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Default Kidnapping New Whores - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality

Kidnapping New Whores - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality
Black, Bondage and restriction, Coercion, Dog Cum Swallowing, Death, Domination/submission, Drug, Extreme, First Time, Incest, Male Domination, Murder, Older Male / Female, Pregnant, Rape, Slavery, Snuff, Wife, Young

This story is complete ZooSex Fiction of the abduction of a whole family and what happens to them! It is meant for the pleasure of this web site audience! Hope you enjoy it!
This story is one of "complete" ZooSex Fiction. I "DO NOT" condone any of the actions in my story! It is a ZooSex Fictional story thought process! I wish to critique some of the comments that are made on other stories posted on this web site. Even though a story is labeled ZooSex Fiction, readers will comment as though the story is true. I've read a lot of stories, and some of them that are labeled "True" but, I would beg to differ. I don't think they really are! A typical husband would not sit by and watch a big dick man fuck his wife! I know of no wife that would allow that to happen in front of her husband! People don't act that way. Anyway, enough venting, enjoy my stories, or not! Critique is always welcome, but please consider that I am a novice at this, but I do try!

The first part is told from the view of wife and mother, Janet!

My husband and I liked our privacy and a little separation from our neighbors. Not that we didn't socialize, we did a lot, we do have our parties. We just liked to be far away from neighbors, especially when we want to have a backyard get-together with family or friends. It also allows our daughters to have parties with loud music, which didn't bother us or our neighbors due to the distance. The privacy also let us swim nude in our pool without prying eyes! We had a lot of trees on several acres and we had to tend to them and pay for them to be trimmed sometimes. Such was the cost of what you want. You have to pay to play!

My name is Janet, my husband Mike calls me Jan. We hired a crew to cut two trees down and trim some others near our pool, ridding us of some of the leaves and limbs in the water. Mike was on a short business trip trying to line up a couple of customers for his accounting business while the tree work was being completed. We had our own small accounting business that did monthly balance sheets for small businesses to let them know how their operation was progressing. About half of them had Mike to pay their bills for them, but he only did so if they first signed approval of the bill as a bill to be paid. Mike wanted to make positive that the bills paid were all legit. I always dreaded him being accused of embezzling from a customer, although he'd never do that. He took pride in his honesty. He worked from an office we had built in our home. An office in the home allowed a lot of playing around between us during work. Some mornings, after the girls left for school, I'd go naked and stay naked around the house for Mike to look at me. I liked being naked in front of him. I guess that's why we had three kids and why I got my tubes snipped after Katie Lynn was born. Three was enough for us.

I was going to write a check for the tree trimmer, but Jake gave me another option. If I paid in cash, he'd give me a ten per cent discount on the work, because he'd pay his guys in cash. They loved the cash program, he said. I told him I'd go cash a check at the bank and for him to return on Friday afternoon for the cash and he agreed. I didn't mind saving several hundred dollars in one lump sum.

Mike arrived home at dusk Friday and took notice of a van with a tree service sign on the door. I had told him of the trimming and he knew who it was, so he wasn't alarmed. As he walked into the kitchen, he was grabbed by two large black men, and his wrists tapped behind his back so he couldn't fight back. He was forced into the den where our daughters and I were lying on two beds against the wall and we were all bound like Mike was. There were two black men sitting at our bar and two more on the couch and they were all talking about us as they drank our beer. The four of them had come to the house earlier to get their money and as I learned later, to pick-up some new whores, me and my daughters! They knew a lot about our family, after working at our house for most of the week. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but I didn't think it was going to be anything good. I was very concerned for the safety of our family and especially our three daughters.

The men all got up and walked over to the girls and put their hands on their legs, rubbing them while talking to them. They were talking to the girls very softly, not in a menacing, harsh threatening manner. Looking at my daughters, they seemed to be receptive to what the guys were saying. I noticed a couple of them had syringes in their hands. A couple of guys held Susan down, while one guy tried to give her an injection in a vein in her arm. As my daughters all fought, I called for them to stop! I told them to inject me first to show my girls that it was all right! I extended my arm to be injected and asked what it was. The "Doc", as they called him, came over to me and replied that it was a mixture of some drugs laced with heroin to make us very relaxed and feel high and horney as hell and eager to fuck! I smiled and didn't make any fuss as Doc injected my vein! As Doc pulled the needle out, he replied "You and your daughters will make good whores and bare lots of black babies!" I told him, "I'll make a real good whore, I love to be fucked, but I had my tubes cut after Katie was born. I can't bare any more babies." Doc just looked at me and then at Jake and replied, "Then a good whore you'll be!"

The girls then extended their arms and let Doc shoot them up like he wanted to do. Even the youngest, Katie. In a short time, the four of us were not fighting any more, we were all flying high. As the guys talked to us we were all friendly and even flirting with them, we all wanted to be fucked, even my six year old! Mike was shocked at seeing his wife, me, and his daughters talking loudly about having strange black men fuck us silly! We were some horney! The girls and I almost tore our own clothes off to get naked for our lovers! I was very eager, myself, to get laid, because Mike had been gone most of the week and I was very ready for some down and dirty fucking! My thirteen, eleven and six year old daughters were extremely friendly too, which is unusual for them, especially the eleven year old. Susan was at that rebellious age of leaving childhood behind, having started her periods and declaring herself to be an adult women and expecting all the adult benefits like setting her own schedule of staying away from home with her friends without telling me where she was going or simply staying up late watching TV.

Katie, my soon to be seven year old, shocked me the most as she talked openly about being fucked AND HAVING BLACK BABIES! Katie was very vocal about sex and "doing it"! She freely let out some sexual secrets of her sisters and their friends! I was missing out on a lot, as their mother! I made a mental note to watch them closer in the future! God, Katie was really into sex for a six year old girl! She went on and on about boys, sizes of dicks her sisters talked about and the pleasure she dreamed of in having a big penis in her pussy! My six year old wanted to be fucked!

One of the men, who had previously introduced himself as Jake, now said he was the "Head Nigger" and was getting a collection of "whores" for his house and we'd be good selling addition! He said white whores sell a lot of pussy to black men! He sat on the bed with my six year old and pulled her close to him. She went eagerly. As Jake rubbed Kate's legs, she looked up and him and smiled. He slid his hand in between her legs and rubbed her bare pussy as she lay back and spread her legs wider for him. He used his fingers and spread the lips of her pussy apart and slid his finger in her! "You got a sweet little pussy, there girl. In fact, I'm gonna call you sweet pussy from now on, OK!" Katie responded, "OK, I like sweet pussy! Are you going to fuck me? I want you to fuck me so I can have babies! My sister's boy friends are always telling me they want to fuck my pussy! I even sucked off James!"

Another secret let loose! James was a classmate of Debbie, my teenager. James was over at our house a lot, especially swimming, since he was working to get on the team in high school. Once I even saw him and all three of my daughters swimming nude in our pool. I didn't say anything, I just watched from the house as the three girls played with James, especially his erect cock! All three of them took turns stroking his cock and the two older girls agreed to let Katie get him off! Katie ended up with a cum covered face! She had two sex teachers in her older sisters! I then snuck out and went to a friend's for coffee and came back over an hour later. I gave them all enough time to do what ever they desired and clean up. I didn't think he'd get the chance to fuck anyone, with three sisters present. You really think they'd all let one boy fuck them! I don't think so!

Jake decided they would spend most of the night at our house and let his new whores, me and our daughters, audition for their new jobs. Leaving for his place in the early morning hours would be safer with the streets deserted.

If we were pleasurable fucks, we could live. If not, we would die a horrible death! Jake decided he would take Katie, the six year old for himself. He said he had something special for her! Jake was about six feet, a hundred and eighty pounds and very stern in his manner and attitude, but at the same times not a mean man, but gentle. He talked direct and to the point of what he wanted you to do and you knew that he meant to do it when he told you to. I looked at Katie when he said that and I noticed she was smiling a big smile, Katie was looking forward to what ever happened! She had reached over and opened Jake's pants and was stroking his penis which was very solidly erect! Jake directed the other three guys to take Susan, Debbie and me to the other bedrooms to fuck and swap with each other till we left in a few hours. Doc grabbed my arm and I asked him if we could wait a minute. Even under the drugs, I wanted to make sure my seven year old was ok. Doc and I watched as Jake positioned Katie and spread her legs wider as he got between them! He slowly rubbed his cock head, separating the lips of Katie's pussy and then the girth of the head of his dick slowly disappeared between the lips of Katie's little pussy on its way totally inside her small female body as she moaned for more! She never gave any indication of pain, just the shear enjoyment of being fucked! I guess you could now classify my six year old daughter as a black dick loving white pre-teen whore!

In the next few minutes, I learned that the group had recently kidnapped six couples, including us, along with nine young girls, the oldest being fourteen. With mine, Katie was the youngest at six and eleven year old Susan was the same age as two more girls they had abducted. They liked young white girls that were just entering their fertile years of being able to produce babies! Black men paid good to be able to fuck young fertile white girls and cum in their pussy knocking them up!

They had a problem because they took so many families in a few short weeks that the police could see a link in the abductions, so they came up with their own solution of keeping all the males silent and actually helping their business. The men would be allowed to go home alone and concoct their own individual story on their missing wives and daughters. In order to scare everyone into total submission, someone in the group was going to be made an example of. I had no idea of what was going to happen. I could only watch as Jake talked softly to my Katie and she complied with his every wish. For the first time in my life, I viewed my six year old daughter as a sex object in a man's eyes. I wondered if Mike had look at Katie yet as a hot piece of ass. I knew that letting my daughters skinny-dip in our pool was a turn-on for Mike! Katie loved to go naked! Ever since she could walk, she'd want to go naked. Potty training her was easy because I promised her the minute she got potty trained, she could go naked around our place! When Susan and Debbie had boys over to do home work, there would be Katie prancing around totally naked and proud of it! I had noticed in the past, he liked viewing the bare pussies around the pool! One birthday party was very satisfying to Mike! Late that night, the sleep over turned into a big skinny dip with me and twenty naked young female teenagers! I took advantage of his liking pussy viewing and made sure there was a lot of that and the four females of the house would all go nude when one of us wanted something from the one male of the house! So we three did go nude a lot! When you're a young girl or a pretty and shapely wife and you really want something, one of the best ways to get it from dad or your husband is to sit naked across his legs with your pussy wide open just an inch from his cock and as you ask him, you slid to him and press or rub your bare pussy against his cock! That was another advantage of having our house a distance from the street. I could attack my husband almost anywhere on our property while being naked!

Katie looked up at Jake and asked him, "Are you going to take my cherry? I've talked about sex with my mother and my sisters and I know about fucking and are you going to pop my cherry and fuck me? I'm ready to fuck, you know?" I couldn't believe my Katie was being so blunt with a strange man about sex and wanting to fuck, go girl! Katie said she had actually sucked a classmate of Debbie's dick and actually swallowed his cum this past school year! I couldn't believe my six year old was into sex that much already at her young age!

I must say that Jake was slow and gentle fucking Katie! Katie never screamed in pain as Jake deflowered my six year old daughter. The injection of heroin must have had a pain numbing effect! Later that night, Katie had cum oozing out of her little stretched open pussy from Jake. He told me that he would take special care of Katie and she would be ovulating by her ninth birthday due to having a cum filled pussy every day since before her seventh birthday. Her body would be on the fast track to reproduction! After that, she'd bring good money from wealthily black men wanting to make a black baby with a healthily young preteen white girl!

As I lay there, naked, making out with Doc, I could hear all my girls moaning and responding to the pleasures of cocks in their pussies! I was enjoying the big cock pumping my pussy! "Oh-h-h.fu-c-k.. me-e-e . .harder.oh-h-h-h.f-u-c-k-k-k! I can't believe black cock feels so good inside me!" I told Doc. Around midnight, Jake said it was time to get a move on. We were all brought out to his van and laid on a blanket in the back. The girls were very obliging and did not offer any resistance at all. The ride to Jake's whore house wasn't that far.

Right after getting there, I asked to be fucked some more. Jake asked me if I wanted another fix, and I answered, yes, I want to be a heroin junky whore for you! I saw Susan and Debbie hold out their arms for another fix too and they both said they wanted some more black cock too! My girls were on their way to becoming good black cock white whores! As my girls were being fucked, I heard them all say to fill their pussies full of baby cum! The three of them wanted to be black baby mommies, but of course Katie would have to wait a couple of years!

Jake had been hinting that he wanted all of us to bare black babies, but I had already told Doc that I couldn't because I had my tubes cut after Katie was born and it was impossible! I would cooperate and be a whore for their house. I told them not to hurt my daughters and I'd be theirs and do anything they wanted me to do. Jake asked me, "How about putting on a show for the guys like you letting some of my friend's dogs fuck you! I'll bet you'd be good at sucking a dog's dick and swallowing his cum! Janet, would you be a good bitch in heat! How about two dogs at once! That should satisfy a white whore like you!" At this point, I didn't know what to expect from this gang, but I told them, "Yes, anything you want! I'll do anything you want, just don't hurt me or my girls!"

While they discussed among themselves what they wanted me to do Jake had a couple of Labs brought in so I could demonstrate my talents with dogs. I reached under one of the labs to stroke his dick and get him hard. I watched the red dick head slide out and I lay on my back so I could take the dog's dick in my mouth and suck it. Just as I lay on my back the dog started peeing, so I just closed my eyes and opened my mouth for a warm drink. Jake and others laughed as I swallowed down the dog's warm pee. Afterwards I sucked his dick for him and then I got up on all fours to allow the dogs to mount me like a bitch in heat and fuck me! As one lab mounted my backside, he thrust his dick and hit my butt and then slid into my pussy very deep within! I loved it! He felt great as he pushed in and pulled out! He really had a good dick and then he knotted me! Jake and his crew made lewd comments as I did every deviate act they asked me to do. The heroin had complete control over me! Under the drugs, there wasn't anything they could dream up that I would not do! I did doubles with the dogs, sucking one while another fucked me with one of his crew filming the event to make porno movies. Jake asked me if I was the dog's bitch and I answered that I was and loved being the dog's bitch! "Then show us! If you're really the dog's bitch, tongue his ass hole, like a good bitch!" Jake ordered. I crawled around to the dog's ass and started licking his ass and then I stiffened my tongue and shoved it into the dog's ass hole, eating him out! I felt something soft, oh shit! I pulled my tongue out and cleaned it off in my mouth! Then as he shit a short turd and being a depraved druggie, I simply opened my mouth and ate my master's poop! I did my best to eat his ass for him so he'd know I was his bitch! That sent the crew to wailing in laughter at my depravity! I was told I was now "officially" the lab's bitch and would fuck him at least several times a day! Hay, that was fine with me! Anything to protect my girls!

As I continued to eat the dog's ass, Jake and his crew finished their conversation about my fate and decided they would use me as their example to everyone that they were serious about what they wanted everyone to do and what would happen to those who cause them any trouble! Out of all the females, I was the one most useless to them! I was only good as a whore! The other women could fuck and bare children too. They wanted the husbands to go home and remove all the girls from school. Since school just ended a couple of weeks ago, the girls wouldn't be required to show up. The dad's could withdraw the girls by giving any number of reasons. It would be more difficult for the husbands to hide the disappearance of the wives, but the incentive to the husband's would be what they did to me and for the safety of their wives and their daughters!

We were all woke up about midnight. After a night of fucking customers, it seemed like we never had gone to sleep. Doc gave all the females a light heroin injection. I took notice that my syringe had more joy juice in it than the others, but I could care less! Joy, joy to the world!

We had no idea where they were taking us. It had been a month since our abduction and every night, all the wives and young girls had been whoring themselves with lots of men paying for their pussy! All the couples and their girls were all loaded into several vans for the trip to hell! Jake had decided on his plan of action to emphasize his determination to have complete control over all of us, even the husbands and dads! They must have done some pre-planning, because I noticed that all of the families only had girls, no boys. The females were all mellowed out by being shot up with heroin. By this time, all the men, had been given several hits of heroin to bring them into total control! In the future the heroin could be used to "take out" any husband that was a trouble maker, with a "hot shot"! In the van, we were all restrained tightly, with black hoods strapped around our necks and our hands taped, so we had no choice but to follow orders or the consequences could be very devastating to our family being hurt.

It was about one in the morning when we arrived at our destination. We all were led away from the vans along a big walk way, with large concrete structures on each side with bars. We could hear an occasional bird call or a large cat growl, like a panther or bobcat. Finally it dawned on all of us; we were at the local zoo or an animal preserve.

Jake stepped up and kissed me. I stood there naked as he slid his hand down between my legs and rubbed my bare pussy, sliding his fingers inside me. Oh, that felt so-o-o g-good! They had freshly shaved all the women earlier this afternoon, if they needed it. They liked their pussy bare. He asked me if I felt good and I replied that I felt great! Jake then led me over to an enclosure and beckoned everyone to come close and watch. In the enclosure was an extremely large snake. "I have a very close friend and business partner who keeps me informed on things here with the animals. Now Janet, since you can't give me any black babies, only fuck like a whore, you're really not much good to me, but I can't just let you go, you know!" Just before we left the house, I was given an extra injection of heroin to really mellow me out, so I'd be overjoyed to do anything Jake wanted me to do, no matter how dangerous it was. I just giggled and smiled, and said, 'I know, but I won't say anything." Jake rubbed my bare breasts and pinched my nipples as he talked softly to me, "Janet, do you have any idea what we need to do tonight?" "No, I don't. What do we need to do?" Jake whispered, "Janet, we need to feed Big Nellie here. She only eats once a month. Do you think you can do that for us while your girls watch you? Do you want to feed Big Nellie, Janet?"

"Yes, I want to feed Big Nellie, can I" "Why, of course you can. Come with me in here!"

Jake led me through the gate into the enclosure and down the steps. We walked over in front of the snake and Jake told me to lie down in front of the snake's head, and I did so without any arguing. I looked up at Mike, smiled and said, "Watch honey, I'm going to feed this big snake!" I was totally calm, being strung out on heroin. The snake started moving slowly towards me. I was less than two feet away from it and it was on me in no time at all. "Raise your feet a little so she can get them into her mouth, Janet!" Jake ordered. I raised my feet and even wiggled my toes taunting the snake! Swiftly the snake opened its mouth, stuck out her tongue and wrapped it around my ankles, and slid forward while pulling my feet into its mouth, followed by my legs. She wasn't chewing; she was swallowing me whole, right down her throat! I yelled, "Look Katie, mommies gonna feed Nellie supper! Oh yah, eat me! Eat me whole! Mike, you've never eaten me like this! Hey Katie, watch me!"

As the snake continued to flex its throat muscles and its movement slowly pulled my body into the snake's mouth, throat and eventually down to its stomach. The muscular flexing of the snake stimulated my whole body and I felt great all over! I felt like a big penis would feel as it worked its way down into a tiny pussy expanding its walls outward to accommodate the big dick like my Katie did for Jake earlier!

Jake left the enclosure and went back up with my girls and Mike. I saw him standing behind Katie rubbing the six year olds bare pussy and her small dark nipples at the same time whispering in her ear that she's gonna make lots of black babies for him in the future! The snake's throat muscles expanded and contracted pulling me deeper into the snake's throat and I'd soon be in its belly to be digested. Right now though, I was conscious and making comments and joking around. Under the heavy dose of heroin they had given me, I was feeling no pain and laughing at being eaten whole! "Look at mommy, Katie! I'm a big dick sliding into a pussy! Oh Katie, this feels so great! I so love to fuck like this! Oh yes-s-s Nellie, eat me-e-e, eat me-e-e all!!!"

The snake's mouth was wide open and its nose was now at my neck. In the next couple of minutes, I would disappear forever inside the snake's mouth! "Michael, you never ate my pussy this much! Ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaa...and they all watched my blonde hair fill the snake's open mouth and throat! Finally the snake closed her mouth behind my head and it got dark, very dark, pitch black!
I could no longer see a thing! I could hear my girls yelling something!

I felt an increasing pressure against the back of my head and my face as her jaw muscles squeezed my head!

Then there was a loud CRUNCH-H-H as the snake's jaw and teeth shattered Janet's skull!

Jake stepped forward and announced to everyone, "The crunching sound you just heard was the snake crushing Janet's skull. She was alive until that crunching sound. The snake crushes the skull to get at the juicy brain matter of its prey! Take a good look and remember! Any of you cross me and this or something just like this will be your fate! Nobody will ever find you!"

Janet is no longer in the story; the story now is told by Mike:

Mike noticed Jake take a digital camera from one of his guys and put it in his bag.

When we all got back to his "house" I was taped again on my matt and Jake took Katie to the bed in the same room so I could watch him fuck my six year old daughter right in front of me! He told me that by starting a young girl fucking before she starts menstruating, it causes her to menstruate earlier in life and thus she can bare more babies. As he was saying this to me, Katie spoke up, "Jake, I want to have your baby! I know about sex from mommy! Fuck me and make me a baby, a black baby!"

I watched as Jake took his time and fucked my six year old daughter, Katie. He never said anything, but I figured out what businesses they had going and the whole thing was very illegal. They kidnapped white women to use in their whore houses for black males. They attracted more customers by having white girls and women for black men to fuck. They also allowed the customers to ejaculate in them and knock them up with black babies, which the men paid more to be able to do. Then Jake could sell the babies on the black baby market! Pardon the pun of "black baby market". A lot of the babies looked whiter in their features, than black. They had a low overhead to make the babies and could easily sell them for very good prices. Jake was so organized that he had his own doctors on call. They were well paid, in cash and with no IRS filing for taxes they took very good care of the women. The doctors were all black and also got fringe benefits of free pussy and all of the other services the house offered.

Jake untied me and pointed out the rooms I was allowed to go in. I was in the part of the building called "the family area" as apposed to the bedrooms designated for selling pussy. First I went to take a shower and clean up. I asked for clothes, but I was told to go naked. I would be less likely to cause trouble or try to flee if I was naked. I was showering and Katie got in with me! I said to her, "Katie you shouldn't be in here with me naked like that!"

"Well daddy, Jake sent me to take a shower with you and said that I needed to give you some pussy to calm you down, so I'm gonna fuck you the rest of the day! I've always wanted to fuck my daddy!" Katie and I finished our shower and went over to a bed in the large room. The room was more like a barracks, with about twelve double beds around the outside walls with the middle of the room open. I lay down on my back, ready for some sleep after the last forty-eight hours and Jan being eaten alive by that big snake. Katie crawled up on top of me and started slowly stroking my penis. After a while, I was softly erect and Katie straddled my legs, stroking my penis and sliding the head up and down her little slit! After doing this for a few minutes, she rose up and put the head of my dick at her pussy opening and lowered her body down, taking me all the way inside her! Katie just looked at me, smiling and said, "Let's fuck daddy! I'm your pussy now that mommies gone!" She didn't need to ride me that long before I let loose a load of cum into my baby daughter! I was too excited fucking my small daughter to last long! Katie stayed with me the rest of the day fucking as much as we could. Without me saying anything, Katie asked me if I'd eat her pussy, and climbed on my mouth before I had any time to react! I ate my daughter enthusiastically, and she reacted to my actions by peeing in my mouth! I said nothing and just swallowed! Katie lay down beside me and we slept together, naked! This became my normal night, bucking my little girl!

We were awoken by Susan and Debbie. No sooner than I was awake, than Susan sat on my mouth and Debbie started on my dick. Again, Joy-Joy, I wonder what Jan would say now if she only could see me with our three daughters!

I couldn't comprehend what would happen to me. Doped with heroin, my business failed very soon. I, of all people, was having a hard time paying my bills. I notified all my clients that I was folding my business. Some noticed that Janice wasn't around any more and my standard answer was that she ran off with a younger hunk of a man that was very well hung! Situations like that happened every day, wives with younger studs, husband with younger, shapely pussy! I wrote a good-bye card mimiking Jan's hand writing and sent it to myself. By liquidating most of my investments and closing my business, I was able to pay all of my bills and I still had a good some of cash left. I then went to see Jake to see if I could work for him doing his books, he had some, even though they remained secret. Jake had to know if his operation was making money and how much, just like any business. By working for Jake, I could be near my daughters and I would have all the heroin and pussy I wanted. I never imagined I would be looking to my daughters for female affection and sex!

"Mike, I do the bookwork myself, but I guess I could use a professional. There will be one or two rules I will require of you. One, you never leave this house alone, not any time! That way, I don't have to worry about you blabbing to anyone! Number two, you'll only handle the figures. I'll handle the money like I always have. I said two, but I'll add one more and that's, I will get you some clothes. You can't go out on the streets naked!"

I started examining his accounting system and it needed some more detailed organizing. I did show him where his tree trimming business was making a nice profit! Jake thought of it as a front company, losing money but hiding his whore house income! I showed him how he could expand the tree business a little and almost double his profit! His answer was that he'd think about it. I lay there, naked, when Susan, Debbie and Katie came into the big room. They walked over to me and Susan kissed me, while Debbie swung her leg over me and sat on my mouth so I could suck her very juicy pussy! My daughters were taking good care of their daddy! With the three of them around, I'd never lack for pussy to eat or fuck!

Katie and I were lying naked on the bed later that afternoon when Susan came over and sat on the bed along with Debbie. Susan said, "Dad I've got your little afternoon pickup for you." I was so depressed about Janet that Doc had upped my heroin dose to keep me under control, and I held out my arm for her. Debbie helped her and Katie moved over and placed my head on her lap. Debbie stretched the rubber around my arm and found the vein and Susan stuck the needle in me. About that time, Katie asked, "Let me push the plunger!" Little Katie pushed the syringe plunger emptying the heroin into my vein and I felt the usual tingle in my arm! Katie then leaned down and kissed me on the lips and said, "Sorry daddy! Goodbye daddy! Sweet dreams!" I slowly lapsed into a heroin induced drug over-dose coma from the "hot shot!

Mike is no longer in the story; Katie now tells her story.

There was an article in the local paper the following week about a house fire and the owner dieing in the house fire that destroyed the whole house. It stated that the owner's wife had previously run off with another man and that probably caused him to become very distraught! The authorities speculated that he had set the fire himself but they couldn't be positive. The file was closed for lack of any evidence of foul play! The insurance company paid for the cleanup. There was no one to collect an insurance claim on the house.

Debbie, Susan, and I were now free of our parents and our where abouts were unknown to anyone that mattered. My older sisters were both at least four months pregnant and intended to stay pregnant for the remainder of their fertile years, having baby after baby. I got pregnant for my first baby when I was about eight and a half years old and was very happy about it! Since I was full of cum every day for a couple of years straight, and I got pregnant before any one ever realized it. I never had a period. One day I playing with my dolls and letting Carl fuck me, which I enjoyed and the next day I had a growing belly with a growing baby! It was amazing to estimate that I "could" bare seven black babies before my sweet sixteen birthday party! I was going to try! The pleasure of having a big dick inside my pussy pressing out ward, was the greatest pleasure of my life! I soon learned the difference between the many men who fucked me!
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