how the piston slowly but steadily drilled in Sonya's back door.
Sonja screamed and groaned but then: ". More, more, deeper, deeper, more"
Thrilled I saw what Sonya was devouring black hole. Then the dog was in fact all the way into the woman.
Sonya's moans grew louder, she stammered unintelligible sounds, and then I saw how is literally their floodgates opened. She pissed Franziska, she pissed her daughter, in the open mouth and on her face. Thus stimulated also responded Franziska and pissing now turn into Sonja's face.
Incredulous, I watched the whole thing.
After a while, Arko by Sonja sparked and trotted to the side.
I let Sonja not change your mind, eventually I had to put away my hard and that's why I used the single previously unfucked input of Sonja - her cunt!
So while I now Sonja bock and smeared, I watched beside us Franziska and Arko.
Franziska first licked blank Arkos whistle that just now deep in the chocolate channel their Mother had dug. As Arkos unit was big and strong again, Franziska put on all fours and Arko jumped on her. But this time they led his cock to the already soaped back entrance. Almost effortlessly Arkos bar pushed into the cAnal Dog Sex. Then he began to buck. Franziska moaned and screamed.
Sonja, which could be buck by me watched interested as I am, the buzz of your daughter.
After half an hour Franziska collapsed completely finished.
Arko let go of her.
Sonja called him over and while I was still in her, she licked already back on shrinking tail of the dog, which was noticeably larger.
Franziska crept up to us and now both women were licking the dog piston.
I retired from Sonja.
Both were now on the back and licking at Arko. I stood over them so that I could alternately piss in their mouths opened in pleasure. And as if that one would have been signal for Arko, even these now began to piss over their bodies.
Franziska and Sonja licked each other's pee from the bodies.
From every hole dripping of my sperm, and Arkos sperm, her breasts gleamed from piss. Her hair stuck out of piss and cum.
Nothing, absolutely nothing had Franziska with the elegant appearance of eve in common. She was just another hottie, a perfect hottie - but I liked that.

After we had rested a little, we went together into the shower. We soaped us from each other, with my hands deep slid between the cunt lips of Sonja and Franziska . Both women soaped my pipe, and could not let it already suck to back it. But I now needed the first real break.
Franziska suggested me to stay the whole weekend and Sonja and I were very much agree with this proposal.
At first there was a hearty breakfast, which was really needed. Sonja fried me several fried eggs and Franziska gave me plenty to drink. Then sat down also and Sonja with at the table.
We had not attracted us, including ?!
Arko encamped beside the table and took a hefty meal.
We chatted while we all ate.
I now had drunk so much that I felt a natural need and wanted get up. Astonished asked Franziska where I wanted to go. I told her that me my bladder press. As Sonja stood up and knelt before me opened her mouth.
Instantly I knew I should use as a toilet. I pulled the trigger and the golden jet squirted into her mouth. Sonja swallowed everything.
Franziska explained: "We are namely both to pee. "She grinned," the next time I'm on it. ".
Then she went to Sonja and licked her lips and firm tits spatter that had remained outside.
Secretly, I was glad that I had taken on two such horny wives. It was a real godsend.
Franziska licked my cock dry and we sat down again.
Now I wanted to know how those two women race "came on the dog".
Sonja laughed at the chosen name. Then she asked if Franziska first wanted to tell.
Well, this started, so I caught on.
One night, shortly after my fifteenth birthday, I heard strange noises from my parents' bedroom. It was not the usual sex-noises.
Moreover Daddy was away on business.
I crept to the bedroom and opened the door quietly. What I saw took my breath.
Sonja was lying naked on the bed and Arko stood over her. His snout was between Sonja's legs and his long tongue licked at her clit and slid between the labia. Sonja stopped the beating of huge Great Dane in his hands and pushed just her lips over the shaft while she sucked moaning loudly about it. The dog seemed very well liked because he licked even stronger. Even Sonja sucked now stronger and then I saw how the dogs began to spray hose. Sonja swallowed, but a part of cream sources over her red sucking lips.
This sight had made me so horny that I began to with my fingers edit. I pushed until the middle finger, but then gradually all the fingers in my Cunt. Until I had my fist in pussy.
Sonja had ceased to suck and swallow. She wiped the dog sour cream from her face and carried him on her labia and also something smeared between the ass cheeks.
Now she stood on all fours and her ass stretched Arko contrary. The hesitated he was not long, and already on her and I saw how he tried to push his cock in the pussy of Sonja. Sonja reached back, and after a small correction she had him. between the labia
Now she screamed "Yeah, come on fuck me, Arko!" And moaned "Oh yes, you can do it!" As Arko
began to hump.
I was slumped against the door, jerked still with my fist in my cunt, but I could no longer left to give.
I looked like Arko suddenly became very quiet and instinctively I knew now he injected. Now he missed my mother a charge canine semen.
Softly as I had come, I snuck away and got into bed. My fist handed me now simply no longer. So I stood up again and turned me to Kitchen. In the vegetable shelf I found the right - a nice long cucumber!
Again I sat up in bed and the fruit of my cunt was so slippery that it made no effort to push the big thing halfway into it. I fucked with the vegetables to me in pleasure dwindled almost the senses.
I pulled out the cucumber, and in sleep I still thought that I bring to Arko would have to climb even me and nice to fuck with.
The next morning Sonja was not there, she was probably gone shopping. I Arko cried to me, and obediently he came up to my room and the stairs.
At first I was disappointed, which was the huge device that Sonja the night before so had wonderfully blessed? Even forget I scratched his stomach, he lay down on the back then, the object of my desire was. I scratched his testicles and the thing was getting bigger. I knelt naked before him and leaned over the stiff hose, when I took him in hand, he took further in size. Now I clapped, as I had seen it, my lips over the piston. It tasted a bit peculiar. But now there was simply no turning back. I licked with my tongue over the shaft and began to suck and suck. Completely unexpected was the thing going. I was shocked when I felt the first splash on the palate and pulled out of the pumping piston my mouth. Thereby the juice squirted me in the face and on the breasts and I tried to push the cock back in my mouth quickly. Now I sucked targeted and started the dogs cream to swallow.
Until Nothing came I sucked, I dismissed the dog. I did not know when Sonja would be back, and did not want to prefer to be caught doing.
I knew that Sonja wanted the evening to go to a friend and until the next morning would come back.
I could hardly expect to hear, as she drove out of the garage and set off made.
Then I called Arko in my room. I lay naked on the bed and the dog started immediately to lick between my outstretched legs. His long, rough tongue met on my clit and popped every now and then between my pussy lips.
I slid then to his hard penis and took the large device between my lips.
This time I sucked but only until I realized how the pre-juice from his hose to started dripping.
I stood on all fours and stretched up my butt.
Arko licked a few times on my cunt. Then he leaped me. Sonja had him really well trained. He met immediately the correct input. And since my cunt already was nice slippery, he pushed his prick same pretty deep into my pussy.
I groaned, "Yes I want more!" I screamed and pushed my ass backwards.
Arko started to hump. His cock slipped into my slippery love channel back and forth.
Deeper and deeper he penetrated and I could feel his scrotum against my ass drums.
Then he had to be completely there.
Arko was suddenly quiet and now I felt like it flowed hot in me. He splashed off.
Unfortunately, I was on the eve because of my insatiable lust too quickly disappeared from Sonia bedroom door, so I was on what followed, unprepared.
I felt like my vagina suddenly became even more stretched. It was only once slightly uncomfortable, slightly painful. On the other hand a great feeling.
What had happened?
Arkos dog penis had swelled inside me and stuck firmly now. I was corked like a bottle of champagne.
Something panic spread in my head. If we do not come apart would if Sonja caught us and must separate us. On the other hand I still had enough reason enough to tell me, Sonja also no longer infected so along with it.
I did the right thing, I waited and also let me right back to feelings that now arose in me.
I introduced myself wholeheartedly to a Arko, who always again tried to fuck and squirt again.
The lust turned on again and after I had repressed the fear turned actually an orgasm a that made me disappear the senses.
When I was conscious again, Arko was out of me and sat in a corner of the room and licked his manhood.
I was really blocked out and my pussy lips were burning a little.
Nevertheless, I went to Arko and said, "Let the times make my mistress." Now licked I his pipe from.
My eyes fell short at the clock in my room. It was only one hour after Midnight. Sonja would not come for a long time. So I left it not only when licking, but shoved the penis between my lips and sucked until he splashed. This time I swallowed all the same.
As Arko was empty, I went into the bathroom.
There is a large mirror, which is almost the entire wall.
I made up my mind, the next time, because that was for me already clear that it would not stay at this one time to trade with Arko before this mirror. Because then I would see where and how he is in me. This sight would totally me turn on and besides, I could control everything better and if necessary intervention.
While I imagined it all, I realized how Arko had stepped into the bathroom.
Actually, I had planned to take a shower and clean myself. But already again wide belt of the dog made me so horny that I went to my knees immediately. This time I could see in the mirror as Arko licking my still slippery cunt and then his big stick shoved in my cunt wide. I watched as the hard
member quickly disappeared between the pussy lips and Arko to hump again started. This time I had an orgasm in front of him. When he squirts now I did not wait off until he had pushed his knot also in me, but pushed me already from still spouting hose. His juice splashed on my ass and I forced myself order to suck his syringe grateful.
Arko also seemed to enjoy this approach, because he yelped when I sucked him empty.
I dismissed him then and now showered yet. Interested I watched as the dogs sour cream dripping from my cunt.
After showering, I got into bed and recapitulated the whole thing yet once. Except for the "glitch" with the nodes, the thing I had yet fun and pleasure made.
I was quite eager for the next opportunity, which would offer.
Because of this lust but I was also careless. As Sonja back to her Girlfriend was gone, I went back into the bathroom with Arko.
This time I sat down first on the toilet bowl and Arko licked my spread labia. He shoved his tongue deep between. As a dildo he moved his tongue and licking his I had my first orgasm.
I lay down then back under him and began to suck his dick. This time I sucked again until the correct egg cream splashed against my throat.
Part of his cream, I took to my cunt lips and my butt rub. Here I put a bit of cream in the pussy and asshole.
As Arko was clearly ready for a new game I put me back on all fours. It did not take long and he leaped me. But this time I conducted at its piston another place - my asshole!
I managed to put on the belt, the rose window and as I prepared my hole had, the hardon also slipped into it without difficulty. When he narrow in this channel rammed me took almost hear and see with pleasure. I would not have expected this.
It was almost better than in the cunt!
Then Arko squirted.
I kept his belt with one hand so that it does not push him deeper into. When I realized that nothing more came, I pulled the tube out of my asshole.
I was so horny that I immediately started to suck his pipe, paying no attention, that the piston is enveloped not only of egg cream, but also of natural chocolate was. I licked the dick and he was sucking between my lips already stiff. Now I stood so before Arko that he could lick my asshole. My lust grew, I could not wait, that he returned to me jumped. But this time he should use the 'natural' input.
His shock came hard and fast.
Now as a reward I wanted to offer him everything that meant I prevented him this time not to push his bones in the cunt. Now I was prepared for it and could all enjoy with relish. He rammed his spurs into it deeply, pulled something out in order immediately afterwards to push him deeper into it.
While he rammed me I forgot the time. His thrusts were becoming faster and I felt he would cum soon.
In fact, it was so far and now I noticed how his bones my vagina again expanded and corked me.
It was so cool when you do not panic and responded was prepared for it.
Now he shot again and I had an indescribable orgasm, me disappeared almost the senses.
When I raised my head again, I saw Sonja in front of me. Unbeknownst to me, she was back home
come. She looked at me in dismay. But before she could say anything, I babbled. "Look not so angry, I know that you're doing it with Arko! "
This brief set was enough to get out of their evil countenance a smiling approvingly to do.
Then Sonja took off, went before me in the knees and started kissing me, taking Arkos sour cream licked my lips.
She grabbed my chest and began stimulating massage. They lay down finally under me so that she could lick my clit and likewise the shank of the dog who was still stuck in me. Thus stimulated, I lowered my head between Sonja's legs and licked her cunt.
When after an hour stopped the coupling and Arko his butt out of my cunt pulled, Sonja every drop was below me, willing dogs juice out of my cunt dripping with her tongue catch. She licked my clit and in this way I had a next orgasm.
Now there was no reason for me to carry out my games secretly with Arko. in the contrary, it was way better when Sonja was there.

We sucked on his pipe together, let us change from the dog leap, then licked each other the mud out of the cunt.
At least once a week we met in a menage a trois. While I licked Arkos whistle, Sonja kneeling behind me, and at first was licking my pussy and my asshole. But then she stopped licking and slowly pushed gradually a finger after another into my cunt until and fucked me with her fist.
Arko had come in my mouth, but I did it this time not swallowed. I waited until Sonja, her hand had pulled out of my pussy and tried to kiss me now.
With this kiss I gave her the dog juice and swallowed it.
With our hot games we had totally displaced, we actually mother and daughter goods. We were only two for dog cock horny brides.
Now let Sonja Arko fuck her in the ass, I was lying under her and lick her pussy and slid my hand between her pussy lips. Thus stimulated Sonja had a super orgasm and their juices ran from it over my face and as Arko from their asshole went out, his dogs cream ran the rear sight along and dripped me also in the mouth.
Now Sonja stood and I stood on all fours. And I pressed my mouth on her dripping asshole and sucked the cream from the chocolate channel. Arko but leaped and rammed me immediately in my slippery cunt.
When I had Sonja sucked she sat down beside me and watched in Arko slipped me. "Should I prevent his bones comes in," she asked me, and I just shook my head, moaning, "No, I want it all!"
Arko fucked me so good that I almost lost consciousness again in orgasm.
When I came to my senses, I felt something hard, damp against my lips. I believed Sonja would held Arkos hardon consider me to my lips and I began to suck.
Same time, I felt that Arko still had to put in my cunt.
I opened my eyes and saw Harry, my stepfather, in front of me and his penis was, I worked on sucking.
I remember I thought "what would say Sonja" because I felt like Arko me left and immediately afterwards as two greedy lips of my cunt sucked and nimble tongue my clit edited. So good that I got another orgasm.
At that moment, Harry squirted. I swallowed the first time men cream.
Then I perceived as Sonja, who could it be otherwise, ceased to suck and they came crawled beside me. She smiled lasciviously. "Well, how was that?"
"Really cool!" Answered Harry and I like. With one voice I sucked his cock further, he pulled it out and held it to Sonya's lips. She opened her mouth, the slick glistened with dogs sour and slime of cunt. And then I saw hisgolden urine shot in Sonya's mouth.
Sonja gulped down everything, took his hose between his lips and licked last drop out of it.
Meanwhile Arko had again issued to us and now mated Sonja.
Harry pulled his dick out of her mouth and then went behind me. He dipped its piston briefly into my cunt, but then I felt him already back hard spanking on my asshole and the unit slid into my ass channel.
Sonja kissed me and I tasted the bitter flavor of natural champagne.
Harry rammed into me until he had a climax. Much eggs cream could now only no longer come once. But I had the time of my costs.
Next to me moaned Sonja, it Arko again really good and anxious and she his bone had in herself, she screamed in pleasure.
After this first common balls there was no reason not to repeat it.
Not always Sonja was there, I was screwing with Harry and Arko; or else I drove it together with Sonja and Arko if Harry was not there.

"And sometimes," Franziska grinned at me, "I am doing it with Arko and a partner,
I get myself out of the disco, like you. "She kissed me. "That would be my History ", she went in front of me on my knees. "Now I'm really very thirsty."
I understand and serve her instantly a liter pee. Since they do not so much on could swallow again, I interrupted my piss operation repeatedly.
Then they had swallowed enough.
Sonja came to us and asked: "Have you left yet for me" and also she got yet their pee.
While Frances' story she had fingered relish, and of Arko let pussy licking.
Now I also wanted to know from her how she "had arrived dog" on the.
Sonja licked her full of piss lips
"Well, when I was all then something different.
While Franziska has completely voluntary inlaid with Arko, it was not entirely up to me
You must know this, that Harry is my second husband. My first accident at the army as Franziska was just six. Two years later I met Harry on a know business trip. We soon realized that we fit well together and were married.
The sex we had was initially commonplace and the usual. I knew it even otherwise from my first husband.
Eventually Harry said then that he would revive our sex life somewhat. I was wondering what he probably was referring.
It started first completely harmless, new positions, public sex, that is the Tt be discovered and spills might, if we, in a photo booth, a changing cell in shower in gym or simply in the car drove in the parking lot.
Then came new tools: dildos in many different sizes and shapes, bottles, cucumber, eggplant, radishes, beets and large Salamis pushed Harry in my Cunt. Next new pleasure holes were discovered at me. He pushed his first link between my lips to moisten it, but soon he was fucking my mouth and I had to swallow his balls cream. Then my back door was pierced, here he pushed first his fingers, the next time a dildo and soon his hard dick in my asshole. He injected deep into my chocolate channel, and gave me the chocolate bar to suck.
Sometime no longer handed to him and he gave me pee to costs. It began by saying that he sprayed me after fucking with his urine. He peed onmy tits, my ass. I was showered downright. Later, he was pissing in my face and in my mouth.
I found everything so horny that I did not mind, and not just let him provide, but soon called downright. The bitter taste of natural sparkling wine made me at.
One day, Harry came home and said he had a surprise that I should quickly take off. Curious as I was, I did it and Harry blindfolded me.
Then I should bend over the kitchen table.
I heard a whisper, but could not do anything.
Something was held to my lips. After smell and taste it was Harry stiff tail. I sucked on it and felt like a second device from behind in my cunt drilled. It was large and long and with security no dildo.
When the tube was sprayed in my mouth, my blindfold was removed.
As expected, Harry stood in front of me, I turned around. In my pussy put the prick of Stefan, a colleague of my husband. He fucked me really nice and when he saw what Harry was doing everything with me, he did the same.
So he pushed me his slippery tube into the throat and missed me charge pee while Harry fucked me in the ass. He rammed his cock also in my asshole, meanwhile, Harry gave me his chocolate bar to suck.
And he also gave me his chocolate bar, however, Harry showered me with pee.
The men who brought Harry alternated. I think from his office has me at any had at least once. We did not do it for about money, no only because of the variety. As different as the guys were so united they were at the end in their Judgment. They called me their "super horny slut" and to me it was like a title of nobility.
Harry and I also visited swingers clubs, but mostly just to new acquaintances find, because in the clubs I could rarely go out of me. This happened then again only here at home.
Eventually Harry came home and announced by a surprise. He blindfolded me, took me into the bedroom and told me to wait.
I thought it was silly, because the thing with the blindfold, we can soon be, most still when several guests came and we made a joke a guessing game organized, which meant: "Nanu, Nanu who fucks me there".
I let the bandage but still in order and waited.
"Stand on all fours!" Harry ordered, and I heard, as he took off his pants. He stood in front of me and pushed his hard into his mouth. I waited for a his colleagues in my pussy or my ass felt. But I felt at first only something cold on my ass, and then a little long, rough on my
pussylips and my clit. It was not unpleasant. Then I noticed how something haired up jumped on me and a little long, thick in my cunt drilled.
I realized that none of Harry's colleagues was. But who or what was it? I could not tear the blindfold, because I had to do all hands to supporting me from the ground. In addition, I had still Harry stiffeners between my lips.
The big thing in my cunt drilled deeper and deeper, then it popped a piece out in order immediately afterwards to pound deeper inside.
Someone whimpered and I realized that it would come to me. Nonstop to Harrys
hose inlet, I could only moan. "Yeah, yeah fuck, fuck, whatever you are, but fuck me really nice through! "
Then the device in my pussy was slowly stood still and hot shot something in my lust channel. "Oh yeah!" I groaned and then also shot already Harrys cream in the throat. I swallowed and now Harry away the blindfold.
I squirmed around, the surprise was him splendidly succeeded this time I owed my orgasm a large black mastiff!
Harry grinned at me when I looked at him again now. "May I introduce Arko of Vulture Rock, our new roommate. "
I could not help but over Harry's witty introduction I had to laugh. I could not angry or be dismayed, why should I. The new lover had his cause really great made.
Wherever he came from, he was well trained and knew what women like.
That evening I learned firsthand that the Dane not only my cunt could work well, but also my greedy asshole contented. And satisfied as I was, it was initially an act of gratitude, that I licked his Dog's prick after a hard day's work pleasure. But when Arko in my mouth squirts, I noticed that dog ??cream me also tasted.
It passed since hardly a night without sex with Arko. When Harry was on a business trip,
I took rather Arko as a dildo into bed. Something natural to have between pussylips is much better than as an artificial thing.
Unbeknownst to Frances, who was now thirteen, was released on the matter. Somehow
she away from home, either with his grandparents, with a friend or just deep asleep in her room. Until just this evening came from already Franziska has reported.
"Yes" Sonja closed her story, "so I'm gone to the dogs."
She stood up and knelt in front of me. "The many narrative makes me hungry and thirsty."
Through her horny description I had meanwhile a huge hard-on. I started to jerk the plunger, Sonja took it between his lips and I served her sequentially nutritious eggs cream and thirst quenching pee.
Franziska had let first lick the cunt by Arko while Sonya's Report and had sucked in the end the dog's cock until themastiff her equally nutritious egg cream proffered.
I went to Franziska's upturned buttocks and pushed her my hardon in the cunt.
Sonja came to us and wanted to just lay next to us, when the phone rang. they
"Yes," I heard her say, "is fine, then in an hour." She hung up,
"It was Stefan, I had already spoken of him."
Then she lay down so that they also Arkos prick could suck and still said to Franziska. "Stefan is roughly an hour, he said, something of a surprise. "
Franziska only muttered, "Well then let yourself be surprised," and sucked on to Arkos
Suddenly the door of the room opened and in came a black spotted German mastiff and a moment later a long-legged, voluptuous blonde.
Sonja looked up, "but that is nice that you dropped, Petra."
The blonde smiled lasciviously. "Just stop by, I really did not want to." It moved she her black patent leather jacket made. Underneath she was almost naked, only a few stockings and black suspenders they dressed.
The Great Dane was a dog, as you could easily see. At least as magnificent as Arko. The dog went to Sonja and immediately licked her pussylips.
Sonja laughed, "but Hector is good, you can fuck us the same, just a little patience!"
Franziska pulled Arkos cock out of his mouth, "but I would like the Hector me first fucks! "
Petra laughed. "You need you but not to argue. Hector is so sharp that creates playing the two of you, and I'll devote myself here for the time being this young man. Agreed? "
I pulled my belt from Franziska's cunt, and Petra pushed the slimy device between her red lips.
She began to suck, her tongue immediately played around my tail tip.
The vacant hole Frances has now been filled with Hector large piston, and I saw Sonja got ready to let Arko fuck her.
Petra stopped to suck and said to me, "I love it from behind, like dogs, you understand."
With that she turned on all fours next to the other two women. Arko and Hector had already busy have it off as now Petra jacking by me.
The three hot brides groaned loudly with lust.
And then washed down. I first, then came Arko and Hector. Sonja and Franziska prevented this time the penetration of the bone and pulled the wet Tails from the Chicks.
Each of them now sucked on the gender of their partner. Subsequently changed. Hector now fucked in the ass of Sonja, Arko rammed Petras asshole I came in Franziska's asshole.
Now all three shouted in pleasure and the dog whined and I moaned until I squirts.
We changed again.
Petra suck on Hector's hose, Franziska licked Arkos belt and my hard took Sonja took into her mouth.
Sonja licked squeaky clean my butt, and I watched Franziska and Petra doing same with their dogs.

Then we rested from us, and gathered forces and juices.
Now I wanted to know how Petra was "come on the Dog".
Petra licked the shiny red lips, "Now, without wishing to offend Sonja, must
I still say she's to blame. "
Sonja laughed, "Do not you upset me already, tell quiet as it started."
Petra lay down between my legs and began to report.
"As I said, Sonja is to blame. We met for the first time on a swingers party.
I was just fucked by Harry, as Sonja came to us because her lover already hosed would have. I have nothing against lesbian play, so I was not at all averse Sonya's slippery love tunnel lick. Sonja sat down on my face and I
pushed my tongue between her wet pussy lips. Of course, the sour cream dripping,they contained had, in my open mouth.
When Harry had hosed, Sonja put between my legs and licked the cream of her husband out of my shell.
Then Sonia said, "I notice that you're open to everything, we do not want to prefer us go, then we can make some dirty tricks, which are not possible here. "
I agreed.
Under "obscenities" I understood Anal Dog Sex, Pee Games and smaller SM-deposits.
I was curious what Sonja and Harry understood below.
We drove to your house and sat arrived here our little game continued.
At first me asked Sonja into the bathroom after I had undressed me again, I followed her.
Harry was waiting for us both and as Sonja knelt before him, he pushed her
his big cock in her mouth. I knelt beside Sonja and watched as Harry her pissing into her mouth. Now also I opened my lips, so my to make clear consent. Harry interrupted his pee, pulled his tube from Sonya's mouth and gave me the rest of his natural champagne to drink.
I sucked on his syringe and soon shot his balls cream in my throat.
Sonja lay down on the floor and I lay down in ninety-six-position on them.
We began each other to lick the cunts. Harry fell over me, and I felt like he was trying to push his cock in my ass. By Sonya's tongue stimulated, I was very relaxed and horny, so that he succeeded his member until push stop pure. When it was there, he began to buck.
Sonja licked me to orgasm, I realized yet again how Harry out of my ass
out slipped, and Sonya's hands shortly thereafter tried something in my cunt to slide. Something big, thick. When the device stuck in my pussy, I felt something soft, furry on my back. I lifted my face from Sonya's delicious clam
and tried to turn. I looked into the face of a large mastiff, whose drool dripped on my bare skin. Abruptly was now clear to me what the two yet understood as "horny dirty tricks".
But I made good mine a bad job, because I did not feel uncomfortable,
as the big dog tried, to placing his sure be huge device between my pussylips.
I leaned my face back down to Sonya's slippery snail and licked so intense the stronger rammed the Great Dane in me. Then I felt the Dogs tail squirts. Hot was flooded my uterus from canine semen.
Harry raised the Dane soon from me, so that Arko not could push his bones in me. The dog mucus ran out of my cunt and dripping now in Sonya's mouth. She lying under me and had not stopped lmy clit edit. I perceive her tongue.
She suck now my slimy pussy.
Harry had the Dane now led around us, so that I could see how great
the device of the dog was that had just been placed in me. The hose of Dog dripped still and then I knew what Harry wanted to see, I pushed my tongue to the tip of the penis, licking it very briefly and then took the flask between my lips. I sucked the last drops from the syringe dogs. I parted my cunt from Sonya's sucking lips and then Sonja worked out from under me.
They first said nothing, waited well that I said something.
I pulled the willie of the dog between the lips out and Sonja grabbed it immediately to further suck.
"That ye meant such horny dirty tricks, I would not dream a favour."
I laughed, and thus defused the situation. "But I must say, really great horny, and really in the swingers club is not feasible. "
Harry also laughed, "I'm glad that you so react Petra. It was Sonja idea and I was afraid the greatest difficulties. "
"Nonsense, difficulties", I was now full of cool, "I'm concerned he can," pointed to the Dog "to make straight on."
"No," Harry said, "now I want you just to fuck!"
He lay down on the floor and I squatted down on his cock, and slid it into my
cunt, then I lay down on him and he began to move his cock in me.
Sonja had stopped at Arkos pipe to suck. The dogs sour dripped her from the
lips as she kissed me.
Then she led Arko from my point of view. Now I noticed how Sonja hands my butt up, I felt as she pushed her tongue at the rosette, and then again pulled.
A moment later I noticed that back there, something big in my asshole was pressed.
I knew it could only be Arkos piston. With Sonia's support also succeeded.
Full of pleasure I groaned and pushed back with my butt. A sandwich with two
Men was nothing new to me, but now one with a men dick in pussy a dog's dongl in the ass, that was something special.
The dog and the man injected almost simultaneously. And I would at this moment can not say what was better, it was just perfect as it was.
Sonja then moved Arkos hose from my asshole and I could see that the
unit took right back into her mouth and licked it. Then she knelt between my
legs and sucked the sour cream from the asshole.
I lifted my lower body of Harry and pushed his wet bulb in my mouth. It
not long, and the golden pee washed over my tonsils.
Since I had fixed me sucked on Harry's cock, I could not see that now
Sonja did leap from the Dane.
Thus ended our first joint "horny filthy", followed by a few exciting hours, until about a year ago I myself decided put on a mastiff. So I came to Hector. "

While Petra had always groan reported, because Sonja licked her cunt, she
had licked my lath and stroked the eggs. I was therefore on the verge shoot.
In addition, the sight of Frances that it is now operating with two dogs, was exceedingly stimulating. She sucked Arkos cock and had simultaneously Hector piston deep inside her.
Now I could not stop it, my juice is sprinkled on the kneeling Petra and met even Sonya's tits and then really came already my pee. I pissed on both women. It was a real golden shower.
"Too bad," said Petra, "I'd rather drink the pee."
"Sorry," I was really contrite. "But it is also really embarrassed me. But this
sight, "I pointed to Franziska, who was firmly anchored with two dogs," was easy too cool! "
We all went to Franziska and watched as the girl sucked on dog's cock.
Hector had made it his bones accommodate with in Franziska's vagina. We
waited until the Dane himself by Franziska cunt parted.
Petra buried her face in Franziska's cunt. Sonja took her daughter the dog's tail out of her mouth.
Then she stood on all fours and demanded of me that I should help her Hector drill her ass. I did the course and it looked how she now Arkos belt took in her mouth. Now even Sonja had to deal with two males.
I watched for a while, as Hectors machine disappeared into the asshole, but then went I to Franziska, who still could be sucked out of Petra. I introduced myself her and she grabbed my cock with her lips.
When we were all busy so peaceful, the door opened again. In came an about forty-year-old man.
"Hello Boys and Girls, here Stefan comes with a surprise!"
This man seemed to us not at all be surprised, he did so as if it were the most natural thing to see of the world, like a woman at the same time with two dogs
"Now go already Achilles!".
I was curious to see who would be the new Greek hero. It was a Danish
Great Dane.
"Well that's not a surprise?" He retired from this. "This is Achill, the mastiff my
Sister. Helga is on an extended business trip. If I must take care of Achilles. "
Stefan went to Petra and gave her a slap on the ass. "I see you're just free, how about do you want to try Achilles, he is well-trained. "
Petra split from Franziska's pussy, I saw her from the dogsjuice and slime of cunt smeared face, "Yeah, let him leap upon me!"
She licked continue to Franziska's cunt and Stefan led Achilles to her. The dog sniffed briefly at her rump and his large tongue lapped over her butt, then jumped he already on.
Petra moaned as the great, ready dong disappeared into her cunt.
I saw the inferior this Great Dane in their training Arko and Hector in nothing.
Since I had just injected into Frances' mouth, I cleared the field and made room for Stefan.
He kept his big stiff to Franziska's lips and the girl immediately began to suck it.
She really insatiable.
I rested and watched as Sonja and Petra from their dog partners let ball.
Sonja still sucked vigorously at Arkos hose, but Hector appeared already in their ass hosed to have. She pulled with one hand the piston from the chocolate channel and pushed him immediately afterwards between their cuntlips. Hector met again vigorously and yank was his crossbar now in this lust cave.
Now I stood behind Petra and noticed how Petra her pussy lips even further
pulling apart so that Achilles also brought his bone into the vagina.
Now I came to her and pushed her my tube to her lips. Petra opened her
mouth and I urinated into it. The horny girl swallowed my golden champagne.
"Aaah, that was really the right thing now!" Moaned Petra and snapped at my
Hose me completely sucked empty. She sucked groaning and I noticed that
she had to have an orgasm. Achilles was completely in her and seemed just
When I really had nothing, I pulled back from her sucking mouth.
Now I went back to Franziska. This had now Stefan's bar in the ass. I asked
me so before both, that I succeeded my syringe simultaneously put her cunt.
Petra and Sonja seemed to moan about the bet. In Sonja was the dogs beating now fully in it. But she had stopped sucking on Arko.
The Great Dane was looking for a new job, and found them at Franziska. WhileStefan and I balling the girl took she further Arkos flask in her mouth and already drawn back to it.
But then she let the hose slipping out of her mouth and Arko went to Petra.
This was easier to keep it the dog penis with her lips and sucked it now,
to her the sour cream dripped from her lips.
Stefan had come into Franziska's ass. He pulled his machine out there and I saw him now to went to Sonja, who was still packed by Hektor. Stefan pushed his slippery, brown flask in Sonja's sucking mouth. I saw how they licked the bar.
Now I devoted myself fully Franziskas lust holes. I pushed her my hose in her mouth, lying around a dildo in the asshole and my fist in her cunt. She moaned loudly and swallowed me this time my cream and the same it coming pee.

Meanwhile, three quarters of an hour had passed. Petra and Sonja started
to separate from their dogs, that is, the dogs separated from the women.
At first I saw Achilles popped out Petras cunt and Arko from her mouth back moved. A short time later, also Hektor by Sonja parted.
This had still Stefan's cock in the mouth and I saw, as he now also in their pharynx pissed.
At this moment on this day opened the door for the umpteenth time.
In came a red-haired girl, estimated to Franziska's age, with a figure and
ever in an outfit, as they currently spread a certain pop singer.
Next to her she had - how could it be otherwise - a Great Dane.
Sonja parted from Stefan, and went to the girl. They gave her a kiss, the tasted determined by dogs juice and men piss. But the girl seemed not to notice or to feel more exciting. Because her kiss was not tame and shy. I watched as she pushed her tongue deep into Sonja's mouth.
"That's nice, Marion, that you even come around and are bringing the same Max."
The redhead Marion laughed, "though because already."
Franziska explained briefly to me that the girl was her friend. Then she stood up and also gave her a wet kiss.
Marion went to Petra, slapped her lightly on the butt. "Hello Petra, I see you are already in the middle, you do not let interfere, I take off just quickly, then I'll come to you!"
No sooner said than done, she took off her dress, knelt behind Petra and began to slurp her cunt .
Franziska greeted Max by took his penis in her mouth, the dog seemed to please and this was evidently not the first time for him.
While Marion Petras cunt licking, Arko was quite interested approached them, he sniffed her butt licked the column and then the Great Dane was already
about the girl and in her cunt.
Marion was not deterred and continued to lick Petras cunt.
I led Hector to Petras face, she beamed at me. "You know exactly what I want."
Then she grabbed Hectors bar and slid it into her mouth.
Sonja had gone on all fours in front of Achill and it was not long since he was also already in their pussy.
Stefan looked at me questioningly, I had indicated to him that I would make me and Sonja so he went again to Franziska, still sucking on Max. The super awesome girl raised briefly the butt so that he immediately could push back his cock in her ass.
I went to Sonja, who drove it with Achill again violently. I wanted her my lath
pushing between her lips, but she demanded, "No lie down under me and lick
my clit! "
I did that and while I licked the clitoris, I watched the mighty Dog's dongl, who worked between Sonia pussylips. When the dog squirts, squeaked out the juice from Sonya's cunt, so she was already filled, from this present orgy.
She pulled the dog piston out this time and did not let him inside. Hector let off of it and is looking for a new "bitch". I crawled out from under Sonja and only shoved my cock in the steaming and slippery cunt, but then my hand.
When I pulled out again, she was covered all over by dogs mucus.
Sonja licked my hand now and I now noticed that Marion also no longer with Arko fucked, but now let balls of Achill.
Also Petra sucked not to Hector, but now had the tail of Max between the lips.
Franziska also no longer let fuck Stefan, but rammed with Hector.
While they now had Stefan's cock in the mouth.
Sonja was preparing a powerful time for our round.
Meanwhile, I watched as Marion still succession of Hector and Max let balls. Thus, a condition I had the small little person that looked like Christina
Aguilera, not to dare. But I would not even indeed dreamed that Franziska and Sonja such horny sows. Even the staid appearance of Petra I would never have expected to be so wonderfully dirty.
While Stefan was screwing with Petra, without one of the dogs was involved, I went to Franziska and as before with her mother, I slid my hand deep into her cunt. Her pussy was also totally step in line when I pulled out the hand and she held her,Franziska she wanted to lick, but Marion was faster. So both girls licking Dog mucus from my hand.
Now I wanted to know how Marion "had gone to the dogs."
Without hesitation began Marion from her first time to report.

"It must have been such a year ago. Franziska had to have the run of the house and we went a long movie night. First, we saw one of the typical teen comedies. After that a horror movie and now took Franziska from the collection of her stepfather a Hardcore porn. This movie made us so that we began to mutually caress and kiss. As on the screen I licked Franziskas clit and she quickly fetched from the kitchen a banana. We kissed and licked each other and Franziska slowly pushed the banana in my pussy. Since I had nothing to equal it to her do, I pushed gradually my fingers between her pussy lips. Until I finally had my whole hand in her pussy.
Franziska fucked me with the banana and I was screwing with my fist. We did
until we both had an orgasm.
The porn was when we again saw at the end of the screen.
I got up because I had to go to the toilet.
Only in negligee I snuck to the bathroom, order to perform my business.
Suddenly the door opened. Despite porn still the slasher horror in mind,
I was startled. In came Arko. I knew the Great Dane ofcourse and always had a heide respect for the huge animal. I sat on the toilet bowl and dare not to stir. The dog came closer and closer. In order not to startle him or to wild make, but I did not want to call too loud also. Now he stood in front of me and I could see what he was wearing a huge device around with you. Now he put his head between my thighs and - I could not believe it - licking my vagina and the clitoris. I tried it but now push away from me. But the dog was much
Then I saw Franziska grinning in the doorway. "Let him, Marion, he is doing nothing would you not like it at the end. " She came to me and stood behind me, grabbed my breasts and began to massage them and to stroke. "Pay easy, honey. Let Arko make. "
Obeying I opened my legs further and now Arko licking not only the outer
Labia, but his long tongue popped really deep into my cunt. I could otherwise, I had to moan in pleasure.
Now Franziska kissed my right breast while Arko licking my left breast with his
long, rough tongue. He had straightened up and now I also noticed, that he tried to push his huge dick in my vagina.
"But Arko" said Franziska, "we do but rather different. Or are you about the opinion, Marion does not? "
I do not know what Franziska da babbled with Arko. But these went Arko now
but away from me. "Los sweetness, stand on all fours!"
I was confused. "What should I?"
"Thou shalt make thee on all fours, then can better Arko leap you."
I was indignant. "But he should not leap on me!"
"Oh Marion, stand not so on, you know not what you are missing!"
I refused. "No, I want it but do not drive with a dog. my first time should be a good-looking boy already. "
"Speak now no nonsense Marion, I tell you from personal experience, you'll always do it again, if you've tried it once. "
I looked at Arko. What Franziska had said, from personal experience? "You have it actually done it before with the Great Dane ?! "
Franziska laughed. "What's here already, I do it almost regularly, as well as
Sonja! "
Now I was dismayed. "What? Your mother gets fucked by a dog? "
"Sure, come on, come on, do your own experiences."
Now my arguments were considered slow and I was quite curious. "How
should I do it? "
Franziska smiled at me. "I told you yet, stand on all fours and let Arko and make me. "
Now I did. Franziska kissed me hot and massaged my sagging breasts, while I felt Arko licked my ass and then jumped on me. Because he was well educated, Franziska did not have to carry him. He met immediately the right
input and I felt lhow the huge device was slowly pushed into my pussy.
The dog then rammed going.
For me it was the first male member at all - and then immediately so powerful!
Franziska had not promised too much. It was great!
I moaned and screamed in pleasure. The dog bucked on. Franziska massaged with a hand my chest, with the other my clit. I noticed how the dog suddenly was quiet and then it shot hot in my abdomen. The Dane squirted!
Franziska pulled Arkos hose out of my pussy and when I turned, I saw, she had the dripping dog penis between her lips and sucked on it. Exhausted
I crawled over to her and as Franziska held out to me the prick, I pushed him without hesitation in my mouth.
The thing that came out of there, tasted slightly salty, but also nutty. But there also my first egg cream was at all, I had no means of comparison.
Franziska kissed me again and then started clean my cunt with her tongue from Dogs mucus.
Her Licking made me so hot that I was ready after an hour, me permit a second time balling of Arko .
That night I sat still mount two more times by Arko. In this last time but he succeeded because Franziska not intervened, his bones with in the cunt to bring. So my vagina was further expanded somewhat and we were coupled to each other. But Franziska calmed me down so that only no panic with me could arise. And after half an hour slipped Arko by itself out of me.
Yes, it was the first night with a dog. I visited Franziska Sonja and more often now, to play at their orgies, like today. For two months I have Max, and as you can see, he's the same tip as Arko. "
Marion stood up, "now tells enough we walk back to action." She looked at me, "you, tell makes me thirsty, as it is ...? "
Marion did not need to continue the sentence. I believed their special knowing preference after I knew their partners, and had pulled the trigger. A targeted beam golden nature champagne met in her mouth. And I had properly located. Also this horny thing swallowed my pee as it would be the best
Champagne in the world.
Now every woman wanted a dog, which she wanted to be leap.
Franziska overdid it with Achill, Sonja with Max, Petra could be balls of Arko and Marion let fuck Hektor in the ass.
Stefan pushed his beating Sonja in the throat while I was back at Frances
Sucking lips had landed.
Then the door opened and a tall man entered the room, followed by a boy in
"Because, I did not say it", the man turned to the boy, "the orgy is in full progress. "He began his stuff lay. "Los withdrawing from you, Bodo. We have
apparently much to catch up! "
Bodo withdrew immediately. "Well Harry, whom do you take?"
"I will first screws Petra." Replied Sonya's husband and Franziska's stepfather.
Bodo came to Marion. "Well honey, what do you think of my lollipop."
Marion grinned back. "I see you, he is gorgeous, then give me a time taste test. "
Bodo pushed her the flask between his lips and Marion immediately began to suck.
Also Petra enjoyed at Harry's unused belt. She sucked up her Egg cream against the almonds lap.
Meanwhile the dogs had hosed with Sonja and Franziska and it was changed. Sonja now let fuck Achill in the ass. Franziska but moved Stefans flask from her mouth and took the dripping penis Max between the Lips.

Stefan again stepped behind Franziska and pierced his syringe in her asshole.
Sonja swallowed my sperm and my urine.
Meanwhile Arko Petras cunt had filled with his juice. Petra pulled out the syringe her pussy and Harry rammed a moment later his still stiff belts in the
step in line pussy.
Bodo had to spray brought his lollipop with Marion in the moment Achill silvered her the sleeve.
The dog slipped out of the chocolatechannel and Bodo immediately used the well-oiled Entrance.
Petra cried Achilles to her and began to lick his penis, meanwhile Marion licking Arkos prick.
Sometime was changed again. Each of the men present at this fucked
Evening each of the women present at least twice more. That means even in the ass and once in the pussy. We were completely empty suck from the four horny women. Also our pee was depleted.
While we rested and our stocks supplemented, by some beer to us took, we watched as the four girls could be leap from the dogs.
Again, each of every Dane.
I marveled at the stamina of these amazing women.
But then they were completely exhausted.
Franziska lay beside Petra and Marion beside Sonja.
The four dogs had gone to a corner of the room.
We men stood up from the table, put us on the lying beautiful, from their
lust holes the dogs juice only so dripping, and watered our great sows with our Pee.
Then we lay down next to it and slept together.
The next morning we all showered together and Sonja invited me for the next
weekend to another Bulldog Club session.
And I can already hardly wait yet again with the cock hungry Franziska, the kinky Sonja, the super sharp Petra and the greedy Marion to floating.

- End

Attention: Theoriginal Story was not written in english. I used google translator. Sorry for the bad english
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