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Default A Dark New World - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Ass to mouth, BDSM, Bestiality, Domination/submission, Incest, Rape, Scatology, Water Sports/Pissing

A Dark New World - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Ass to mouth, BDSM, Bestiality, Domination/submission, Incest, Rape, Scatology, Water Sports/Pissing

The abuse of 3 girls, made slaves by a new law classing women as items, for sale/trade/bin.
Chapter 1: Vanessa

Vanessa was sat cross-legged on the floor, her 15-year-old body was maturing fast, and her breasts had become larger but had remained firm. She remembered the old days when she attended school. She could smile as she learnt about simple things, like animals, countries and how to add up simple sums. She cast her mind back to her father, how he had told her how fast she was developing and how she would be a "heartbreaker in no time".

She smiled to herself, looking around at the large room with teak wood furnishings and large red rug she was sat on, then reality returned with a sharp pain in the abdomen it rattled her thought process, spoiling her wonderful thoughts, rudely awakening her to the cruel reality of the modern world what her life had become. As she began to rise, her bottom lip began to tremble the lock on her chastity belt hung heavy, almost causing her to walk at a slight arch as she approached the shadowy figure sat in a cloud of cigar smoke with a phone to one ear and the large Cuban treat in his other.

As she gained closer, her courage began to shrink. Fear began to cloud her judgment, so much so she felt her face run pale, the stabbing pain in her pussy was reminding her of the infernal device she had worn all day, she wandered what monster would invent such a item, it had been designed to vibrate strongly for 15 minutes every other hour, making sleeping almost impossible. At least that's what Vanessa had believed the first few times. Still it was the one in her ass she hated the most it was larger than usual, as her asshole had stretched to far to accommodate the smaller ball usually given to girls her age.

Only now she felt like cursing her father, developed early she thought, that had to be the worst sentence a girl can here in her life. Things had changed she was no longer the bouncy little girl she used to be, now she was broken, she felt like an animal and had grown to truly believe the teachings, she was just an item, an object, a little bitch whore.

The room was dimly lit, as soon as she came to the front of the desk, she began to shake all over, the vibrations had started, and she cursed to herself. Not now she thought, not now. She would of chose to curse the gods, but she had given up on faith a long time ago, at least that's what she told herself in truth she still prayed, the new laws would be overturned and she could return to the society she took for granted all that time ago.

The man placed the phone down on the table, dubbed his cigarette out in a large antique ashtray and rose from his feet. Vanessa felt tiny in the presence of this huge man; he looked at her with fury in his eyes but spoke softly and simply just said "V?"

Vanessa could not look up, her eyes fixed at her feet, the huge lock hanging between her legs as the vibrations in her pussy began to intensify. She looked up at the old man, and opened her mouth trying to force the words out. Fear had crippled her now. She had waited hours to say them, she looked up tears began rolling down her face. Finally she managed to stutter "t-t-t-toilet"

Chapter 2: Emily

Emily, looked at the bowl in front of her in disgust it was dog food, well it was before it was passed through one of the younger slaves whose age was hard to tell. Emily knew she was young she noticed her hairless pussy and undeveloped tits and placed her between the ages of 11-13. She had entered led in on a chain lead, she had squatted over the bowl before emptying her bowels into the shiny steel bowl with large black lettering surrounding the rim. The letters spelt Emily. Her face had been a bright red, crimson like the color of her own arse cheeks, which had been punished the night before.

Emily's stomach began to rumble, she had not eaten for several days, and she did not know whether it was hunger or repulsion, which caused the noise.

A loud crackle came over a speaker. "Eat" it croaked, before cutting out.

Emily began to swallow the pieces; her body began trying reject the intruder. She knew better than to vomit, vomiting meant punishment, vomiting meant a redder backside. It was 15 minutes before the bowl was clean. Thoughts had gone form the revolting task to the pains shooting up her bound arms, tied tightly behind her back together then wrapped in tape, it had been this way for some time, a constant pain the joints of her shoulder had now become a dull normality. Her long red hair had been tied into a ponytail and her pale makeup less face looked 10 years older than she actually was.

Her attentions where soon turned to the large metal door in far right hand corner beginning to open. She shuddered in fear, she knew this man he was 'The Doctor' his cock was already exposed and rock solid, he was a large man, a lot like the fat boys at school her and her friends used to tease. Yet his cock on full erect stood at a proud 8 inches. He knelt behind her and began to run his chubby fingers along her pussy lips teasing as he circled around her clit. She must have been wet, she hated herself for it, but she could not control it.

"You want this don't you? You dirty fucking whore!?" He laughed, sadistically.

"Yes Sir, this pussy is yours to destroy" She said, without hesitation, her training had taught her that much.

".And your ginger filthy arsehole!?" he exclaimed as he laid a swift boot into her stomach.

"Y-ye-yes, sir of course Doc." she said through gritted teeth and teary eyes.

At this point he flipped her over and entered her brown hole dry; he pumped in and out as if she was a fuck doll. With one hand round Emily's mouth to muffle the screams, as each stroke brought more and more pain. When he had finished her rammed his cock straight down her throat she could taste her own shit running down into her stomach. She could feel her asshole was leaking, a mixture of cum, shit and blood.

"Disgusting" The Doctor, said before pulling up his pants. "Oh and lick that up, cunt"

She swallowed several more mouthfuls of vomit before she had licked up all the mess from the floor, her asshole throbbing from the assault. A large plug was then placed roughly into her gaping hole.

"We don't want you causing anymore mess do we, whore?" He asked, sarcastically.

Emily whimpered as he twisted the butt plug and began to scream as he injected her in the neck with a tranquilizer, her last thoughts being what he cruel bastard had in store for her next.

Chapter 3: Elizabeth

Dirt had managed to find its way into every orifice, when Elizabeth woke; she was lay naked in the sty. He had taken her there her own husband, he had got a fitter younger model, since the laws had changed to effectively trade, sell or bin your woman, it had seemed the world had lost its mind, many had said beauty had died a death the day the trade laws came in. she had seen what appeared to be words scrawled across her thigh, 'dog bitch, Liz' was scrawled in pig shit across both her thighs. Her eyes stung as she sat upright, a flashback of the men ejaculating in the eyes came back to her.

She would of sat and cried all day if she could have, she tried to wipe her thighs clean but only removed a layer of pig shit before realizing these words had been tattooed on. She sighed. It was harder for Liz, than for the younger girls they had known no different, not much of the free world, she sure remembered the original protests, the fights, the massacres, the mass suicides but with all things society came to accept the change, women like Liz where used goods, treated like this all over the world.

Liz stood and removed the plug from her ass. She then let loose, a huge fart, cum shot across the sty, she could not remember much, but this amount of cum would only of come from a horses dick, or spunk enema, she felt another and farted again this time she felt something else it was he panties hanging out of her arsehole, she grabbed the end and pulled them out, they was caked in cum and shit, but regardless she slipped them on. Liz came to the realization she had been 'binned'. This wasn't uncommon she pulled her panties to the side and began to piss, hell she was in a sty anyway.

Her pussy was swollen and bruised and she was now the equivalent of homeless, of course this would be better in some peoples opinion but the constant rape and humiliation on the outside could be just as bad as the in. She didn't have anything to wear and walking round like this would get her arrested and 'housed' she did not want that. She looked to the skies for an answer before she felt a stinging blow to the head and it all went black.

"Fuck, piss and shit in my barn, you piece of white whore" a large black man had said before slinging Liz over his shoulder and leaving the barn.

Chapter 4: Vanessa
"You have your pot" The master said, a grin beginning to appear. The belt had slits, which allowed Vanessa to piss through them at anytime. But Vanessa needed to shit and he knew it. Vanessa looked up again trembling with fear the vibrator still going to work on her pink pussy.

"Please, Sir, I need to, I need to." She quivered as she spoke

"Need to what?" He asked mockingly

"Poo" She said embarrassed, her mind being driven by thoughts of shit and the orgasms erupting from the vibrating tool in her cunt.

The master, rummaged around a while before producing a large grey key, he then grabbed her exposed breast and slapped it hard. Vanessa whelped jumping back dropping to her knees as the vibrations became too much, she cried and whimpered as he led her down a narrow corridor towards the lavatory beating her tits as they walked.

"I did promise your father I would look after you, but you are a disgusting, filthy, rotten, whore" The master snarled as he stood and watched as she pissed through the slits, she could feel the shit pressing around the plug now, she needed relief her vibrator had stopped all her attentions was on relieving herself. The master undid his belt, and took his cock out, he thrust it into Vanessa's mouth. He rummaged for the key in his pocket before undoing the lock, the whole time Vanessa sucked attentively on his member.

When he took the vibrator out she shuddered as her body tightened, when the ball came out of her ass, she exploded. Her shit was loud, and rancid, but the master loved it, he took the filthy belt and took his cock out her mouth before shoving the ball in, she felt pleasure and horror.

"I want that clean!" He shouted.

She obeyed. Then he began to piss on her, he did this every time he needed to go, she reached to pull the flusher, least then he couldn't come up with anything else. But the flusher didn't work.

The master laughed coldly "look down, see what you did"

Vanessa cried, it was her sister, 13 years old her mouth held open with a spider ring gag, but her face was covered in shit, and piss. Tears rolling down her eyes, as she could see her throat moving as she swallowed the huge load. In her desperation she had not looked.

She screamed every profanity she knew at the master, in her head of course. She looked at him scornfully she could not hide her feelings in her eyes.

He punched her hard in the face; blood began to fill her mouth. He removed Vanessa's sister from her ropes she cried and began wiping the excess shit from her face. He grabbed her by the cunt and pulled her forwards removed the gag looked down pointing and said "See that shitty asshole?.. Clean it!" He left as she began licking Vanessa's asshole clean. Dazed she tried to push her away, but she was too weak as her sister went to work on her puckering asshole.

Chapter 5: Emily

Emily awoke in her cell, her body felt sore and then it hit her. She had no teeth, the Doc, the bastard he had taken them. She tried to make a sentence but her gums made her slur. Her asshole was still sore and the butt plug still inside her arms where still tied together and her feet had been tied together too. She laid their ass in the air and pussy on show ready for use.

"ah! Awake at last" a voice called.

Emily cried, but didn't give him the satisfaction of trying to speak.

"I have a visitor for you Emily" The doc said happily

A huge man filled the doorway, its Mr. Putter from school, she had teased him constantly at school, during math's lessons, what the fuck was he doing here?

"All yours, 1 hour, no limits" shouted the doc as he left down the corridor.

"Dowthnt" Emily tried to murmur

But it was too late Mr. Putter was all over her, squeezing her breasts, caressing her bruised cunt. He pulled his trousers down and unveiled a 5 inch cock, hidden under rolls of disgusting fat.

"You whore, you horrible whore" he laughed

He stuck his ass out in her face and farted. She turned away, he then grabbed her head and rammed it into his hairy asshole, she squirmed but he commanded she stick her tongue out. She eventually obeyed. Putter, groped at Emily's cunt. She had shit stained nose and lips after the ass eating assault. He took the plug out her ass, leakage came out from the Anal Dog Sex assault but Putter had caught it all in a cup.

After forcing Emily to drink he shoved the plug down her throat, and ordered her not to spit it out, he then began Anal Dog Sexly fucking her, it didn't hurt much the plug had made her arsehole loose. When he was done he removed the plug and stuck it back in painfully, and rubbed his shitty cock in Emily's, dirty ginger hair.

Emily would rather of eaten a buffet of young girls shit than go through that, she cried to herself, and felt the butt plug fall out as she began spraying shit mixed with cum up the wall
When the Doc found out he was not happy he took a pipe from the wall and attached a hose to the end of it, he then plunged it in Emily's arse and another into her mouth. Emily felt something warm entering her ass, and then a familiar taste entering her mouth, it was soft, brown, shit.

"These pipes are simple" He laughed "This one" he said pointing to the one in her bum, this one links to the men's urinal, upstairs. Only the one urinal" he laughed further.. Hope your ass doesn't get full" as he left he turned and said "Oh see that one, it's the girls toilet, lets hope those dirty bitches don't need to shit too much, its laxatives and corn for dinner" he winked and left turning the lights out leaving Emily in darkness with an ass full of piss and a stomach full of shit.

Chapter 6: Elizabeth
Elizabeth woke up, sore, he tattooed legs was sore, her arse was sore, her head was sore. But she was clean, she viewed her surroundings she was in some sort of cottage a farmhouse she thought. She knew the gag in her mouth had been there a while as her jaw felt locked into place. Her cunt was burning as she looked down she could see she had been branded, 'whore cunt' was the words maybe 'Dog whore Liz' wasn't enough.

Her cunt was wet, and a sleeping dog to the right of her may have been why. His tongue hanging out to one side, tired from eating me out she thought. Her tits where bound tied tight and had gone a purple color, maybe he will kill me she thought? She would of done herself, but the punishment for a whore killing herself was her daughters would be killed also, no mother would do that she hesitated maybe its for the best. But no she didn't have the guts she knew her daughters would be 'housed' first the tortures there didn't bear thinking. At least if he killed her it was only a 50 pounds fine for a binned cunt.

The door swung open and two more dogs ran in, straight to Liz licking and nuzzling her wet vagina, the black man walked in accompanied by a large black woman. So large her fat black ass seemed to take up 2/3rds of her body. She smiled, and began rubbing her mans throbbing cock.

He tossed her aside "not now mother" we have guests

He looked her in the eyes, "You farted a lot of cum, across my sty.. Didn't you slut?"

She looked down, nodding.

"Well now you are my mother fart slave, as well as my dogs bitch" he laughed

"Ohh sweet" The mother said "Ive been so gassy"

Liz nodded in agreement the dogs tiring of her some more, the farmer applied fresh layers of peanut butter on her crotch and asshole, which sagged after all the abuse.

The dogs regained interest and went to work .
"Good" He looked at his mother and said "prepare her we are going for a walk"

She was stripping he sweaty leggings off revealing the great mound of an arse she had, she wiggled it jokingly at Liz, taking the gag out of Liz's mouth she rammed the crotch of the leggings into Liz's mouth she hadn't been waring panties and she glanced down at the puddle of piss that was on the floor the fat black bitch just pissed herself.
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