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Default Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 12 Re-Issued - True Animal Porn Story, Bestiality, Cheating, Erotica, Wife

Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 12 Re-Issued - True Animal Porn Story, Bestiality, Cheating, Erotica, Wife

continuing story about Geg and his wife Sandra
Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 12 is now being called Part 12 xnxx-Revised. by gregorthegrant
True Animal Porn Story, Anal Dog Sex, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Black, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Dog Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission, Extreme, Gay, Group Sex, Humiliation, Interracial, Male Domination, Males / Female, massage, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Wife
Author's infos
Gender: male Age: N/A Location: N/A

The further adventures of my wife Sandra
Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 12-Revised.

"Okay according to what Tony and Joey told me it's down this way. Just follow me." Sandra said taking a hold of my hand and leading me around the corner and entering a dark alleyway. I looked down the dreary alleyway and was surprised to see four tall, black muscular police officers I'd say all in their mid to late twenties. Suddenly four big police dogs ran ahead the tall police officers and started sniffing around Sandra.

"Hello you must be Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. Joe called and told me to expect you both. "That's why we are wearing our best uniforms to honor you both with your visit to our museum. He had to be at least six four and was wearing a tight sleeveless light blue shirt unbuttoned to his waist. He was wearing tight dark blue shorts, no socks and black sandals. The only way I knew he was a police officer was the printing over the top of his right pocket that read "VANCOUVER POLICE DEPARTMENT." He had his name tag in the most unusual place. It was pinned to his tight dark blue dress pants between his right pocket and button up fly. "Get back here Wolf, Tank, Gregor, Shank. Leave the nice lady alone boys." But the four dogs kept sniffing walking around my wife.

"Why are your dogs sniffing me and what's your name officer?" Sandra asked looking at the tall, muscular, black police officer up and down.

"My name is on my name tag. You may read it if you wish." The black police officer said walking closer to where Sandra was standing. "The rest of you guys get over here so Mrs. Anderson can read your name tags as well. Wolf, Gregor, Shank and Tank are sniffing you out to make sure you don't have any drugs on you just ignore them Mrs. Anderson."

"Thank you officer but the printing is so small on your name tag I can't read it very well." Sandra said. "Why aren't they sniffing out my husband then?" Sandra asked.

"They sniff women first because in most cases it's women that have the drugs so they are trained to sniff out women first. If you still want to see my name tag ignore the dogs and you'll have to crouch down so you can see what it says Mrs. Anderson." The tall muscular black young police officer said and smiled.

"Alright I will." Sandra answered and crouched down and looked up. She reached up and took a hold of the name tag. She began to wobble on her feet because one of the dogs pushed his nose under my wife's dress and kept sniffing. "I'm sorry I'll have to grab a hold of you to steady myself before I read your name tag." She reached over and grabbed the top of the police officers dress pants. "Thank you Alex. That's a nice name." Suddenly I heard a loud tearing sound and was surprised when I looked over at Alex. Some how when my wife had moved her hand up to his shorts she had pulled too hard and ripped the front of his uniform pants. His huge cock came throbbing out.

"Can't you call your dogs off my wife, it's obvious Sandra isn't hiding any drugs." I said looking down at the dog's head hidden under the back of Sandra's dress.

"I'm sorry Mr. Anderson but the dogs do what they are trained to do and won't stop until they are totally positive your wife isn't hiding drugs. Besides what are you worried about it for Wolf or the other three dogs aren't bothering you and your wife doesn't seem to mind the dogs sniffing her out. I can only recommend your wife gets on her hands and knees so Wolf has better access to your wife and he doesn't accidentally injure her." Officer Alex said and smiled.

"Maybe you should do what Officer Alex instructs you to do Sandra. I don't want you getting bit or scratched." I said thinking Alex must be right about maybe Wolf accidentally harming my wife.

"Since you are suggesting Wolf might harm me Officer Alex I'll get on my hands and knees." Sandra said.

"Okay partner, move closer to Mrs. Anderson so she can read your name tag." Officer Alex said.

Officer Alex stepped back just as the equally tall and muscular Officer stepped forward standing in front of my new bride. My wife managed to get on her hands and knees and saw her short skirt rise up at the back. I looked down when her dress rose up and her bare ass came into view. I was shocked when her full bare ass came into view. My wife didn't have any underwear on and huge globs of thick white stuff was dripping from her ass and pussy. Wolf was now sniffing and licking the thick white globs from her pussy and ass.

"Officer Alex it's one thing your dogs circling my wife and sniffing her but damn he is pushing his tongue into my wife's pussy. What is that stuff dripping out of her I wonder." I whispered.

"I'm willing to bet your wife is kind of frightened what's happening to her with the dogs and the way my dress pants ripped open revealing my cock, her pussy is reacting to it all by dripping that white stuff. Don't worry about it. I'm sure that juice will stop leaking from your wife." Officer Alex answered. "As far as stopping Wolf's hunt for drugs, like I said once he begins his inspection there is no stopping him Mr. Anderson. Mrs. Anderson, reach up and find out what my partners name is."

The police officer who had taken Alex's place in front of Sandra was wearing the identical sleeveless light blue shirt unbuttoned to his waist like his partner Alex revealing his dark brown, muscular chest. He didn't seem to pay attention to my wife on her hands and knees her dress now rising up to her waist revealing her entire ass cheeks. The officer was also wearing dark blue shorts with a black button at the top and visible zipper the same as Officer Alex's dress pants. I could only hope this officers dress pants would be made from better material than Officer Alex's police pants. His name tag was pinned directly over top of his huge bulge running down his right leg. He pushed his hips forward. "Does that make it easier to read my name tag?" The second police officer asked. "Your welcome to grab a hold of the top of my pants to steady yourself while you read my name tag Mrs. Anderson."

"Thank you I hope I don't rip your nice dress pants like I did Alex's dress pants while trying to balance myself." Sandra reached up and grabbing the top of the police officer's dress pants. I noticed Sandra was wiggling her ass and pushing back as if to allow Wolf's tongue easier access to her pussy. At the same time Sandra reached up it caused the top of her low cut dress to pull down until only her large nipples were now the only thing holding the top of her dress covering her huge breasts. The black muscular police officer pushed his hips forward causing Sandra's grip to tighten on the top of his dress pants and just as she held his name tag and read it the top button of his dress pants popped off.

"Oh I'm sorry Lenard." Sandra groaned as she gripped the top of Lenard's pants in her small hand. Lenard leaned back and suddenly the front of his dress pants ripped wide open like Officer Alex's dress pants had ripped and his thick at least ten inch black cock pushed out slapping against Sandra's face spurting even more of his thick pre-cum all over her cheek joining the dripping pre-cum caused by Alex's huge cock slapping her cheek.

I gather Sandra was moaning because of the way Wolf was licking her poor pussy and sometimes her ass. The licking must have been giving her pain even though she seemed trying to show everyone she wasn't bothered by Wolf licking her pussy and ass hole.

"How much longer is Wolf going to be searching between my wife's ass and pussy?" I asked concerned about Sandra's pain. "Officer Alex, can't you see the pain my poor wife's in?"

"Like I said before I can't stop a good police dog from his duties until he is completely finished his inspection Mr. Anderson." Officer Alex answered and even chuckled. I felt like asking Officer Alex what he found so humorous seeing my poor wife moaning and groaning in pain, but I decided to keep silent instead.

"I'm so sorry, I guess they don't make our uniform pants very sturdy anymore." Officer Lenard said. "Maybe you'll do a better job reading my friend's name tag Mrs. Anderson. I am so sorry for causing your dear wife so much trouble Mr. Anderson and I hope you understand it's not anyone's fault except the people who manufactured these uniforms."

"It's not me you have to apologize to it's my dear wife and she seems to be taking the circumstances in stride." I answered not really knowing how to comment on what Officer Lenard was saying to me.

"Well I suggest you try reading my fellow police officer's name tag Mrs. Anderson." Officer Alex said. "Maybe only me and Officer Lenard have uniform pants that are not very sturdy. Step up in front of Mrs. Anderson and let her read your name tag." Officer Alex said looking at the third police officer on the other side of Sandra.

The other officer walked in front of Sandra his shirt was totally unbuttoned revealing his muscular, dark brown, chest. "I'll try to make it easier on you Mrs. Anderson and you can grab the top of my uniform pants above my right pocket instead of above my zipper. My uniform pants will probably be sturdier there." The third police officer standing directly in front of Sandra said. He pushed his hips forward the same time Sandra reached up beside his right pocket grabbing the top of his dress pants. I could see his thick long cock pressed against the thin dark blue uniform pants.

"Ouch! You must have dug a nail into my skin." He yelled pulling back suddenly. The same time the officer pulled back sharply Sandra's grip of his dress pants above his right pocket began to rip and once more it ripped pulling the button above his fly to pop off. As soon as the button popped off his zipper ripped wide open and his huge thick black cock sprang out slapping my dear wife's cheek spurting even more pre-cum all over her cheek and also her lips this time. I guess Sandra wasn't thinking what she was doing because she opened her mouth and licked her lips licking all the pre-cum that had sprayed across her lushes lips clean.

"I'm sorry Officer." Sandra said trying to steady herself reaching up again causing the front of her dress to be pulled down and suddenly her huge beasts broke free swinging side to side. At the same time Wolf must have finished inspecting Sandra's ass and cunt because he pulled his tongue out of her pussy. At the same time his sharp teeth must have gotten caught the back of her dress. Wolf backed up with Sandra's dress still caught in his teeth ripping her dress off her completely. Sandra was now on her hands and knees completely nude in the back alley of Vancouver. Four muscular black police men had their sleeveless light blue uniform shirts wide open revealing their dark brown muscular chests. On top of all that three of the four muscular black young police offers police pants were ripped down the front and stood with their huge dark brown cocks pushed against their muscular stomachs pre-cum dripping down soaking into their huge low hanging balls. I thought I was in the middle of some kind of nightmare. This couldn't really be happening. Could it? I asked myself.

It had all started because the two Italian soccer team players, part time hotel workers had told Sandra and I about this secret out of the way police museum. Joe and Tony had been told about the police museum from the regular hotel workers before they left for their own vacation leaving different soccer team players to take their place during the world mature soccer tournaments.

"I'm getting use to it Antonio. At least I got to see your name before your huge cock smacked my cheek." Sandra smiled. "Should I read the last name tag guys?" She asked.

"You might as well Mrs. Anderson the six-six black muscular man in his early twenties said. "I might as well just open my dress pants though instead of ruining another pair of dress pants." Let me fix my shirt first though he said. He unbuttoned his sleeveless pale blue uniform shirt and took it off tossing it over to Alex. "Hold this for me will you please Alex."

The fourth police officer unbuttoned the top of his dress pants pulled his zipper down and to my surprise pushed his dress pants down below his bubble butt down to his knees. "There you can't rip them now." He said.

"She also can't see your name tag since it is at pinned to your dress pants and your pants are pushed down to your knees." I said expecting the police officers to pull his dress pants back up and letting Sandra see his name tag.

However the police officer fooled me when he bent over instead of pulling his dress pants up again he pushed them to the ground, stood up. "My name is Officer Troy, Mrs. Anderson." Troy said stepping out of his dress pants after kicking off his sandals and standing totally nude in front of my kneeling wife. "This is all your wife's fault us police officers are all hard in the first place because she just had to know our names. I think we should get some compensation for this from your wife Mr. Anderson."

"What kind of compensation were you wanting from my wife Officer Troy. Maybe I could pay for four new pair of dress uniforms." I suggested.

"How are you going to do that these are specially made uniform pants Mr. Anderson. I see how Wolf had finished inspecting your wife but I also see his bright brown eyes and tongue hanging out looking at your wife where he just inspected. Maybe your wife will volunteer......."

I know what happened that day does any one reading this want to know what happened next with my sweet, honest, loyal wife?

END OF PART 12-Revised of this true adventure.
I'll be continuing where I left off soon with original Part 13-Revised.
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