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Default Vren's story - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Anal Dog Sex, Bestiality

Vren's story - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Anal Dog Sex, Bestiality

Blowjob, Body modification, Bondage and restriction, Dog Cum Swallowing, Extreme, Horror, Lesbian, Monster, Rape, Transgendered

Vren gets waylaid while traveling.
Vren was almost at the crossroads. It had been a long ride since this morning. Her back and butt were sore from the saddle, and all those people rushing by on short errands did her mod no good.

Perhaps this is why she was caught so easily.

The three orcs had been hiding in the trees, green skin blending with the leaves, as she rode by.
Two were male, one was female.
The one one the left was called Jenn. He had a thick head like all orcs, stood 7' tall, and worked his arms until they were almost pure muscle. His fingernails were not trimmed, long and ragged, and His hair was a brown tangled with the branches of the tree.

His hair always slipped out of its tangles when pulled.

The second male had lighten green skin, and would have been spotted by Vren if she had been alert. He had blond hair, and it kept getting caught in the trees. His name was fred.

The female was called cunt. That was her name, given to her by her two parents. She had black hair, shiny, and thin. She was slightly darken than the others and went unnoticed by passerby. Her nails had been sharpened.

Neither of the three wore clothes.

As was obvious to traders coming the other way, the men had hard cocks, from watching down the chests of the female riders going by.
Jenn had a decent sizes cock, and his entire genital area was covered in black hair. It had remains of blood, cum, and spit in it.
Fred had an enormous cock, shaved clean, with balls that hung down several inches. It had a line of pre-cum dripping down it, onto his balls, and down his leg, where it dripped through the foliage and made a puddle on the path, one that the riders avoided.

Cunt whispered: The others will be out of sight soon and she will be alone. She will be a good choice.
Her plan got nods of agreement.

They waited as Vren rode slowly up to the trees.

A few minutes passed, and the last rider disappeared into the distance.

"Clear", Fred muttered.

Fred's cock started dripping faster with the anticipation of a capture.

Vren would have had to have been blind to have missed them, but in a way, she was.
In its exhaustion her horse walked right into the puddle, causing a large splash as it toppled in the slick slime.
the splash soaked Vren even before she fell into the puddle.
The splash also masked the noise the three made dropping from the tree.

It isn't widely known, but sperm from an ogre will enlarge the cock of an equine (horse) animal to abut three times its size. Balls included.
The sperm will also drive those it contacts into high arousal.
Vren was a bit too tired for this too have any effect, but the horse was. It went into heat as soon as it got wet.
As her head hi the ground, she struggled to stay conscious, but the thud of the horse as it hit the puddle and the wave that soaked her distracted her from staying awake.

Cunt started pulling a rope from her pussy. As it kept coming, the remaining orcs started tying Vren up to her horse.
Then they began to tow her into the forest.

After some time, they got to a clearing.
Cunt said: "I'm getting the animals"
Fred grunted.

As cunt walked into the distance, Fred and Jenn untied Vren and tied her to four posts pounded into the ground. She ended up spread-eagled.
They tied the horse to a nearby tree, eying its winking pussy.
"Care to try her?", Jenn said to Fred, with a bow.

Vren started waking up.
She still thought she was dreaming, but her butt and back still hurt.
What was that squishing and wet slapping noise?
She turned her head and started in horror. Fred and Jenn had put their cocks into each of the horses holes and were pounding her unmercifully. Cum from previous fucks was covering the back end of the horse and dripping to the ground. The horse was whinnying with pleasure.

Then a pussy came into her vision, and hands turned her head up towards the face of cunt, using her gag as a grip.
"How would you like to join them?"
Vren shook her head so violently that she got dizzy.
"I guess you can't since they are busy, but these aren't." Cunt said cheerfully, as she guided the horses she had brought back from her trip's cock into Vrens mouth.
The horse felt the touch and immediately slammed forward, piercing Vren down into her stomach.
Her throat wasn't meant for it, and burned painfully.
Vren shook, trying to get free, her gag reflex trying to shove the cock out, but that just made the horse pull back and start pumping.
Cunt smiled.
Then she guided another horse up Vren's pussy.

The pain of the penetration stunned Vren, and she hung there getting fucked by both horses, one fully embedded, the other blocked by her cervix, for a couple of seconds, before the horse in her pussy realized it could go further and rammed through her cervix and into her uterus.
That stab brought her out of the shock and set her to thrashing wildly to escape. Not that it did anything but make the horses fuck harder.
Cunt tapped Fred on the shoulder just as he was about to fuck the horses cunt again.
Fred looked at cunt, and walked over to Vren.
Vrens face was being slapped by the face-fucking horses' balls so she didn't know he was doing it until his massive cock ripped her ass open.
Her skin split along her back, and Fred moaned: "She's too tight."

The fucking continued for a few minutes before all four came.
As the cum from Fred's cock hit the back of the horse fucking the pussy, and the tip of the horse fucking Vren's mouth, they expanded until they were three times their original size, ripping holes in Vren's throat and chest where it wasn't elastic enough.

They kept fucking Vren until she died of blood loss and started to fall apart.

Then cunt, following a wicked plan of hers, gave Vren a shot from a rusty syringe.
Vren, who should have been long dead, shivered and woke up.

Cunt grinned: "Nice little zombie slut!"

Vren's eyes filled with fear.

"Now good night!"

Vren started thrashing, but that just caused her to lose more blood.

Cunt rolled her eyes at this: "The more you are damaged, the longer it will take to heal, so I wouldn't thrash if I were you."

Vren realized that Cunt was trying to trick her into obedience, and kept struggling.

Cunt shrugged and left.

The next morning, Vren had wriggled her way out of the bonds, and grown new parts of her body to replace the ones sawed off in the process. she stood up.

Vren chose an arbitrary direction, and started walking. Determined to leave the memory behind.
She soon comes upon a chasm.
She groans.
The she spins in a circle and walks that direction along the chasm, careful not to get to close to the edge.

As Vren walked, climbing over rocks and tree roots, a rope bridge appeared out of the distance.

She started to run, trying to reach the bridge, to confirm that it was real.
She slipped, crying out, and grabbed a tree branch before she could fall over the edge.
AS she yelled, triplet howls started in the distance.

She started to run again, terrified.

The howls started getting closer, and she ran faster.

When the crunch of a limb falling sounded, she jumped, and ran faster and faster until she was sprinting.

Almost to the bridge! She thought.

Too late! NO!

Something was in front of her. She was going too fast to stop.

She hit the wolf at full speed, surprising it.
They did a tumble through the air, and landed on the ground.
The wolf snarled and grabbed her breast with one of its teeth. It used that puncture to throw her back onto the ground.

Only when she was close up did Vren realize that the wolf was bigger than normal. It seemed almot 4 feet tall and 9 feet long.
As it slammed her into the ground, the touch of its large cock made her moan in terror. It was easily 3 feet long and 8 inches thick. It would kill her, like the horse cocks had almost done.
It stepped on her feet, and reared, slamming its cock into her body.
The tearing sound that followed echoed from the trees. Blood flowed from the rip in her body.

The she shivered as two other howls got closer.
Then she realized she was still full of orc cum.
The wolfs's cock got bigger and bigger, finally ripping out of her pussy completely, causing Vren to bleed and her organs to protest.
She took the opportunity, ignoring the pain, to make a run for the bridge.
The wolf had humped her right before he had broken through and was still in the same pose, cum spurting into the air.

The other two wolves broke free of the forest and charged at Vren.

Vren leapt the last three feet to the bridge, crossed it, and panicked, trying to cut the line of the rope with a knife that was in clothes she no longer had.
She finally gave up and after a last decision, started to jump.

Her luck was definitely not very good today.
She was halfway off the cliff, with the wolves howling in frustration when she ran into a dragon coming upwards. Not fun.

The good news was: the bridge was smashed as the dragon fell back down into the pit.
The bad news was: There was a wolf on her side.
She thought the dragon would be okay, since she couldn't really hurt it, but the wolf was a problem.

As usual, she had forgotten about the orc cum still covering her. When she looked at the wolf, its cock was one and a half feet wide and 9 feet long, it was so large it had unbalanced the wolf, and there was a stream of precum drooling out of the one inch wide hole in the tip, and flowing over the edge of the chasm.
Vren made to jump again, but the wolf swung it's cock over into her way, and the buffeted her with it, knocking her flat, and mostly unconscious with one blow.

As Vren tried to shake the dizzyness and lack of control off, the wolf trundled forward and placed its cock at the entrance of her pussy once more. Vren was still too far into oblivion to notice, until it shoved inside.
There was no way it was going to fit. The pointy tip pushed Vren into a nearby pile of stones, covering her in scrapes, and then it forced her open. Her pussy lips, finally healed from the last attempt, couldn't open far enough. they ripped, and the tear continued, following the tip of its cock as it pushed her guts out of the way, into the air to make room for the wolfs cock.
Her guts were being destroyed and the pain brought her back into reality, but the thrusts of the wolf had destroyed more than her organs, and her muscles were shredded. She saw he womb, ripped from her body and sent into the air from the wolf. As the tear reached her skull, the wolf howled, and a firehose stream of cum sprayed her, instantly covering her and the entire side of the chasm with the cum from the wolf. The cock ripped free of her ribcage, and the wolf fell into pleasure, spraying 30 feet into the air and powerblowing dirt everywhere.

At around this time, the female dragon had managed to climb over the edge, and looked with sadness upon the scene. Her pussy was aching for sex, but the scene dampened the instinct, which wasn't strong unless she was in the presence of a male dragon. The dragon grabbed the wolf by its cock and flung it over the edge, listening with satisfaction as it crashed into the opposite side, rebounded, and fell.
the dragon was thinking of throwing the dead girl over the edge so as not to risk orc cum getting everywhere, but when she looked back at the girl, the girl was regrowing the lost organs and limbs.

Shia, the dragon, started, slipped, and fell over the edge, again.
Shia flipped herself back over the edge a few minutes later, to see the girl fully reformed and cleaning herself out in the nearby stream, which had cleared itself of clogging wolf cum much faster than the ground around it.

Shia whuffed softly, and the girl whirled.
Then, as the girl saw that she was feminine, relaxed.
Shia said: "I can get you a small cave near here or far from here if you wish."
Vren replied: "Near here, so I may destroy the next bridge they build."
Shia said: "As you wish", and breathed fire into the side of the hill. The rock melted and flowed down nto the chasm. When the cave was of decent size Shia stopped flaming and kicked the remaining molten rock down the chasm.
"It should be cool in about an hour. I live to the north of here, so visit if you need to. I rather thik you need some time to yourself."

Please excuse speelling, my keyboard is messed up.
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