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Default Two bitches a stud and a friend - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality, Gay

Two bitches a stud and a friend - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality, Gay

This is my first story on here.. Hope you like it!
Brian is back in town! he now has two bitches and one male!!!

i spent the afternoon after work with these two gals! and i got to say DAMN!!!

Brian left a key and had Jester...the male with him at work and told me to go have fun with the ladies!

As soon as i opened the door they were all over me! I went in the kitchen fixed a drink and they followed me to the basment where he has a spare bed room that has a closet that has a hidden door to the "play" room! Both of them knew what was up for the word go!

I striped down and the younger..Princess went stright for my ass and started licking me like crazy! while Queeney went to my cock and started licking it...totaly hard in 2.1 seconds!!!!

i ploped down in a swade been bag chair and pulled my legs up and let them lick all over..ass balls and cock till i was about to blow! Then it happened like they had done it a million times...Princess went behind Queeney and started licking her cunt...Q was still rimming...fucking ass with her tounge like there was somthing in there she just had to have....Then she backed away..turned around and backed up between my legs!

The shock of seeing this was unreal! i could smell her dripping cunt...she looked back and gave a little growl like come get it! I rolled foward and put the head of my cock against her cunt lips and she pushed back till i slide in balls deep!! this bitch is in full heat! i grabed her haunchs and started stroking my cock in and out at a even pace...i could have blown my load at any time so i wanted to feel how great that mega hot cunt felt on my cock! she must have been 110degs!

I gave her 2 mins of that then i smelled her cunt again...I couldnt hold back anymore...I griped her as tight as i could with out hurting her and i pounded my thick cock in her cunt till I blew a 4 day load of hot cum deep in her!! since i knew she would expected to be knotted like a male..i held it in for a bit.pulled out and Princess licked me clean then went to work on Qs dripping cunt!

Brian came across the speaker and asked if i was having a good time.and if he could join us...he walked in with Jester and he went nuts!! smelling all that sex had him fired up!he was tring to mount anything...Brian got on all fours and J mounted and fucked his ass like he owned it! Brian moved closer to me and took my limp cock in his mouth..sucked me hard looked at me and will be pounding me with this as soon as hes done!! i smiled and said it should be intresting with that much cum in his ass when J finished!

15 mins later the knott on Js cock went down enough for him to pull out of Brians ass and i didnt give him a minunte to recover!! i punched all of my cock balls was so full of cum in his ass it sounded like water in a ziplock bag! i pumped him for a bit...he was loose as a sock!! so i pushed my balls in his ass with my cock! got to say that felt like no other! then added a second load to his ass...he got up and ran off to the toilet cupping his extremly well fucked ass.

I fell back in the bag chair and princess came up and started licking my cock and balls again...i thought she hasnt had any i asked brian if she had been fucked before...he said only by Jester...Queen had left the room Jester was sleeping in the corner and Brian jumped in the shower...

I to Princess by the collor and spun her around to have her cunt to me...i put a thumb on her liips and moved it around and she opened up like a letter! i slid in a but not like Q..i rubbed around her lips some more and then leaned foward and gave her a few licks...her cunt was def a different taste! i pulled my once again hard cock up to her little pussy and put some presure on..the head went in and she wimpered a little...i pulled back and she backed up and looked back at me like dont i went foward till i was all the way in. i stroked in and out about 4 times and she went to the floor on her haunches...i stayed in and keeped up the easy pace...just enjoying it...then i felt a tounge go up my i rolled my hips to give better fealing i could ask cunt on my cock and a rim job!! then it happend...the tounge was Jesters and he mounted me like i was his bitch!! mother fucker was not taking no for a answer!! he missed my ass once then nailed it on the second try..he has a skinny long cock...bout as thick as my thumb and close to 7inchs long...and he brutilzed my ass like he never would see one again...I could feel his knott starting to build up and before i could get away he punched it in with vengence!!

Then there was the cum!! as soon as i could open my eyes from the pain of the knott.whch was as big as a orange...i felt his cock against my prostate and he starrted cumming buckets!! that hot cum was washing all over my prostate gland and i started cumming inside of Princess!! I had never pulled out of her and she was taking it all! J must have shot enough cum in me to fill 2 pop cans!! it just kept cumming! When he did pullout i pulled out of Princess and ran to the toilet to drain it out...there was so much!

I jumped in the shower and Brian jumped in and pined me to the wall and raped me like i did him! except...i over powered him and took his hot cum in my mouth the put it back in his!

What a Day!
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