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Default A Mining Colony-Prison part 2 - Science-ZooSex Fiction, Alien, Bestiality, Non-consensual sex

A Mining Colony-Prison part 2 - Science-ZooSex Fiction, Alien, Bestiality, Non-consensual sex

When they got back, The Rabbit found he had to be elsewhere.. Growling, he
asked a guard to watch the male, as quite a few other wouldn't mind a crack
at the being, off-limits or not. A big, furry form imposed itself in the
door.. "We take care of our own, Insider.." The rabbit looked at Rocker then
shaking his head went down to the Monthly meeting. Which turned into an
orgy.. The mammal had just finished jerking off a canine, and had an eye on
another.. When he remembered he left his Bunk-mate in the care of a Miner!
Longen returned to find a crowd assembled. "Now he's bendin over and doin his
ankles.." "What? It's pinkish. Bout the size of my thumb wide.." "Nah. Would
like a crack at them fat nuts, though.." and more such comments made the
rounds as the man showered.. "Wait! He's coming to the door.." Rocker growled
as a wet form plastered itself to his back. Hands ran along his chest and
sides. "Damn.. You got more tits than I do. One more thing to be jealous
of.." The cat grinned nastily. The man draped a towel over his waist.. Amid
groans and mutters. "What's the matter? You seen one naked ass, you seen
them all!" Sniggers.. "I think the Miners of Tunnel 7 had better think less
of my butt and see to their own. Do you thing the Lazy Crew in there now is
gonna be able to clean-up that mess?"

A chorus of "No!" echoed off the floors. "Damn Right! They don't have our
Buckets or Rocker to toss the pebbles out of the way.. Or Delkyn gasping
about the view!" The guards who came down to keep order laughed along with
the rest. "Now if you are waiting fer a kiss.. Ferget it! I don't know ya
That well. Besides, Nobody That butt-ugly is gonna get any anyway!" The
howls, roars and stomping made the floor shake.. And Longen got his tail back
in the cell. The big cat turned, grabbing the male's hand. "Friends.." The
man made a growling sound, followed by a purr, and a cough.. "Sorry.." A
grin. "Most do not know the Greeting, and few try to say in Native..
Brother." The man straightened, looking at the cat strangely. "You mean
that?" 'Now what?' the lepine thought. The male held his arm out. "Cut me.."
Rocker stared at him for a moment. Then lifted a hand and ripped a furrow
across the forearm. Did the same to his own. With a hiss, he pressed his
bloody arm against the humans. "Brothers, Above ground and Below." The man
clasped hands with the feline. "No grave that will not hold you shall hold

With their free hands they dipped fingers into the pooled blood on the floor
and drew stripes on each other's faces. "When you are Quite done.." The
rabbit huffed.. Rocker, Prince of The Walking Trees Tribe laughed. "Next time
do not leave your bunk-mate alone.. Somebody might Steal him!" Spedal stuck
his tongue out at the creature. "Out, Out.. I have to clean up this mess, get
nit in the showers, and Still make time for sleep." Rocker pressed hands with
the male one last time, then departed. "And what the hell was all that
about?" The man sighed. "I beat him.. To save face he would have to challenge
me again.. To something more nasty than just a contest of strength. And I
have enough Gravestones with my name inscribed on them.." The rabbit looked
skyward, mouthing 'Why Me?' Well.. There had been that incident at Feri's
Port. But if they didn't want the natives to be mated with, they should tell
those lizards to wear Clothes.. Besides, The males were More than willing
enough to enjoy the caresses of a horny bunny. He shrugged and got busy
Washing the floor. Then looked at the wound which was no more than scratch..
'Could have sworn it was deeper than that.

He shrugged and washed his partner down, then cleaned off. Snarled at the
invite to be combed.. "Oh, No.. Last time You fell asleep. Than I did.. And I
am not about to face that snooty cook's helper with both ass and mouth empty.
So you just lay there and wait until I'm.. Eeep!" Fingers messed up his
tail-fur. "Hey I just got that straightened.. Fuck it..." He tossed the comb
when teeth bit at his haunches. Now the fingers were seeking out his nipples
and tweaking them. "Wanton Bastard.. Kiss me." His nut-sack got lips pressed
to them. "I meant up here.. But that will do." He wriggled in the grasp,
until his nose was buried in a clean-smelling thatch of hair. The penis was
shaped strangely, but a mouthful. And Spedal sucked on it with hunger.. A
tongue mashed his cock against a rough palate. He groaned.. A finger twirled
his tail-fur. 'Smooth-assed Bastard..' Then it was hold on and hunch as his
nuts blew the top of his head off. He jerked his hips from the clutching
fingers so he could put them over the pole. Bit his lip as it slowly sank
into his tail hole. He shuddered, coming to rest on the muscular thighs.
"Mmmm.. Stroke me.." His sides were caressed.

"Not That way.. This way!" He bent over the male, sliding around the cock. "A
bit cramped.." The rabbit squeezed the maleness in him. "A little, but I can
manage." He grinned. Got kissed. Then banged his head on the bunk above as he
reared up, feeling cum spurt deep into his ass. "Ouch! Yess.. Pump Me Full!"
Fingers made his own dick give up their sticky sap. The animal fell onto his
side and moaned. Hugged the big body to his. Fell asleep with a hand on his
butt and another rubbing his shoulders. And woke alone again.. With feeling
that somebody had worked his groin over.. He moaned, grabbing at it..
"Problem?" Dripper grinned at his partner. Who grunted and carefully removed
the minotaur's big hand from his crotch. "If you got anything left, I get
dibs.." The creature who had made his nuts ache so stood in the doorway,
smiling. "I have heard a good cure for Blue Balls is soaking them in a warm
mouth.. Good morning, Dripper." He extended his hand.. And slipped the other
into the bovine's pants! Fingers got him hard in seconds. "Brought you some
mud.." Longen shook his head.. "Needs cream. Got any, Dripper?" The animal
grinned.. And the rabbit growled in such a way as to tell the bull if he
Wanted to Stay a bull, he had better keep his mouth shut.

The minotaur wiped the smile off his muzzle and sadly shook his head,
grunting as the hand removed itself from his erection. Which hung out his
pants-leg.. "Well.. I gotta go. Roll-call in 5.. You two enjoy yerselves."
Dripper turned, legs crossed.. "Get!" Longen sighed. "You won't be any use
until you get That taken care of and I Still gotta get breakfast.."

* * *

"Well. Finally getting around to food, eh?" Cook's Helper nudged the guard,
who looked very much like a Dall Sheep, in the ribs. Put a bowl in front of
the rabbit. "And wasn't that yer partner in sheet-pulling who ran past like
his tail had been bit? And was that a sausage he had stuffed down his leg?"
Longen growled.. "Bastard wanted some Cream to wash down his mud.." The bat
winked at the guard, who winked back.. "And.." The mammal wanted to shove
Cooks-Helper into the compactor.. "And I was Fresh out!" The bat hugged
himself, dancing around. "Knew one wouldn't be enough fer him.. And You sent
him out without so much as a taste? Shame!" Longen broke his spoon. "He's My
Bunk-Mate! Besides - He's off-limits.." Finished his meal and got up. And
didn't quite make it out before EmptyBucket was on the table squeaking as the
Ram was thrusting into his ass, white balls rocking like a mad pendulum. He
grinned to himself.. It might cost him... What the hell! He reached under the
thrusting hips and stilled the swaying testicles. Then nibbled on the rounded
ends, stroking the tan thighs. That's all it took to make them explode..
With a bleat, the bat got a butt-full of sheep semen. And the Rabbit left,

* * *

Half-Day.. Longen stared at the roster a Long time. Oh, Shit! That meant the
horny bastard would be in early.. He stopped in at Supply to get some
goodies, as well as a few stimulants. The raccoon grinned, as he gave the
animal the requisition sheet. "Wouldn't mind a tousle with Him.." The rabbit
just shook his head. "Marker.. He would wear the stripes off yer tail in an
hour." And had to wait! Shadow came in and shrugged. "Got to go to a Meeting.
See you later. Nice Toys.. All yours?" And the rabbit got called down to
attend the Bi-Monthly orgy. He barely made it back when footsteps came
ringing down the corridor. "Please.." he gasped. Blowen closed the
cell-door, undressed, and lifted the animal up. Cradled against a strong
chest, Longen sighed as water was applied to his aching back. "Massage will
do you wonders.." Everything from his ears to his toe-claws were worked
over.. "Mmm.. Nice." The dryer never felt better, either. Then he was placed
on his bunk. "You Bastard! Get up here.. I ain't about to let you rub me up,
then not get a mouthful.." A chuckle. "Go to sleep.. You'll feel better in
the morning." 'Where have I heard That before..' "Alright. But you promise Me
a Mouthful before you go?" A muffled answer.

"No 'Buts'.. Either I come down there now or you wake me up, Hear?" A hand
grabbed his nuts. "Promise on your furry balls.." He patted the hand. Sank
into slumber. And got woke up alright.. A dildo vibrated wildly in his ass.
His groin was being sucked on and rubbed on and fondled by a machine called a
Teaser. All six nipples had snap-clamps on them. And his mouth was full of
cock.. Bull-cock. Dripper moaned, hunching his friends mouth. "I woke ya up..
With a mouthful. See ya tonight." Spedal tried to jerk free, but Somebody
tied his hands to the rail. And so all he could do was go crazy.. 'You
Bastard! I'll get you for This.. Damn! What a Turn-On!!'

* * *

And Sugnoh got a crack at the male as well.. A miner came up and whispered to
Blowen, "There is an opening in the Laundry Room in Two Days. Go After Shift.
Say you need new shirts.." And with a quick fondle of his strap, the mammal
moved on down the line. Delkyn grinned to himself.. It wouldn't be long until
he had a chance to feel that strap himself.. And perhaps what was under it as
well. Last night, he had attended the weekly meeting and found a weak shade
of an animal at his side. "Bastard.." Longen shook his head. "Blowen?" the
canine asked, stroking his back in sympathy.. "I tell ya.. I sleep on my back
and I wake with an aching crotch. Lay on my stomach and my butt is covered
with nips.. And when I try sideways, he is either at my tits, or my tail.."
The canine smiled.. "Well, you only have another few days, then his Probation
is over, and Somebody can take your place.. I might even take him off your
hands... Oops!" The rabbit grinned weakly. "You Mean That? Oh, Thank You!!"
Delkyn growled.. "Thank my loose lips. You weren't supposed to know until
later.." Yes, indeed, perhaps he might.

And it wasn't too long after that Longen waylaid his bunk-mate. "Umm..
Blowen. You have been here long enough to choose your own bunk-mates.. But
you will need somebody as a Permanent Partner." The man looked at him,
stroking his paw. "Have anybody in mind?" Teeth gritted, The rabbit nodded.
"His name is Delkyn.. And he likes playing the same games you do, and has
been around a while, and.." A kiss stopped the flood of words. "Alright..
Seems my choice has been made for me." Longen grinned. "Yes, but You are
Still mine for tonight..."

* * *

The next morning found a huddled mass of flesh lying in a bunk. 'What in the
name of Frpah made me bet that sex-maniac I could outlast him..' His entire
body ached. Cum, both his and his lovers, literally dripped from every
orifice, and plastered much of his fur. "Good Morning.. Care for a quickie
before I go?" A hand stroked his butt, which had been chewed on, roughed-up,
squeezed and ejaculated in/on most of the night. The rabbit rolled one eye at
the creature, 'yeeped' and passed out.. "Guess not." Dripper stood in the
doorway, with his jaw hanging to his chest, "Sorry, not enough time,
Dripper.." Got a kiss that knotted his tail, And watched the male walk down
the corridor with something akin to awe. Then called in the medics, who
wanted to know what army had been molesting the animal. "Looks like he was
the main-course at an all-niter.."

* * *

EasyLay grinned and rubbed his hands together when the news came down. He had
lusted after the male ever since they first met. But didn't even get to so
much as kiss him the first night. After evening chow, a rat came for the
male. "Follow.." A guard at the gate growled, but took a look at the plastic
cards, and let them pass with a wink and a smirk at their backs. The line had
bets running hot on who ate rug first. Laundry Room Number 2 was busy with
all kinds of beings tossing bundles, folding clothes, and even tailoring
uniforms. A green tiger with red stripes looked him over. "So.. Squeak here
says you need bigger shirts. This way please.." He walked to a fairly quiet
spot. "Welcome, Captain.." He gripped the hand as only those in the Rraulgh
Brigade did. "Finally got in over your head? Or still recruiting.." The man
grinned. "What Flat-Butts don't know won't hurt us.. Right?" A growl and a
nasty grin answered that silly question. "But you didn't come down here
after-shift to discuss old times, now did ya.. I can hear that fat ball of
fur sweat from here.. Well, he has been a good cub. Deserves a good breakin
in.. I won't send anybody after ya until I hear a scream." Shadow shook his
head. "If they scream, I'm doing it wrong.. Now If they howl..." The cat
laughed and slapped his old enemy on the back. "Still the same old Bastard..
FatAss. No, not that one. The one who keeps Bowe happy.." Sugnoh put down his
needle and sat, not daring to look.

"This Miner want a Bigger shirt, and you aren't doing anything so special I
can't yank ya.. Sometime This Time-Mark would be nice." He got up, and
shuffled over to the pair. "Going deaf, I swear.. Shadow this is Sugnoh.
FatAss, this is Blowen." A hand was lifted and placed before the bear. Dare
he grab it? Dare he not! A moan escaped unbidden at the sheer power he felt
in the grasp. "You break his paw, You take his place.. Straighten up.
Somebody'd think you were being bought." He did so, looking into the male's
eyes. They were blue. Blue as space and too damn warm.. The kind of eyes one
could get lost in easily. "Lost his tongue as well.. I told him lickin those
dirty Guard cocks would rot it off.. Listen to me? Hah! Look, This card is
good fer two time-marks only, then he's gotta be back in his cell.. Think you
could put your dick back in yer pants and get his measurements so we can fit
him proper.. And if you use anything except a tape to get the inseam, you are
goin swimmin.. Now get!" The bruin got.. With the one who made his heart
pound in tow. They went into a measuring booth. Which was a set of cubicles
with sound-deadening foam. It also kept the noises inside hushed as well.

Unless one went up and put an ear to the door. A few leaned that way.. "The
first one who snoops goes inside.. And me right after to make sure you get
the numbers straight." Then he grinned, listening to the collective sigh.
"Alright.. If, and I do Mean If, they are still in there when First Break
Comes, I will turn on the speaker.. In the Meetin Room Only!" It would be a
bit of a pinch to fit the entire crew in the area, but he was sure they would
find a way to get in.. On the other side of the frame, a male was fumbling
with his tape, while another undid his shirt and flexed, working kinks out.
"Sit, Please.." The man went to the only piece of furniture in the space, A
stool. Squatted and waited for the animal who was having a hard time walking
for some strange reason.. Maybe it was that Bulge in his crotch. Which got
tighter as the bear got busy measuring the man's body. Everything went into a
pad, and was double-checked. Sugnoh damned near jumped out of his skin when
the male patted his leg Way too close to the throbbing pole that was starting
to stain the cloth. "Easy, Easy. I ain't gonna bite ya.." The bear got a grip
on himself. He was just Another Male.

That didn't stop his heart from pounding when he put his paws around the
being's waist, nose close to the well-scented crotch. It was all he could do
not to lap on it.. "Stand please.." He gulped. Then said the words he wanted
to say since he first saw the male. "And take your pants off." He turned so
he could chew on a paw. Then lost it as he picked up another tape, and found
the man naked. No, he didn't have a dick that hung to his knees. Nor was it
in a sheath.. The bear giggled to himself. Outside, the whistle blew
signifying the utter chaos could now commence as a mass of horny males packed
the breakroom. Nobody cared whose crotch was pressed into whose butt.. Well,
almost anyway. They shared water and fondling.. Of course, it didn't help
matters any when out of the speaker came - *Squeak* "It was hot, so I didn't
wear a strap.. Hope you don't mind" Oh, Did Sugnoh not mind! Nor did any of
the others. "Alright, Time's up.." The growl that greeted That news would
have made a Rowler proud. "None of that.. Get yer butts out here, where ya
can hear the going's on via Plug.. Or did you forget about the Address
System?" The exodus raised enough dust to form a cloud.

"Damn.. I want 10 volunteers to sweep this place out. And any paw that isn't
on a handle, gets it glued in place, hear?" The ten nodded, getting the
equipment. When they were assembled, he looked them over. "Remember, keep
yer paws to yerselves.. What yer do with yer mouths is none of my business.
As long as this place is ready for Lunch. Ya got One Time-Mark.. Go!" Bodies
got busy cleaning and sweeping, always keeping an ear to the speaker. The
TRaaz shook his head, watching the rest of his crew get back to work, putting
plugs in ears and giving the nudge each other.. Walked over and collected a
couple of pieces of clothing, as well as the toolbox. Then dropped a vial of
oil in and knocked. "You decent?" A chuckle "Never stopped you before.." He
opened the door. The bear was on the stool, one paw at mid-thigh, the other
down by an ankle. "Just getting his length, Treo.." A nod. "Good. You fergot
yer toolkit. I brought yer a sample shirt and pants. If he sticks ya, Bite
him.." The big cat growled and re-closed the door, setting a switch on the
wall to 'Internal Broadcast.'

This was used for training tapes, or speeches that needed to be heard but not
important enough to stop work for. And sometimes so the crew could listen in
on a bumble-clawed horny FatAss get overheated. Damn! The dick-squeezer had
better blow soon. His time in the pool to see how long FatAss lasted with the
male was getting close. And wasn't too far off the mark.. Sugnoh was close to
losing it. His dick was dripping insemenal fluid down his leg. His balls
felt like they were in a vise, and being squeezed.. Putting the shirt on the
male was torture. Checking the fit was worse.. He pressed his body against
the man's, biting his lip as he felt the hard nipples through the cloth.
Gathered the excess and made marks where to trim. Where to add material..
Hands rubbed his shoulders, making him groan. "You feel alright? I can come
back for the pants later."

The bear squeaked. "No.. No.." Then gulped and shook his head again. "I can
do it.. Um... Would you mind rubbing my back a bit?" Paws gave a high sign to
others, and they all grinned. So did guards who were listening on Security
Channels. They would owe Trio another Chit, but who cared.. This was
first-class entertainment. Especially when the moans came through loud and
clear.. "Mmm.. A little higher, Please.. Oooh! Dig those fingers in harder..
Ah! Ah!" It Sounded like an orgasm.. "*Pant* *Pant* Thanks.. I needed that.
Now.. Let me see if I can finish up..." The corker was the pants. Bad enough
he had to endure having his nose shoved into the male's groin as he tried to
pin the edges of the shirt - The stool kept sliding when he didn't want it
to! But now, with his senses reeling from the scent of crotch, he had to help
the man put on the Shorts. In fact, These were Worse than regular long
pants.. Since a paw could easily slide in the leg hole.. And the Fantasies
That fact conjured up made an already tight crotch threaten to split seams!
One leg was lifted, giving him an excellent view of beautifully smooth
butt-cheeks. The kind one could put one's snout into and just nuzzle on for

The room blurred and he dropped the cloth. "Are you Sure you feel alright?
Maybe you had better lie down.." One of the otters almost dived in a washer
when his hip got bumped by an overzealous Water Buffalo. He simply grinned
and grabbed the big crotch. "Sorry.." They continued stirring the clothes. A
hand cradled the brown head as Sugnoh was lifted back, another helping his
butt slide off the stool and onto the floor. The male went down on one knee,
still holding the gasping bear's head, lowering it down to rest on the cool
wood. His dick was inches from the open mouth, but he made no move to take
advantage of the animal. Half-dressed, he knelt, straddling the muzzle. Paws
dug into the strong legs, as hands stroked his jaw and neck. "Perhaps some
water.." Sugnoh opened his eyes to stare up at the expanse of flesh. And
exploded! The bruin growled, jerking his head up and snapping his teeth shut
on the balls that swayed above him, like a sprung bear-trap. The male grunted
as claws raked his hips, then dug firmly into his butt. "Tease Us, Will Ya!"
The bear snarled between clenched teeth.. "I'll Shows ya why I'm called
Dick-Squeezer!" A cheer ran the length of the Laundry, and even the guards

It didn't matter if the cock was the size of one of the pins sticking him..
It was going first in his mouth, then up his ass! "This is what I'm gonna do
ta yer puny dick!" His tongue got busy coating the swelling globes with
saliva, then rolling them around against the roof of his mouth.. "What the
Hell?" Others were wondering the same thing, while some knowingly smiled.. He
spat the nuts out, Carefully, Into a paw, And watched the thing jerk. Stroked
the male-meat with the other, feeling it throb, as it both widened and
lengthened, blooming to a nice-sized sausage. "Well, More like it.." Hands
lifted him up so the male could stroke the furry sides and give the animal a
very audible kiss. Sugnoh melted into the strong arms.. Moved his shorts
down and kicked them off. "Take me.." He whispered to the creature. Instead
of dropping him, and sliding his legs up, or even telling him to bend over,
the man bent down.. And bit a nipple! "Hey! Wait.. Aaaugh!" The other was
attacked with fervor. "Stop.. My tits.. Eep!" 'Dipper' was mouthed across the
compound as imaginations greedily latched onto the scene of Blowen's tongue
sliding across the bear's chest. He tried to move the monster away and only
succeeded on making the head move lower, grazing along his stomach.

"Wait.. I'm supposed to do.. Ohhhh! I never had... Take it! Take it all!!" He
arched as the mouth slid along his cock. "Suck it, You Bastard!" Fingers
tweaked his nipples, ruffled butt-fur. He roared, spewing cum into the
clutching throat which greedily inhaled his scum as fast as his testicles
could produce it and his penis could spit it out. He lay slumped over the
male's head, twitching when the tongue slid over a too-sensitive head, or
fingers squeezed his butt. When the leech was certain nothing more was
forthcoming, He was laid out to gasp and moan. Nothing moved as the sound of
a wet kiss ended with a loud *POP!* "You Were in need.." Blowen rubbed the
furry ears. "You need some water.. But I don't think I will fit in my pants
the way I am now.." "No, No, I will get it.." The bear pulled himself
together and finding his shorts, crawled to the doorway. Lifted himself up
via the wall, and jerking the cloth up so he was at least dressed, stepped
out.. To a standing ovation. He blushed, panting. "I would like some water.."
A dipper was handed to him and he drank it rapidly. "Anything else?" The bear
shook his head and grinned weakly. "Hard work.. Yes. A size 43 belt."

The cat nodded. "Think you will get Done this year?" Then stroked the sweaty
brow. "Make sure he is satisfied.. With the fit." Sugnoh nodded, noticing the
oil. "If it takes the rest of shift, Trio.." Some hoped it would. Many a
Bunk-Love was in for a surprise when their mates returned this eve! The bear
disappeared back behind the door, feeling perhaps he had been wrong. One way
to find out.. He lifted the vial and tossed it to the male. "Here.. Rub yer
ass up fer me.. I wanna fuck my first Hole." Whispers ran around the wall.
Had the Bear lost his mind? "I decide when and who takes me, as I decide when
and who I take.." The animal snarled. "Big words.. TinyDick. Now, either oil
up, or I'm gonna frig ya Dry!" A hush waited for heated words or perhaps a
body going through a wall. Instead a sigh came in their ear-pieces. "When you
are older, Youth, You will learn the difference between Arrogance and
Confidence.. If you live to learn." The vial dropped on the stool with a
tinny rattle. "I shall return later for the pants." Then he simply put on his
shorts, and started towards the door. Sugnoh growled, doing a foolish thing..
He reached out and grabbed the male. "You're either Male or Female in this
game, Bastard! Since you don't want to be my Male, You Will be My Fema..

The room went silent. "Yur chokig me.." His paws tried to jerk on the arm
that held him aloft. Trio shook his head as some of the crew moved towards
the door.. "That I am, my little bruin. And Now I am going to walk out of
here. Not for good, because you do turn me on.. But I decide when. And with
who. And if Anybody doesn't like that, I will re-arrange their body parts.. I
kicks der Ass up twixt der ears!" He pulled the animal to him, gave the
gasping muzzle a sizzling french-kiss, then dropped him. Right onto a large
boot. Which smacked his furry butt, hard! "*Mmmpf* Ouch!" This time the cat
held onto his muzzle and chuckled.. "Still the same.." The male lifted his
other foot, and stepped over the dazed animal. And got as far as the door..
"Wait." He waited. "I am not used to talking to Dippers.." The bear got up
and slid a paw across his hand. "I'm sorry.. Please. Allow me to make it up
to you.. Blowen." The man smiled.. "All you have to do is ask.." Shadow put
his hands on either side of the muzzle and pressed his mouth to it. It's
owner groaned, stroking the cloth-covered sides. "What about the pants?"
Sugnoh growled, grabbing the buttocks with both paws. "Fuck the pants!" The
male shook his head. "I have never seen anybody horny enough to screw cloth
before.. What's it like?" He got his ass squeezed, and a snout shoving his
shirt out of the way to get at the warm flesh.

"Maybe I had better take it off.." *RIP!* "I got yer measurements written
down.. Fuck the shirt!" Another shake of the male's head. "First it was the
pants, Now it's the shirt.. What kind of sex-maniac are you?" Sugnoh moved a
paw inside the cloth to fondle the fat nuts. "One who is going to suck these
dry, then expects you to make him moan as you bugger his ass!" He nibbled on
the small nipples, softly growling. "Better hurry. I haven't got All shift to
hump ya.. Hey!"

The animal dropped to sit on the floor and took the man's shorts with him,
tossing them to one side, so he could stroke the muscular legs. "Like ya
said.. We haven't got All shift. Just most of it.. If'n ya don't mind missin
some sleep fer the pleasure of pumpin my butt full of cum.." He nuzzled the
penis, which had again shrunk. Lapped at the nuts in his paw, then returned
to lift the cock with his teeth. Let it sit on his tongue for a moment, then
closed his mouth and hollowed his cheeks, pulling every bit of skin to the
groin through his lips. Fingers fondled his ears, tracing the bite in one of
them, while the dick swelled in the moist warmth. He growled, pumping his
snout over the hard maleness. The man grunted softly, letting the animal do
whatever he wanted. Which was to dig claws into the butt-cheeks, and
squeeze.. "Cum Fer Me, Male.." And he did. The taste was like nothing the
bruin had ever encountered before.. He held the spurting tip between fangs
and let the thick stuff pool on his tongue. Swallowed and collected another
mouthful. Then he couldn't take the teasing and shoved the spurting thing
deep into his muzzle, wallowing in sweet ejaculate. When it no longer even
dripped, he nuzzled the wet thatch of hair, inhaling the scent. "Mmmm.." Then
let the cock slide over his tongue one last time, Kissing the tip.

He fondled it, hoping it would grow again. To his delight it did.. So he
munched on the balls, then shoved his muzzle up, goosing the man. "Damn, But
your nose is cold!" He chuckled, as the other's wondered.. Then a paw
retrieved the oil-can. "Hate to use this on such a fine piece of meat.." He
sucked the cock back in and mouthed it a bit longer. Then let go to pour oil
on his palms. Rubbed the stick well.. Did it again. "If you are tying to
screw it off, You can't have it." The bear chuckled.. "Nope, Just want it
slick so you can pound my butt well.." Scraps of paper flew as the second
time was fished out of the pool. "How do you want it.." The bear stood and
growled. "Rough!" Took a swipe at the male.. "Make me whimper.. Show me you
deserve my ass.. *Yeowlp!*" The bruin was tossed against a wall. One arm
locked on his neck, creating a bar that Just allowed him to breathe. The
other hand went down his front to latch onto his nuts like a vise. Both were
squeezing.. "Down.." Sugnoh tried to refuse.. The arm jerked his chin up, and
he choked. The hand between his legs pulled. "Down.." And he followed.. "You
wanted it rough.. I prefer slow 'n' easy myself." His back stroked the man's
chest as he squatted.. Grunted as a cock was pressed to his tail. Toyed with
it.. And made the bruin's blood-pressure jump through the roof.. "Stick it in
me.." "Nope." 'Nope?'

He sagged.. And gasped as the fat tip split him open. "I thought you said you
didn't want to.." "I said, 'Nope'.. I ain't gonna stick it in ya. And I ain't
gonna jump yer bones, screw like a runaway burrower, and jump off either.
Now, Grab some wall and let me show ya how this is done.." The animal bent
and had his hips lifted back. "Spread your legs.. Good. Give us a kiss.."
FatAss lifted his muzzle up and got a tongue stuck in it. He moaned, sucking
on the organ. More of the maleness slid in him. He grunted, trying to push
back.. "Wait for it.." At last it was fully sheathed. "Now we have fun.." The
groin rubbed his butt-cheeks, making the bear grunt. The pole was circled,
turning in him, but not moving.. Up and down, Side to side, Yes. But no
In-and-out.. "Damnit! Screw me!" His ears got nibbled on. "I am.." Another
growl.. "You know What I mean." A chuckle and his nose got smacked. "Complain
about my dick not being up yer ass. Complain about my dick being up yer ass..
Yer can't have it both ways. Not unless you invited somebody else in here.."
The Tiger growled as half the shift volunteered to help the animal with his

The bear held onto the wall, moaning as his dick was squeezed. He reached
down to stroke the arm.. "Keep both paws on that wall." And jerked it back
into place again. "You got an itch, I'll scratch it.." Fingers worked a hard
nipple over.. Then went after it's twin. Sugnoh shook, his butt being
compressed into the hard groin. Every last inch of the wide cock was in him,
and it stayed. The male rocked his hips, twisting in the opposite direction
of his legs. "Alright.. I think your ass has been worked long enough.. Let's
get down to some serious buggering!" The bruin looked over his shoulder at
the male.. They had been going at it for the better part of fifteen minutes,
and this was just the warm-up? "Oooo.. Shit!" The man slid out of him.. "Need
the pail?" "Put That Back!!" Sugnoh roared, shoving his rump backwards.. To
have it shoved forwards again.. "Alright." Fingers dug into his butt.. He
screeched, twisting as the hand worked the gyrating digits up into him..
"Aaaugh! No! I meant yer dick.. Not yer claws. Please..." He managed to pant
out at last. The mid-day break almost didn't come.. "OK.." Everybody
breathed... There was a mass exodus to the break-room. "I'd better oil you

The bear grinned. "Get me any more slippery, and yer fist will slide in.. No!
I Didn't Mean it!!" Sandwiches were bitten in half. "You sure you don't want
my arm? It's bigger.." What a Wanton bastard! Some wiggled their own paws..
And shook their heads. "Alright then. Stand up.. Good. That makes ya
tighter.. If it's too tight, bend a little. Not that you will ever have to
worry about that.." Sniggers as the bear grunted. "Like that better? Not so
hard on the back, and I still get yer whole front ta play with.. Like these
hard tits.." A moan followed many others.. "Ya got a time-mark to clean this
place up.. I'm going up and file some papers.. If, when I return, I have ta
use a hose ta get ya apart, I'm ripping the speaker out, understand? Now,
show some pride.. Take yer pants off and fold them neatly. Then get yer naked
asses out here where ya got room.." He shook his head and walked up the
stairs.. Turning the external speakers on before leaving. A confetti of cloth
went out the door, followed by dozens of horny bodies.

The guards who were lucky enough to be on camera duty got more than an eye
full as a bat and an otter climbed up onto the shelf and stared going at each
other.. Right in front of one of the spy-boxes! It rapidly made the rounds
Channels A and B had sex-shows on them.. Now, nobody would vouch that it was
Live.. Since it Was rumored that illegal tapes had been played on the
machines before by bored guards.. Others could only listen to the pandemonium
coming from Laundry 2.. Unless one had a mini-viewer. Which some did.. Many a
nipple got bitten and a dick got squeezed that eve. The pair that had lit
this bonfire of lust were still going at it in the sound-proof cubicle.. "Or
I can reach down and stroke yer belly.. Like that?" A paw on his ass,
squeezing it harder and a ragged moan told him the answer. Shadow chuckled,
slowly and easily sliding his penis into the animal. "Your paws are free to
do what they will.. Sometimes it's fun to just rub nuts.. Like this." He
pressed their scrotums together and rubbed the testicles inside against each
other.. "I'm gonna.. Gonna Cum!" Teeth bit his shoulder gently.

"That's what this is all about.. Giving pleasure while getting pleasure.
Anything else is rut." The bear wailed.. His paws were forced around his cock
and with a see-sawing motion, brought to ejaculation. He thrust his hips
down, sheathing the male to the hilt, spunk splattering against the wall. "Do
it.. Blow yer wad fer me!" Hind paws danced on the floorboards, the boots
and all over. Sugnoh was in heat.. His claws dug deep into the male's butt,
holding it still. His back scoured the chest, mashed the nipples with furry
shoulderblades. A second orgasm made the bruin chew on his tongue and work
his rump well over piece of male-meat. "Ohh.. Ahhh.. Unngh!" He felt strong
arms holding him still, rocking his shuddering body as the last of the fires
died down enough for him to see again. "Th.. Thanks.." The male rubbed the
top of his head with a whiskery chin. "Any time.." The sweaty bear rubbed
himself against the man. Then leaned back and moved the hands. Shook his
head.. "Cum!" he growled, "Spill yer seed in me Ass.." He worked his butt
around the pole, trying to get it to blow. Shadow grunted, pounding the furry
haunches with a will. Claws gripped his balls, feeling them for when they
would release..

"Ahh! Fuck Me... Yes!" The nuts lurched in his grasp, and the snake deep in
his guts spat it's creamy load. The bruin growled, using his Anal Dog Sex muscles to
drain the male well. The man worked the last of his need off, then stood
still, waiting. He lifted the bear up and licked on an ear. "When you get
tired of my dick up yer ass, say so, and I will get off ye.." "Ha! Yer can
stay there till we both root.. But You have ta get back to yer own
bunk-mate." He turned and gave the human a kiss. "Thanks.. I learned
something. Yeep!" A hand grabbed his abused ass and rubbed their dripping
cocks together.. "Naw.. Or you would have grabbed My butt and rubbed
bellies.. What a mess... Want some help in cleaning up?" Sugnoh threw the
semi-clean shorts at the man. "Blowen.. Get out of here, Before ya lose the
Entire night!"

The man chuckled and opened the door.. To see a mass of sodden males and a
tiger standing at the top of the stairs glaring down.. "I go off to file
papers and everything goes to Hell! Damn, Commander, you are dangerous...
Oops!" The male grinned.. "If anybody is alive enough to hear that, I will
eat them!" From above them a voice called. "I heard that.. Oooh!" The furball
that was an otter and a bat fell off their perch to be caught. The man ticked
the cum-matted bellies and got moans, but little else in response. "Told
ya.." The tiger grinned and led his friend and partner in war up to the gate.
"How the hell am I gonna explain about the uniforms.. For that matter how the
hell am I gonna get my crew unstuck!" The man grinned. Walked over to an
access panel and ripped a handful of wires out. "Taken care of.." Then
pressed paws with the cat. "Come back again. Say in about a millennium.."
They embraced. The feline growled as a hand squeezed is butt.. "Keep it hard,
Sarge." Then the male was gone. "Damn.." Trio returned to find the sprinklers
going full-tilt and the entire room dancing under the water. Shaking his
head, the warrior dropped his pants, grinned at a puzzled bear who was just
emerging from the fitting room and followed suit..

* * *

All the way up the guards were slapping his butt, stroking his crotch, or
giving him a kiss. Sometimes all three! "Well.. Spend half the night, And
return with less on that when you left!" A few more guards came by, grinning.
"You got time to shower.. Barely." The male stripped and jumped into the
shower.. Making Delkyn growl with lust. A guard growled also as the man
turned, showing his erection.. "He's unavailable.. How about mine?" The
creature made a rude noise and moved on. "Guess not.. Mmmm. Your ass or
mine?" The man rinsed well. "How about we show them what a double-pumper
is.." The canine turned the water off, and worked the air-hose, drying them
both. "Up to it?" A hand gripped his sheath. "Try me.." The male lay down on
his bunk, and the wolf neatly flipped himself on top of the naked body. They
went at each other like lovers who had a lot to catch up on, and not much
time.. EasyLay moaned around the big dick, orgasm turning him into a rutting
savage. Then got his own mouthful to savor. Somebody whistled.. "Never seen
the like.." Another guard growled, wishing He was the one who was slurping up
Blowen's spunk. They finished and with one last lap, fell into sleep.

- end of part 2
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