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Default The Gift That Keeps Giving Part1 - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Anal Dog Sex, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bestiality

The Gift That Keeps Giving Part1 - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Anal Dog Sex, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bestiality
Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Body modification, Bondage and restriction, Cock & ball torture, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Death, Discipline, Domination/submission, Erotica, Extreme, Female Domination, Gothic, Humiliation, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Prostitution, Rape, Sado-Masochism

A story of lust helping a jolly fat man get revenge

I've never been one for presents. There's a little thing called the givers intent. Basically the intent is to not receive any thing in return for the item. This time of year used to be about giving thanks to all of life's gifts, now its bastardized with the commercial entity and Macy Day Parades big fat man. Ya think The Jolly Red is all into niceties yet not today as he walks in the Rose, a strip and escorting club which I happened to be sponsoring and working out of.
Rubbing his white Faux Beard as he walks past the tables. His eyes linger upon me and I'm tempted to rip his throat out. Instead I smile sweetly perk my tail to cover my naughty bits for a bit of burlesque effect smiling sweetly over my tail. Did I mention I'm a wolf?
"Hey Santa, spreading some good cheer to the naughty girls today?" biting my lip more for keeping my mouth shut than the effect it has below his big black golden buckled belt.
"Why, my dear, you've been anything but naughty... " with a pretentious full laugh at the back of his throat, ".. in fact you've been quite the giver yourself." As he sits at my table.
Kneeling at the end of the table I lean my muzzle over lifting my lips tempted to add some bloodstains to the lard ass'es white beard I whisper seductively, "Interested in giving a giver a memory that'll last a lifetime?"
As his eyes dilate and hit the ceiling at whatever lustful thought goes through his head he actually surprises me by shaking his head, leans back and looks me directly in the eye, "That is if you can assist me with three little elves that have been very very naughty."
My curiosity peaked, tail and ear twitching in response I sit back on my haunches and scoot my ass so I'm sitting on the table between his legs, "What have these elves done Nick?" As I raise a brow looking down my muzzle at him.
Taking a breath and I didn't think Santa could blush through his rosy cheeks but I swear he did... I suppose anger can do that, "They made some naughty toys but they quote "malfuctioned" was the letter they left on her spread eagled corpse...." His knuckles white gripping his beard I thought he may pull it out," Mrs. Claus being the only female to test out such toys died, and I'm an old soul as you may well know and I've been tracking them for a couple decades and I finally found them in an establishment much like this one."
Putting a finger to my snout I ponder it over, helping the fat man get even with the elves seemed worth a nice prize and something to give her a vacation for a few years from escorting even if it was his warehouse workers of adult toys that went overboard with his #1 novelty tester.
Taking him by the hand as more patrons file in to enjoy the red lights prize I take him to the back room for lap dances. On the cushy black recliner slash couch that's embroidered with rose vines I push him down in the seat and with anything but lust between the legs on my mind I say one word in almost a bark, "Speak."
His eyes still glossed over from little lustful word-spell I cast before he takes a few deep breaths to control his thoughts. I will say this for the fat man, he has a talent for shielding his more baser instincts. He might be trouble if he refuses to pay.
Startled out of his reverie he pulls his beard as I start to notice its his nervous tick, "I learned of you Lhinnian through a mutual friend. She mentioned if I was looking for blood lust, your the actual source of the word."
My reputation seldom proceeds me and only a dozen or so fey know my true nature. Typically I put a stippen in that knowledge that if its ever shared they owe me a favor. Seems my luck for the night is getting better and better. Twitching my tail at the fortune at my X-mas tree I smile lude-ly, "I suppose they owe me a favor for spilling who I am, got a name Christopher?"
"They told me to trust your gut, whatever that means."
Gluttony. how did I know it. birds of the same feather. My eyes going over his more then 3 beer barrell-full belly I snicker almost. I suppose Lust does have some help with Gluttony on occasion, after all we created food. Need more energy for the fucking ye know?
The music starting for the lineup at the stage I shrug it off, this promised to be a very profitable night with the jolly fat man. The Rose is indepently run so the workers are free to escort freely at their discretion without a word. Finally making up my mind I straddle his lap and tug at his beard playfully (Dont judge, hey after all Lust seals her contracts with blood or funner things.. I prefer the later from the Gluttonous, I have to maintain my figure, can't be eating fatty things)
Pulling my ears back with a playful lustful growl "You know the cost in dealing with the Sins?"
I almost thought he might hesitate yet his Wrath seemed to eat his soul, "Yes lovely, and yours seems the most entertaining."
Smiling lustfully as I grind my thighs under his fold of his belly I lift a knee to his crotch grinding in the vicinity of his balls, "My cost is in favors; In return for this bit of bloodlust you require I shall invoke this penance at a later date." I left out the part that favor could cost him his soul.. though I doubt he had much of a spark to begin with. At least I can travel on his bank account, I have been looking for a change in scenery.
As I give him the briefest of kisses the red light in the booth illuminating us both flashes indicating that one of my fellow employees needs this particular booth. My oh my, it is going to be a busy night.
Digging for the note quickly from his belt line he hands it to me with a ecstatic grin as I notice the stain below his golden buckle. Unfolding it I do a mental checklist as I read it over, all three of them signed it. Smiling back to my new employer I wonder if any mortal knows when they sign something there signing their intent into the paper; a legal dead ZooSex Fiction, now another string of wandering souls ripe for the plucking. And I notice its addressed to no-one in particular.

"Adult toy 46b mal fuctioned, we have failed as your elves"
Ben, Jesus, & Almar

Upon reading the little note I raise my brows slowly to Santa, yet before I can speak my cousin Vanity comes in to the booth hands on her hips tapping her foot impatiently, "Lu. i mean Charity are you quite done.." Her voice faltering as she sees the stain in the red breeches of my newest client, ".. yet." My hackles raise as I hear her thoughts in my head as she reads my own with the note in my hand. So much for my luck holding out.
"Can i come pleeeeeeeeeease. Its been soo long since I got to shred and behead the Prideful!"
Closing my eyes and taking a breath I focus on the nights events. Three elves that have evaded a Fey for three decades. I may need the help. Considering their intent was Pride with this note, there'd be no better tracker then my lovely Vanity of them. With my ears perked and smiling merrily at my cousin, "It's going to be like old times cousin, my favor with Jolly St. Nick is mine, that is already sealed. you are welcome to the 3 Prideful souls though after we have our bit of fun with them."
Turning to the fatman I notice he's still grinning ear to ear and I slap him out of it half hoping it doesn't turn him on more. "Come on Chris, we found a tracker, tonight seems to be the night you see these three pay for ripping up your dear toy tester."


Now as days go by, I'm not a foolish man. Lust may be original Sin though I"m still King. She loves it that way, I actually remember fondly the day I asked her to be my Queen.
"Sitting in a stuffy throne all day letting others do what is so fun to do myself? Fuck off a goat you dirty bastard." And then Vanity comes in stage left and turns me into a fucking sniveling child at their feet.
Smashing through my millionth throne, it finally cracks under my slamming fist "That FUCKING WHORE!"
Closing my eyes I look down on my brother Wrath with an all too knowing grin, he fuels me as I fuel him. Inseparable since creation spoke our names and created us, "Ye know brother its not nice to project one's Sin on your family."
The handsome Russian-esk looking devil staring up from his bloody mess of a hooker at his feet smiles, "You ither dear brother, any plans for the evening?"
"Gluttony, has had a brief bit of inspiration fall out of its fatty dome and thought the information may be worth something to us. And as a matter of fact this Adam's Apple Seed is just what may finally keep Lust in her place." As I wring my hands together of the mental image of her bound and gagged to the empty throne beside me almost breaking out in a hysterical laugh as it might turn her on.
"Dam it Pride, why do you keep persisting on having Lust at your side. Out of all creation your Sister Lust and. " keeping his voice quiet on Vanity, "... her are your achilles heel. Since the mortals first defining us as 'Sins' you've wanted all of us together to challenge the Morning star. "
With a growl I look down on Wrath, the irony of my anger and wrath not lost on me I smile sweetly down on him. "STOP! When have you known Pride to be at the feet of any being?"


As my eyes glaze over at the Hell of the world of concrete and glass my mind wanders to my other brothers and sisters. Being a De-mon isn't all milk and cookies, as my eyes wander across my new employer, chiding myself with a irritated huff as I cant get the aura he projects out of my head. As a matter of fact its starting to affect my other nature of blood-lust and I pike up. "Turn down the glamor will you Christopher." We can't work like this. Keeping the thoughts of Vanity sitting across my lap as I think of other cookies we may have tonight as a wander my hand up her thigh.
As a small moan escapes my sisters mouth a wide grin stretches across her face as she opens her legs to allow me to touch naughtier bits.
"We have quite the ride ahead of us, wanna kill some time?" Vanity, my closest lover and compatriatiot after a millenia you'd think she'd find some other being to play with yet she chose me. I've never gave it much thought till now as I wander my fingers under her leather biker outfit ticking that brief edge where thigh meets naval. She gasp under my fingers wiggling in the leather seats of Santa's summer time limo.
I watch my sister push off the back of the seat to lower her head between my own little green slinky get up she doesn't wait. When does vanity ever wait for . mmm. fuck, that tongue feels nice. gorgeous things.
Growling down at her as I slide my fingers up her in return. My attention is somehow distracted from a buckle being loosened as I watch our jolly employer loosen his breaches and lower them and start to work his member. For such a fat man I'm surprised to see a very fey like trait. He has no balls to speak of and a punani in place underneath his very nice present. My knee recalling two fine and swollen pussy lips, not balls after all. Gasping at her tongue in me now I struggle to catch a breath to speak, "Why you are a fey, and I thought you were bullshiting me!"
"Yes, I am a fey, and as any you know we typically are all both. I think the humans speak of us as Hermies ilk... or hermaphrodites. I always did find that kind of. quaint in a way." I smirk as his good rosy cheek nature threatens to kill the mood of Vanity between my thighs.
Just then we come to a complete stop pulling off the freeway as the first orgasm threatens to make a very nice stain in his leather upholstery. Biting my lip I tug at Vanitys hair and thrust into her face as I begin to squirt up across her cute sexy self. Feeling the same thing across my fingers under the her leather lace up biker fit. As I take a few breaths steadying myself I notice Big Red has already made two stains on the carpeted floor themselves. Well I give it to the tub of lard he does keep giving as I notice he's still rock hard. I wasn't even projecting. I can wager that the late Mrs. Claus had quite some enjoyment out of him.
Removing my hand between Vanitys thighs I lick them off, there is always something special to the sins seeds. and hers happens to be a gift of glamour. As I look into St. Christopher's eyes I project that bit of gift into them and he starts to drool. With a curt nod very much pleased at the work below as above I stare down on Vanity preening the juices off her face like a cat. At least together we can force him to pay for our services.

Gluttony isn't all pure fat, he is quite toned, much like a sumo wrestler. He uses his gifts very much to his advantage. Most lesser demons think less of him for it, Not I. Pride knows even in his brothers and sisters, pride comes in our talents as well.
"Evening brother, thank you for relaying that message through that whore, even though Wrath broke her before finishing it, hence why we are here. What exactly have you found in feasting?"
As he wipes the drool out of his mouth as he looks over us I'm reminded Lust has an effect in even him as well as I cringe as he looks at us like we are food admiring our figures. Shaking his jowls he chuckles a heavy baritone, "Well well, look at this, Pride coming to Gluttony for answers. My my how this Hell we call Earth never ceases to give in this season."
Taking the hint I wonder a bit as both Wrath's and I's fist clench at the jibe at us. Breathing slowly there are bigger things on the Agenda and with a bit of spitefull smile crossing my square chin, "Well if your not interested in my ambitions and taking the throne together I suppose we can go then." Staying perfectly still in this infernal kitchen of his not intending to go anywhere.
"It's like this, you need this information, and I feast from information like anything else this worlds to offer. The question is, do I give this bit up for you or take Lust myself. Well its in my better judgement to allow you to, she has no interest at my side. Vanity. she's a hubris to us both, and hurting her through you is the best for both of us, dont you agree?"
Shivering as I hear her name I give slow nod, "And what pray tell is this information brother?"
"It's simply this, this new soul contract she has is full of Wrath for three pitiful employers that killed his dear wife. As such, you can claim Lust contract, and her with it. Do you think you're able to intercept her before she's able to full fill it?"


Straightening my hiked skirt I get out of the limo looking at where Claws has taken us. Looking at the neon red sign it flashes "Little world." Underneath it in cursive font it reads "All will please you standing up." Well, I'll say this for this adventure, at the least I get to see how other red-light districts are keeping in business so close to my home base.
Turning to Vanity I wonder if she can smell them as her eyes look me over fondly, she seems hypnotized. Snapping my fingers in front of her face and with an octave higher than my regular voice, "Vanity, quit admiring the view and get to work, I know you're out of practice but come on!"
Startled out of her reverie she nods and takes a long inhale of breath seeking out the intended prey of the night. And her barbie-doll soprano voice "It's faint but I can tell they were here, if not inside themselves at the moment. wait at least one is. the other two auras I can't make out."
"Well, that's no good we need all three. Vanity, I'm pretty well known in all red-light districts and I don't need to seduce the bouncers to know the owner will not invite me in. Will you go in and watch them. Me and Claws here will occupy our time and keep an eye out for the naughty elf. We can follow him to the other two hopefully.
As Vanity works with the bouncer to let her in I grin as my own gift works its charm as he adjust his pants as he welcomes her in the doors.
Focusing my attention to the Gift Giver I smile warmly as he's not shaken out of the spells of me and my sister and I ask almost genially "What is your desire Saint Nick."
Blinking almost zombie like, "I.. i." shaking his head he gives a playfull HoHoho of a laugh almost mockingly, "My my you and your sister are quite good, I haven't been thralled like that in decades, my wife was a siren you see, A gift taker and a gift giver, we were quite the match.. though I'll answer your question anyway in good cheer." I almost gag on the pun nodding my head waiting for him to respond.
"My desire before meeting you is to see those three bodies at my feet as I gifted my seed on them raising them as thralls my own way.. Though now.. I'd very much like to see you bent over as those three watch with their intestines tied in a neat bow for Vanity licking my twat and anus with you snacking on her divine Y underneath us."
Nodding at his turn of face as the images flutter in my mind as riding that cock and vanities sweetness at my tongue I quiver at the thought, "If all goes well, you may get your wish yet Gift Giver." Using the new pet name for him I close my eyes cringing giving up a bit of my own desire for such a Lustfull scene. Noticing he gives a good hearted chuckle again.
Shrugging it off I giggle back "You do have quite the talent yourself ye know. That image takes me back nearly when I was the whore of Babylon and the blood filled orgies that filled those sacred halls." biting my lip I notice he's changed his britches into the same fine red satin the gold holding a bit more glint of gold in it I wonder if his own glamour is much like Vanity's.
Just then my senses take a turn as I see Vanity in my head of a three foot pointed ear Pridefull beast. Focusing my thoughts down on her I tell her to remain in control and not behead him on the patron now on the receiving end of his very full lips that her own thoughts are telling she wants to do very very badly. Yelling at her in my head, 'VANITY NOT NOW, THERES TWO MORE LET HIM LEAD US TO THE OTHER TWO!!!' Getting a long sigh mentally from her I swear I could see her pout.
My mental senses peaked while focused with her my hackles raised noticing something suspicious and pull Mr. Claws into the Limo hard at the still open door. Growling low I swear I sensed one of my brothers minions from the skyline looking down on us.
Mentally I notice Claws roaming in my head, it startles me and I erect my mental shields like ever growing rose garden, he'll bleed on three levels if he passes them, mentally, physically and spiritually. "Dont do that again fat man, I starting to like you, but not that much, do not fuck me or my mind without an invitation got it!?" I nearly yell.. taking a deep breath I know I'm chiding him like a petulant child over the revelation my brothers and sisters are watching my moves now.

'...THER TWO.' I hear very loudly, her not shielding her panic at her sister I give a sly grin. So there there is more to this than one soul. this is getting tricker.. I wonder if Pride or Wrath knows.
Envy is my name. I only agreed to this little act of spying for my brother because Vanity rejected me as her mate. And like any Envy, Wrath is sure to follow. Sighing I relegate myself brushing my black dress and sit back on my haunches staring into the sky. Asking creation for an answer to my plight I'm suddenly struck with inspiration: If there are four souls to be had by those two, surely theres one for her in the mix.
Jumping into the alley way I dart between the streets and back alleys in a blur. Thankfully for the preternatural gifts of her Feline form as she makes it back to Prides little hideout in an abandoned sub-level parking lot.
Returning to my feet I stare up to my brothers and tilt my head cutely my twitching my ears wondering how much truth I can leave out from my observation and I simply say, "There on the hunt. She did not go in, Nither did her employer. Now.. about my reward."
I cut her off quickly with a growl through my wolfish black maw nearly wanting to tear out her throat, "Bitch! You'll get it when we take on the morning star!" Breathing slowly I retain my gift. she always brings it out of me.. my bitch of a sister.. While my brother contends with Vanity, Envy has always been my achilles heel. With a loud shout of "ENOUGH!" from my brother Pride behind me.
"Know this you two, you fuck with my plans on this with your own petty squable I'll see what I can do with 5 rather than seven. You got me?" Seeing them both gulp sets me on a pedestal feeding my own pride I grin even wider.
"Now that you understand how important this is, don't think for a second ither of you this is about those souls, so get your gluttony and greed out of your systems now." Pride snorts.
Walking in as if the golden word of its name Greed enters stage left with a charming smile and rolling a poker chip between its knuckles. "Now Now brother, the souls are the linch pin to the plan, you can have the fat man and in doing so Lust, Gluttony wasn't clear how'd that work, but I do.."


Authors Note: This was a commitioned work from a friend of mine. More parts to follow. Please Rate and leave comments! (do not blow sunshine up my ass I want to hear it all)
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