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Default Faust and Luca III - ZooSex Fiction, Bestiality

Faust and Luca III - ZooSex Fiction, Bestiality

Being watched
Clive and Marsha sat at the island while Sally busied herself with last minute faffing, setting the dining table then dusting the tops of the picture frames. The taxi to take them to the airport was due any minute and the suitcases waited in the hallway.

"Don't worry yourself with all that," implored Marsha. "I promise the place will be spotless when you return." Sally held the dustcloth in both hands and sighed.
"Oh, I'm sorry darling, I just want to make sure everything is right before we go."

"Women!" said Clive and shook his head laughing lightly. He put his hand on Marsha's thigh, just where the hem of her loose summer dress reached so that three fingers touched the cotton and two the skin. Clive leaned closer to her whispering conspiratorially, but loud enough for Sally to hear, "She'll be in the kennels with the vacuum cleaner in a minute." Marsha tensed involuntarily.

"Oh do shut up Clive! And stop molesting the neighbours!" she arched her eyebrows as she stared pointedly at his hand. Clive gave Marsha's thigh a squeeze and whined.

"But I'm not going to see this beautiful woman for another month. Surely you will permit me this one extravagance!" He removed his hand and stood up. "Besides, it's a long flight to Mauritius and the seats we have won't allow me to molest you my sweet without causing considerable uproar."

"Have you got your passport, Romeo? Give it to me. I'll keep everything together. You," she pointed at him accusingly, "are not to be trusted." Her face broke into a smile. Marsha grinned as Clive checked his pockets, a look of concern on his face. Sally, used to his silliness wore a weary look. "Give!" Clive relented and pulled his passport out of his inside jacket pocket and handed it to his wife. "Right! Marsha, are you sure you have everything you need? Please call if absolutely anything, anything happens!"

"We will have our phones off, but do try," said Clive drily. Marsha looked at Clive, thinking how handsome he appeared. Thick dark hair, clean shaven and a gorgeous smile. Marsha suddenly envied her neighbour all over again. A vision of him naked between her very own thighs flitted through her mind and was washed away by the taxi beeping his horn outside.

"Oh goodness!" exhorted Sally, "Oh goodness."

"Time to go," replied Clive.

"My boys!" Sally rushed to the patio doors that led from the kitchen and called Faust and Luca to her. She crouched down on one knee and greeted them as they came to her, bounding up the run to their mistress. She hugged them both as they bounced around and accepted their licks on her face. Marsha watched fondly and saw Sally caressing her boys, on their heads, stroking their ears, down their flanks and under their bodies to their tummies. With a final kiss on each of their heads, she stood and turned as they continued to nuzzle her thighs. "Time to go!" she repeated as she composed herself.

They all filed out into the hall and with the help from the burly taxi driver the suitcases were loaded into the large boot, and after much waving out of car windows and from doorways, the Newtons disappeared down the manicured cul-de-sac, round the corner and out of sight.

Marsha watched for a minute or more before finally closing the door and walking back to the kitchen. She was alone, save for the dogs, in this big house and thought of her husband. She had only seen him early that morning since she left for the preparatory meeting with Clive and Sally the evening before. He was out when she had got back from feeding time and by the time he had returned she was fast asleep. She left him sleeping that morning and had made herself some tea and toast before heading three doors down to see her neighbours off and make sure that the dogs were comfortable with the transition.

She still loved her husband, but he seemed offhand, indifferent, uncaring even. Was he having an affair? Was he impotent? Was he gay? All these questions came to her and were dismissed. Apart from the first. It was possible. It was always possible. She doubted it though. He was too stupid to be able to keep it secret. She tutted at herself for thinking so of her spouse.

All at once, she found herself walking up the stairs. She stopped on the top step. She hadn't had sex, with another person that is, for over two months now and Clive's hand on her thigh had made her instantly aroused. It was innocent on his part; a touch of flirting, no more, no less; but to her, the fire, almost out, smouldered. She thought of Clive's hand on her thigh. She imagined him stroking it slowly up and down, each stroke wider and wider until his fingers were brushing the side of her panties under her dress. She leaned against the bedroom door where the object of her fantasy lay with his wife and imagined his little finger sliding under the elastic of her knickers. His hand stroked no lower, yet pushed her panties aside and cupped her excited sex.

She turned the handle of the door and pushed in.

His middle finger slid up and down her slit, rubbing over her little nub.

She slid her hand up her thigh and touched the front of her knickers. She felt what she knew she would and moved into the room. She pushed the door to and fell to her knees.

He moved in behind her and raised her dress over her lower back, exposing her knicker clad bottom.

She spread her legs as she imagined him there as she searched for the metal box. She reached in with one hand and grasped the handle on the side. Then she stopped. She felt her dress being lifted. She froze. Dream? No? She heard the snuffling. She felt the wet nose on the back of her thigh. Before she could react her dress was on her back, his nose had flicked it up. He pushed his nose against her crotch and licked a long fast lick over her soaking wet panties. The touch brought her back to life.

"Nooooo!" she screamed. She twisted and fell onto her bottom, her dress raised up around her upper thighs, her legs parted and her knickers on display. Faust moved in again and licked her thigh, high up. "No! Faust! NO!" She grabbed his collar and tried to push him away. Faust growled, but backed off. "NO!" she shouted. Faust jumped and she covered her panty covered pussy with her hand to protect herself. She jerked as her hand touched her knickers. "NO! OUT!" she shouted at Faust. He backed up a little more and turned slightly. She squeezed her sex and groaned. "OUT!" She spread her legs a little wider and Faust's ears pricked.

She squeezed again and her bottom shifted forward toward the dog. She slipped her fingers inside the leg hole of her knickers and pushed two fingers into herself. She couldn't help herself, she had to have this relief and if the dog wanted to watch well, so be it. She pulled her fingers out and slid them over her swollen clit, rolling her two fingers in circles. Faust knew he was forbidden and he dropped to his belly, laying on his front, watching her intently. Suddenly, the door flew open and Luca bounded in. Marsha was beyond the point of no return and couldn't stop. She was so close.

Luca froze as he saw the scene before him. Faust didn't even acknowledge his brother, he just lay there watching this new friend, laid out before him. She alternated between rubbing her clit and finger fucking her soaking wet hole. She watched both dogs and thought of Clive, fucking her, sliding his big cock into her and she felt the ecstasy rising inside her. She rubbed her clit fast and hard, growling at the dogs. Faust lifted his head and licked his lips. She keened and arched her back and Luca growled back.

Suddenly she was coming, hard. She bucked and wailed and kept her fingers pressed to her clit, pinching it between the two digits. She rode the wave as long as she could. The dogs watched intently, until finally, she came down, breathing heavily. She lay still, her head against the side of the bed, her knickers covering her modesty once more, her dress still up around her waist. She grinned weakly at Faust and Luca.

"Bad boys," she whispered. "Bad, bad boys!"

Slowly, she pulled herself to her feet. Faust and Luca, shimmied and licked their lips, their eyes never leaving her. "Come on you two. Out!" she said. She moved towards them and ushered them out of the door. They turned and turned about expecting her to follow them but she pushed the door closed and locked it. She turned back to the bed and fell on it. She let out a deep sigh of satisfaction and closed her eyes.
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