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Default he Lion King. Kovu and Vitani Part 6 - Fantasy, Bestiality, Consensual Sex, Incest, Males / Female

he Lion King. Kovu and Vitani Part 6 - Fantasy, Bestiality, Consensual Sex, Incest, Males / Female

Kovu and Kiara
This story doesn't belong to me I am just sharing it from a 3rd party source. All credit goes to the owner and writer LORDSOFTRUNKS. I decided to sare since I couldnt find any Lion king stories anywhere on here

Kovu walked up the side of Pride Rock, looking to fuck his older sister. It was a day later since he and Nala fucked in extreme bliss in the blessed heat of the cave, and he was about to undertake the last step in his sex education....incest. His mate Kiara had fucked with her father a few days ago, and Nala gave him some encouragement to fuck his own sister, so that Kiara wouldn't feel as if she was taking all the fucking from her own kin.
"Ok, now where the hell is that sister of mine?" Kovu thought selfishly as he searched pride rock for his half evil sister.

"Oh Kovu...." Vitani called.

Kovu looked around when he heard her voice, it was coming from the cave where he and Nala fucked the preceding day. Kovu then ran into the cave and saw his sister lying there with her eyes toward the entrance of the cave.

"I've heard you've been looking for me." Vitani said.

"Well, who told you?" Kovu asked as he approached his sister.

"Kiara told me." Vitani replied.

"Kiara?" Kovu asked.

"Yeah, she told me right after she heard from Nala." Vitani explained.

"Oh." Kovu said.

"By the way, Kiara's a pretty good fuck wouldn't you say?" Vitani exclaimed.

"What?" Kovu replied his eyes widening.

"I fucked her." Vitani said with a look of greed on her face.

"You fucked my Kiara without my permission!" Kovu said with a slight bit of anger in his voice.

"She's not your lioness until you can prove to the pride that you can FUCK." Vitani said laughing and taunting with her paws pointed at him.

"Hey I can fuck." Kovu shot back.

"No, you can't!" Vitani laughed.

"I can prove it!" Kovu said becoming annoyed with Vitani's antics.

"How?" Vitani asked still giggling.

Kovu looked down at her with a dark stare in his eye.

"BY FUCKING YOU!" Kovu roared.

"Whoa, Whoa, Settle Down." Vitani said now acting a bit more mature as she got up and stopped laughing as she faced her brother.

"So you wanna fuck me, huh?" Vitani asked in an apologetic manner.

"Well, Nala suggested that I do this so Kiara won't feel bad." Kovu admitted.

"Kovu, I saw that cut on Kiara's leg." Vitani said.

"You really fucked her didn't you?" Kovu asked.

"Yeah I did. She's a very good fuck. And she's concerned for her safety that's why she's having sex a lot with some of the other members of the pride. So that she'll be better at having sex in the future. The same seems apparent with you in a way." Vitani replied.

"Well, I am sort of embarrassed that I did that to Kiara." Kovu said with some shame in his voice.

"Kovu. Have you ever experienced an orgasm up until recently?" Vitani asked, while stretching her back and fore paws out, taking a nice long relaxation from the long nap she had lying on the floor of the cave.

"Well, no." Kovu replied.

"When did you first start to have sex?" Vitani asked with some curiosity.

"Why are you asking me this?" Kovu asked.

"I'm just curious, in fact if you tell me, I'll tell you some things that will make that weenie dick of yours hard and healthy." Vitani said as she bent down under Kovu to look at his dick in it's puny form.

Kovu shivered as he heard his sister say that. He could feel his innermost feelings and desires rise from inside him.

"Well, OK. I haven't had sex before, my first time was with Kiara." Kovu said.

"Ok, when was your first orgasm?" Vitani asked.

"I can't remember." Kovu replied.

"Was it when you were a cub?" Vitani asked.

"Uh I think so." Kovu replied.

"All right, that's all I wanted to know." Vitani said.

"Now listen to my story." Vitani asked.

"Ok." Kovu replied.

"I had my first orgasm after watching Mother and Scar getting on out in the fields. I just felt my own muff and started masturbating with both of my paws until I finally came." Vitani explained.

Kovu felt his dick start to become stiff, and Vitani watched with interest as she watched it grow out of the corner of her eye.

"Then afterwards, I went to go find Nuka, when he was just a cub a little older than me, and even though he had no idea what he was doing, I sucked his dick for an hour everyday. He loved it, and he finally got some attention. Before he died I had sex with him in the Elephant Graveyard after we had set the fire to the fields, so that you could rescue Kiara." Vitani said with a smile.

Kovu started breathing hard, his dick was now at it's peak and wanted something to touch it badly. It was hurting for attention, it felt so hard to him.

"I also fucked with Mom after you didn't kill Simba, when you should've. It was the only way that I could calm her down after she wasted all of her time raising you to do her dirty work, and you let her down." Vitani exclaimed again.

"You fucked with Mom?" Kovu said with his eyes wide open.

"Yeah, she was very good at fucking me. Oh and she also fucked with Nuka quite a bit since she didn't have many males to fuck with." Vitani said.

"Whoa hold on...she fucked you and Nuka?" Kovu asked.

"Yeah, but she was in control almost the whole time, I had to be submissive the entire time as did Nuka." Vitani explained.

By this time, Kovu wanted to fuck his sister so bad, every muscle was urging him to fuck her now, but he just sat there as his dick reached further into heavenly bliss.

Vitani could now see that Kovu was ready to fuck, because of the way his dick had become round and hard with his balls tightening and growing as well.

"I suppose you wanna start to fuck now?" Vitani asked.

"Yes....." Kovu said panting, and still a blank stare of amazement at the story he had just heard.

"Relax, Kovu, lay down on your back for me." Vitani said as she nuzzled her brother across his face.

Kovu then laid down on the floor of the cave and got into position. He parted his hind legs and let his tail sprawl across the floor, showing a perfect picture of his dick and balls and the surrounding hair that enveloped them to the world of the cave and his sister.

Vitani eyed her brother's now fully erect and plump dick, it looked healthy and hard. It looked very tasty to her. She then got down on the floor, putting her head and muzzle right between Kovu's fully parted hind legs.

Vitani then wrapped her mouth around Kovu's dick, it felt hard, tender and alive inside her warm mouth. She could also feel Kovu shiver and harden as her tongue touched his dick and felt all around it, taking in it's taste and the surrounding hair into her salivating and watery mouth, and shoving it down into the back of her throat until she could feel that she could gag on it if she wanted to.

Kovu felt his dick inside of his sister's mouth. He cringed as he felt her tongue feel and tug at it. He then put his paws around Vitani's head and pushed her face down further into his shaft.

"Ohhhh...." Kovu moaned.

Vitani felt his paws on top of her and reacted by putting one of her paws. Claws out and pawed at his stomach very lightly.

A wave of pleasure swept through Kovu as she did this, he could feel an orgasm growing, and his balls tightened as Vitani sucked his dick. He forced himself to fight the pain, the pleasure and desire, that Vitani was causing inside of him. He wanted to hold that wonderful feeling for as long as he could.

"Wow, he's really fighting it." Vitani thought as she looked up and saw the pleasure stricken expression on his, while still massaging his dick.

"I wonder if he can hold this?" Vitani grinned to herself.

She then used her free paw, and started feeling her brother's asshole, and surrounding flesh.

Kovu tensed up, closing his eyes tightly and gritting his teeth, sweat overtaking his body and Vitani continued to advance

"You like that?" Vitani asked with her mouth still full of dick.

"Ye..Yes...." Kovu managed to say while fighting to hold the orgasm in.

"Fuck that!" Vitani replied.

She then shoved two of her claws inside of his ass and Kovu tighten up suddenly around them.

"Ohhhhhhhh....." Kovu moaned with pleasure as he felt Vitani crawl up his nether regions.

Then Vitani moved her claws in and out of her brother's ass, it felt so good that Kovu started to scream through the pleasure of the pain.

Kovu couldn't hold it any longer with Vitani's doing at least three things to him at one time, Vitani sucked faster and faster and finally after 4 minutes of constant motion, Kovu cummed inside her mouth, roaring with bliss as he delivered his seed.

Vitani moved out of Kovu's ass, and proceeded to gather the liquid that shot out of his dick. She held it in her mouth and then started to lick it onto Kovu's fur with her tongue. Starting at his ass, then his stomach, his chest, him mane, his neck, and with what was left of it, she kissed her brother on the lips, allowing him to taste his own seed again. She then shoved her tongue inside his hot mouth, and feeling all the nooks and crannies of his sharp teeth and tongue, she stuck her tongue so far in Kovu's mouth that she reached the back of his throat and Kovu gagged on it.

Vitani then broke the kiss and looked down at her now exhausted brother.

"Thanks for Fucking me." Kovu managed to say.

"Your welcome. You wanna show me what you've learned?" Vitani asked.

"Fuck yes. Just let me catch my breath." Kovu replied.

5 Minutes later, Kovu got up, his fur and mane were streaked with his seed.

"This is gonna be hard to get out." Kovu said.

"I know." Vitani replied.

Vitani knew that it was hard to get cum off of fur and the male lions had to take at least a half hour grooming, to get it off.

"I'm gonna make you pay for that." Kovu declared.

"How?" Vitani asked.

"By doing THIS!" Kovu said as he pounced on his sister.

Kovu pushed his sister flat on the cave floor, his paws on top of her tan and furry chest. Vitani just smiled wickedly up at him.

"Well, now, temper, temper." Vitani giggled.

"Will you stop laughing and start moaning?" Kovu said.

"I'll only start moaning, if you can fuck me, like there is no tomorrow." Vitani replied with a grin.

"I really am starting to get tired of your attitude." Kovu accused his sister.

"Really fucking tired?" Vitani asked.

"Fucking?" Kovu puzzled.

"Yeah, are you fucking tired of fucking?" Vitani laughed.

Kovu just looked up ashamed and embarrassed.

"What did Simba see in you anyway?" Kovu asked.

"I think he liked it when I fucked him hard." Vitani replied.

"Well, I'll tell you something, I can fuck better than he can!" Kovu said.

With than Kovu laid down on his sister, his dick growing hard again on her stomach and began licking her chest. Vitani felt his wet tongue on her furry chest, and she ran her paws through her brother's dark mane.

Kovu then moved down his sisters body, letting his dick and chest rub against it as he slid down to Vitani's muff. Vitani parted her hind legs giving as Kovu moved down her stomach licking all the way down and wetting her fur with his saliva. This gave him more to look at and more room to lick.

Kovu eyed his sister's muff, it was hairy and pink, much different from Kiara or Nala's muff. It smelled arousing as he put his nose against it. Vitani shivered as he touched it with his nose.

Kovu then began to lick his sister's muff, his tongue wetting and exciting it as he put his paws up against Vitani's parted legs, moving them aside further and feeling his sisters thighs with his claws.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh" Vitani moaned as she felt Kovu's wet and curious tounge on her muff and claws digging into her thys. She reached down and ran her paws through her brother's black and attractive mane once again. This time pushing him down into her muff, wanting to feel him like she never did before.

"Ahhhhhhh.....Kovu....fuck......" Vitani managed to say as Kovu continued to advance, quickening up the pace, his mouth full of Vitani's muff hair and feeling all around the surrounding flesh.

It was driving her crazy, Vitani wanted to feel more the Kovu's tongue, she wanted to feel his sharp teeth, sinking into her flesh. Sure it might hurt a little, but she often liked it when a male lion sinked his sharp teeth into her, as if he were going to eat her alive while they were having sex. It was something that Nuka did when they fought and had sex together, and she had Simba bite her on numerous occasions on her legs and muff and ass. Not so much as to break the flesh, but enough to leave a few temporary imprints and marks. It make her feel so good since she liked fighting and hunting a lot. It was just another way of bringing the animal out in her.

"Bite Me, Kovu, Bite Me!" Vitani screamed.

"Huh?" Kovu thought as he looked up.

"Bite Me, I want to feel your teeth on my muff." Vitani said exhausted.

"Well, OK." Kovu replied and he bit down on her muff.

Vitani's hard and furry flesh felt good between his teeth, and made him hungry for more and he wanted to eat her out.

"Ahhhhhhhhh......" Vitani moaned, as she felt his teeth nibbling on her muff. She felt a huge orgasm growing inside her, from Kovu's constant nibbling and sucking of her Muff. She tried to fight it with all of her might, trying to hold on to that wonderful feeling that her brother was making inside her. Sweat started appearing on every point of her body as Kovu continued to advance. His very touch against her was setting her passion a blaze. She gritted her teeth as Kovu quicken his pace and she moved to his motion.

Kovu knew she was about to cum, because of the look of pain and pleasure on her face, and with one lick, he moved both his paws onto Vitani's muff and kissed down on it. Exerting all of his touch and love onto Vitani's most treasured area.

"OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! TOUCH ME!!! TOUCH ME!!! TOUCH ME!!! " Vitani moaned and bucked as she finally came as Kovu touched her.

Vitani breathed hard as the juices flowed out of her. Kovu licked them up, tasting his sisters wetness and love in his mouth. Vitani caught her breath quickly after Kovu finished swallowing her juices.

"OK, I'm ready for more." Vitani said as she looked down at Kovu still admiring her wet muff.

Kovu smiled and got up. He then hovered over his sister, positioning his hard dick right in front of Vitani's asshole. He moved her tail aside and Vitani snuggled up on her back ready to take him in.

Kovu then began to slowly push his dick inside of Vitani's ass.

"Oh....Ah....Ooooo." Vitani cringed as she felt Kovu penetrate into her.

Kovu then closed his eyes as he moved forward placing his dick all the way inside his sister. With his dick fully implanted he laid the rest of his body down on his sister, pushing himself further up into her.

"Ahhhh....Kovu...." Vitani moaned at her brother's action.

Kovu then bore down on Vitani's neck nibbling and sucking at her fur.

Vitani then felt all around Kovu's black mane taking in it's warmth and heat.

At the same time Kovu began moving in and out of Vitani's ass. His dick sore and hurting for attention he jabbed it inside his sister, feeling her insides and wanted to be inside her for as long as possible, it just felt so good to be fucking his sister.

Vitani took in his dick, she pulled herself close to Kovu and tightly wrapped her paws around his mane as he moved in and out of her.

Kovu then saw an opportunity and kissed his sister on the mouth as her face came into his view, he stuck his tongue inside her mouth, feeling her tongue teeth and hot salvia running off her teeth. While continuly moving his dick in and out of his sisters ass.

Vitani cringed and fought back with her tongue feeling all over her brother's mouth and tongue, their tongues battled it out in the tight encasing of their muzzles.

Kovu felt an orgasm building like he had never felt before. And it only made him want to be close and touch every part of his sister's body, as he neared climax. Vitani felt her brother quicken his pace and felt his dick move faster. It told her that it was time and she released from the kiss.

They then roared in unison as Kovu shot his seed up inside her.

Kovu then moved out of his sister and then laid down right beside his sister for a rest.

About five minutes later. Vitani got up.

"You think you could put that ass of yours up?" Vitani asked her still exhausted brother.

"Oh....sure." Kovu said as she realized what she wanted him to do.

Kovu then stuck his ass up into the air, and moved his head down to the cave floor, showing her where all of his shit came out of.

"Hey nice ass." Vitani commented.

"Thank you." Kovu replied.

Vitani then moved his tail aside and started licking his asshole.

"Oh..." Kovu moaned.

She put her paws up on his butt for more leverage, and stuck her nose and face inside of his ass further. She then shoved her tongue up his ass, feeling all around where her tongue could get to. Kovu enjoyed feeling his sister inside him, it just made him want to fuck Kiara more, just by feeling his sister.

Vitani kept this action up for at least 30 minutes, and by the time she was done Kovu ass was as very tender and red. Kovu then gave way and collapsed on the cave floor. Vitani then moved closer to his face and kissed him full throttle once again, letting him taste what she was tasting inside his ass. It was stinky and awful, but it was all worth it he thought.

"Well, I hope I've made your day." Vitani said.

"Thanks." Kovu thanked his sister.

"Well, I guess I'm going to fuck Simba again." Vitani said as she walked out of the cave.

"I'll see you later!" Vitani called to Kovu who was still exhausted.

"Bye!" Kovu replied.

"Man and I thought I was the only one who fucked with Nuka and Mom." Kovu thought to himself.

- End of Chapter Six -
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