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Default Bizarre! part 3 - Science-ZooSex Fiction, Bestiality, Cock & ball torture, Interracial, Mind Control, Necrophilia, Scatology

Bizarre! part 3 - Science-ZooSex Fiction, Bestiality, Cock & ball torture, Interracial, Mind Control, Necrophilia, Scatology

Ruggles fell asleep next to Wim, who was shaken about the whole issue concerning the mysterious man they had seen before. Ruggles assured him that everything would work out, but it wasn't working.
"Come on Wim, it's alright! You know, I never knew my parents. I'm fine. I meanI want to leave this place, but it's fine if you stay."
"That's not the problem. I don't want to go back." Wim said crying
"That's what I meant, you don't need to go back."
"But I mean I have a responsibility there. And I'm the prince. Do you know what that means?"
"It means that I could get killed. They'll assassinate me and take over the throne. I'm the youngest and if they kill everybody else, I'm the only one left. I'll jsut get shot. It's gonna' happen if I go back. I need to stay here." Wim whispered
"Fine!" Ruggles said frustated by these things
At night Ruggles dreamed he was with the most beautiful girl. She was shorter than him, had blue eyes and black hair and beautiful breasts. Her butt wasn't boney, and had meat to it, but was not oversized. And she had a smile that could melt a rock. Her teeth were white and her skin was clear. She kissed Ruggles, making him giddy with excitement, but then he felt something strange. He couldn't breathe. He woke up to find the evil clone Ruggles strangling him. Ruggles to a bat and beat the evil Ruggles over the head. Wimm yelled to him to stop. But Ruggles beat his brains out of the back of his head. He saw the boy who was either him or a clone, dying while brain matter leaked out of his head and he bled to death in the bedroom.
Sonic was downstairs fucking his new woman, Cassiday. Cassiday was six feet tall, and stronger than Sonic, but just as horny. Her black skin was glistening with sweat from all the fast fucking she had endured from Sonic. Sonic three orgasms during sex with her, but heard the commotion upstairs.
He ran up to find Ruggles hovering over the dead Ruggles. Sonic came up into the room, but Ruggles pointed the revolver at him. Ruggles didn't realize the gun wasn't ready to fire, being it was on safety. He knew nothing about guns. Sonic swatted the gun away and squeezed Ruggles ball sack. He put his balls on a table and threatened to pull them off, if Ruggles didn't calm down. Sonic made a fist and pounded down on Ruggles' balls. They didn't pop or break, but Ruggles was still in pain. Sonic threw Ruggles on the corpse and him fuck it. Ruggles refused, but then Sonic took his gun and pointed it at him. Wim sat in the corner helpless and encouraged Ruggles just to give the corpse Anal Dog Sex for a bit and leave. Ruggles did so and tears rolled down his face. He collapsed after only five pushes up his own self's anus. He lay unconcious over the body and felt his own brain.
Sonic suddenly took Wim to the basement of the mansion. Ruggles didn't know why and followed them. But all of the sudden, Cassiday came to him. Her big F-cup tits hanging out and her hairy pussy was wet.
"Your so cute! I love your little cheeks!" Cassiday said
"Thanks! you have nice breasts." Ruggles said uneasily
"Thank you." she replied giggling
Suddenly, she sat on him. he felt back on a sofa, while she sat facing him on his lap. He was mesmerized by her tits and he touched them. She rubbed his thighs creating warmth going from his legs up to his cock. He guided her hand towards his boner, which had just shot up. He was falling for it . He had been seduced. She unzipped his pants and played with his cock. She finally put in inside of her and went up and down. She told him to slap her. When Ruggles was reluctant, she slapped him. He slapped her back, and she slapped him harder. This went on for three minutes, until she bent over his mouth. Ruggles rimmed her while she strained. Surely she wouldn't shit in his mouth, he thought. But she did. It exploded out fast and Ruggles was disgusted. His mouth was filled with grayish brown shit. But he swallowed it like a pro would, he didn't ruin the mood she was in.
Sonic walked out with Wim, who was disoriented beyond belief. He was still standing, but barely with a stream line a drool coming out of mouth. In a daze he knocked over an expensive black vase and even ate a spider mistaking it for a snack, He tripped and hit his head, which brought him back to relaity, but he had a pounding headache. Sonic showed the boys to their rooms and shut the door.
"What did he do to you Wim?" Ruggles asked
"I can't remember! I don't know!" Wim said through his tears
"Look Wim , it's alright" Ruggles replied
Ruggles knew Wim was being hypnotized or brainwashed. That would have explained his bizarre behavior and his naivety. But there were still important things at stake. Who was Cassiday was the new mystery. Killing his other self was traumatic, but he had forgotten about that, even though the corpse was next to the bed.
Perhaps Sonic has something against the royal famiy of Neon 8 and for that he kidnapped the prince. He brainwashed the prince to inflict a minor form of amnesia upon him and also to make him forever faithful. Wim didn't know what to believe or who to believe. Ruggles seemed to be the best bet though. Wim asked Ruggles about why they were at the mansion. Ruggles had less of an idea than Wim did.
Over the next few days Wim would sit in a bathtub, filled with milk, and watch television, for hours and hours. There was nothing to do except sit there and watch. But one day he noticed something. He heard someone upstairs . Playing the same stuff he was. When he went upstairs he found that there was a man there. The man was Lance Vinograd. He was drinking absinthe and swirling around in his chair, surrounded by televisions and radios. There was news about the worlds and the media all around him. Wim quietly asked the man what he was doing in the house.
"Excuse me, mister, but what is"
"I am Lance Vinograd, the king of media. You ask why I am here and I'll tell you. I'm here to collect information, all information for Sonic. You see Jethro Sonic is a notorious fellow. He has lovers but also many haters out there, and I am here to find out about the latter."
"So why do you watch these women's health ads? They don't help you, do they?"
"I watch all news and programs"
Wim looked around a saw a theremin sounding in the corner and saw many televisions and wires around.
"What's going on?" WIm asked
"I was about to ask the same when I saw your hair. I watch all TV, but I've never seen anything like that!"
"Very funny!" Wim said
Wim left to tell Ruggles about the man. But Ruggles stopped Wim and told him to look ahead. They saw the lesbian couple, playing with a horse's penis. They held onto to it firmly and stroked on it. It finally ejaculated onto one of them and they giggled. Ruggles looked through binoculars in order to view the closer. He noticed they were both missing fingers, but that was the only thing he noticed. They were beautiful, but that was of no use to know.
"Who are these girls?" Wim asked Ruggles
"I can't tell you." Ruggles responded
They sat on the steps of the mansion talking about the life they lived. Was it worth sitting around doing nothing and getting raped or hypnotized, no it wasn't. But they wouldn't know how to leave.
Meanwhile, Sonic dreamed pf disturbing things during his slumber. He dreamt of turning Wim into a porcupine/boy. he dreamt of a logical way to do so. When he woke up, it seemed like a good idea. So he plotted to have Wim killed so he perform the experiment.
Wim walked away from Ruggles, wondering exactly why he was here. It was the first time he ha questioned his existence. He walked straight to the couple, who were still jacking the horse. They motioned for him to walk over, so he did. But when he got over he saw something, no boy ever needs to see.
Ruggles went into the mansion to look for Cassisday, but was stopped by the man.
"Who are you!?" Ruggles asked
"I'm RC-0067. I was sent here to find your friend and only him." the man, or RC-0067 replied
"Are you a robot?"
"No! They just call me that."
"I don't know why"
Suddenly Sonic looked at the man and ran towards him. He shoved him onto a table and took a metal pipe and tried to hit him. But RC smacked Sonic's fist away before the punch touched him. Sonic grabbed RC's big neck. He strangled him for a few seconds, until RC put a switchblade inside of him and threw him to the ground. He bled from his stomach and tried to hold his intestines in. RC put his foot over Sonic's face. Sonic grabbed the blade and drove it into RC's Achilles' tendon. RC fell down and crawled over to a laser gun. He grabbed it and fired, but a normal laser didn't come out. A bizarre hyper beam fired off, almost killing Ruggles.
Ruggles ran off afraid. He looked for Wim, but he was gone. So were the lesbians. Cassiday frightened by sneaking up on him. She said that she hadn't seen Wim, and opened in her legs and spread her pussy. Ruggles said that this was no time for such an act. Sex, who would want that? Well many want it (like those reading this), but not in this situation. Ruggles went off with her, disregarding the strange occurences from before.
In the end, this day was one of the better ones Ruggles had had recently. But it wasn't over just yet.
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