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Default An excursion - ZooSex Fiction, Anal Dog Sex, Bestiality, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Male/Female

An excursion - ZooSex Fiction, Anal Dog Sex, Bestiality, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Male/Female

Astrid is a new secretary and very willingly
An excursion

Astrid was secretary is far from him. A month ago he had set it. But they were sympathetic from the beginning, and sent on the same wavelength. Wolfgang looked good, had good manners - all in all, he was an amiable boss.
So it was inevitable that they approached also off duty.
Astrid it liked to be like when he patted her butt and it grabbed between her thighs, or her breasts kneaded.
But since they were never alone for long, there was only this little fisticuffs. Astrid would have liked more.
And so they've looked forward to it, as Wolfgang said to her, „on the weekend, we make an excursion into the woods, out of the city."
Wolfgang she took on Saturday morning from the morning. It was warm, the whole week it was really humid and everyone was waiting for a thunderstorm, but fortunately stayed away for two.
On the back of his sleek sports car sat Ajax, his dog. "I could leave him ill alone, my landlady is not there also."
"It does not matter," Astrid said, and swung himself into the passenger seat. Her long legs she lifted it so skillfully that Wolfgang could see that she was not wearing panties.
Fast, but not too fast, they drove out of town and soon reached the mountain region and drove now up, down from the busy routes, so that Wolfgang could drive comfortably and could now and then let his hand go astray during shifting. He pushed his fingers between the cunt lips of Astrid. She put her hand in anticipation of a zipper. He, too, was not wearing panties, so that his stand out went straight out of the opening. Astrid put her slender hand on the thick penis and then leaned briefly over to kiss the top.
Wolfgang stopped at after he had rolled off the road. He dropped his pants slip down and now stood in front of Astrid. She leaned over the seat and began to suck and lick on his hard-on.
The fresh wind hit it up her short skirt.
As she sucked so gorgeous, she took out of the corner of her eye perceive a movement that they did not further interested. On and on she pushed her sweet sucking mouth on the hard cock.
Suddenly she had a feeling that there was a second man in attendance. Someone licked namely between her thighs. But who would that be? Where should come here in the solitude of another man?
Wolfgang pressed her head hard against his cock, so they had no way to turn around. They also took care not about the licking she liked even and so she sucked on.
Suddenly she felt something furry on her, but a moment later it was gone, and instead she felt something long hot tried to penetrate her cunt. Instinctively she loosened her cunt lips and something pushed deeper and deeper, while she felt something wet on her ass. The feeling was wonderful and even though she had no idea what was actually dug into her cunt, she enjoyed it. Yes she was disappointed when the long thing pulled back from her.
Astrid still sucked. Wolfgang's bar had become even bigger and slowly she got difficulties to keep them in the mouth. Then the furry feeling was on her back again, and a moment later she felt something big, hard now penetrated into her cunt.
Since they could no longer hold in the mouth Wolfgang's cock, she let it slip out between her lips, and the moment they took, to see what lay there on her.
First, they lost a little upset when she saw that no other than Ajax was on her, and so it had to be his dog strap which eagerly and deeply burrowed now in her cunt. The shock lasted only a moment.
She liked it too well how the animal was so eager in the matter. Deeper and deeper he drove his butt. Astrid however dealt once again with Wolfgang's beatings. But it now did not take long, and after she had sucked a little stronger, blew up the hose and sprayed it from top to bottom with egg cream. Astrid tried to push the piston back into her mouth so as not to leave the magnificent cream useless splash in the world. Even the dog bucked much longer and soon he shot his hot seed into her even hotter pussy.
Astrid thought it was gorgeous. They never thought that this would go.
When the dog had risen from her, she pulled away by Wolfgang bar. She looked at him. He shook his fist angrily at Ajax. "Forgive Astrid, which he has never done before!"
"Do not be angry with him, but i liked it," she replied. "And you can be quiet honest, something can only a well trained animal, right."
"Well, I admit it. I wanted to try how you behave. And I'm pleasantly surprised at how quickly you could adjust yourself to it. "
"It was also nice, I would have been stupid to react differently. But how can it now go further? "
"You want to go on?"
"Of course, I do not stop halfway. Now the time is favorable, if I have again two such potent male beings around me. "
With a hand held Astrid the hose of Wolfgang, with the other she stroked Ajax eggs. The seemed very well liked, because his penis was big and stiff again.
Astrid leaned to dog's tail and licked the moist beatings.
With roles reversed it went on so.
While Astrid now Ajax licked and sucked, shoved Wolfgang his cock into her wet asshole.
Astrid moaned softly on when the iron is pushed in her rectum. By the moment in which Wolfgang slipped all the way into its socket, injected the sperm of Ajax in their oral cavity. Short Astrid hesitated, but then she swallowed the semen of the animal.
Now she felt even Wolfgang emptied deep inside her.
When nothing came, he pulled the hose out, and as nothing came broke Astrid from the belt of the dog.
Delightful the young woman licking her lips. "For that, I would now be ready every day!"
Wolfgang was pleased that he had misjudged his new secretary correctly. She had even taken him by surprise.
They turned out to be more than willing.
Because they now grinned at him. "If you ready since, I stood for a further transition to available!"
Wolfgang grinned and in response, he presented her his already hardened iron. Also at Ajax they did not need to ask long. It was enough that she lay down on the seat back and the animal was already on and in her.
Astrid was still thinking, how wonderful the relationship had developed, then it vanished in an overwhelming orgasm the senses.
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