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Default The Island, chapter 01 - ZooSex Fiction, Bestiality, Boy / Boy, Gay

The Island, chapter 01 - ZooSex Fiction, Bestiality, Boy / Boy, Gay

Ch. 1/15

Jimmy had a faint feeling that he was wet. He felt as if he were
surrounded by water, and it was reaching for him, trying to pull him
under, to reclaim him for its own. His head hurt, and he could not
yet see, nor remember anything. What was he doing there? Where
was there? The sunlight beating down on him blinded him, his eyes
hurt, as if they were being burned from their sockets. His lips were
parched, his mouth dry. He felt a heat rising from his body; it felt as
if he were on a large frying pan, his body's moisture seeping away
from the heat of the pan, being absorbed by the harsh heat light.

A small wave crashed up and over Jimmy, bringing him closer to
total consciousness. The water felt good on his body, and some of it
entered his mouth, which is partially opened in an effort to suck
oxygen from this vacuum. When yet another wave of water came
crushing over him his body moved from the force of it and he was
rolled onto his side.

In this position the sun wasn't so bad. The cool water seemed to be
helping him regain his strength. He opened his eyes, trying to get
them to adjust to what laid before him. Slowly, he began to focus on
a spot a few inches in front of him. It was sand. He was on a beach,
and he was laying on the shore, right at the point at which the waves
reached the beach sand.

As his eyes accustomed themselves to his surroundings, he turned
them to explore other things. As far as he could see ahead of
himself, there was beach. He could see the water line as it snaked
itself down the imperfect sand. Moving his eyes slightly along the
sand, he could see what seemed like trees. With a little more focus,
he realized that the beach gave away in that direction to what looked
to him like a jungle.


"Where the hell am I?" Jimmy asked out loud, although his voice
was no more than a croak. Slowly he began to take stock of himself.
He wiggled his fingers and then his toes. It seemed as if everything
was there, and in working order.

Slowly he began to move his limbs. His first attempts brought on
stabbing pain. He thought that he must be badly hurt to feel so much
pain, however, the more he tried, he realized that his muscles were
what was aching. He felt like he did that time that he had lifted
weights with his friends, his muscles had hurt him after that.

This thought pleased him, but when he examined why, he found
that although he could remember the incident, he could not
remember the other boys. He knew that they were his friends,
however, he could not remember their faces, their names, or any
details about them. This confused Jimmy, however, he decided not
to dwell on all of that right then.

Eventually Jimmy was able to move. With what seemed like all of
the strength he had, he sat up, using his sore arms to balance
himself. Looking down along his body, he seen dark red skin. He
knew that he had one hell of a sunburn, and that it would be painful
as all hell when the sun went down.

Jimmy noted another thing. He was naked. He did not remember
what his clothes looked like, or really if he had any, but he knew
that he should be dressed, and not lying naked here on this beach,
not able to remember anything, with his body burnt to a crisp, right
down to his dick.

Over a period of ten minutes, Jimmy was able to half walk, half
crawl up the beach some, getting himself away from the water. He
knew that the salt water would add to his sunburn, but he didn't
know how he knew this fact.

With almost every ounce of energy he had in his body, Jimmy
pulled himself up the beach until he was finally at the edge of a
clump of bushes. Taking no precautions for wild animals, insects,
or anything else, he crawled into the bushes, gasping at the firm
cool ground, and the first shade which caressed his body.

Jimmy slept like he had slept when he was a baby. He slept for what
seemed like years, all while held safely by his clump of bushes. His
bodily functions had returned to somewhat normal, although Jimmy
was too tired to notice them. He slept on. He slept as he urinated
several times, coating his body and his earth bed with his fluids.
When his bowels released themselves, he did not notice, or care,
being lost in his curative sleep. As he turned and rolled during his
sleep, he did so in his own feces, covering himself in his waste.

Jimmy awoke in a startled state. He remembered the water and the
beach. The water was trying to reclaim him. He relaxed, however,
when he found himself safely in his bushes. He was pleased that he
could remember the events which found him in those bushes. Those
events were only those, however, which had begun the first time he
woke up on the beach in the water.

Stretching and yawning, Jimmy sat up. His mouth was dry, his lips
chapped and peeled. He was thirsty as hell. As he looked around his
bedroom, he began to sniff, and them he jumped away from his
bed, repulsed as he realized that he had been sleeping in a pile of

It took him only a while longer, with the aid of his probing hand, to
find out that the shit was his own, and that he had both pissed and
shitted himself during his sleep. Jimmy was a little put out at the
thought of that, and more put out by his smell. Standing, he peered
out onto the beach to see if he were alone, before he headed off at a
slow trot for the water to rinse the waste materials from his body.

Returning back to his den, Jimmy surveyed the mess which he had
made. He considered cleaning his home up, but then decided that it
would take too much effort. He decided that he would find another
clump of bushes which he could use to sleep.

Wandering around a bit, Jimmy realized that he was in a jungle, or
perhaps a rain forest. Somehow rain forest came to his mind, but he
did not know why. Looking around and listening closely, he began
to pick out the sounds of birds and other animals as they began their

Looking up into a tree to identify a noise which he had never heard
before, he noticed a large bird. It wasn't the bird, however, which
captured his attention. Hanging there on vine-like structures
amongst the trees were fruits, fruits which he recognized. There
were mangos, and further up there were bananas.

Jimmy realized, painfully, how hungry he was. The fruit was fairly
high, and he was not sure if he could climb the trees in the first
place, but he needed to try. After several false starts, he managed to
climb about five feet, only to loose his footing and tumble to the
ground. Luckily, the ground was soft with undergrowth and he did
not get hurt. Finally Jimmy was able to reach the mangos. He
wanted to try for the bananas also, but he did not feel strong enough
to do so.

Knocking about a dozen or so to the ground, he quickly climbed
back down from the tree, almost falling again in the process, until he
finally reached the soft forest floor. Squatting down, he gathered his
fruit before him, and glancing around for predators, he began to eat,
not caring if he showed any manners whatsoever during his dining.

At first the sweet nectar of the fruit burned his throat and lips. He
thought for a moment that the food was poison, but quickly realized
that he was so dried out and thirsty, that the liquid was hurting him.
As he made his way through about a half dozen mangos, his thirst
lessened, his stomach began to feel better, and his lips felt less

Not realizing that he situation called for restraint, Jimmy finished all
of the mangos which he had managed to knock down from the trees.
As he throw away the last seed, he belched, laughing at the sound of
it as it echoed through the forest. Still squatting, he surveyed his
surroundings. It still seemed that he was alone, with the exception
of the animals.

Jimmy felt a pressure in his bladder, and realized that he had to piss.
Normally he would have stood, held his penis, and urinated in a
proper fashion onto a clump of leaves, or at a tree's base. These
were not normal circumstances, however, and Jimmy delighted
himself as he began to piss right there as he squatted, not even
bothering to hold his penis.

Thirst and hunger quenched, Jimmy decided to head out for a little
exploring. He needed to find out where he was, and how he got
there. He also knew that it was important that he find some other
people, perhaps some adults who could help him.

For most of the day Jimmy wandered around, eventually realizing
that he was on an island, and that it seemed as if it were a deserted
island at that. He knew that the day was almost over. The sun was
off to one side of the sky, and it began to get a little cooler. He knew
that he had to find shelter, and fast, least he be caught out in the
open when the light failed.

Jimmy was able to find another clump of bushes which seemed even
better suited for his needs than the last bunch. He really had to crawl
to get into his new house, the branches and crawlers were thick. He
realized that any animal which might want to eat him would also
have difficulty getting at him, with the exception of snakes. Jimmy
froze and then shuttered at the thought of snakes. He hated snakes.
He hoped that he would not have to confront any.

During the early part of the evening Jimmy paid the toll for being
greedy with the mangos. All of the fruit had played hell with his
stomach and his digestion, and he had a violent case of diarrhea.
Luckily he was able to get outside of his bedroom each time before
his bowels released themselves. He was able to clean himself
sufficiently using leaves from nearby bushes. He hoped that none of
them were poisonous, or else he would have hell to pay.

Finally his stomach settled down, and he laid there quietly thinking
and trying to remember, trying to remember anything. He knew that
his name was Jimmy, but beyond that he was lost. He realized that
he didn't even know how old he was. There wasn't any hair around
his genitals, so he knew that he wasn't old enough for puberty yet.
He didn't know how he knew it, but he knew that older boys and
men had hair around their cocks, and that they could shoot cum.

While thinking these things, Jimmy let his hand wander down to his
own penis, which he fondled tentatively. As his fingers ran up and
down his soft flesh, he was on the verge of remembering
something, but it would not come in clear. His penis responded to
the caresses he was giving it, it began to fill with blood and grow

Jimmy could feel the transformation in his cock, and muttered
"hard-on" to himself, but it was if it were a first time experience for
him. When finally Jimmy's cock reached its full height, it stood a
proud, angry four inches. Reaching around it, he guessed that it was
about as fat as two of his fingers together. Letting his fingers run
from tip to stem, he laughed and said, "Big dick!" Somehow this
was funny to him, and it made him laugh, but he didn't know why.
It was all confusing to him.

Without even having to think about it, Jimmy wrapped his hand
around his penis, making a fist with his curled fingers. Nature was
taking over at this point, instinct. His hand began to rub the penis,
and slide itself up and down its length. Faster and faster his hand
went, it becoming no more than a blur as it flew up and down the
boy's penis. Beneath the masturbating hand Jimmy laid panting and
twitching, seeking, waiting for the release which he knew would

Arching his body high to meet the thrusting hand, Jimmy gasped
aloud, and then tensed, his body trapped up in its half circle,
buttocks high in the air. The pulsating began, one, two, and then
three bursts of invisible fluid; a pause, and then two more bursts.
Jimmy was racked in orgasm, his hand still operating on its own,
still racing up and down his hardness, until, spent, Jimmy's body
returned back to his earth bed, and the hand relinquished its hold on
his boyhood.

Jimmy laid breathing heavily as his orgasm subsided, and as his
penis returned to its normal flaccid state. All during this process the
hand which had brought him such pleasure and confusion continued
to gently stoke the softness, and the small orbs nestled in a skin sack
between his legs, until sleep overtook both boy and hand; and
Jimmy slept, dreaming dreams of reality, dreams which he wished
that he could remember when he was awake; dreams which held
valuable clues to his past.

- End of chapter 1
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