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Default Class Reunion - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Anal Dog Sex, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Bestiality

Class Reunion - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Anal Dog Sex, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Bestiality

Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Males / Females, Oral Sex, Water Sports/Pissing

There should be a class reunion as always. But it has been an incredible orgy.
Class Reunion - Each with each

It was supposed to be a class reunion as always and no one would have a syllable itself
presented what happened that night.
They met at the train station. There were not all come. Of the female members
only Ramona, Renate, Sybille, Viola and Birgit came. The five women faced
Bernd, Wolfgang, Thomas, Frank, Volker, Jorg, Toni and Norbert. They greeted with warm
Embrace. Then they went to the hostel.
There is a food was first prepared. Then there were the drinks. They talked, exchanged
Memories and talked about this and that. So we learned that the women present
now all solo were back. When Birgit divorce a few days was back-ordered.
With the progress of the evening this was also made merry.
At a late hour Birgit suddenly took out her cell phone and dialed a number.
Curious asked Sybille whom she calls for. Since Birgit grinned and said: "I want my ex
talk the answering fully and show him what we have here a great atmosphere
and how cool I enjoy myself! "and then she began to moan in the phone. But Ramona
said, "that does not sound real enough!" and Renate suggested. "Here it is enough men
destined willing to coax you a real groan. "She looked at those present. "Have
I not right? "
The eight gentlemen were immediately hooked and Birgit was opposite this idea quite
open-minded. First, it remained on the fun. One after the other they kissed and began
to massage her breasts in decollete. Birgit actually began to moan.
Then fell the first cases. In Birgit, in men as well as Ramona, Renate, and Sybille
Viola began a garment after another store.
Finally, Birgit was completely naked except for stockings and high heels, just like the men.
And the other women had only provocative underwear and stockings and high-heeled
Pumps on. Now you could see even better, as the girlfriends had developed. Then
Viola had not changed, it still looked like a model from. But especially Ramona
and Renate had done well the years. They were matured and their former small breasts and
the other parts of the body had respectable rounds. Sybille looked ever so sexy as
earlier and Birgit has always been the girl with the biggest breasts. These dancing now completely naked a kind of lab-Dance, but her touch was not forbidden.
Her crisp appearance, their lascivious movements, their smoky sexy voice and especially their
natural horniness did the rest. The men were the stiff cocks.
Now Birgit put sensual lounging on the pool table. The four of the men introduced themselves in addition to the table sides. They held their now stately belt in his hands.
Ramona and Renate had bent over and sucked Birgit each to one of the nipples.
Viola, who had always been the quiet, now proved that she had a sly old ears.
She knelt in front of the table and so far between Birgit sprayed legs that they bounce the
Clit could lick the girlfriend.
The men rubbed their hard lout. The first splash fell to the sensuous woman.
Viola licked Birgits lips of cunt and drummed with her tongue on the cherry nub large
lustbud. Birgit moaning "yeah ... ... injected me ..." full, she wanted to say, but because they had the
hard cock of Frank between the lips. Instantly she began to suck on it.
Viola had ceased to lick pussy and Birgit had risen. Now Sybille wanted their place
taking, but Bernd she pushed gently but firmly to the side. "No I am now only tuned!" Then
he rammed his cock in Birgits by Viola assisted wet box. He wanted to be the first prick.
Be had held back during masturbation, it took a few more powerful shocks until he as
First splashed in Birgit's abdomen.
Even Frank, who fucked Birgit's mouth, then came to the effusion. The lustful woman swallowed everything.

Even Wolfgang, Thomas, Toni, Volker, Jorg and Norbert had now hosed. their sperm slapped on the hot female body.
Toni and Norbert drew more seeds splashes so that they in their faces and in their hair
landed by Ramona and Renate.
The still pumping hose by Jorg Viola pushed by hand between the red Lips. Ramona stopped Birgits tit sucking and instead took the hammer of Norbert in the Mouth and Renate swallowed Tonis twitching rod.
Sybille knelt before Bernd and licked its slimy tail, he just cunt from Birgit had drawn. The hole did not stay long empty. For now Wolfgang was tuned to the wet pussy ball.
He was followed by sequentially Thomas, Toni, Volker, Jorg, Norbert and the initial conclusion Frank.
Now Birgit cunt was already making squelching noises. Cuntslime and semen spilled out her.
Now Sybille dipped her tongue into the bittersweet honeypot girlfriend. She licked the slippery pussy lips and then pressed her face deep into the slime.
Meanwhile, Bernd had placed at the headend and pushed the lustful moaning Birgit his penis deep into the greedy maw.
Before Wolfgang, on all fours now Viola let ball from behind while she Norberts Bar had in mouth. Thomas fucked Renate that while she Jorg blew a. Toni fucked with Ramona, she had Franks hose in her mouth and Volker have it off Sybille. She still licked Birgits can.
Meanwhile, Bernd had deep hosed in Birgit's throat. He found it fascinating to see how this
exciting woman could make her mouth to cunt. So it was not from the others.

That was the situation when the door opened and a powerfully built woman in leather clothing the
space entered. It was Petra, Norbert's wife.
Up to now, Birgit had felt proably like a pig. Sure it was a little messed up that expensive hairstyle
was back and her body sticking out of the cold peasant, but she was so wonderful fucked never
been. Eight extremely capable cocks had spoiled her and fed her hungry cunt. Two time had now swallowed already delicious egg cream and it would be determined more become. Yes, the boys knew what she liked. From the other around they did not get to all much with. But she had registered that the other girlfriends and did not go out empty. That steady hammering in her cunt she enjoyed, as well as the exciting licking Girls. How many orgasms she'd had? She could no longer distinguish it. So a multiple orgasms she had in any case long gone had.
The room exhaled a sultry lust, but now seemed to have changed somewhat.
Something like a cold breath slipped through the space. She had to swallow semen busy after Bernd had withdrawn from her mouth.
She tried to raise her head and suddenly she had a slight discomfort. Since she was as the other. Because Petra was formerly known for its exuberant jealousy that often had led to quarrels and disputes among the girls.
How would they react almost all asked pausing in her horny goings.
Petra looked briefly in the lap around, it seemed like she was Norbert, looking for her husband.
When she spotted him, she went to him and gave him a welcome kiss. It seemed but not to interfere with that of her husband, the piston still stuck between Viola's lips.
Nobody knew that Petra had solved her problem of jealousy in which they actively Swingerin
had become. She made it from nothing at all that her Norbert it with other women shoot, she did it now. The only condition was, it could not be done secretly, she wanted to attend and join in when he did. That was the simple problem solving.
You could feel all those present after the appearance of Petra a sigh of had fallen. They returned to the interrupted sex game.
While Norbert pulled his butt now but from Viola's mouth, but only because he already hosed
had and now wanted to look for a new partner.
However, Petra had first given Viola intimate greeting kiss, while the sperm of her man on whose lips tasted. Then she leaned over and gave her also a Birgit intimate kiss on the damp seeds of Bernd's lips. Then she kissed succession Ramona and Renate that her doing a big chunk of the ejaculate, which they had in the mouth, handovers. The last round was in her welcoming Sybille whose with Slime of cunt egg cream covered face, it licked energized.
Now Petra donned a long black latex gloves. Then she started with her Fingers Birgits step in line pussylips and edit the clitoris. Meanwhile had Norbert asked at Birgit's head end and pushed her now his hose between the greedy Lips. Then he nodded to Petra.
This now pushed one finger after another in Birgit's box. After all, her whole hand and even gone a part of her forearm in Birgit's grotto.
Relish is Birgit's abdomen on the pool table wall back and forth without Norberts belt let go.
The others had now exchanged their partners. Bernd now fucked Sybille, Jorg fucked Viola, Frank
rammed Renate and Wolfgang drove it together with Volker with Ramona. She crouched over it
Wolfgang's stiff member which these expressed in her ass while Volker front her his hammer put in the pussy.
It was precisely Thomas, who was notorious for his Hygiene fanaticism, the Norbert in
Birgit and replaced with the words, "let's see if you hottie also swallow!" The
insatiable woman missed a charge pee.
In fact, the voluptuous wife also Thomas' swallowed urine.
Ramona and Renate, thought to their respective partners, "do not come to me only on these
Idea, I do not want! "
However, Viola, Petra and Sybille reacted quite differently. Viola called lusting "Oh yes, that's a good Idea! "And Sybille agreed with her," yes it I would have an appetite! "The Fist fucked Petra
just said, "Come on, come here and Toni pee me in my horny mug!"
Toni did her like a favor and pissed off. Norbert turned so before Viola who Jorgs Pistons got pushed back, that he also riding on Bernd's bar with its Sybille could provide natural juice.
As Renate saw that her girlfriends so willingly and downright greedy the golden wet swallowed, she thought of another. "I think I should try it, maybe tastes me anyway! "
Volker separated from Ramona and now turned to Renate. His powerful beam crackled in Renate's face and on her tits. She stretched her tongue into the beam and tested the taste the warm liquid. She licked her lips and moaned "yes, you can get used to it!"
Now freed from Volkers load her butt on Wolfgang's stand began Ramona move.
She gasped, "there's nothing like a decent ass fuck!"
"Which brings me to an idea," said Frank, and together with Thomas, he turned on the Birgit
Belly and she lay so on the pool table that her asshole gaped enticingly.
It was Frank who used now as a first input at these Birgit.
He was followed by all the others and Birgit screamed in pleasure as one after the other her rectum
But all the other could be infected by Ramona model fuck in the ass.
Bernd rammed Violas ass . Norbert fucked Sybilles ass and Thomas popped Renates
Only now Petra had also undressed. They loved it in their Stinker joined be and now did Jorg with her, while Wolfgang her in the open in pleasure Maw pissed. Toni but now nailed Ramona asshole who had placed this on all fours.
So had Birgit who moaned excited after eight tails had visited her ass, a short Respite.

Since late at once opened the door yet.
In came a petite person with long black hair and with outrageously large breasts for their body size. She was dressed with a translucent white blouse, under the you could see her naked tits. She wore a miniskirt patent leather and had high-heeled knee boots on the legs. Franziska, the girl had arrived. She was accompanied. With her was a large black mongrel dog.
Franziska looked around the room and a devilish glint appeared in her eyes.
She bent down to the dog and let him off the leash. "Now Ajax, what I'm doing you
have learned! "
Only Frank knew what would happen. The same, since Franziska had visited him many times with Ajax on his farm. And his idea should not deceive him.
The dog ran to the billiard table at the Birgit in seventh sky of fuck lay. He started her to sniff butt. Then he began with his long tongue to lick her slit. Thereby Birgit came to himself. But Frank held her down on the table, so that they are not could turn. She assumed that one of those present was licking her cunt. She found it immensely arousing.
Meanwhile, also knew the other, what would happen now.
When the dog now jumped to her horny moaning girlfriend, they saw what a huge gun the animal carried. And this tube penetrated without problems in the tail of many juices prepared love-tunnel.
Birgit groaned as the massive device plowed her cunt. Little do they now knew that they of a dog was mated. Fidgety she pressed her abdomen against the violent working iron.
Frank leaned down to her, he felt as Franziska's co-conspirators. "Do you like that you horny piece?"
Birgit answered panting and stammering with delight, "Yes .. yes, what makes her ... ... ... just ... ... with me ..., This ... is ... so ... hell ... cool! "
Franziska, had taken her blouse and skirt and only with boots and an extremely tight Tanga was dressed, now stood next to Frank. "Well, then you must now turn around!"
That did Birgit and saw immediately afterwards in the muzzle of the dog, from the drool on their naked and heated skin was dripping.
Now all the others were excited. How would Birgit react?
The woman was just hot. A cock is a cock is a cock. She had the point achieved without recurrence, it was her equal which has since drilled into them. The main thing it satisfied them.
And so did Ajax splendidly.
Excited saw the others who had interrupted their own comedies, the goings on.
The men were intrigued when what turned out to be her former classmate for a hottie, would have. Others were just curious how far Birgit would still go and others painted from how the dog would leap upon it.
These included Viola and Sybille, but Petra was drawn in thought at least.
Ramona thought it was absurd.
However Renate remembered the porn her ex-husband and how she always pretty had made sharp.
But even Ajax was busy with Birgit.
Therefore, they initially intensified fucking with their current partner.
Frank and Bernd balling with Franziska. She had Bernd's belt in the ass and Franks piston in
the cunt. "Yeah," she moaned, "so a sandwich is what you are looking for late hour!"
Also Viola had her sandwich experience. Your lust holes were from Norbert, who fucked her cunt,
and Thomas, the silvered her sleeve, operated. Sybille fucked with Joerg and Wolfgang.
Renate popped with Toni and Volker.
Ramona and Petra had characterized the time being no sex partners, so they began mutually
to spoil. It went from Petra from that first lock out Ramona's pussy and put Ramona so in addition to the lush girlfriend, she was also licking their pussy.
Petra did but only until she saw how the dog was now risen from Birgit.
She had all the time, while Ajax Birgit had copulated, wrestled with him, and was now to
a decision come. The fact culminated that she said to herself, "One for the Money!"
Now she stood on all fours and asked Ramona to help her if it should be necessary.
However, it was not necessary. The dog knew what he had to do. After a brief sniffing, licking slightly longer that Petra was already very exciting, the animal leaped on them, and
rammed his fuck-material in the willing cunt of the woman Like a hot dog, Petra yelped. That
she had not expected. None of the men present was because both the length, as keep up with the thickness. Your previously it was not so powerful happened. Had she not already some had in the swinger clubs in her pussy.
But the unfamiliar sensation was not as painful, quite the contrary, the hammering device caused her actually a pagan pleasure. This she cried out that way.
Now Ramona also became curious. Why should an animal sex partners so much better than a
Man be ?!
Now she wanted to know, and threw all the negative arguments aside also.
They stood next to Petra, watching the swaying tits than the dog's girlfriend violently pushed from behind. Then she waited for things to come. The also came soon because Ajax hardly had slipped from Petras slippery cunt, he was already prepared to the next hot to climb bitch. That was Ramona. So the canine battering ramrod proved them wrong better. The magnificent piston could actually bombastic satisfy.
When they overpowered an orgasm, she felt the animal semen flooded her grotto.
Unlike Petra, out of his heart, he had risen fairly quickly, Ajax remained a some time in Ramona lust tunnel.
Meanwhile, Renate had separated of Toni and Volker, she squatted beside Ramona and watched as the dog cock deep, very deep stuck in lust channel of her girlfriend.
She followed as the animal belt from Ramona like a cork popped out of the bottle. And then she made her fantasy come true. As seen on the porn, she pushed the tip of the dogs tail between his lips. And as they did at a men dick with the greatest made pleasure, so she sucked now this animal unit until their juice into the mouth of the dog lap.
As this is now actually happening, she was surprised by the amount, although the dog has three
Females had mated, there was still so much. Spitting or swallowing, which was now the Question. Renate decided to swallow. She still had time to tart taste of Sperm to perceive.
Now also Sybille had gathered. She kissed Renate and got so within the first taste the beast. But this was not enough. Together with to the added Viola she licked the dog's tail and when he was back from stately size and consistency, they could jump the animal up. Yes, it was exactly as she had imagined in their fantasies, and much more. Groaning, she made her new experience of pleasure air. But not for long, because then she had Wolfgang's bar, which had drilled before short in their rosette, in the mouth.
Renate crawled under Sybille and sucked the clit while the dog's tail between the pussylips of her girlfriend drove.
As Ajax squirts in Sybilles grotto, Renate was ready, the overflowing cream of the animal
Also Viola had lain down on the other side under the dog, licking its alternately testicles and then retreating rod.
When the dog parted from Sybille, Renate took the dripping hose back into her mouth.
Viola got up and stood with upturned rump against the snout of the animal. Ajax immediately began to work between the voluptuous woman cunt lips. Renate let the piston of the dog from her mouth slide. Your mouth was filled with the slimy dog ??cream.
But before she could swallow this time again, Franziska was there and kissed her old Girlfriend and pushed her tongue between her lips wide. She picked up one serving egg cream from Renate's mouth.
Meanwhile, Ajax had jumped on Viola.
The hard iron slipped through the by many men fucked pussy as oiled inside.
Loud and relish the lustful woman shouted "deep, yeah, deeper shock to you magnificent beast!"
And by Franziska well trained animal did her a favor and for the first time at this evening, not only the long penis, but also the node of the dog between the disappeared pussylips. Viola screamed and howled like a bitch in heat.
The others looked at how the animal her friend now mated for fifteen minutes. Coitus Viola was even louder scream in pleasure than before. The orgasm had to be huge and the other women envied this experience.
Franziska was the only one who knew exactly what Viola felt. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure, which could make a seemingly insane. Each ganglion was irritably. Franziska also knew that could make this experience sex addictive after sodomy. She had experienced it yourself since the age of sixteen and over again. Since they once their Mother had caught with a previous version of Ajax. But that did not know the other, had never told them. And so also stated its preference was her secret. Only Frank had she confided during a visit to his farm.
Now she knelt in front of Viola and kissed their cries in the wide-open lips and said it on they calm persuading, "let it be, enjoy it all!"
And that did Viola.
Turnt by the horny action was once again also the sex action from the other added.
Bernd devoted himself because he did not want to compete with the animal fuckers who consent Asshole of Ramona. Frank promised himself the same entrance to Petra.
While Renate had indeed swallowed tons of dog cream, but so far had not let ballls Ajax. This heeding Wolfgang fucked the cunt of the small brunette.
The blonde Sybille was fucked by Thomas in the ass, because in canine semen, he wanted his do not immerse the tail.
Volker knelt behind Franziska, who still kissed Viola hot, and pushed the small black-haired his stiff slat in the can.
Jorg, the did not mind being compared to the canine lover, went now for Bernd still fucked in the ass Ramona. A quick change of position, and Jorg could now be discharged into the cream-filled pussy dogs of dark-blond, while Bernd now more deeply penetrated into the rectum of his partner.
Similarly, unscrupulous in this regard was Toni. On the contrary, he found it exciting to know that
because where he was going to come across an animal had also abated. That is why he now shared with Thomas the horny Sybille.
Norbert popped Renate back entrance while rapidly lying on Wolfgang's belly, whose lath incorporated again after a brief change of position.
While this happened, Birgit had slipped from the pool table and slowly crawled to the
fucking friends.
It was the moment in which Ajax parted from Viola. From their pussy wide gaping dripping
whitish eggs cream of the dog.
While Birgit devoted the dripping bar of the dog, stayed for Viola little time for rest. Frank had left Petras asshole and now went to Viola's slippery cunt.
For him, that was fucking nothing new by animal semen. Finally Franziska beginning often been with him and had each time Ajax. And when he had a pony-breeding, was it also not only been Ajax 'seeds. For Franziska had tried his stallion.
So now was his turn Viola and he was already aware that he preceded the orgasm with her would never reach. But he did not care and he was pounding now his big hard cock in Viola's slimy tunnel of cunt.
Since Petra was alone, she looked around for new satisfaction, but the other gentlemen were still clamped differently far in the truest sense of the word. At the dog whistle still sucked Birgit.
So Petra grabbed the bottle, took a swig from the bottle of champagne and then slid down the
stoppered bottle in her cunt. Then she began to fuck with this tool.
Birgit dripped the ejaculate from the lips as she said with a groan. "Now each of us has already
fucked by your dog! Only you, Franziska, itself not yet! "
But disagreed Renate also moaning in pleasure. "I was also not the dog fucked, but I think I'll do it now. After I've seen what lust Viola had. Since I am now but envious! "
The wanted Norbert also see and he pulled his hammer from Renate's asshole who now also
separated by Wolfgang bar.
This went to Petra and wanted to stop as this, to satisfy itself with the champagne bottle,
He waved his hand, "No sweetie, I'll take the other entrance!"
Thus Petra the bottle pushed further into her cunt while Wolfgang fucked her in the ass.
Renate was standing on all fours. She looked over her shoulder, expecting Ajax. Of the
perennial fucker was ready for the young woman. Ajax was already behind Renate. He bowed his
snout and began to lick the wet Fut. But he licked not only on the labia, but led his big, long tongue and in between. It was as if the animal the cream licking its competitors out of her. His licking was so intense that Renate alone the very fact had another orgasm. When the dog then as expected from her to be great apparatus stuck in her cunt, she was barely holding. Electrified shrugged young woman all over her body and her choppy scream of pleasure drowned the groans of all others.
After Bernd Ramona had filled asshole, slipped his penis from the back entrance.
He crawled out from under her and Renate. Then he stood in front of the brunette. This was through the bustle of the dog completely blown away. As Bernd her his hose between the red lips pushed, it did not interest them, that this still of semen and shit of her friend was smeared. She grabbed greedily gulped greedily after and the in shooting piss.
Jorg heard on Ramona's pussy to till, she turned abruptly on his stomach and rammed his Pistons in the already duly dilated ass channel.
Norbert wanted only just watch how it drove the dog now with Renate. But Birgit apparently also was rallig enough again, he decided as he watched Renate, Birgit to buck.
This liked this idea, "yes Large, but take back my asshole!"
And that fact then Norbert and Birgit thanked it with loud groans voluptuous.
The dog fucked Renate until their pleasurable exhaustion. The animal let go of her.
Franziska knew the endurance of her canine lover. Now she was ready to his dog be.
The event had made them more than hot and the three fucking ranged their sheer insatiable lust holes course not.
She lay so Renate that she could lick their pussy, while her own snail pressed on Renate's lips. But Renate was like in a vegetative state and was doing her no favor that Pussy licking. Therefore her little rump now stretched Franziska high, leaving now completely their Ajax. The dog licked with long tongue the can of his trainer. Then he rammed its hard tool in the plum. The experienced in sodomy young woman, his thrusts came with her rump contrary, jerked back and pressed herself back against it. Thus penetrated with each stroke more of the phallus in her abdomen. Then she had managed the part in its full length stuck in her sex organ. She reached both hands to her ass cheeks she pulled yet further apart. The dog went out briefly from Franziska's cunt to equal it with a strong shock return to their asshole.
The black-haired girl cried out in horny pleasure. "Jaj, Jaj, Ajax, so ... is it ... ... good!"
The men had separated from their respective partner and now stood around in a semicircle
which, by its own dog fucked Franziska.
"You are a magnificent hottie" they said unanimously and equally unanimously they began to
the voluptuous mutual friend to inject her golden shower. The pee splashed over her bare back, in her black hair, on her tits, but most in their wide and willingly opened mouth. Franziska swallowed the whole deal.
None of us here would have thought that from this small, naive student who times had been such a perfect super-hottie would be.
The other women were now also crept to watch the spectacle with.
Meanwhile, had the various liquids, so the champagne, the urine, the egg cream, so they bottled, they actually have to use the toilet. But Birgit said, one could but now at Gentlemens retaliate.
They had nothing against it. And so now Petra urinated into Tonis mouth. Viola supplied Norbert, with Pee. Sibylle peed on Bernd. Renate showered Jorg. Birgit urinated on Thomas and Wolfgang, and even Ramona, who had himself tried yet no pee embarked on Volker.
Only Franziska had to fit, because she had after Ajax had changed the desire input, the
Dog still in her cunt. Horny as she was, she had admitted that Ajax the knot with had brought in. So it was for the time being out of the round. But your screams of lust she could not articulate. It prevented Franks big cock, between her lips stuck.
Thus, the orgy reached so a further stage.
Some of the men, as Wolfgang and Volker, circulated only among the golden rays and spat the urine again. But Toni gulped greedily Petras piss. Also Bernd loved taste of warm natural champagne, who scored from Sybilles lock in his mouth. Jorg had also consider staying at Renate's juice. Even the former hygiene apostles Thomas drank thirstily Birgits piss. Norbert had from the swinger parties that he had visited extensively with Petra, experience with pee. The girl emptied completely. Some had even through this experience of pee a kind of orgasm.
At least they found the unfamiliar game tremendously cool.
It was a different kind of respite. Because all knew this was not the end.
Even if it was the next morning now.
At the first signs of fatigue showed. This is put something aside and slept for half an hour. Those were Renate, Viola and Ramona among women and Wolfgang and Volker for the men.
That left the remaining six men, three women: Birgit, Petra and Sybille. Franziska had there is still to do with Ajax. Now hampered by any Knebel more they hurled their loud scream of lost uninhibited get out of it.
Birgit crouched over Thomas still embattled cock and slowly lowered her asshole on the engraver. Jorg waited until the woman's lover all the way into itself would have. Then he pushed her back and his dick in her slippery cunt.
Bernd and Toni shared the horny Petra. Here Toni fucked the greasy cunt and Bernd burrowed through the slippery back entrance.
Sybille it drove meanwhile with Norbert and Frank. As Norbert this evening already her butt had filled, he should now bring their tin to overflowing. Frank took over this task in her ass.
Since the orgy had achieved this status, were hardly differences between the fucking changed. The conversation consisted only in short commanding commands where it only still called "pussy!" or "ass". Nevertheless, everyone knew what was meant. Just as with the commands "champagne" and "cream". Otherwise only penetrated loud groan, and wheezing lustful screams through the sultry night.
Ramona was the first to return from the break.
For Birgit now paused. When she separated from Thomas and Jorg and the Mattresses went, dripping egg cream from pussy and ass on the parquet floor.
Ramona went to Thomas, who was immediately prepared her to polish the horny quivering asshole.
Jorg however also wanted to break corner, but made before a trip when Franziska and her the coated Birgits shit tube into the relish parted lips pushing, he was urinating her in the greedy after champagne and cream mouth. Then he pulled it out and went to the rest room.
Now also Renate came back. She saw herself in the lap around and noticed that Bernd straight
had separated from Petra. She went to him, licked his with a light brown mass covered tail off and then lay down with upturned rump before Bernd's cannon. He understood and rammed his iron in the consent rectum.
While Toni still stuffed Petras cunt, now Volker came from his back and recess took the vacant place in Petras asshole. Loud and lustfully moaning welcomed the horny piece the new glasses.
After more than an hour "slopes", Franziska for a personal record, and related multiple orgasms, is separated from his Ajax completely exhausted mistress. Ajax was so deep in have their cervix that for the time being not a drop of sperm from her cunt canine gushed. Now also went Franziska in the rest room, she had it richly deserves.
To her on the mattress now crept also a completely fucked and greased and Sybille whose previous partner Norbert and Frank stopped for a rest period.
However a recovered and crawled to new outrages ready Viola from couch.
Toni had just left Petras cunt and da Viola it with its fuck machine not yet had to get done, they came up to him and began her lustful twitching asshole him ask to take this input. Willingly took Toni on the immoral offer.
After Volker Petras asshole had filled, he now switched to Viola., Where he also previously had not been. He could only be licking his belt from the women clean, whereby it in her pissing her mouth, then he rammed his battle-hardened unit between the receptive pussylips. Hot groaned the young horny woman who once again had two iron to fuck in the fire.
Petra, which was now without glasses, but had no desire even to go to bed. But was there it still Ajax.
At their first encounter with the animal, it had been rather short for her liking. However why should they not give a second chance to the dog? They crawled up closer to Ajax and packed with resolute hand the whistle of the animal and brought it to her red lips. Then licked and sucking it so long it until it had a viable size in their opinion. Now she put be. on all fours in front of the dog's snout Ajax licking what they very excited, once their slippery pussy. But then he leaped as she expected from her. The tails of the men and the bottle had widened the Glory Hole excellent. So Ajax this time not only its stand rammed into Petra, but as has already been at Viola and Franziska the knot with inside brought.
The horny Aas howled like a bitch in heat, and they electrified by racing the animalistic orgasm. But it did not stop at one. Each stroke of the animal, which went a little deeper, brought another. This was very different than the first time. Petra, only adds to the animalistic satisfaction directed, had no sense of time.
Wolfgang now ended his respite and there Birgit just was ready again fell both equal in the mattress corner again about her. Wolfgang immediately rammed Birgits wet cunt.
However, Bernd had been official in Renate's back entrance. He withdrew from the women and went to Petra, her pushed his hose between the opened by the moans of pleasure lips and gave her a hefty charge pee, then he lay down and once on the ear.
Actually, Thomas wanted to go to Ramona's ass and take a break, but Renate let him no chance, no sooner had the belt from the grotto of her friend, clapped their Renate insatiable mouth over Thomas knoll. But that just piss take sperm from the opening came, did not bother the horny slut. It was only when the man was completely empty, she left him for corner rest go.
Renate accompanied Thomas to break corner, but only to find Jorg revive. She did this but not with the classic word-of-mouth resuscitation, but devoted himself to Jorgs hose, which they so vigorously a blew, he was actually awake. Then she pushed the harder expectant slat hand in her steaming pussy and began their wild ride.
To bring Norbert now also went to Ramona couch. They also missed the sleeping man a blowjob that would wake the dead. At least it worked well in Norbert and her friend Ramona held on the piston of a wild rodeo of cunt.
While this happened, Petra was still hanging along with the dog. Actually, she was almost at the end of their strength, but still seemed the dog not to tire and his seed seemed to be inexhaustible.
Even while Renate and Ramona continued their pleasure ride they awakened with alternating hand
and mouth work well Franks piston to life. It was Ramona who awakened again incorporated unit with her ass cave after from spray off member Norbert had separated.
This rose and watched with interest as his Petra is still operating with the dog.
He imagined it and peed his wife in the face and into her mouth. Petra gasped, I "...
can no longer. The cattle should .., .., stop! "Without further ado, took her husband to champagne cooler and poured the ice water over Petras ass and fuck buttof the dog. Almost immediately, shrank the node and the dog slipped Petras cunt. No sooner was the dog from her rose, Petra collapsed exhausted. Norbert picked her up and carried her into the quiet zone.
Brought the idea of ??Ramona, Norbert tried now wake Franziska. For this purpose he put his tongue to stimulate between the legs of the sleeping and began her clit.
Then he pushed a finger after another into the slippery pussy of the young woman, until he
finally had the whole fist between the labia. So fucked with his fist awoke Franziska in fact. Norbert pulled out his hand, turned the small hottie on his stomach and then pushed his iron in Franziska's largely untapped asshole.
No sooner had Norbert there completed his work, it was now Wolfgang, the in of Birgit's cunt Norbert wet tracks converted and now also visited Frances rear pussy. Him fucked wild asshole and Franziska groaned lustfully as his sperm and urine mixture of injected into the channel.
Now Jorg did serve up the greasy hole, but Birgit beat him to it. She pressed her lips firmly on the sphincter and pierced her tongue in Franziska's anus. Then she sucked vigorously the Mixture of the anus of her friend. Only when Birgit from with smeared lips after separating, Jorg came to train.
But for the Watching had made his rammer rod even harder and he drilled the stake immediately and without further delay in Franziskas Rosette. A loud cry of pleasure was the answer the black-haired.

Renate and Birgit kissed uncontrollably and then moved so that each of the front of the pussy
another was lying with her face. Then Birgit Renate urinated into her mouth and Birgit
peed Renate between the red lips.
Meanwhile Jorg had injected asshole in Frances and again separated from her.
Now Toni was my turn, he had worried Viola extensively, but for a trip to Frances' Back door was still enough power available. Even with egg cream was the engraver yet serve.
Now only thing missing was Thomas, the girl every one of their classmates had in a former had their holes. But Thomas was still asleep. In his place came Viola, who until now Volker had worried about her friend. They turned onto his back and then crouched over himself Franziska's face. Then she opened her floodgates and let her pee run wild Franziska tried as much as possible be incorporated into it. Shrugging her abdomen Viola emptied completely, it could not and would not prevent them, that now also a mixture from sperm and runny faeces dropped on the horny girlfriend. This raised her torso and pressed her greedy mouth on Violas Rosette and pierced her tongue deep between the always still quivering sphincter girlfriend. When Viola by Franziska separated and this case her tongue withdrew, appeared on the tongue tip milk brown Chocolate buns.
This she presented now Ramona, who came from Frank to her. Without hesitation, she kissed the
Playmate while tasted the delicate bitter taste.
But then she squatted equal Viola about Franziska wide open lips and proffered her both egg cream and golden juice from their lust holes. Was also with milk chocolate Ramona serve.
Now Thomas was again among the fucking. After Ramona of Franziska's lips had separated, he was willing to push his hammer rested in Franziska's cunt. While they drove it wildly and missed, he kissed her smeared mouth, knowing that he had not really to do with chocolate.
After Bernd had recovered, he watched for a while the Pissing Renate and likewise peeing Birgit. Then he lay down unceremoniously on the two, so that on the one hand Birgits ass and on the other hand could Renates mouth balls. He did this in a constant change until his seeds initially in Birgit's sleeve and then pumped between Renate's lips.
Later in the orgiastic happening now Frank and Volker shared the pleasure holes of Birgit. During her Volker came from behind, she took Frank from the beginning. Then they changed position. As Volker took his place in Birgit's cunt free, Toni was immediately on the spot and filled with its tail the Glory Hole from the lustful woman.
Thomas had not yet had the pleasure with Petra and he hesitated, after their Ordeal with Ajax, to do it with her. Should not once conserve it? But it was Norbert, Petras man who decided: "The can from!" And Petra said himself, it was again fit and what is more important, horny again.
Although there was a silent agreement between Norbert and Petra, the never when you swing
should be fucked with the own partner, they wanted to break the rules this time. Only Norbert Thomas left the choice of where he wanted to puncture. But what a and of itself same was because they would go anyway. Nevertheless, Thomas decided to Petras and asshole leaving the full with dogs cream until Overflowing pussy first husband.
Said and done, two men a word and you rammed share of moaning Petra Lust holes.
But Ajax has not been forgotten. Full intensely devoted themselves to Sybille, Viola and Ramona
the animal. First, caressed and massaged them whose whistle. Then they sucked alternately because to them the precum dripping from his chin. Now Sybille presented first before the dog. The
the other two should be careful that Ajax is not brought its nodes. Had Petras Example she a little put off. But when he had his iron pushed deep into Sybille's pussy, gave her the Lust a change of heart one. Full of lust screamed the blonde: "I want him completely!". That was the signal for Viola to take the decelerating hand away. Fascinated looked Ramona and Viola only to such widened Sybilles pussylips and the nodes in the abdomen Sybilles disappeared. Moaning loudly Sybille speaking her orgasms. Ajax fucked harder and came then something to rest. "Oh ... the ... now ... c.. come .... ee .. ee!" Sybille commented zeroing in the ejaculate.
Ramona and Viola watched and rubbed each other ecstatically the clitoris.
Sometime looked Viola at her watch, quarter of an hour to go now up to the Sybille Animal together and still groaned and twitched all over, because their orgasms body as by snap surges. "Iiiii ... can .. Hann ... noo ,, high!" Gasped Sybille. "Noo ..high ... noo .. .. noot ... brrraaa .. keeeen! "
That was for the other two in order, watched the events and did nothing. After about half an hour slipped Ajax dick of himself from the blocked hole.
Now Ramona is made ready. Viola moistened with her spit and with Ramona's own juice of cunt the entry site at.
Meanwhile Birgit and Renate had been added. They wanted to see how Ajax now even once Ramona would climb. This had decided to try to make the most of the whole. That meant Viola did not prevent the entry of the node.
And so it happened. Ajax rammed the pussy of lustful woman until the thick end well had brought in. "Oooh ... yuuu ... my ... hee .., .. heee huu ... tee. ,, Heee!" Gasped the young, horny woman. "Eee ,, ago .... .hiiii .. hist ...... RESIZE ,, hooo .. SSE .. army .... haa .. Haals .... at ,, heiiiiim ...
e .. heeer .. ,, heeen stee ... Maaa ,, haaal "
Those were the last to-understand words of the woman fucked room. Only moan, Screaming, panting and twenty minutes until Ajax by himself left his bitch.
Who would be next?
Renate decided the issue for themselves. Together with Birgit was preparing for her friend Viola Dog before. For this purpose, it did not take much, Renate's pussy was still slippery and the ramm rod slipped almost as if by magic in the lust channel.
Also Renate felt the device larger than before and gave that loud note. They Commenting on her feelings, "hiii ,, sss ... biiiiiiiiiiig .. tiiip ...., sliiiiiips .... hiiiin ... myyyy .. Cuu.....huunt.... chaaa...nell ... I .... meen... .... jeee .. rushes .... hiii .. hist ... hee .. army ..., scho .., hoon .. aaa ,, ..... Haan, meeeii .., nee ,, heen ....
Muu ,, huuut .. teee .. army .. muu ... huund ..... Ohhhhh .. meeeih .... heein .. Goo .. hoot! "
Renate shouted as his Ajax node between the Mosenlippen squeezed, like a Barn door opened. Well they forgot to comment. An orgasm after another shook her delicate body. "Now, noooow!" Was the only thing still distorted from her by desire Mouth came as the canine semen flooded her womb.
Ajax had corked like a bottle, and only after forty minutes he opened his Bottle. Renate broke instantaneously exhausted but satisfied smiling together.
Now Birgit's turn, although Ajax already belonging to her had been able to let off steam, the wanted
voluptuous and thoroughly nasty woman experience it again. So fast it would not go back occur.
She was initially only times rather quiet epicure. Ajax first sniffed her rump, licked on her pussylips then quickly and accurately enter into her cunt. Only moaning softly Birgit acknowledged this act. But her moans grew louder as Ajax centimeter by centimeter his powerful gun and eventually to twice as thick knot in the lust channel and had finally put behind the pussylips. But the screams of lust she uttered only when the cream hot and deep injected into their cave.
Oddly ended Ajax after about twenty minutes at her act. Nevertheless, had he can satisfy them fully.
Also Viola, who had already been hung together with Ajax, it was for the same reasons as Birgit know again. The dog was ready, barely had positioned itself Viola, he was also already on her and in her. Initially only his long shaft, but then the node. And how the first time by Viola whistled a shiver of pleasure. He was even more intense, better still more beautiful than the first time. Pain and pleasure formed an exciting unit. Her Klimax and injecting the seed took place simultaneously. Animals and humans had a common Climax. It was overwhelming. Viola heard someone scream out loud, then she realized that she was herself. She felt the orgasm subsided again, but barely moved the fucking iron of the dog, it came like a hot wave over her again. Always and decongestant.
Tides alternates. Although she uttered ever louder screams of lust, she took herself even was no more. It was like a noise.
Meanwhile, half an hour had gone by, but time and space no longer existed for her.
It was just gorgeous, she also felt no pain, not even the pleasure pain.
Suddenly she thought she had an out of body experience. She saw herself on all fours and she be climbed dog.
Then the sensations returned. It was over, a strange feeling of emptiness in their Intestines, but at the same time because of their experience an exuberant feeling of happiness. They wept. She cried tears of happiness, as a sex she'd never had. And little by little she realized that she would probably never have him back.
Even now she was exhausted, but it was unlike Petra, the sodomite with the act probably just pain and fucked empty would bring be connected, but what the Sado / masochism and Swinger lover had actually still very much.
Unlike her, Viola would miss these last forty-five minutes repeatedly.
Only Franziska knew what had happened to Viola. She decided to contact with Viola again build and promote. So her friend this sex experience again and again together with her would able to learn.
In order for the orgy that was supposed to be a perfectly normal high school reunion came to an end.
They arranged to meet, to meet again. Frank made the proposal but it could on be his farm. Of course, he and Franziska had it quite dirty ulterior motives. Franziska promised Viola, at least once a month with Ajax at their to show up.
Then they took a shower together, got dressed, grabbed the suitcase and said goodbye finally one another to return to everyday life back.
But would this ever be possible?


Attention: The original Story was not wrote in English, I have used Google Translator. Sorry for the bad English.
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