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Default My Wife and our most interesting Sex Life - True Animal Porn Story, Bestiality

My Wife and our most interesting Sex Life - True Animal Porn Story, Bestiality
Bondage and restriction, Consensual Sex, Domination/submission, Exhibitionism, Female Domination, Female exhibitionist, Humiliation, Reluctance, Voyeurism, Wife

Some history about us
I met this most incredible young woman back in 1962 after making a wrong turn into what I thought was a friends driveway! Please read the "Virgin posted with my other stories on this site as it is also true and how we met!

Here is some history about us if you have not read some of my wife's fantasy's and some of the things I have actually done to and with this incredible woman I am married to. We are an old couple now and do not do all of the wild and crazy things we use to! I still want to but she not so much anymore! Part is do to health problems and has gained some weight and this has not helped! But I cannot complain, If I never get another blow job or hot piece of bound ass I will still be so far ahead of most men that it is not even funny!

She (My Wife) when we first dated was so young naive (Stupid her words I prefer to think of her as being very naive as to what might or could happen) as she was so innocently horny, and believe me I took full advantage of it! She has told me on several occasions that I got her when she was young and trained her just the way I wanted, but then she was very willing and quite trainable! When we were first married I thought everybody did what we did! But have since come to the conclusion that we were the exception and not the rule! She called me master long before it was the norm.

She told me one time after some incredible love making, and in the heat of the moment, she was about 20 at the time, said that I had better watch out as she could easily become the biggest whore I could ever imagine! Thankfully this did not happen!

Her mother caught her masturbating at the age of 8 and told her nice girls don't do that! Well I can tell you that nice girls do, do that! I caught her masturbating in the middle of the night shortly after we were married and after some great sex doing this most intimate thing, she thinking I would be mad at her as she still wanted more sex, and was so truthful that she fessed up that not only did she do this? She also had some really kinky and perverse sexual fantasy's

Please Read any one of these stories if you have not "People Pets" "The village Square" "Going Parking With an Older Man" and "The Photo Booth" part 1. All are her fantasy's when she was around the age of 11 or 12 it is quite interesting what a young girl in puberty fantasizes about! A lot of this was inspired by some of her fathers fuck books she found and read at this age they were about naked bound and helpless women that were being sexually used and abused! These stories are posted on this site.

Her father told her first real boyfriend in front of her in so many words, as he knew they had been petting, that he could do whatever he wanted to her, but if he knocked her up he would have to marry her! She never complained and submissively let him say this in front of her not knowing what would happen but her imagination went wild with the possibilities! In his bedroom one night with his parents gone. He tied her to his bed unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her skirt up and cut her bra and panties off! Then pinched played with her tits and clit this was followed by sucking her off she was 15 he was 19!

It scared the crap out of her, but was so much better than masturbating it also perked her interest in bondage and oral sex! The only thing that kept her from getting her brains fucked out that night was that his parents came home unexpectedly! This experience set her up for me when I came along several yrs later.

Also read "The Virgin" "Going Parking at The Local Park" "A Runaway Week End at The Benson"and "Am I Normal" part 1. As they are all true stories. The Virgin is how we met! Parking at the local park was what we did a lot when we were first married and was the first time anyone else had ever seen her naked and watched her/ us having sex and that person was a "Black Man"! This is where her interest started for black men and several other things helped influence her fantasy's about such things during the 60s and early 70s. Am I normal is a fairly accurate account of what I have done to and with her all over the years and is pretty much in her own words! The Benson was just another thing I did to keep her on her toes and make her think she was still an attractive woman.

All of these stories can be viewed and read on this site and are mixed in with many of her other fantasy's and things we have actually done. Also I have written several stories for and about others at their request. If you want to make comments or questions about any of these stories please ask? I only got on these sites to write about her fantasy's as I thought they were so good and did not want to see them lost! This morphed into writing about things we actually did and has also made me appreciate her all the more for who she is and what I have had!

There are a number of stories posted here based on her and my fantasy's and many are about black men! There are two stories about black men that run from romance to harsh sex that are based on these fantasy's! One is titled "Gambling My Wife and Black Business Partner" and the other is titled "Divorce a Job at K-Mart and a New Young Black Manager"! Both were written for black men that were taken by some of my wife's pictures as a young woman! They are what I think, and how she would react to all of the things that happen to these women in this story of humiliation bondage and public sex! She did actually work at K-Mart but has never been divorced!

I have not written the last chapters for both and am currently still working on the K-Mart one as it will have at least one more chapter probably two. I have also written a rape story and did the first chapter for a black guy on another site at his request but have heard nothing back from him about it!

She, my wife even before we were married liked to go parking, and this started out innocently but was quickly followed with me actually taking her out of the car and into the woods and bushes naked an bound! Mostly in the Riverside San Bernadino and the Santa Ana river bottom area of Southern California.

She, at first wanted to go places where we might get caught! Shortly after, because of and do to her upbringing and religious back ground the blindfold came into play, and over the years I have taken her out to adult motels out buildings my friend Steve's basement and of course parking in the woods and hills surrounding this area and later in Northern Calif and later yet in the north west numerous times, all naked bound and blindfolded, wearing only a coat! Once out in the woods or motel she wanted to be totally naked and to have no idea where her clothes were! She also insisted that she be bound to where there was no way she could get loose, this is where cord and duct tape came into play!

It was not just for sex as this was a given, for her when she was in this condition anything that happens to her is not her fault and therefore no guilt! Or at least in her mind this is how she has rationalized her way around what we have done all through the years. Also in her fantasy's she called the girls in them My Girls never her. Only recently has she fessed up that the girls in her fantasy's might really be her! No one else has ever fucked her but me. However she has been played with by others at least a half dozen couples and over the years about 50 single men! She has been masturbated dildoed paddled and led around by her nipples and cunt lips using duct tape and rings on a leash ( Another of her fantasy's) and has had no idea who did it and never asked as she did not want to know the answer!

It is also quite interesting to see a white straight laced church going woman allow herself to be taken to a place naked bound and blindfolded wearing nothing but a coat and have no idea where, for sex! The anticipation and uncertainty as to what might or could happen to her was the biggest turn on as the sex part was just frosting on the cake! In retrospect I think she let me do this in hopes that something or someone or even a bunch of well endowed horny men would come by and make one of her fantasy's come true!

As she allowed me to, and willingly let me do this time after time! Many times I would threaten to leave her out naked in the woods or in a motel and she would usually say quite sarcastically , I am so scared as if darning me to do this! Sometimes a persons zeal and fantasy will lead them to do or say stupid things because they think it will turn out pleasurably or like their fantasy! Nothing bad ever happened and all of our little foray's ended in some great sex! We never did get caught but came close many times!

She has also had fantasy's about animals mostly big dogs, donkeys and beast from Greek Mythology that are half man and half animal! Please read my True Animal Porn Story titled "A Young woman's Zest for Animal Sex part Fantasy and Part True"

All I have ever wanted was to see he enjoy herself sexually! The first thing I ever did to her was suck her off in the front seat of my old Dodge in her drive way she was 17! It is also the last thing I want to do to her before I fall off the end of this earth! Please read any of my true stories or many of her fantasy's!

Heart & Roses!
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