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Default Harry Potter: Hermione's Journey - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, BDSM, Bestiality

Harry Potter: Hermione's Journey - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, BDSM, Bestiality
Blowjob, Cruelty, Dog Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission, Extreme, Fan ZooSex Fiction, Humiliation, Spanking

the first in a series...
"She doesn't even care if I get a little rough", said Harry.
"Yeah well that's your story mate, Luna won't even let me go downtown if u know what I'm saying." Replied Ron.

Hermione quickly increased her walking pace to leave the boys to their silly conversation about sex and girls. Her usual reaction when they did this was to just listen and not make any comments. She thought it was quite rude of them to talk about sex at age 16, let alone do it in front of her. She was going to save herself for when she was married.

Happy that the day was over and it was now the weekend, Hermione was planning to go for a relaxing bath in the prefects' bathroom and then turn in early.

Harry would obviously be in bed with Romilda and Ron trying to get in Luna's pants that night, so Hermione would keep to herself.

She wondered why the school was so empty as she walked up to the prefects' bathroom, usually there were teachers having hushed discussions or occasionally Draco Malfoy and his cronies would be skulking around.

As she reached the bathroom door, Hermione thought she heard a hushed up laugh. She turned her head but there was nobody there.

"Grapes", Hermione whispered, and the portrait swung open and she entered the bathroom.

As Hermione walked in she heard the portrait faintly close shut. She then let her hair down, which had been tied in a tight bun.

The candles in the bathroom were magically lighting up one by one as Hermione set down her towel. She was just about to get undressed when she saw a bright red light in the mirror in the far corner of the room. Just as she was about to turn around the stunning spell hit Hermione squarely in the back and she fell to the floor in a dazed sort of way.

SMACK - a stinging pain on the back of her left thigh woke Hermione. She slowly opened her eyes and her vision became clear. As Hermione took in the scene she nearly pissed herself from shock.

Standing in front of her was Draco Malfoy, his sleek blond hair glimmering in the candle light. He had a smug grin on his face and his pointed nose was only a few centimeters away from Hermione's own.

Hermione tried to move backwards away from Malfoy but then realized that she couldn't - her arms were raised above her head and tied with thick black rope to a long metal bar that was attached to the ceiling, the ropes that tied her arms were quite short and this caused Hermione to constantly be standing on the very tips of her toes.
As she noticed this and looked down, she realized that she was completely naked except for a satin red g-string.

"What the fuck is going on here Malfoy!?" shouted Hermione.

"Shut up you mudblood whore!" said a deep grunting voice from behind her. Hermione turned her head and received another shock as she saw the smiling face of Crabbe come out from behind her - it was him that slapped her thigh.

Hermione felt very embarrassed amidst her fear to have Crabbe's dark eyes staring greedily at her exposed backside. At that moment there was an outbreak of laughter and Hermione saw that there were even more people in the room.

Sitting on large piles of books to her right was Pansy Parkinson and three other slytherin girls Hermione did not know. To Hermione's left sitting on a broad shelf was Terry Boot, Michael Corner and on the lap of Goyle - Luna Lovegood.

When Hermione saw Luna she creamed out "Luna! Help me please!"
Luna merely giggled and then started making out with Goyle.

What was going on? Why was she, Hermione, smartest girl in the sixth year tied up in a room with high mountains of old junk and with this unlikely group of people who were all acting strange.

Just when Hermione thought that she could not be more shocked, she saw the Weasly twins behind Malfoy. Fred or George turned his head and smiled at Hermione, he was naked and there was a red-haired girl on her hands and knees sucking his cock while Fred or George was pumping into her from the back. The girl lifted her head with a faint popping sound and Hermione screamed as she saw Ginny Weasly bent over like a cheap slut.

"Oh don't be so surprised Hermione, you know I take cock however I can get it -" said Ginny, but she could not finish her sentence because the twin in front of her grabbed her by the hair and shoved her face back down on his prick.

Hermione was horrified, this could not be happening. yes, that was it, she was dreaming. She closed her eyes to try to wake herself.

"Open your eyes you little tart," said Malfoy, as he harshly gripped Hermione's face with his surprisingly strong right hand.

"Ahhh, what are you doing Malfoy? Please, please stop this Draco!" whimpered Hermione.

He let go of her face and took a step back to take in the appearance of the brunette.
With a flick of his wand, the g-string vanished.
Her long auburn hair elegantly fell just below her shoulders with a distinct yet gentle curl.

She had very large breasts that were almost perfectly round, and by the looks of it, firm but with soft conclusion, and her nipples a light brown color. Her figure was curvy with the waist slimmer and the thighs rounded out and her backside round and tight and larger than most girls' buttocks.
Her legs tanned like the rest of her, but still with a slightly pale finish.
And to Draco's amazement, Hermione had completely shaved her pubic region.

"Draco, please, please Draco," Hermione cooed again.

"Now listen here, you will from this moment refer to me as daddy. Do you understand?" Draco said with a commanding tone.

"What!? No! Draco please just let me go!" yelled Hermione, her fear very evident.

"Crabbe," said Draco with a nod of his head.

Hermione heard a chuckle behind her and then felt a hard sting on her buttocks as Crabbe slapped her arse.

Draco nodded again.

Another slap on the same cheek, even harder than the first. Hermione cried out in pain then screamed, "ok, ok! Daddy!"

Draco gave another nod and Crabbe's hand struck Hermione on the ass again and she whimpered.

"Good girl. Now. are you ready to earn your way out of the room of requirement you pathetic whore?" said Malfoy clearly.


"Excuse me?"

"Yes daddy."

There were a few laughs around the room and Hermione felt her face flush. She had never been more embarrassed or afraid than she was now.

"Now. let me think. who will be adequate.," said Malfoy more to himself than anybody else.

Hermione wondered what terrible plan Malfoy had in mind, and her fear sent a shiver through her whole body and she felt her nipples harden.
Malfoy noticed this then smiled.

"Yes, that would be fitting," Malfoy repeated to himself while looking Hermione in the eye. "Go and bring Greyback Crabbe. Tell him we have a - er - cherry for him to pop."

Hermione thought she was going to faint. Greyback was that werewolf that had a fetish for raping young children then biting them, Harry had told her what happened to Lupin. He could not be the one to take her virginity.

"Malfoy! No! please I beg you -" squealed Hermione, but before she finished Malfoy had slapped her across the face.

"If you do not learn some fucking manners you will soon be gagged!" screamed Malfoy in a deadly tone.

Hermione saw, as her head turned, Crabbe climb into a cabinet then disappear.

"Sorry," how could she be calling him this? "Daddy," Hermione finished.

Hermione was about to start her pleading again, but Malfoy raised a hand and said, "silence yourself mudblood." And she obeyed.

"Yes, the slut is learning!" exclaimed Goyle, who was now getting head from Luna. Hermione wanted to ask Luna why she was acting this way and why she was not with Ron, but she was afraid she would get hit again.

"I need to be entertained until Crabbe gets back with Greyback," Malfoy turned his head to Hermione, "I never really liked breaking through the hymen."

Hermione wondered if that meant he was going to have sex with her once Greyback took her virginity.

"Are you going to be a good girl my pet?" Malfoy asked Hermione.

"Yes daddy."

Malfoy smiled. "Come here Pansy," he said, not looking away from Hermione.

Pansy Parkinson hurried over looking excited.

"You may do what you want with her until Greyback arrives," Malfoy told Pansy.

Pansy looked thrilled as she watched Malfoy go sit in a chair on Hermione's right. She then looked at Hermione and whispered, "I've been wanting to do this for a long time you know-it-all bitch. Now get ready for the hardest spanking you will ever experience."

Hermione's eyes widened in horror.
"I'm going to gag you slut, because I don't fancy hearing you scream like the rest of them," Pansy said, nodding towards other people in the room.
She then pulled out a red ball gag with black leather straps from her pocket, and a small cylindrical object that was a deep shade of purple.
Pansy lifted up her robes and inserted the purple object into her pussy, then pointed her wand at it at muttered, "stimulatis."
Pansy then shoved the ball gag into Hermione's mouth and the leather straps magically fastened themselves tightly around her face.

Pansy walked around behind Hermione and pulled out a small bottle of amber fluid, she rubbed this fluid into her hands and Hermione braced herself.

Pansy cracked her hand down on Hermione's ass, leaving a bright red handprint on her cheek. Hermione tried to scream but no sound would come out. Pansy spanked her again and again, causing tears to pour out of Hermione's tender brown eyes.

Pansy would occasionally pause to jiggle Hermione's butt cheeks, which were now fiery red in color, then she would resume spanking her with increased vigor.

After about 10 minutes of intense spanking, Pansy let out a harsh growl then hastily removed the purple object from between her legs. Pansy then screamed and sprayed her pussy fluid all over Hermione's ass, as her orgasm ripped through her body, causing her to squirt.

Hermione felt the warm gush of fluid spray on her arse, but again she could make no sound. While Pansy was re-adjusting her robes, Crabbe appeared from around a corner, and after him came Greyback, the werewolf.

Hermione saw Greyback and her legs started to shake, it was hard for her to stay upright.
"Ah, Greyback," said Malfoy, now looking excited, "I haven't yet paid you back for gaping miss Delacoure for me, so I present you this virgin bitch and you may cum on her face if you desire."

Greyback thanked Malfoy then started towards Hermione, looking menacing.
Hermione's face was contorted with fear and when Greyback saw this, he immediately got a raging hard-on. Greyback then surveyed Hermione's young body and his tongue started to loll.

"I want to hear your pain as I break you," said Greyback slowly. He then took the gag off of Hermione and took off the old brown pants he was wearing. Hermione squealed as she saw his cock.

It was black and covered in hair almost all the way down. It was nearly 3 feet long, but was not very thick. Greyback moved towards Hermione and inhaled deeply, taking in her scent. He smiled, baring his yellow teeth.

Hermione started to cry as realization hit her. She was about to lose her virginity to a filthy werewolf who saw her as nothing more than a cumdump.

Greyback growled then moved Hermione's thighs apart roughly with his hands and lined his cock up with her small cunt. Hermione felt his cock-head touch her on her clit and was embarrassed at the pleasuring feeling it caused. Then, without warning, Greyback shoved nearly 8 inches of his disgusting cock into Hermione's pussy, breaking her.
The pain was so intense that Hermione thought she would pass out, especially since Greyback was roughly trying to shove more of his prick into the girl's hairless cunt.

"Enough now Greyback. You won't be shooting inside of her. Not today anyway." said Malfoy. Greyback looked disappointed but pulled his dick out with a squelching sound.
"Lower her." Demanded Greyback, and with a flick of Crabbe's wand, Hermione's bonds let her go. She lay slumped on the floor, in too much pain to move.
"Up you get pretty!" said Greyback, gripping Hermione by the hair and pulling her face to his cock. Greyback jerked his dick for about five minutes then squirted his foul-smelling cum on Hermione's face. Load after Load of thick yellow fluid flooded Hermione's face, blinding her. When Greyback was done, he let go of Hermione and left her lying there with cum dripping from her face to her chest.

"Thank you Greyback. Leave or stay and watch, it doesn't matter." Said Malfoy in his sneering voice.
"I have things to do." Said Greyback. And without another word he left.

Hermione lay weeping on the floor. She could not believe that she just had her virginity stolen by a filthy werewolf. But her torment was far from over.

"Crabbe, get that Chang slut to clean this bitch up. And hurry." Said Malfoy, looking down at Hermione.

Crabbe gripped Hermione and said, "Up you get, or I'll be dragging you by your pussy lips." Hermione rose slowly, the pain between her legs was wearing off, but it was still there. More cum dripped down Hermione's figure as she stood and she began to cry harder.

Crabbe led her through a darker passage in the room then stopped, looked around then turned to Hermione. "I'll clean you myself" said Crabbe. He then took out his wand, pointed it at Hermione, then whispered, "Scorgify". The cum immediately disappeared from Hermione and her face felt like it got a breath of fresh air.

Crabbe used his wand to tie Hermione's hands behind her back and cast a spell on her to prevent her from biting down or closing her mouth.

"Now you will service my prick you dirty mudblood bitch" said Crabbe, positioning Hermione on her knees in front of him and pulling out his thick, hard prick.
Hermione smelled Crabbe's cock and tried to move her face away because of the terrible smell.
Crabbe just grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her back to his cock. He then slapped her across the face and yelled, "SUCK WHORE!". Hermione began to cry as she felt Crabbe position his hard cock between her moist lips.

Crabbe then thrusted hard into Hermione's wet mouth until he hit the back of her throat. He then pulled back and started to fuck her mouth.
"Use your tongue you dumb bitch!" Commanded Crabbe. Hermione began flicking her tongue against Crabbe's cock head as he fucked her face.
Crabbe grabbed the back of Hermione's head and started forcing his bulging meat down her tight throat. Hermione gagged but Crabbed just kept pushing until Hermione's nose was buried is his mane of pubes. Crabbe laughed and said to Hermione, "Say 'I'm a filthy little slut' now". Hermione glared up at Crabbe, intent on not humiliating herself.

Crabbed started face fucking Hermione again, but with increased vigor. Hermione's throat was being used like a loose cunt and she was struggling to breathe.
"Say it!" commanded Crabbe.
"Ph mma fll sltt", was all Hermione could get out.
Crabbe laughed again and continued fucking Hermione's wet mouth.

Crabbe could feel he was near as he felt his cock twitch deep inside Hermione's throat.
"Ahhh Yes I'm gonna spray down your throat you fucken suck slut!" said Crabbe as he slapped Hermione again.

Hermione felt her throat fill with warm thick goo. She coughed and tried to spit, but Crabbe said. "swallow whore."
She swallowed down but more cum was spraying deep in her throat. She struggled to keep up and cum dripped down her chin.

Crabbe pulled his thick, slimy cock out of Hermione's throat and wiped it all over her used face while more suck slop dribbled out her mouth and onto her big tits. Hermione looked completely trashed. Her hair was matted and had bits of drying cum stuck in it, her eyes were teary and she had her own suck slobber all over her face, with strands of cum dangling from her lips, nose, chin and tits.

Crabbe stepped back and took in Hermione's appearance, grinning with satisfaction.
"I wonder what your mudblood whore mommy would say if she saw her little girl right now ha ha ha!" Crabbe said wickedly. He then proceeded to pull a camera out of his robes and snapped a few shots of the ruined Hermione, laughing, "don't worry you little fuckslut, I'll make sure these pictures find their way to your parents! They will be so proud, don't you think?"

Hermione whimpered and cried, imagining her parents looking at pictures of her fucked up like a common street whore. A hard slap to the face brought her back to her miserable reality. Crabbe looked down at the poor witch, "don't look so sad whore, your training hasn't even begun."

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