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Default My Dream 1 - Fantasy, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Dog Cum Swallowing, Male / Females, Transsexual, Water Sports/Pissing

My Dream 1 - Fantasy, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Dog Cum Swallowing, Male / Females, Transsexual, Water Sports/Pissing

My Dream and Fantasy
Last night I had a dream. I was in a chat room on the internet and I was talking to someone named Jennifer and she was talking tome had she was living in the same area I am in the East Sacaremto area in Ca. So, we were talking about our fantasies. She was saying she wanted to have sex with a horse and to suck on his cock and be covered in cum. She also wanted to watch a male lick a horses ass, and cock too. She also told me that she wanted a male to have sex with a cow.
I told her that I hav always wanted to see a female having sex with a horse, and I have always wanted to fist fuck a horse in the ass and fist fuck a cow. We were talking more and told her that I also, wanted to get pissed and cum on by a bunch of men, and women. I also, wanted a transexual to fuck my ass and cum inside me.
Jennifer said, that she would make both our dreams cum true. She said, that she would get back to me in a few hours. So, I said okay. A few hours later Jennifer emailed me and told me that she wanted to meet. She gave me an address of a friend of hers that lived a few miles from us. She said, that I should be prepard. I found the house but it was a farm. I pulled up and she met me by the barn.
She asked if I was ready for some hot kinky sex I said, sure why not. Thats what I'm here for. Jennifer said, cum into the barn and I have a surprise for you. There was a hot sexy female in a short leather mini skirt her name was Beth. Beth came over to me and started to grab my cock. She said, that Jennifer had told her that I like chicks with dicks and I said, Yeeeessss IIIII DDDDDooooooo. Then you got it she stripped very slowly and showed we her hot cock. She had me take my clothes off. Beth had me bend over and while I was bent over she took 1 of the horse and tied it up in front of me and had Jennifer stick the horses cock in my mouth while Beth fucked my ass. While Beth was in my ass Jennifer was helping me suck the horse off. Beths cock was streching my ass. It hurt for a few minutes than it started felt good.
She was pumping my ass for about 45 minutes or so. I was still sucking on the horses cock. Then the horse blew its load all over Jennifers and my face. I could not belive how much it came. It was a whole lot. Then Beth came in my ass. Beth came so much it was leaking from my hole and down my leg. Beth pulled her cock out and started to lick my asshole. Jennifer told me from now on I'm her slave. So, she told me to lick all the horses Cum off her face and to lick Beth's cock clean. Jennifer then told me that she was going to blindfold me.
Jennifer puts the blind fold on and she took my arm and told me to push so I did. It ended up to go insidet he horses ass. Jennifer had me to fist fuck the horse. It was slimy but I enjoyed it. She had me fist fuck for about 10 minutes. She then pulled my arm out and wiped it all over me. Jennifer had beth cum up behind me and stick her cock in my ass again. Jennifer took my head and pushed it into to horses ass and told me to lick it and told me to keep licking till Beth Cums inside me again. Beth fucked my ass so hard she came so hard I almost fell over. Jennifer put a stool behind the horse and to me to fuck the horse. So, I was fucking the horse when 2 guys walked in and started watching me. It felt so good with my cock in the horses ass. While I was fucking the horse I felt someone licking my cock everything I kept going in and out of the asshole. After they started to to lick it I came in the horses ass and all over Beths face.
Jennifer then took my blindfold off and their was 2 guys naked watching us. Jennifer then had me help her a she got under the horse and she had me stick the cock of the horse in her pussy. Jennifer told the 2 guys to bring out the next surprise. They brought out a female cow and told me to lick the pussy on the cow but when I started to lick it the cow started to pee all over me. Beth came over and held me while the cow pissed in my mouth and all over my face. Then th 2 guys said that had something else for me. That had a group of friends outside of the barn and brought them in and the saw the cow pissing all over me and a transexual holding me there. After the cow was done they tied the cow up and had me lay in the piss on the muddy ground. There was about 20 guys and about 10 women. The men came over to me and started to pee on me. There pee was washing off the cum from the horse. The women joined in . So, Beth and I were both getting a nice warm golden shower. After very one was done pissing on me they turned to me and started to push me into the mud.
Jennifer was still enjoying the horses cock in her hot pussy she was telling everyone to get me and bring me over to her. She had me lick the horses cock everytime it came out of her pussy and she told me when it cums in her pussy and the horse pulls out to lick the horses cock clean then clean her hot wet creamy pussy. Then the next thing I see is the horse shoots his load in her pussy. Then I started to lick the cock clean then I started to lick her pussy clean. There was so much cum I started to choke alittle.

I will finish this soon
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