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Default Messed up story - True Animal Porn Story, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Dog Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Hardcore, Interracial, Monster, Threesome, Young

Messed up story - True Animal Porn Story, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Dog Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Hardcore, Interracial, Monster, Threesome, Young

What Ocarina of Time didn't tell us.
Legend of Zelda- Messed up story (A Legend of Zeld: Ocarina of Time hentai lemon)-wrote by MISTER BIG T

This is a recreation of one of my oldest works. This is very close story in my heart, because it's what got me noted, because of the whole "What the fuck??" factor.

"Now there my pretty. How are you doing?" Ganondorf asked from Zelda.

"Your maniac plans, shall never succeed you fiend! Link will come and rescue me, just like he always does!" Zelda shrieked.

"I know. I'm counting on him to do that. You see, I have made a special treat for him." Ganondorf laughed.


"So, this is the tower that the peasants were talking about. The tower, where Ganondorf lives!" Link thought.

The tower was big, very big. Most likely over 100 floors high. One may wonder, is Ganondorf really a masochist for walking all the stairs down daily just to get a newspaper.

"Don't tell me, that I have got to walk all the way up there??" he groaned.

Suddenly, small noise came from this young man's pocket.

"Open this fucking pocket! I can't breath!" it screamed.

When Link opened his pocket, one very angry fairy flew out from it. She had really sluttish outfit.

"Hey! You are not my fairy! Who are you? Where's Navi?" Link questioned this new fairy.

The fairy smiled gently and said, "You want her? Well, she is at a pub, having some fun and fucking garden gnomes. She asked me to help you out. With some fairy specialty... Heh..."

Before Link could say anything; the fairy flew straight into Link's pants.

"Hey! Get out of there, that's private!! " he yelled.

But soon, he was even more shocked, as the small fairy went inside his underwear and began to lick his penis very hungrily. Link groaned, as he moved his head backwards. He had never gotten blowjob this good!

"Aww, hell with that bitch." he thought and began to remove his clothes.

Soon, he could see the fairy lick the tip of his erect penis and drinking some of the pre cum that had appeared. Link just couldn't help, but enjoy this fantastic sensation. Fairy began undressing herself and revealed her really, really small tits that were about size of Link's thumb.

She began rubbing herself against Link's cock, sending warm sensations all over his body. Soon he squeezed his eyes and came very hard, covering the whole fairy with his cum.

Link closed his eyes and thought "Geez.I'm getting.Sleepy." and so, he fell asleep.

Back at the castle.

"So you are the strongest dragon available, eh?" Ganondorf asked, from a very big green dragon wearing a blue armor. In his right hand was a sign reading something in weird language and in left a bottle of beer.

"Strongest dragon? Ha! I'm the strongest of anything!" the Dragon replied.

"Well, soon this guy in green suit will come. I don't care what you do to him and people with him. Just don't kill him, leave him to me." Ganondorf instructed him. "Yes, sir." Dragon replied.

After this, the dragon started moving towards the main gate.

"Even if he couldn't stop Link, he won't get here in time!" Ganondorf laughed, and started walking towards a weird room, with some crystals and spikes in it. Oh yeah, and there was also Zelda, being handcuffed to bed all naked.


"Hey wake up! WAKE UP DAMNIT!" the fairy screamed.

Link awoke, when the fairy began hitting his face, with a small stick and thrusting it into his nostrils.

"What? What is it?!" he exclaimed.

"Didn't you hear that sound?!" the fairy screamed.

Just then Link heard it. It was sound of bridge lowering down. Then everything went silent. Suddenly, he saw a dragon, which was much bigger than him! Link immediately pulled out Master Sword.

"What's his weak point miss... Uhhh... I don't know your name." Link asked from the fairy.

"It's Rosetta. And his weak point is. His pee pee!!" the fairy yelled.

Now that he knew this monster's weak point, Link rushed with his sword high up in the air. Dragon responded, by hitting him with the sign causing BONK sound to come out. Link fell to ground and fainted.

"Now. Hmm.. Maybe I'll just take you inside? That would my master proud!" Dragon thought.

He then took both Link and Rosetta and carried them inside, while farting the theme song of Final Fantasy. He entered that spooky crystal room and was just about to say mission accomplished, when he saw Ganondorf fucking Zelda.

"Whoops. Sorry for interrupting you two." he said.

Then Link awoke.

"ZELDA!! Ganondorf, what are you trying to do to us this time?!" Link yelled.

Ganondorf smiled, and said, "I've gotten tired of us being enemies. Let's be friends and let's all have a hot steamy orgy instead!"


The room was silent. For 1 second.

Then the dragon screamed "WOHOO! Finally!" and inserted his already erect 14 inch long penis into Zelda's rear.

Link came closer and inserted his penis into the waiting mouth of Zelda. So what did Rosetta do? Finger her, like she would be playing a piano of course! Ganondorf pressed his cock, all the way in, which made Zelda moan. This excited Link more and he started fucking her mouth harder. Zelda began licking it, and took Link's balls in her mouth. At the same time, Dragon was humping Zelda's ass. Yup, still doing it.

Rosetta became hornier, than a beaver in a heat and flied right under of Zelda and began kissing her tits, while rubbing her own nipples. Ganondorf placed one of his fingers, inside Zelda's hot cunt and began circling it. And still, the dragon was humping Zelda's ass like a steam machine. (I mean, humping like a machine, not like humping a machine... Ahem.) Soon Link groaned and came to Zelda's mouth. Zelda swallowed all the cum and sucked at Link's cock, as in trying to get more sperm from it. Soon, Rosetta changed her direction and began rubbing herself against Ganondorf's balls. Hey guess what? The dragon STILL fucked Zelda's ass!

Soon, Rosetta came and her pussy juice poured all over dark king's balls. This drew Ganondorf over the edge and he came very hard filling Zelda's womb and cunt with his cum. The dragon groaned and pulled out his stiff cock and jerked it awhile. Soon he came, making his cum spread all over Zelda's back.

"So? Are we friends from now on?" Zelda asked.

"Heck no! I shall haunt you forever!" Ganondorf laughed.

"But why did you do this then?" Link asked.

".. I just became horny, ok? Even Dark Lords get horny sometimes!" Ganondorf yelled.

Then the dragon rose up and said "How about round two?"

Later after five new rounds...

"Dude. Why did we let them leave?" Dragon asked quietly, from Ganondorf, when Link and Zelda had left.

"I don't want them to die.Yet. Their time shall come when I want so. But now! I have evil and mysterious plans! MO HAH HAH HAA!!" Ganondorf laughed.

"Heh heh." Dragon chuckled.

"SHUT UP! Only I can laugh the villain laugh!" Ganondorf yelled.

"Sorry." Dragon replied.


"I'm sleepy." Zelda groaned.

"She is not the only one" Rosetta said, and glanced at Link with an innocent stare. (Though she is faaar from being innocent...)

"All right! All right! I'll see, if Malon will let use sleep at her place. I've run out of coins." Link replied.

"YAY! You are indeed a very heroic and generous man!" Zelda sang.

During the night at Malon's house.

"Link? Can you sleep?" a voice from the door asked. The voice of Malon was gentle, as always.

"Ummmm, don't enter!" Link quickly replied.

"Is there something wrong?" Malon asked, as she opened the door and saw, Link jerking himself.

Malon did blush a little and then she came closer to Link. She looked deep into Link's eyes, took hold of his head and kissed a VERRY passionate kiss. After this, she backed off a little and began undressing herself. (Hey, this IS a porn story after all) Link couldn't believe his luck, first fairy sex, then a threesome and now this! It really started to pay off to be a Hero of time tm.

Link rose up to his feet and helped Malon to undress, while he kept kissing her. When he finally got her top off, he began licking the sweet nipples of Malon. Malon didn't have as big boobs as Zelda, but Link was so horny that he couldn't have cared less. They kept kissing each other, while Link still kept undressing Malon. Soon, the bottom of her dress was off too.

Link moved his head downwards and kissed Malon's chest, her waist, her bellybutton and then, he began licking Malon's sweet pussy. He inserted one finger inside her wet cunt, which made her moan slightly. He fingered herself, while licking the bottom of her vagina. Soon, she pressed Link's face close to her pussy and screamed as she felt a giant orgasm. Link licked it awhile and then raised his head. He then jerked his dick, so it became even harder. Then he carefully inserted that inside Malon's cunt and began thrusting in and out with an increasing tempo. Malon was moaning like a cat, which ate too much catmint. Link, on other hand tried his best to not to come too soon

But, he failed and came inside Malon's pussy.

When he had removed his soft organ and kissed Malon, she said: "You got your fun. Now for your duty. MARRY ME!!"

The word hit Link like a dagger. He wasn't ready for marriage.

"B-but... I-I" he began to protest.

Just then, they were interrupted by a sudden scream from Zelda's room. Link quickly dressed and took his sword and rushed to rescue Zelda. (But hey! Didn't he even think that Zelda could be having sex with Malon's father? Err. Ok, so this lemon isn't THAT perverted. )


Link kicked the door, which made splinters that looked like pussy hair of woman, who hadn't shaved that part of her body, to fly across the whole room. When he came inside, he saw the familiar dragon holding Zelda on his hands (Mainly touching Zelda's tits) and keeping Rosetta on grip of his tail.

"YOU AGAIN???" Link groaned.

"Yes! It's me! The world's strongest dragon!" Dragon laughed.

"Let go off Zelda, or else I'll turn your dick into a cocktail wiener!" Link yelled.

"Bah! Empty threats, you couldn't beat me last time and you can't this time either!" the huge dragon laughed.

Just then Malon's mother (Ok, so you never seen her in the game, right? Well, let's just pretend she was on a, uhhh... Vacation that time, ok? I mean she must have a mother for Christ sake!) entered the room.

"I brought some clean towels!" she said. Just then, she saw them all. "What.The.Fuck??" she asked.

Then, the dragon turned to face her and said "Hey! You are pretty good looking; maybe I'll take you instead!"

Before this woman could protest, she was in the firm grip of that dragon. Then, Dragon jumped through a window, landing on horse, which died from his weight.

"Whoops, this always worked in Westerns. Well, shit happens, I'll just fly!" he thought, then he, flied away. (That's all)

At this moment, Malon entered the room and saw the dragon holding her mother

"MOOOOOOOOOOOM!" she screamed. Then, she took a grip from Link and shook him screaming "YOU BASTARD!!! Why didn't you do anything, you're a hero right?!"

"Yes, well. But he is too strong, it would be a suicide." Link tried to protest.

".. T... Then I shall come with you! I don't want that dragon to rape my mom, and have half dragon sisters or brothers!!!" Malon demanded.

Agreeing to this, the unusual group (VERY unusual!) left to follow the dragon.


"Let go off me! I warn you, my husband is fat and he has mustache!" Malon's mother screamed.


Long silence.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yes, really." the mom replied.

"Oh, shit. Well, my mother always told me, not to mess around with fat mustache guys. You can go." Dragon spoke.

Just then the heroes appear.

"Mom! We came to rescue you!" Malon shouted.

Then Dragon noticed Malon.

"Whoa...WHOA!!! Ok, new deal. I won't let you go." Dragon spoke.

"What?!" Mommy exclaimed.

"I'll rape you, your daughter, and that princess," he laughed.

Link was about to protest, but just like last time, Dragon's tail hit him and he fell unconscious.

When Link woke up, he saw a REALLY odd sight. The three women were sucking this Dragon's dick, which he jerked fastly. Then he took a hold of Malon's mom and forced her to ride himself. (And no, I'm not talking about how you ride horses. Expect, if you have sex with them, you sick fuck.) He kept pumping Malon's mom, like he would have tried to pump oil from ground. Then he threw her aside and took Malon there for a ride. This time, he inserted his penis on the 'other' hole. He pumped her, like addicts pump drugs in their veins. He then made them all suck his erect dick. Soon, he felt the sudden pressure gathering and came to Zelda's open mouth.

"Zelda." Link gurgled and fainted.

"Link. Wake up. WAKE UP!!!" voice called him.

Link woke up and saw Zelda staring at him.

"Zelda.. Wheres. Where has the dragon gone?" he asked, looking around his surroundings. He must have dozed off for an awhile.
"Oh, he flied away short time ago." she replied.

Link tried to rise to his feet, but he fell back down. He touched his forehead and when he looked at his hand, he saw that there was some blood on it.

"Damn that guy's tail is hard." Link groaned.

"Almost as hard as his cock..." Zelda silently said with dreamy eyes.

"WHAT?!" he exclaimed.

"Nothing." she giggled.


In a nearby cave, the strongest dragon in the world slept.

"Mommy, you can't put gasoline in campfire." he murmured.

Though, now we need to tell about what happened to Malon and her Mom. Malon's mom had just returned home, when she saw that Malon was having sex with Epona! Hey, how did this happen?

Ok, let's backtrack. When Malon woke up, she had become very thirsty, almost like she would have rubbed her tongue with sandpaper. When she had bent over to drink some water from a conventionally nearby pond, a horny beaver that hadn't been near a woman for 3 years jumped on her back and began humping her ass, which made Malon drop into water. (A thing that doesn't happen to you every day)

She had lost her consciousness and the drift took her to a waterfall, where some fisherman named Fred caught her in his net. Thinking that she was a mermaid, he took a knife in an attempt to kill all mermaids and sell their bodies as blowup dolls, but just when he was going to stab Malon, a huge ass Ghost appeared right over him and said "BOO!" which scared the fisherman so much, that he stabbed himself on his own leg, coughed up in blood and died.

Malon then came back to her senses and rose to land and with a screaming headache, she began heading towards home. There she tripped over, by a piece of wood and Epona fell to ground in an exhaust, due to all those running practices and slided his penis inside her by an accident. There, everything's logical, when explained by me!

"What's world coming to? Epona is riding Malon, not other way around," her mom thought and began washing dishes.

Malon, did enjoy this even though, Epona wasn't even hard yet. She took hold of Epona's cock, with her right hand and slowly, began rubbing it. Epona became to his senses and rose again. Malon then turned a little and gazed at her own pets cock. It was 7 inches and yet soft.

She rubbed it against her cheeks, sucked the tip of it and kept jerking it. It didn't take long, before it was in all its 12 inches length. She then turned herself and inserted the cock straight into her ass. The massive penis didn't go even half the way in, but nevertheless Malon seemed to enjoy it. The cock was warm and hot, which made Malon even hornier.

She slowly wiggled her butt towards the base of cock. Soon, she felt as the cock pulsed and she felt, as her whole asshole was filled with the hot semen from her pet. She then quietly removed the cock and entered her home. She was hungry and satisfied. Mostly, satisfied.

At the same time, at the cave, where the Strongest Dragon in the world was.

"I have waited ages for that signal.. GAH!! Enough! Screw Ganondorf! I'll go and take Zelda as my sex slave!!! MOHA HAW HAH HAH HAA" he thought to himself.


At the same time, Link was having a threesome with Zelda and Rosetta.

"Mmmmm. Your little tits feel good, when they rub against my clitoris." Zelda murmured to Rosetta.

"Oh Link, your tongue is so slimy and hairy!!" Rosetta moaned.

"No, actually that's my penis," Link replied.

Link continued thrusting his erect cock inside Zelda's wet cunt, which made her moan in a pleasure. Rosetta, flew under Link and began licking and sucking his balls. This made Link even hornier. He was close, just ready to come.

JUST THEN, the dragon fell from the sky to ground, so hard that few trees were sent flying.

"You.. AGAIN???" Link exclaimed.

"YES!!! It's me! The world's strongest dragon!!" Dragon laughed.

"Dude, can't we even fuck in peace? Why do you have to interrupt us?!" Rosetta screamed.

"Because. I will take Zelda as my sex slave!" Dragon told them.

This time however, Link decided to not to back off and to fight this time. He took his sword and quickly slashed at the Dragon's genitals. Dragon's smile went away in an instant and he fell to the ground. Dragon's penis flied high in air, into a garden, where Ganondorf was watering plants. It hit Ganondorf into neck, making Ganondorf's head separated.

Ganondorf's head rolled along a road and three horses ran over it, crushing it into jelly. Justice has won again!!! (Err. Yeah.)

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