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Default The Descendant Dinner - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality, Boy, Death, Torture

The Descendant Dinner - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality, Boy, Death, Torture

Goku Jr. Devoured By The Demon Lord
(Warning: The Following contains highly graphic material [begs the question why you're reading this in the first place.] Vore, Tentacles, Bestiality and ultimately Death are what await this wall of text. If this isn't your liking, please leave now. If not? Please sit back and enjoy.)


That is what Goku Jr., the grandson of Goku felt. His whole body throbbed with pain and his muscles felt sapped of energy. His battle with the shapeshifting demon king, Yao, took all he had and didn't amount to anything. Hilariously enough, the bears he was trying to save ended up doing more than he ever did.

"And they still got eaten, in the end," Goku Jr. sobbed quietly, these morbid thoughts all that he could conjure up as he lay on his back in tattered remains of his former attire. Bruises and scrapes adorned his body wherever clothing wasn't covering him. The child knew that once the horrible creature was finished cleaning its teeth, it would come after him.

Just on cue, a rumbling series of thunderous footsteps caused Goku Jr's body to shudder, practically bouncing on the ground with his lithe, puny frame as the beast drew near. Opening his clenched eyes, he looked up and almost hurled, seeing a bloody leg bone being sucked on by the boar faced beast as he eyed him with a disturbing hunger.

"You little crap nugget," Yao growled lowly, lowering down his free furry hand to wrap and almost completely cover Goku Jr's little body as he raised him up to eye level, "do you realize how much of a pain in the ass you are?! HM?!"

"I...I...I..." Goku Jr. stuttered aloud, feeling the breath forced from his tattered person, powerful digits constricting him against a callous palm, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"

"Don't worry, runt, I got a special treat in mind for ya," Yao chuckled deeply, narrowing his horrible yellow eyes at Goku Jr's squirming frame, "trust me. You'll be loving the trip down after I'm through with you!"

"I don't think anyone can enjoy being eaten! It's not healthy and I'm certain that he has horrible breath," Goku Jr. thought to himself, his eyes wincing open as the grip slacked, holding him by the scalp to hover over a salivating and wide open boar mouth, "not to mention the teeth!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhh," Yao groaned out, his tongue stretching out and expanding in mass of crimson flesh, almost a good two meters in diameter and a handful of meters longer than normal. With an unceremonious plop, the diluted Saiyan child was dropped onto the top of the slimy and bumpy surface of his extended organ.

Goku Jr. tried to squirm, to get on his hands and knees, but couldn't move from his prone back position as the slime kept him from getting a strong grip.

"Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!" Yao laughed, bathing Goku Jr. in wretched fumes of his breath, knocking him back almost immediately with a dazed look on his face, "settle down, runt!"

Just as he spoke this allowed, Goku Jr's body quickly became overlapped by extensions of the bed of bumpy flesh gripping his body. In the form of tendrils, the tongue pulled Goku Jr's arms and legs to be imbedded into the organ's copiously wet bedding, others quickly draping over his body in a lathering manner.

"Ungh! Gah! Mm!" Goku Jr. gasped and groaned out, feeling his tiny body stripped of what dignity he possessed, leaving him sans his headband completely bare skinned. Tendrils of tongue flesh wrapped around his waistline, squeezing and stroking it generously, while other protuberances tweaked at his nipples and wrapped around his neck. His head was almost cupped into a headrest, massaging and squeezing him into an erotic trance that made him convulse with uninvited sensations of nirvana. "mmmmmmm!"

"Oh, you like that, runt?" Yao chuckled out darkly, enjoying the sight of the small boy writhing upon his tongue.

"Ahn! NNNGH!" Goku Jr's face now completely flushed crimson in tint, as his body was now thoroughly drenched in saliva and was being rubbed on by many areas of the expandable piece of the sensual organ.

"Then allow me to make you feel better, snack," Yao snarled aloud, his tongue rippling and undulating with shapeshifting movement as something transpired upon its wet tissue surface.

Just below the puckered entrance to Goku Jr's Anal Dog Sex tract would be a thick, knotted piece of flesh. Without much ceremony, it pushed and squeezed itself into the relaxed and unprepared nether lips, flowing endlessly up the tight rectum of the boy.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Goku Jr. let out a guttural howl, his bound hips raising with the layers of flesh wrapped around it, even as his gut expanded and twisted with erotic internal movement. Sickening squelches were heard as the tongue tendril pumped and poured itself into his body, twisted and filling him up to a point where tears and drool flowed down endlessly from his face, mingling with the layers of slime covering his face.

"Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!" Yao laughed aloud with amusement and satisfaction, tasting the boy in every possible manner. The sensation of the child's insides sent orgasmic waves of pleasure through his taste buds, even as it traveled up his throat, causing a strangled gurgle of pleading to emanate from Goku Jr's bound face.

"PLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUURGH!" Goku Jr. gargled aloud, his eyes shrinking to the size of ball points, as waves of saliva and internal juices flowed out and covered his face. The tendril waved tauntingly in the air, his body convulsing with its bulging, massaged, and squirming person held and constricted so tightly by the tongue.

"You've tasted good, runt," Yao chuckled darkly, watching the bite-sized child writhe and convulse within his fleshy bindings, "but its time to say goodbye to fresh air!~"

As he said that, the fleshy tendril expanded out in an umbrella shape, pulling back down to cover his face. Muffled groans, muted by layers of slimy flesh and throat full of tongue tendril, the boy's body was soon thoroughly wrapped over by tongue's sensual surface. Thankfully, it also dampened the nauseous smell his acute nose would inhale, even as the tongue was pulled back into Yao's toothy mouth.

With a sickening wet gulp, Yao shouted victoriously, "Down you go!"

Still wrapped in a blanket of constricting flesh, Goku Jr. felt him squirm and squeezed down the expansive throat of Yao as his notably small bulge passed by his predator's adam's apple. Groans and moans were heard pitifully inches past the purple skinned neck, even as it slowly crawled down to disappear into the large and muscular chest cavity, transporting the morsel into the large gullet.

"Mmmmmm," Yao growled out with satisfaction, rubbing his engrossed belly, "you may not be filling, but you certainly tasted better than those damned bears, heh-heh!"

Goku Jr. felt his breaths growing shallower and shorter. Despite having reemerging from his fleshy body sac, his body was now being squeezed and lathered by copious layers of stomach flesh. His skin burned, the air was wretched, and it hurt to breathe what little air was spread within the digestive space.

As tears flowed endlessly down his face, he pushed up against a descending ceiling of flesh one last time, before allowing it to slowly sandwitch him between the compressing floor and walls of the gut sac. A longing groan of surrender was let loose from his lips as his body was caressed, putting him into a deep and inviting sleep, one of which his body would never awaken from.

Thus, the last member of the Son Goku family, was finally taken into the void.
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