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Default The Best Doggy-Style Trainer - Essay, Bestiality, Consensual Sex, Male/Female, Voyeurism

The Best Doggy-Style Trainer - Essay, Bestiality, Consensual Sex, Male/Female, Voyeurism

Me fucked by a dog
intro: a bad story from a bad girl; legal-aged adults but very naughty. It was not my first time, but I have not done it since and it is not my follows:

Holiday-away play-time together
So Mr Boyfriend Jake and I (one of his sluts) decide to go for a cheap city-flat/apartment holiday-away together: to try cohabiting for a two-week break. Here is the very sordid story of what happened (part 1 of at least 3)

As all we wanted to do was fuck, there seemed to be not much-point in going too-far for the holiday away !

A change of location was easily done with hiring a flat in a communal-dwelling that was going cheap.
We went round there together to check it out and see if it suited our hormonal needs as young lovers...

It was a ground floor 'granny flat' and one room with a window to the back-yard!
It had a kitchen, sofa and chair, free electricity and a single bed, the landlord warned us, but we were ok with that.

He smiled and laughed and happily signed us up for cash in-advance and a deposit on the keys: one for the front door, one for the inner-security-door, one for the back door and one for the flat-apartment door ! 4 fucking keys!

Jake my boyfriend happily signed away his soul and paid up-front (I had paid half to him) to one happy land-lord. money for old rope! and he wished us a good time.

So there we were!

I was dressed up for the session we had plotted and was wearing a sexy school-girl type of attire: my hair was up in pig-tails, padded-bra under my half-open white blouse, and I wore a short tartan skirt around my ass with no-panties, white socks over my knees and black high-heels: so I was every guys jack-job and wet-dream.
Or so I felt from the many looks I received. ha ha!

Holiday right? might as well enjoy it!

We had the food to unpack and I had located the nearest store so everything was set for 'a lets stay in and fuck' type of holiday.

The evening came in. We were joking around.
So I was on all-fours on the mat in front of the fire-place, with Jake sitting on the sofa watching me be a naughty girl.

I wiggled my ass and smiled and sang a naughty shanty to him about which end he wanted first.

How did it happen?
I asked him if he wanted me ....Dog-gy style. was that it? or hey mr, want a special treat and show? or should we go dog-ing instead?

So he was playing with his phone taking who-knows-what types of photos of me.
Not very hard-core ones anyway.

"Dog?" he says...(he claimed later) mishearing me.

I heard..."Dog!"

My mouth fell open in astonishment at him !

My heart fluttered and I slowly nodded....ok.
Gosh Jake!
But I couldn't deny him, not on our first night away on holiday could I ?

Well, I had been a naughty girl before so It would not be my first time K9 or anything!

Misunderstandings can provide the best of fun sometimes!

So I grabbed my phone and said
"Ok Mr ! I will be a little time and then you get the special show!

He looked at me with a curious smile.
"Ok Gemma, go for it!" he grinned.

I trotted from the room and waved him bye-bye for now!

can I borrow your dog please?
Out-side I sighed and wondered about Jake and me.
I took a deep breath and phoned a local friend...
"hi, yeh, It's Gemma...The helped-out that-time chick...yeh me....
umm...can I...borrow your dog...and take it a walk?
....oh please! I need to as a treat for a special friend!!
yeh Jake.
and He would like the evening know for his health... and ..
yeh I'm with Jake...anyway, I read on the inter-web that dogs in the wild hunt at night in the evening and like, they also mate then too, and so as it is the evening and its is natural for him to want to..."

"ok Gemma!" she laughed....
so came the answer I wanted.
"oh thanks!
yes...I will bring him right back....after,
yes I will !
ok see ya soon!"

phew!, that went easier than expected!
and she only lived two blocks away from where we were staying soo...
I would not need the car and doggy could get an evening walk, and all that wild doggy things they do too....
ha ha!
the gods had smiled upon me!

The Doggy-Style Specialist
I walked the night streets dressed as I was, wondering if I would get borrowed for sex by gangs of drunk young hormonal guys in need of some hot cunt...gasp! hot hopes!

....well some cars beeped and some screamed 'get titz out' as they raced past horn down.

I Walked up the path, rang the bell.
She opened the door and smiled at me as I stood there looking a right slut.
I couldn't look her in the eye.
She passed me good doggy's lead and I greeted him. Mr waggy tail.
"I was your age once, Gemma" she called after me, closing the door.

Sure! State the obvious.

Time to take Mr Waggy-Tail 'the doggy-style specialist' a walk over to our apartment.

Special Show for a Special Guy
I took Mr Waggy into the ground-floor apartment, sweating and trembling and my cunt was all-ready wet !
could I do this?
I panted, yes I had to now. I had come this far, and going back would be a dud. And ...Jake wanted me to be fucked by a dog...! end of matter!

That was it. I would be fucked by a dog for him! to please him and make him happy with me.
Doggy looked happily up at me and I winked back.

We walked into the apartment and I lead him round to be in-front of the sofa where Jake was sitting.
Seeing me with a dog on the lead made Jake almost jump out of his seat in surprise!

"Hi Jake, Show Time!" I said limply.
I undid the lead and got onto all-fours and wagged my ass like a silly slut and yapped three times!
Jake looked at me, lost for any words.

The dog sniffed and licked my cunt.

Then he barks, runs up to my face and barks like crazy! then he runs off behind me.
I looked over to Jake with a big smile.
He just slowly shook his head in amazement.

The dog mounted me, twice, and the second time dug his paws into my skirt and hips, and then slid his dick up my cunt-groove.

Then he penetrated my cunt with his doggy dick and fucked me.

"He is in me fucking me Jake" I said to him, matter of factually.

"I can see that Gemma" he said back.

It was quick. Doggy fucked me fast and good as I yelped for him like a bitch in heat and hey presto!
Doggy cum up me.
I felt kind of numb to it and was glad it was over.
I didn't cum.

Mr Waggy-Tail dismounted me and came round to lick my face.
"good dog" I whispered to him.

And dam it!
Jake looked under-whelmed by seeing his main slut fucked by a dog!

doggy cum dripped out of my cunt and onto the floor in-front of Mr Boyfriend.

Deal with it Mr
"I have to take him back now" I almost cried.
"ok" said Jake, knocked for six.
I put Mr happy-waggy back on the lead and walked off with him from the flat,
leaving behind the air of madness that the place had become.

I felt crazy in the head for what I had done and did not like it.
But hey, now he knew and we had done it, so It was out of the way. (I hoped).

Ding Dong...I rang the door bell and she opened the door looking intently at me.
"I....have ....returned - brought-back him...this guy.." I panted.

she laughed and took the lead off me.
"see ya Gemma. If borrow him again...well you can, ok?"

"yeh thanks" I gasped.
and ran away....

cum ran down my thighs as I made my escape.
"see ya Mr Waggy!".
I was not cumming back though!

I ran back to the fucking flat crying like a silly girl and let myself in.
Well I was ok!
I fixed my make-up and took a deep breath and told myself to stop being silly.
I had to face Jake my boyfriend again! And with some dignity for both of us, and Mr Waggy too!

I Walked into the room and stood before him with a wicked grin on my face.
"Hi Jake!"
"yeh, Hi Gemma" he said looking up at me.

I got down on all-fours and wiggled my ass for him.
and I sang a song to him
"Did Mr boyfriend like the show?
on all-fours, then as now?
doggy-style is how its done
my cunt full of doggy cum."

Jake smiled at me.

"Gemma!" he says.
"I loved the show!
You just gave me a hard boner. lets fuck!"

I grinned back!

"But I cant believe you were just fucked by a dog, Gemma!"
.Deal With it Mr !"
I barked back.

He laughed and got up of the couch, and simply picked me up off the floor in his strong arms!
Then he carried me over the the single bed as I sighed in contentment.

Fab Fuck, and the Watcher in the Window !
Jake lay me upon the bed and I spread my legs for him.

I was soaking wet.

He pulled-off his shirt to reveal his muscles and chest to me, and took down his pants as I hastily undid my top and undid my bra for him.

His need was revealed to me as the erect cock standing up for me proud and demanding.

I gasped in urgent need and looked up at him with pleading in my eyes.
He grabbed my tits in his hand and squashed them and pulled them as I panted in awe.
"oh fuck me yes Jake!"

Then he climbed on top of me.
He pushed his dick to my cunt and he thrust it up inside my hot soaked cunt, stretching my pussy wide for his dick as I moaned.
I felt his urgent need as he slid up my wet cunt, arched over me upon his strong arms and he deeply groaned above me, (where he belonged).
He thrust his cock back up into me, deeply up my fuck-hole - making my tits wobble to his passionate thrusts, and Jake took his need of me as a pleasure-thing, fucking me on the bed as my head swam in our hot intimate passion.

This was some good sex!

after my third body-and-mind shattering orgasm, I gripped a hold of his arm an licked him like a demented nympho fresh-in from the deserts of arabia
My cunt was burning hot! And he was shafting me like a mad-man! The beasteal fucker had all-ready cum in me to flood my cunt and womb and was now doing my crazed-cunt again for his continued sexual needs!.
The animal!

"Oh fuck Jake! You Animal!" I cried as he pounded my cunt with his dick, driving it deep into me time after time. This was inhuman! The beast!

And then I saw him.
Over at the window, past Jake's arms, across from the bed.
A face at the window, watching us do it.

I looked away so the watcher at the window would not know that I had seen him.
I wanted him to enjoy me too!
To watch our raw animal'istic fucking.

And then I knew.

He had been watching the whole time....
oh my!
and had seen me fucked by the dog like the bitch i was !

I passed out unconscious during the intensity of my next orgasm!

nothing in this account is to be considered admissible in a court of law.
(especially do to my medication)
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