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Default The day I died - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality

The day I died - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality
Bondage and restriction, Cruelty, Death, Drug, Extreme, Horror, Males / Female, Murder, Necrophilia, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Torture, Violence, Written by women

Basically just a wierd fantasy of mine, if you like the story I might make more... PS I hope it never happens to me though...
A Saturday night out, what could be better? That's right, a Saturday night out in Vegas! I had saved money for this trip for a little over a year and I had finally ordered the trip from Europe to the US and the first stop had been New York followed by a long line of parties all across the states. Now I was at my final destination, Las Vegas and I was going to party like there was no tomorrow. I had found a nice little dress in a shop down town and mixing that with a pair of high heels and a long and thick pony tail I was ready to head out and conquer the world. Even though I was travelling with a friend, I had to go alone this night as Marie (my travel companion) was too busy talking on the phone with her boyfriend back home. To be perfectly honest, I didn't really mind that.

During the day I had found a nice looking place in the city center. Not too big, so it would probably have a nice and cozy atmosphere, but also not too small so there would definitely be a good chance to meet some attractive young guys. I knew I was committed to the party once the sound of my heels was covered by the loud bass of the place and as I strode inside I looked around in awe. The place was like the biggest place in my town back home and still had the feeling of a small and close place and it was decorated to look like a place for millionaires. With the amazed look still printed on my face I walked up to the bar and ordered a beer. I gave a shy smile to a handsome young guy who at the same time just got his drink before he disappeared into the crowd with a nod and a look that told me that I should definitely come see him later this evening.

I moved away from the bar and found a place to sit, it was near the wall and even though I hadn't completely sucked in every impression of the place yet I took out my phone and send Marie a message. I was telling her how awesome the party was and that she should come down and have fun. Since no reply came I put the phone back in my purse with a smile on my face. She was no doubt still blabbering on with her boy about nothing what so ever. At times like this I was glad that I was single. I looked back up and corrected the fit of my dress a bit so I displayed just a little more cleavage and then I leaned back, taking a sip of my drink. It didn't take long before a guy took the bait and placed himself next to me. He introduced himself and we spoke for a little while, or rather shouted to each other for a while before I had to get up and get a refill. When I got back he was gone. Or perhaps I had returned to the wrong table, I honestly don't know.

Luckily though the night was young and I didn't mind letting a smaller fish back into the sea if it meant catching a bigger one so to speak. Of course this never happened but more on that later. I spend the next few hours circulating between the bar and the dance floor where I had the chance to get a bit closer to a few more guys. But nothing ever evolved to more than a little small talk. I wasn't even drunk yet and I was actually ready to head back to the hotel and call the night a bitter disappointment compared to the rest of the places we've visited when something happened. The bartender came to me with a drink from what he called a 'secret admirer'. I curiously took it and looked around to see if I could spot the guy but in the crowded room that was impossible.

Alright so technically I knew that I wasn't supposed to drink something that I hadn't been ordering myself or kept a watchful eye over at all times. I should probably just have said no thanks and rushed back to the hotel. Perhaps that would have allowed me to see another day. But I didn't. I took a sip and I loved it. I had no idea what the drink was called but it didn't take me long to wash it down. I tried once more to find the guy who had bought the drink for me but had to give up when I started to feel tired. I didn't realize it at the time but I was too tired to really be naturally tired. I decided to go to the hotel and stumbled out of the nightclub. I didn't get far though. Just a few hundred feet down the road I had to stop for a moment. I placed my hand against the wall and closed my eyes for a moment. I was so incredibly tired and all my limbs felt like they were weighing a ton or something like that.

At first I didn't hear the guy speaking to me, and even once I realized that someone had walked up to me and offered to walk me back to my hotel, I wasn't quite sure who he was or even what he looked like. I managed to tell him the name of my hotel and my name and we started walking. He had placed his arm around my waist to support me, but I doubt that was the real reason. I am also pretty sure that he touched both my ass and even my breasts during the walk but I really didn't comment on it. I wasn't even sure I didn't just dream it. I had to stop though as I suddenly almost blacked out of tiredness and quickly the, at the time, kind man put both arms around me and made sure I didn't fall. Sure I didn't fall flat on my face onto the sidewalk. But I did fall asleep.

When I woke up a few hours later I felt neither rested nor even well. I had no idea where I was and my eyes were still foggy. I could hardly move and even if they felt lighter than before, my body still felt heavy. I groaned a bit and blinked a few times before I could really see anything. I was not at my hotel. I looked around and had to admit that I started getting a bit scared. This place looked like an old auto shop or something. Lots of old tools hanging on the walls and concrete walls and floors. Something was not right. I tried to get up, when I realized that not only was I somewhere unfamiliar and scary, I was naked and from the feeling of it, I had been raped while passed out. In fact the cum that was dripping out of my pussy was a pretty good sign that this night of party had turned down a wrong way. Now I just had to get out. Fast!

That however proved to be a lot less simple than I wanted it to be. Whatever drug had been in my drink was still not out of my body and something as simple as sitting up took a long time. The table I had been on, or workbench or whatever it was didn't seem to want to let me go just like that. I looked around for my clothes but I couldn't find it. It had to be there somewhere and I really had to find it, as well as my phone. I wasn't really sad or scared as much as I was angry. Some guy had drugged me and taken advantage of me. I was furious and that feeling covered to fear in my mind quite well. I was just about to put my foot on the ground to get up, when a hand grabbed my shoulder and forced my back down. With my back against the workbench once again I could now see the guy who had raped me. He was old and his eyes were cold as ice. "You should lie down babe, we're not finished with you yet. He said and took one of my hands and tied a knot around the wrist and fixed it to the table. Then he did the same with the other hand so both my hands were tied out to the side. From above I probably looked a bit like I was on a cross or something.

I wanted to ask him where I was and who he was. Actually I had a lot of questions, but as he started tying knots around my ankles and spreading my legs, fixing them to the table, all I could really say loudly was: "Please don't hurt me. Please. Please.". Now tears started forming in my eyes and the guy just crawled up on top of me. His hand guided his cock into position and then he let it slide into my pussy. "Please stop" I begged but he continued as if he didn't hear me. Suddenly I saw someone else move around out of the corner of my eye. Oh no I thought to myself as I somehow knew that this second figure wasn't a savior. And true enough, once the second guy came over to me, he didn't loosen the ropes that tied me to the workbench. He didn't push the rapist off. He placed a gag-ring in my mouth so I couldn't close it and then he started throat fucking me.

Tears already rolled down my cheeks and as the two guys pounded away at me and eventually coming I was wondering how I was going to get away. I wanted to cry out for them to stop again but in that instant the latest arriving guy came deep down my throat and pulled out his cock. I coughed a bit and took a deep breath. Meanwhile the first guy came as well and filled my pussy once more. I assumed he was the one who had fucked me while I was sleeping. The two guys then high-fived and looked down at me while discussing what to do with me. I didn't really catch all the words but the meaning shined through. They would kill me. Painfully.

"Please don't hurt me" I cried out through the gag ring making my words sound strange. "I will give you money. Anything" I continued but was cut off as one of the guys gently caressed my cheek with a finger. "Well here is the thing babe." He said in a surprisingly caring tone before his words became colder and sent chills down my spine. "Of course we brought you here to fuck you like the little cunt you are. But what really turns us on is a woman screaming in pain. So. I guess. Well. Tonight you'll die. Actually you will die a painful death and then we'll totally fuck your corpse. OK?" The guys gave each other an approving nod as I started crying loudly. One of the guys turned and walked over to the wall of tools while the other let his hand grasp around my breast and enjoy it for a moment. He seemed thoughtful and when he let a finger play with my nipple he seemed to have some sort of revelation.

"Hey bring me the pruner will ya?" He asked loudly as he leaned down and liked my nipple and giving it a hard bite. He then turned his head to look at the thing his friend brought back and I couldn't see it but I was freaked out when he with a boyish grin said: "Nice!" I started shaking and I was scared as hell. I saw how the guy standing next to me received the pruner, while his friend seemed to be preparing his own tool whatever it was. I just stared at the nearest guy in terror as he moved the pruner closer to my chest and slowly opened its jaws. I let out another begging 'please' before an excruciating pain shot through me. With a blink of an eye he had closed the pruner and cut my nipple off. I screamed loudly and tilted my head back. God it had hurt and the tears started rolling again. Just at that moment the pruner's cold jaws opened and got in position around my other nipple and as I screamed out a 'no', the situation repeated itself. A quick snap severed my nipple from my breast, leaving blood flowing from both my breasts all over my chest. "Can you get that thing started?" He asked his friend casually while I was screaming my lungs out in pain. His friend waved him off and told him to play more. The guy threw the pruner away and walked over to the wall for another toy. I cried loudly and I could hear on both guys that they enjoyed it. I wanted to stop so they couldn't have what they wanted. But I couldn't. The pain was too intense and suddenly all my panic, anger and especially pain had to come out.

When the guy returned my eyes widened. In his hand he had a meat hook and his eyes were still on my breasts. I couldn't even imagine what he was going to do before he swung the hook and forced it through my left breast so that the hook went all the way through. Like before I screamed out in pain and banged my back head against the workbench. Why were they doing this to me? I didn't have time to think of an answer though. I heard an electrical engine start up and with a happy cheer the guy closest to me pulled out his meat hook and stepped up to my head. He lifted my head up just enough to see the power drill the other guy was holding in his hand. Normally I wasn't one to pay attention to detail. But tonight was an exception. It was no ordinary drill, the tip of it was wide and had saw-like edges. This was either used to drill some seriously wide holes or perhaps made for this type of thing alone. I started begging for mercy as the guy walked down between my legs. I begged as much as the gag ring would allow me before the first guy forced my head back against the workbench.

The drill was inserted into my pussy but it was still not on. I trembled in fear, knowing what was going to happen. The Guy standing by my head gave a nod to his friend and then looked down at me. That instant I felt a pain greater than anything I had ever felt in my life. As the saw like drill started shredding my pussy apart from inside I screamed so loudly that no sound came out. The guy moved the drill back and forth to make sure that I was totally ruined inside. The guy by me head cheered and told him to go deeper. The guy with the drill complied and slowly forced the running drill deeper and deeper into my pussy. Once he got very close to my womb he stopped moving it. Or rather, it couldn't go further in. He stopped the machine and finally I had a moment to take a breath from the screaming. The screaming was mixed with crying and tears and somehow I knew I was going to die.

The guy between my legs looked at my pussy where loads of blood came out. He noticed how my lower lips had survived the shredding because he had inserted in in a turned off state and that gave him an idea. He placed the tip of the drill just at the lower lips and turned on the machine again. I screamed even though I felt I couldn't scream any more as the machine tore my pussy into a bleeding hole. I was starting to pass in and out of consciousness from the severe blood loss and the two guys finally decided to call it a night. The untied me and sat me up. Then the first guy pulled out a knife and placed the tip of it just under my right breast. He gave me a thankful kiss on the forehead and pressed the knife into my heart. Everything went black.
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