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Default Family Beach Party Turned - True Animal Porn Story, Anal Dog Sex, Authoritarian, Bestiality, Black, Cheating, Cuckold, Drug, Gay, Group Sex, Interracial, Wife

Family Beach Party Turned - True Animal Porn Story, Anal Dog Sex, Authoritarian, Bestiality, Black, Cheating, Cuckold, Drug, Gay, Group Sex, Interracial, Wife

continuing story about Geg and his wife Sandra
Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 13 is now being called Part 13 xnxx -Revised. by gregorthegrant
True Animal Porn Story, Anal Dog Sex, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Black, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Dog Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission, Extreme, Gay, Group Sex, Humiliation, Interracial, Male Domination, Males / Female, massage, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Wife Bestiality
Author's infos
Gender: male Age: N/A Location: N/A
Posted Sat 9th of May 2015

Now Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Chapter 13-Revised.

"Maybe your wife will volunteer Wolf to finish his inspection. I see him staring at your wife and then us to give him permission to finish his inspection. It would be the very first time we gave him permission to finish inspecting a woman. We always pull him off a woman at this point and not finish his inspection. I have no idea how he would finish his inspection and it would be interesting to see what he does." Officer Troy said. "You did ask in what way you could make up for your wife ruining three pairs of dress pants. That is the way by letting Wolf finish inspecting your wife."

"That's all your asking for ruining three good pair of uniform dress pants then by all means let Wolf finish his inspection. I don't think there is much more he can inspect." I answered.

"You heard him Wolf." The first officer Alex announced looking over at Wolf. "Finish your inspection boy. Do a good job."

"Yes by all means Wolf do your inspection." Officer Lenard smiled.

"By all means Wolf jump to it." Officer George laughed.

"It's okay boy. I'm giving you permission to finish your inspection." Officer Troy instructed.

I looked around the room at Officers Alex, Lenard, George, Troy and then at Wolf as well as the other dogs Tank, Gregor and Shank. The other dogs were looking over at Wolf as if watching what he would do.

"I bet I know why Wolf's not finishing his inspection. He's looking over at your gloves Alex. I bet he wants us to put them on his paws so he knows he will not injure Sandra. Can you go over and get them from Alex Mr. Anderson." Troy asked.

"Sure but call me my first name. I think since you men are nude you can call me by my first name. My name is Greg." I said walking over to Alex and taking the gloves he handed me. I went over to Troy and handed him the gloves. Troy went beside Wolf holding one paw up and putting the leather glove on his paw and tying it on him. He did the same with the other paw before putting it down.

"Okay your all ready now boy." Troy said.

Wolf's ears propped up as he got up and walked toward my wife still kneeling on the floor. He pushed his tongue into her dripping pussy and pulled it out. To my amazement he leaped up on Sandra's back wrapping his paws around her. I looked under her and saw his thick cock slipping around her bare ass cheeks.

"What's Wolf think he's doing?" I asked as I watched in amazement as his big cock head entered my wife's puffy pussy lips.

"He can't get his tongue inside your wife and knows he would rip your wife wide open with his paws even with the gloves on so he is doing the next best thing. He is shoving his cock into Sandra to search for drugs. What did you think he was doing Greg?" George asked.

"That's what he's doing alright." Lenard said and smiled. "That's the boy do your job correctly. Search for the drugs."

"I told you she has no drugs." I spoke up.

"You also said Wolf could do his job and you wouldn't complain since it was away to make up for our ripped uniform pants." Troy shouted. "So just let Wolf search."

Soon Wolf was pumping his huge cock in and out of my poor wife's pussy. My dear wife took it like the champ she is and only moaned and groaned shaking her head the same time back and forth. "That's the way boy search. Do your searching boy." She moaned.

"You are so patient and loving Sandra I'm sorry you have to go through what your going through." I said watching as Wolf continued to pump his big cock into my wife.

"That's the good boy search for drugs. Get right in there boy." George yelled gripping his cock. "Your a good boy."

"Yes pump your cock into her and find drugs boy." Lenard moaned gripping his own cock.

"Ram your cock in her boy." Alex moaned gripping his cock as well.

"Do your job Wolf." Troy groaned with his cock in his large fist.

I hated to think about it but my own cock was hard in my pants but I did my best to ignore it.

Wolf was really ramming his cock into my poor moaning wife. She was moaning over and over again in complete delirium. "Push that cock in me boy. Find out if I have any drugs inside my hot pussy. That's the way boy pump that cock into me hard."

Wolf pushed his cock into Sandra all the way and seemed to freeze and growl at the same time. "I guess he realizes there isn't any drugs and ready to give up." Troy groaned as I looked over at him his cock spraying load after load of cum on the grass. I looked over at Alex, George and Lenard as they all moaned the same time ejaculating all the same time. "Sorry about that but I lost it. I don't know why I lost it. I do see I'm not the only one though."

I looked back at my wife and Wolf. He was pulling his dripping cock out of my wife's poor pussy. He turned his head and looked over at Tank, Gregor and Shank.

"Good boy Wolf." Alex said helping Wolf down from my wife still kneeling on the grass.

I think one of the others better finish the job though. Wolf only searched her pussy. How do we know her ass isn't full of drugs. It's dripping all that thick white stuff. There might be drugs up there as well." George said.

"George is right there might be. I see Gregor is alert. Take the gloves off Wolf and put them on Gregor." Lenard said.

"You said Wolf could search you didn't mention any of the other dogs. Hasn't my poor wife suffered enough." I said feeling upset.

"There right Greg let Gregor search also. It's his job after all to sniff out drugs. You know I have no drugs and I know but these kind officers don't know." Sandy said turning her head toward me.

"Only if you say it's okay Sandy." I answered.

"Believe me it's okay with me Greg." Sandy answered

I looked behind Sandra to see the guys had taken the gloves off Wolf and had put them on Gregor. Gregor didn't waste any time walking over to Sandra and sniffing her ass and leaping on her back. "That's the boy." Sandra said putting her hand behind her back and searching for his cock and helping him push his cock into her ass. "Oh yes Gregor it's in me now do your searching."

"Fuck yes Gregor do your job and search out that fucking ass boy." Lenard moaned

"Good boy." Alex moaned as I looked over and saw him stroking his cock again. "Ram that big cock up her ass and look for drugs Gregor."

I stood to one side and watched as Gregor rammed his big cock into my wife's ass.

I saw the look of utter pain on her face. She was groaning in obvious pain as Gregor rammed his big cock in and out of her ass harder and faster. I was surprised how Sandra didn't complain but screamed. "Yes Gregor fuck my ass look for those drugs. I know there is no drugs but fuck me anyway Gregor."

I got caught up in the search and yelled. "Hurry up Gregor and put my wife out of her pain and search for those drugs she doesn't have in her."

Gregor kept pumping his cock in her ass as Alex, Lenard, George and Troy all yelled the same time. "Fuck her ass boy. That's the way fuck her ass, look for the drugs boy."

Gregor must have fucked Sandra a good five minutes as I stood with my hands in front of my crotch trying to hide my own erection. I didn't want anyone to know I was actually excited watching Gregor searching my wife with his big cock. I didn't say a word. Finally Gregor turned around until once more Sandra and Gregor were ass to ass as I saw a river of juice running out of her ass. "Well that proves there isn't any drugs in her ass as well because of the river of juice flooding out of her." Troy yelled. His cock remained in her ass a good twenty minutes and this lump came out the size of a golf ball.

"Good boy for checking out Sandra's ass for drugs Gregor. But I see poor Tank and Shark are left out. They must feel bad and left out for not being able to check for drugs. I say Shark gets a chance to check out her pussy for drugs. I know there are no drugs but Shark doesn't know that." George said. "Don't you guys agree."

"When your right your right George." Lenard said and smiled. "We better let Shark check her out. Put the gloves on him George."

George took the gloves off Gregor and put them on Shark. "Go for it Shark search for the drugs. It's your turn." Alex yelled. "Do a good job."

"Go for it boy." Troy spoke up.

I knew the police officers were right after all Gregor and Wolf had searched my wife so why shouldn't Shark and eventually Tank have the chance to search my wife for drugs. "Okay I agree Shark should have his chance to look for drugs." I said.

Shark didn't even bother sniffing out Sandra's pussy now dripping with thick white juice. He leaped on her back. His cock slipped into her dripping pussy as he began hunting for drugs with his big thick cock. "That's the good boy hunt for drugs Shark." Lenard moaned his big cock still in the palm his hand. Get it all the way in her.

"That reminds me Greg we haven't checked you out for drugs. Strip down and get on your hands and knees beside your wife." Alex said.

"Me. You don't trust me Alex. I wouldn't be sneaking around with drugs on me." I said staring at Alex and then Lenard. "Come on guys." I turned and looked into Georges eyes trying to plead with him.

"You mean you'd let your wife go through all that agony by herself and not face it yourself." George said in a stern voice. "Shame on you Greg."

"Okay you have a point George." I answered as I heard Shark really plowing my dear wife's pussy. I took off my shirt, undid my pants and pushed them down my legs and kicked them off.

"On the ground next to your wife Greg." Alex ordered.

"Look for drugs boy as soon as I put these gloves on you Tank." I heard Troy saying behind me. I got on my hands and knees and looked behind me. I could hear Sandra moaning beside me. "Search for those drugs you good boy."

I saw Tank walk over to me and felt his tongue in my ass. It didn't hurt in fact it felt kind of good but I wasn't going to tell anyone. He licked my ass at least five minutes getting my ass hole good and wet before he leaped on my back as I felt his cock slipping over my sphincter muscle and finally slipping inside me. I thought it would have hurt a lot more than it did. Then he began to probe in and out of my ass.

"Encourage Tank to really find drugs Greg like your wife is doing." Alex ordered. "She is doing a great job encouraging Shark to look for drugs. Listen to her."

I heard Sandra almost screaming. "Hunt for drugs you good boy. Plow my pussy boy. Do a good job."

"If you say so." I answered. "You heard them Tank look for the drugs I don't have in my ass. Search really good."

"He needs more encouragement than that Greg. Tell him to plow your ass. Tell him to pump that cock in your ass man." George said.

"That's right Greg tell that dog to pump his cock in your ass good and hard and find the drugs." Lenard encouraged.

I heard Alex shouting. "Fuck Sandra boy get that knot into her and swing around. "That's a good boy."

"Ram your cock into me boy." I moaned trying to make Alex, Troy, George and Lenard happy after all if it hadn't been for my wife their good uniform pants wouldn't have been ripped off them. "Do a good job boy." I hated to admit it but I was sort of getting into Tank ramming his big cock into me.

"Oh yes his knot is in me and he's turning around." I heard Sandra moaning. "Don't run away yet let that knot deflate."

"Pump it into my husband Tank." I heard my wife suddenly yell. "Look for those drugs boy."

I was sweating by then and Tank was slipping on my back as he thrust hard and the knot entered my ass. I felt his knot expanding in my ass the size of a large lemon. It hurt like crazy but I knew the guys wanted me to encourage Tank to ram his cock into me. "That's the good boy hunt for drugs." I moaned.

Suddenly Tank twisted around until he and I were ass to ass as I felt some slippery wet stuff run into my ass. I hoped he wasn't pissing. But maybe he was pissing. Finally after a good twenty minutes he pulled his cock out of my ass.

"All right you both don't have drugs." Alex said.

"Yup your both are clean of drugs." Troy said.

"Get dressed the two of you and we'll go inside." George said.

I put on my pants after taking a rag from Lenard and wiped my ass. Then I put on my shirt. Sandra was dressed when I looked up after buttoning my shirt. "Lets have a look at the museum guys." Lenard said.

"Sounds good to me." I looked over at Sandra. "How does it sound to you after that drug inspection?" I asked.
The end of Chapter 13-Revised.
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