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Default Keiths place gets better still - Diary, Anal Dog Sex, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Bestiality

Keiths place gets better still - Diary, Anal Dog Sex, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Bestiality
Bi-sexual, Dog Cum Swallowing, Fisting, Group Sex, Toys, Water Sports/Pissing

more fun for all
Kim had become a good cum slut with us and any guys that wanted to fuck her, as well as the dogs at Keith's swingers club, she had been around quite a few times and played with us both, now we took her to the nudist beach as well, some times she would let 10 or more guys fuck her in the dunes while we played too, on one occasion she had 3 or 4 guys fuck her in the water, and more wanted to, but we pulled her back to the dunes for a bit more privacy.

Then to most of the guys surprise there, she took on a dog that one was walking along the beach, no sooner had the guy fucked her and filled her ass with hot cum, then she knelt up and told him to let his dog fuck her ass too, most guys looked on a bit in awe, as his cock found her ass and began fucking her hard and fast, some 5 minutes later he flooded her bowels with dog cum, and turned to walk away, dragging her along the sand, her orgasms kept going as his knot held them tight together, then they seperated and cum dropped out for me to eat.

Not to be out done, after more guys had fucked us all, I took the dog on too, his knot locking us tight together as he filled my ass with his cream.

Most guys just watched as their balls lay empty, Sue also let the tired but horny K9 fuck her ass too, all three of us needed a swim to wash the drying cum from our bodies, and once again Kim told the guys to follow her for more fun, kneeling to let them piss all over her face and body, by the time the sun began to set, every guy on the beach that day had fucked us more than once.

So we called Keith and arranged another night at his swingers club, he told us, more guys wanted to join in and increase the kink as well, he caters for a wilder swinging scene than most clubs do, just as we like it.

The following Saturday Kim arrived and got ready, her and Sue both hot to fuck early afternoon, so my cock got plenty of use, while they waited to go, but I held off keeping my cum for later.

Around 6 pm we pulled up at Keith's his carpark was busy already, both naked the girls ran into the club, as some guys followed close behind them, Kim was already gone when I got in, Keith said she was in the group room with about 5 guys. Sue was sucking of a guy at the bar, his mate fucking her ass while she bent down, I dropped my gear behind the counter and took of to find a good cock to fuck me.

It wasn't long before my fist Anal Dog Sex orgasm sounded out, as Alan fucked my ass long and hard, his huge cock finding my anus ready for him, he had been away and wanted to fuck me for some time, so tonight he was going to drop a load of cum in all three of us. I was keen to get him to dp me too, so when a good looking cock came calling we got him under me and Alan went back to pounding my ass hard, both cocks filling me nicley, to give me a great start to the night.

The guy under me blew his wad deep inside my ass, so we replaced him quick smart, the second cock using the cum as lube slipped in easy, Alan once more fucked my tight ass to his delight, and mine. It wasn't long before I had a second load shot in me, but this time the guy stayed fairly hard and wanted to stay in me while Alan kept fucking me, I was cool with that.

Some 15 minutes or so later Alan began to jerk and wriggle his cock around in me, his balls ready to explode, the guy under me also looked weird, his cock stil hard seemed to grow some more as Alan began to flood me with his sticky load, then wham another load from the guy under me, his balls still had more to give me. When we slowed and rested for awhile he said that was a first for him and liked doing that, his cock was kept hard by Alan's cock and he surprised himself when he came a second time so quickly.

Now I wanted more, heading into the kinky room, Kim had beat me there, Lucas was licking his cock, while Ralph was knotted and going strong in her ass, the pool of cum told us she had been well fucked by guys and Lucas. I knelt next to her, and called over the other dog, he licked my ass and soon jumped up ready to fuck me.

His cock is hard and I love the feeling when he knots, he would have some where around 14 inchs of cock in a ass when he locks into you. He was soon going flat out, my ass ready and willing to take him all, but I held his knot out for awhile making the fuck last longer, then sencing he was ready to cum, let him knot and flood my ass with his hot juices.

Kim was just about done as Ralph walked off, not missing a beat, she came over and swatted on my face, pushing all the dog cum onto my face and mouth, then quickly turned and kissed me to share it.

I told her she was going to get this load when I got free, so she lay under me, sucking my cock while he blew his load deep inside my willing ass. After some 10 minutes he pulled away, my cock still in Kim's mouth as his cum out, she moved her head and sucked my ass clean of dog cum, with one quick move I sat on her fist and impalled my ass right down to her elbow, dog cum ozzed out as my cock exploded into her mouth.

While I was still sitting on her arm, a few guys used her pussy and ass and filled her with fresh cream, I bent down and licked her dry, her arm still stuck up my ass like a glove puppet. It was then a guy slipped his cock in, fucked me, with Kim rubbing his cock inside my ass, he didn't last long, she took his cum as it ran out of my ass.

I saw Sue now, Lucas was fucking her hard in the ass, as another guy took her pussy and one in her mouth, the cum running out of her told me she had been busy too.

She took several loads of cum in her mouth as both fucked her, then Lucas growled and shot his load deep in her bowels, this seemed to set of the guy who also blew his wad in her, both looked relaxed as they waited for Lucas to get free, I rode Kim until Lucas pulled free, then quickly got under her, waiting for the cum to empty from her freshly fucked holes, and it did, she pushed hard, gallons of cum ran out covering my face and filling my mouth, her pussy and ass now slowed as she turned and kissed me, we enjoyed sharing the cum as another guy fucked her.

More guys used us all, then I saw Alan under Kim his cock in her ass, as she told a guy to pull one of the dogs over to dp her, she got them both in and Alan for one enjoyed having his cock squessed tight into her well fucked ass, as both cocks strained to fill her once more.

Alan's cock slipped out red and soft, as Ralph still held by his knot stayed in her. I went down sucking Alan's cock draining the last of the cum from his balls.

From some where, one of the guy pulled out a huge dildo, Keih must have brought it in, Sue was lifted up and sat down her on it, her ass split open by this huge monster, it was bigger than our dildo, as her screams of delight filled the room, the guys rocked her back and fourth, more and
more went into her swollon ass.

I thought she would give up, but they seemed determined to get it all in her ass, with each orgasm they kept her going, soon she was so close to having all 18 inchs or more in her ass, Kim was watching with a wild look in her eye, as Sue with one last push and a loud moan got the last inch or so in her ass, cum oozzed out as it filled her hole to over flowing, she was implayed and enjoying it.

They let her rest for awhile then started to pump her up an down again on the dildo, her ass now seemed to glow red from the pressure of it pushing into her, then after one almighty orgasm she jumped and slippe dof the dildo falling softly on the floor, exchausted.

Kim seemed to home in on the dildo, asking the guys to do the same with her, hands picked her up, cum running out of her ass and pussy slimmed the dildo ready for its invasion into her body.

One guy held the dildo as her ass began to open over it, she had more trouble than Sue but soon the tip went in, quickly followed by several more inches, her growns of plessure telling us all she was loving it too, then Kim seemed to jerk her body, taking the guys by surprise, I'm not sure if she meant to do it, but they half dropped her, the dildo rammed hard, causing her a lot of pain as it went all the way in her ass.

The guys grabbed her arms and lifted her up some, her eyes seemed to water as her ass came up from the monster dildo stuck in her, but she held firm, and told them to leave her onit waiting for the pain to ease she slowly slipped back down, this time her orgasm told us she was enjoying it more.

She rode it like a pro now, her ass going right down, after the first time it was possible a bit sore but she took it all, her orgasm going strong, each time they lowered her onto it she sung out, some guys used her mouth to empty thier ball sacks while she orgasmed.

Just like Sue, Kim had to ease off the dildo, her ass ruined for guys now by the size of it, as they stuck thier cocks in her pussy to give her more orgasm's, she just lay face down, her body awash with cum and sweat.

I saw Sue, she had Alan and one of the dogs in her ass now and was going strong, guys lined up to fuck her mouth as others fucked Kim's pussy and some blew hot cum in her ass, I was happy taking 2 or 3 guys at a time now too, but I also wanted to try that dildo in me.

I let more guys fuck me but each time I saw the dildo I just had to see if I could get it all in me too, couldn't let the girls have all the fun, so with cum dripping down my legs, I sat over the dildo, inche by inch I worked it further into me well abused ass, I let fly as a hhuge Anal Dog Sex orgasm took control of me, my body shook and me legs gave in, dropping me further still onto this monster stuck in me, then after one good orgasm ,

I let loose, my mind ready for the pain, that such a huge dildo was bound to give me.

The girls watched as with one last lunge, my ass took it all, my eyes did water, but oh boy it was worth it, never before had I been so full, even with two good cocks, they aren't this big, now I was hooked, riding hard my ass sent me sky wards as each thrust hit my stomarch walls and gave me a huge orgasm. I rode it for a few mintutes but then like the girls I had to jump off, mixed feelings of pain and plessure ran though my body as I pulled off.

Both girls now were busy with the dogs, Sue had Alan and a dog fucking her ass, while Kim had another guy and a dog dp in her too, stil more guys had hard cocks and cum ready to fill us.

As always we took all the guys on, by the time most of them were leaving, both Sue and Kim had been fucked by 30 or more guys, and I had taken around 15 or so, as well as the dogs and dildo, so our ass's and their pussies were more than used when we had a quick shower after one last piss sesiion, and took of home.

Keith asked if we wanted another rematch in a couple of weeks time, all three of us smiled and said yes please. On our drive home Kim sat next to me, sucking my cock and releasing one more load of cum in her mouth to finnish my night off great.
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