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Default Batman's Darker Side - 3 - ZooSex Fiction, Anal Dog Sex, Bestiality, Dog Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission, Romance

Batman's Darker Side - 3 - ZooSex Fiction, Anal Dog Sex, Bestiality, Dog Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission, Romance

Chapter 7

Billionaire Bruce Wayne was leaning against the old leather chair in his study in stately Wayne Manor. It was just past 3 p.m. so, of course, his secretary/sex slave Stephanie knelt naked before him with the magnificent Batprick solidly in her mouth, her sensational breasts pressing against his knees. She had an incredible body-34D-24-34 with an even more incredible mound just above her bare pussy. Bruce often wondered how she could get so much of his tool-almost 12 inches long and three inches wide-into her mouth. One of the other servants had told him that she had seen Stephanie exercising her jaws. Maybe that was it. Anyway you looked at it though she was a super cock sucker. Right now she had almost eight inches into her throat and was licking the enormous organ all over with each and every stroke. Bruce had only two things on his mind-should he fuck her pussy or ass before cumming in her mouth and what to do next with Batgirl. Since he had learned her secret identity he had striven to sexually humiliate her. First, he had blackmailed her to fuck him and taken her Anal Dog Sex cherry, and second, he had her eat Stephanie's ass while he fucked her ass with his terrific tool. Whether he had caused her more pain or pleasure he wasn't sure. Now he needed another scenario. But first he needed to finish himself with his slave. Bruce pulled her to her feet and kissed her. She pushed her tongue into his mouth where he could taste his own sex. He broke the kiss and she bent voluntarily over the chair arm. "Please, Master, she purred. "Please fuck my ass. I love it when you fuck my ass."

Bruce was in a really good mood because of his recent conquests of Batgirl. He wanted to satisfy her as much as he wanted to be satisfied. He positioned his monster cock at her ass. First he inserted two fingers, rubbing them in and out. "Oh, thank you, Master. Thank you so much." He had fucked Stephanie's ass so many times she was always ready for it. He pushed his head against her anus until it yielded, using her slippery cunt juice as lubricant. He went in with an audible "POP" then slid in until his balls rested against her slit and clit. Now he humped and his every thrust was met by her hips moving in the opposite direction. The combined action of her sphincter and bowels soon began to milk him. Stephanie could feel his cock quiver and pulse. "May I swallow your cum, Master?" He withdrew and immediately rammed his cock deep into her throat just in time to spray rivers of hot cum deep into her belly. She moved his erection slightly out so she could lick the tip and taste the cum as it flowed into her mouth. Once she was sure the flow of cum had ended she washed all traces of her ass from his shrinking erection. When Bruce had withdrawn she asked, "May I service you again please, Master?"It was tempting but he wanted to save himself for tonight's session with the Batbitch. Instead he asked, "Did you enjoy our session with Barbara Gordon?"

"Oh yes, Master. I loved it when she ate my ass, but not as much as when you did it."

"Well, perhaps we'll set something up again. You did well not to reveal that I am Batman, very well indeed."

Batman/Bruce was determined to totally destroy Barbara Gordon. Bruce had asked her out several times while they were in high school together and she had blown him off every time, ridiculing his dinky dick as only a high school girl could do. That's when he had first plotted his revenge. He knew what he wanted to do now but wasn't quite sure how to arrange it. When in doubt he thought, use the direct approach. It had been more than two weeks since the threesome with Stephanie. Batman had seen Batgirl once in that time at a crime scene and she was obviously hungry for some more of the Batprick. She would have blown him right there in front of the cops if he would have let her. Well, she could have some of it tonight, he thought, and some more cock, too. Ha ha!

Chapter 8

It was almost midnight when Batman scaled the wall to Barbara Gordon's apartment balcony. Once again the sliding door was unlocked. She really was getting desperate. Batman let himself in and removed his costume. He stood there in his cowl and cape, muscled body and huge cock reflecting the dim light from the street. He went to the front door, opened it, placed the whistle to his lips, and blew. Soon his companion joined him in the apartment. Now they snuck to Barbara's bedroom.

Barbara was sound asleep until the light was suddenly on. "Who's there? What's going on?" she shouted sleepily.

"No need to yell, Barbara," Batman replied calmly. "I was a little horny this evening and I knew you would want to suck me off, so here I am."

Barbara rubbed her eyes seeing Batman and his companion, a large brown dog that looked like a Great Dane who was wearing leather booties on its paws. She looked at Batman, "What's with the...," but then she suddenly got it. "Oh no, I'm not doing any dog."

"Just come here and rub my cock, Barbara. Then we'll talk about it," said Batman quietly, knowing that as soon as she made contact with his erection, the curse would take over stronger than ever. Barbara was amazed every time she saw it. It has so huge she couldn't believe it could ever support itself. She reached out and gently stroked the underside of the lengthy shaft. As she did her yearning grew into desire. When she placed both small hands around it that desire grew into lust-wanton lust. Batman sat on the edge of bed and positioned Barbara so she was standing just in front of him, bent at the waist, legs apart. The dog's interest grew in proportion to her wetness, becoming motivated by the female scent of her secretions. Was this a bitch to be bred? He reached his tongue between her legs to taste her, the roughness of its tongue stimulating her slit and clitoris. The more he licked, the wetter she got; the wetter she got, the more he licked.

"Ooh, that feels incredible," Barbara moaned, her words almost unintelligible as she sucked away on the Batman's huge tool.

Batman spoke. He wanted to direct the activity. "Suck harder on my cock, Barbara. Take me deeply into your mouth."

When she started to blow him in earnest, Batman continued. "Stroke the dog. Bring his penis out from its sheath." Because of the curse Barbara was unable to resist. She closed her legs and moved so her hand could reach the dog's balls. She caressed and rubbed them. As the dog became more and more excited his erection grew dramatically from its sheath to a full thick fourteen inches. "Go ahead, touch it. Stroke it."
Barbara reached down, feeling the dog's hardness. His cock was covered in slippery precum. She was tentative at first, but her lust was driving her actions. She would do anything to enjoy Batman's cock. With her left hand she was stroking Batman while she licked and sucked up and down his shaft. Her right hand began stroking the dog faster and harder. Now was the time, Batman decided. He repositioned her onto the bed so her hips and legs hung over one side of the bed and her head hung over another at a right angle. He moved the eager dog so his forefeet were on the bed and the tip of its cock was just outside Barbara's pussy. He fingered Barbara hard and fast, increasing her wetness, and rubbed his finger across the dog's wet nose. The dog lunged forward driving almost four inches, roughly thirty percent, of its cock into Barbara's cunt. Frantically, the dog drove its cock into her, its pointed tip pushing into her womb. All the dog knew was that it wanted to impregnate this bitch. He rammed his cock forward until his knot was wedged into her. Barbara screamed both in pain and in pleasure as the knot swelled and sealed her cAnal Dog Sex. Batman now attacked the other orifice with his monster. He pushed about two inches into her waiting mouth then forced even more into her, fucking her mouth hard and fast. She gagged several times but continued licking and sucking. There was no way she was giving up her prize. She loved this cock and would do anything to have it, as evidenced by her coupling with the canine.

Batman felt his balls boil so he pushed even deeper into Barbara's eager mouth. When she sucked him strongly he couldn't resist. Long spurts of hot cum flooded her mouth and throat. "Swallow all of it slut," Batman instructed. That was one directive that was unnecessary; Barbara had no intention of letting any get away. Meanwhile the dog was making rapid short strokes intent on flooding her with his semen. He stopped suddenly as jets of his cum drowned her womb and tunnel. "Oh my God!!!" Barbara exclaimed when she could finally speak, "I've never felt so filled up. It's incredible, unbelievable. Who would have thought a dog."

Barbara licked Batman's phallus clean while waiting for the knot to subside. Doggy cum started to pour from her cunt. Batman grabbed her hand and directed it to some of the leakage. Using her hand he scooped some onto her fingers and moved it to her mouth. "Lick," he said. Slowly she extended her tongue. Finding that she loved the taste, she eagerly scooped up every drop, even dipping into her swollen cunt. Batman looked at her. "You're not done yet, clean his cock. You don't think I want a dog with a dirty cock in the Batmobile, do you? If you do, I'll give you the fucking you want so badly. You do want it, don't you?"

"You know I do, you bastard. I hate you; I love you. I can't do without you. I used to be such a prude. When I think of all the time I wasted.." Barbara went down to the floor. By lying on her side she was able to lick the doggy dong. Only one problem, the more she licked the harder it grew. The beast was ready to fuck her again.

Batman lay back on the bed slowly stroking his gargantuan cock, keeping it ready for what was to come next. When Barbara was finished with the dog he pulled her on top of him. Her cunt was running with the combined fluids of the dog and herself. He rammed his mammoth dong deep into her. He wasn't as long as the dog but he was much wider. Barbara groaned audibly in the initial pain, but her expression rapidly turned to one of pleasure. Batman snapped his fingers getting the dog's attention. He signaled the beast onto the bed behind Barbara, its huge cock swung freely. Batman grabbed it pushing it up against her ass. "Oh no, please. Don't let him fuck my ass. It's too big. It's too fucking big," Barbara begged. Ignoring her, Batman snapped his fingers again. The dog lunged forward forcing his slippery hard-on right into her ass. "Unghh, I'm being split in two. Please stop, please!" Barbara was pleading. Again, Batman snapped his fingers and again the dog lunged. Now its knot was banging up against Barbara's anus. This was going to be a battle between the tightness of her asshole and the determination of the dog to mate. Assholes are strong, but apparently not as strong as a big dog. The beast pushed with all its strength forcing the knot past the sphincter. Barbara screamed continuously until Batman clamped his hand over her mouth. Even then she screamed until the dog began to move. The rapidity of its thrusts, much faster than any human cock, started to drive her crazy. She'd never experienced anything like it. The friction on her bowel walls combined with the action of the famous Batprick brought her swiftly to a powerful orgasm that never seemed to end. Over and over the grip of the orgasm ran through her body until the dog ceased its movements and jetted buckets of hot doggie cum up her bowel. The action of the dog combined with Barbara's orgasm brought Batman again to a searing climax. He poured rope after thick rope of hot cum into her pussy. Eventually, she collapsed onto him as the knot popped from her butt and the dog withdrew.

She lay there for some time with Batman caressing her. She roused herself, took his flaccid penis in her hand and began kissing it. She licked his balls and moved up to the head, cleaning him as she went. She took his entire cock into her mouth and stimulated him back to hardness. Now SHE was in control. She probed his ass with first one and then two fingers. When she removed them she licked them clean. "I like that almost as much as I like the taste of your cock.and I love that. When you first came here I hated you for everything you made me do. But now I see that you've opened my eyes to a whole new world of sensational sexual experiences. I've had more orgasms-much bigger orgasms in the past three weeks than I had in the previous five years." Batman realized then that his plans to embarrass and humiliate her had failed. On the positive side, he did have a new slave-a new source of sexual gratification.

Batgirl/Barbara continued to stroke him. A new sense of arousal overcame him. He wanted to cum again, and badly. He needed to dominate her again. "Sit on it. Push it into your ass and then fuck me with it. Fuck me hard."

Barbara squatted above him and lowered herself onto his huge erection, wondering once again how it could possibly fit. But she was controlled by the curse. There was nothing she could do. She had to have that cock and if it split her ass, so be it. It was a struggle getting past her sphincter so in her lust Barbara rose up and dropped herself suddenly forcing the cock up into the bowel. There was pain and lots of it, but also there was pleasure. As she continued the pain ebbed and the pleasure rose. She found herself in a state of sexual euphoria. She rocked back and forth, back and forth, rubbing the cock against her sphincter and bowel walls. The feeling was better than the best shit she'd ever taken, in fact she knew that she had never felt better in her entire life. She felt Batman's thick cock swell and quiver as he came for the second time and sprayed her with his man juice. She clenched her ass muscles as she started to cum again and again and again. Her body was drenched in sweat from her exertions. She fell into a heap totally exhausted. As Batman rose to leave she tried to speak. "Next time. bring. two. dogs.please," just before she passed out.

Chapter 9

Batman decided to walk out of Barbara's apartment at 3 a.m. rather than climb down the rope. He had to let the dog out that way anyway. He strolled leisurely from the building, entered the Batmobile, and drove away. He started to think about what had gone wrong. Batgirl/Barbara should have been embarrassed, humiliated, destroyed by all she had been forced to do. But she wasn't. All Batman had done was release her inner slut, and she definitely was a super slut. Was there anything she wouldn't do? Maybe he should have the dogs pee on her. Would that do it? Probably not, he concluded. She'd probably drink it. Batman was in a real quandary when he drove unseen into the Batcave.

Rising up the reverse Batpole he exited in the study. He was surprised to fine his slave Stephanie waiting for him. As usual, she was kneeling and she was naked. "Oh, Master, I'm so glad you are home. I know you were with that Barbara again. I know I can service you better than she can. Just give me a chance to prove it to you.please."

Batman/Bruce gave that some thought, then came to a decision. "Come with me, Slave, let's go to bed." He rarely took her to bed, preferring to have her every afternoon, but tonight he was wired after the evening's events and what better to help him relax that some Master/Slave sex? He lifted her to her feet and put his arm around her. "You haven't had any orgasms since our last time together, have you? I wouldn't want to have to punish you."

"Oh no, Master. I have wanted to cum badly-really badly-but I have waited for you. I love to cum with you, Master."

Bruce smiled. It was going to be a good night, after all. He had enjoyed the sex with the Batslut but he had been pissed that he had failed to destroy her. He would use Stephanie's lush body to turn everything right.

When they arrived at Bruce's bedroom suite he dropped his soiled clothes on the floor and led his slave to the shower. She grabbed the soap and started to wash his body, planning to start at his shoulders and work her way down to his humongous rod which she planned to clean with her tongue. Unfortunately, she was the slave so she was overruled immediately. Bruce pulled her into a deep passionate kiss as the hot steamy water rolled over their bodies. Bruce took the soap and sudsed her body concentrating on her magnificent ass-the ass that had gotten her through college. He rubbed and massaged her butt cheeks taking time to insert some soap into her ass. She shrieked with pleasure at his touch. He just gave her a look and she knew what he wanted. She turned and bent to grab her ankles, placing that delectable ass at just the right height and angle for his mammoth member. He soaped it and pushed it against her ass. Surprise!! Suddenly, she backed up against him, impaling her butt on his cock. She backed again pushing him against the shower wall where she started to ass fuck herself at a frantic pace. Bruce had never seen her so aggressive; he liked it. In fact, he loved it. She fucked him fast and hard using the shower door for leverage. Even after cumming three times with the Batslut and once with Stephanie earlier in the day, he felt a rumbling in his groin. It was slow rising, but it came on steadily until he couldn't control it. His cock started to quiver in anticipation. Stephanie knew that feeling as well as he did. She pulled off, reversed, and knelt intending to take it in her mouth. She was just a little slow. His first jet hit her in the hair and face; the second right on her nose. But she got the third right on her tongue. By the time the fourth came she had safely enclosed his cock in her hot mouth. She swallowed all she could and washed the rest away. She closed the shower, dried Bruce's exhausted body and led him to bed. She climbed in next to him, embracing his body until they fell asleep.
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