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Default My first time with daddy - True Animal Porn Story, Bestiality, First Time, Incest, Rape, Slavery, Written by women, Young

My first time with daddy - True Animal Porn Story, Bestiality, First Time, Incest, Rape, Slavery, Written by women, Young

This was the first of many days serving my dad and his friends and buddy. Yes this really happened
This happened when I was 10 and the beggining of my new life.
Today started like any other day. Woke up took a nice shower and went back in my room to see what I wanted to wear. I picked out a nice dress that went to my knees and panties with sponge bob on them. It was a Friday and I was lazy so I put my hair in a ponytail and walked down stairs yo have breakfast. My family is broken up, i stayed with my dad (kris39) while my 2 bros (dan18, and Jacob 19) went with my mom (Sarah32). I stayed with my dad cause my mom was a druggie and so were my two older bros. My dad made me my favorite breakfast, waffles with strawberries. After I ate he dropped me off and he said he had to work so I had to walk home. I didn't mind since we lived only 2 blocks from school.

After school I started my walk home and went through the alley cause it would save me a ton of walking. There was a group of white guys talking and laughing and on saw me and tapped the others and pointed. I was starting to get nervous so I started to walk faster. They followed me and before I could scream they grabbed me blindfolded me and put a sock in my mouth and dragged me into a house. They put me in a car and drove for about 30 minutes. When they stopped they picked me up and carried me into what smelled like a dumpster. One guy knocked on a door and said " yo boss we got a present for you" after some moving and some guy yelling the door opens and he says "this better be important Kenny or I swear I'll.... Is that a little girl?" Kenny says "yea found he walking down an alley. She didn't put up a fight and I figured this would end my debt." the boss says "you still have a while till it's paid off. You lost me 10 grand. Well what are you waiting for bring her in." I couldn't see a thing but I had a bad feeling about this.

Kenny sets he down on the couch. The boss says "are you fucking stupid that's my daughter?!" When I heard that I felt so relived. I was thinking that my daddy would save me. Kris says " well might as well not waste this opportunity. He takes off the blindfold and sock and said "hey sweetie" I quickly hugged him and said "thanks for saving me daddy" he hugged me back and said " Morgan I need you to take off the dress, I need to see if your hurt." I didn't think anything of it and did as he said. He looked at my flat chest and nipples and started to rub them. "daddy what are you doing?" he rubs my panties and I push his hand away and he slaps me across the face I fall onto the floor. "you be a good daughter and do as I say" my eyes start to water and I try to get up but he quickly pushes me down and gets a knife and cuts my panties off. He starts to grab my ass and rub my pussy. He looks at me and says "are you going to be good for daddy?" I nod and just lay there. "good i'll be right back."

He leaves and he comes back with a collar and leash and puts it on me and ties then end of the leash to a metal pole and locks it down. "just in case you think about leaving" he gets down and opens my legs and starts to slowly lick me pussy. I didn't like it at all at first but then I started to get a werid feeling down there. He slowly starts to finger me and I started to breath harder. He notices and starts to finger me faster and licks me very fast and he moves some skin to reveal my clit and right when his tounge touched my clit I squirted out my juice. "that's a good girl. See you liked it huh. Now it's your turn to make daddy feel good." he pulls out his massive 10 inch dick and slaps my pussy. "daddy what are you gonna do with that" he says " I'm gonna make you feel good baby, just be still" he positions his dick right next to my hole and slowly puts the tip in. I started to scream "daddy stop it hurts" he punches my ribs, "I said be still, I can make this hurt alot more than It is now" as he slowly slides his dick in I bit my lip trying not to scream and then he unexpectedly shoves his dick halfway in, popping my cherry and ripping my pussy apart. I let out a huge scream and he punches me right in the cheek. "shut up, do you want daddy in trouble?" I shake my head and he continued to slide the rest of his dick in me. When he reached the hilt he let it sit in there waiting. I didn't know why but it started to feel good and when he started to move it back I moaned and he smiled and said " I knew you were a little whore at heart" and started to fuck me faster now and soon he was tearing me up. I wrapped my legs around him and tried to slow him down but he was way to strong. I started to moan louder and soon I was having another orgasm. My pussy felt like it got tighter and kris let out a grunt and pushed in as far as he could and suddenly came right in me. It felt warm and I just passed out from the pleasure.
When I woke up at first I thought I dreamnt the whole thing but I was naked and sore. I saw a big guard dog sleeping tied to the same pole I was tied to. He was a big German sheppard and I kinda moved and made a sound and he jumped up to attention. He started to growl at me and I was rely scared he was gonna kill me. Then he started to sniff my pussy and started to lick it. His tounge felt soo good he kept licking me till I started to moan again and I squirted on his snout. I looked at his dick and it was a huge pink dick. He pushed my side hinting me to turn over. I hesitated and he barked at me. I quickly turned over and the dog mounted me and started to hump me trying to get his huge dick in me and fuck me. When he found the hole he shoved it in so hard I screamed and Kenny came in and yelled " hey boss check this out" kris comes in and says "looks like buddy is enjoying the new guest. He fucks me without remorse and I feel some kind of huge ball go in and it hurt so bad then he released his dog cum in my already cum soaked pussy and then pulled out. I collapsed on the floor and he walks over to my face and lifts his leg and takes a piss on my face.

To be continued...
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