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Default Climax On Edge - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Cannibalism, Dog Cum Swallowing, Lesbian

Climax On Edge - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Cannibalism, Dog Cum Swallowing, Lesbian

A story of a lonely cougar and her life
It was a steamy night, and i was drunk on some tequilla, and i was ready to fuck some bitches!!!! I began to go bar hopping ready to bag a blonde dude. I had arrived at my 10th bar already horny from all the sexy men at the bars, sadly i had gotten rejected all night, so i was hoping this bar would be different. As i walked in i spotted a sexy redhead and i was ready to stick my fingers in all of the sexy holes in her body. I approched the redhead and asked her if i could buy her a drink, walked over to the bar, and we got shots of tequila. We sat at the bar subtly flirting with eacher, before i knew it i was passing out from too much alcohol.

I woke up 2 days later in a house i didnt recognise as my own. The redhead from the bar informed me that she took me to the hospital but after 2 hours of intensive care once i was stable they sent you out the door since you had no id and they didnt know if you could afford it, so i brought you to my house she said. It was at that moment when i realized she was completly naked. i was shocked at her amazing body and her perfect form and her fine round ass.

I was so tempted, i got up ignoring my excrusiating headache and approched that sexy redhead in the middle of the room, finally ready to put my hand on something special. I started slowly caressing her vagina with the tip of my finger. She started moaning and got me fired up. She looked suprised but not against it, i took her hand and started rubbing it against my own vagina. As i moved my hand away from hers i felt a tight grip on my breast. As we both climaxed, i started to realize that we were not alone in her house, she had 2 dogs. The dogs ran over wakened from their slumber by our moaning,

It was almost as if they wanted to join in on it. The redhead introduced herself right before she put her mouth on her dogs penis, my name is Ari she said. I watched as she endulged on the dogs big 5 inch dick. The other dog started getting restless so as horny as i was, i decided to entertain him. Already wet from watching its master getting fucked it was wet enough to slide in my pussy. So i went for it, the feeling of the dogs dick slinding slowly in my pussy was absolute heaven. I was getting so wet from all the grinding and sliding that this dog was doing on me. After all the sex was over i decided it would be best to exchange numbers with ari and go home.

I decided to go camping with my brother, i didnt really like him too much but i felt that corey needed to take a break from work as did i. After we got our tent set up, he started making moves on me. He got me on the ground outside and was about to slide his small 2 inch penis in me, luckily a wolf was prowling around our camp, he let me go and then ran off only to get slashed across the stomach by a wolf. I was left alone and completly lost as daytime neared, we were planning on leaving the next morning so we didnt pack any food. I was so hungry so i started eating coreys intestines. The wolves recognised me as one of theirs, so they took me to their cave, where i was a sex slave to the wolves for 2 months.

They kept me well fed and bathed me with their tounges every night. They used me over and over as a sex toy. and i never wanted to leave ever! The best time i ever had as sex toy of the wolves was when i had 3 wolf dicks in my mouth and i swallowed over a gallon of cum. One time the pack leader the biggest of all the wolves decided to fuck my asshole. Slowly sliding and caressing my asshole with his tounge he continued to slide his 12 inch dick in my asshole. He shot so much of his creamy substance in my ass it came out of my mouth. How i love the taste of his tounge in my mouth i can taste the dead animals, and corpses every time his tounge enters me.

I was stuck waiting for the small baby wolves to be born. I was loving the thought of little baby wolf pups fucking my pussy and ass. All of the mothers had their pups at the same time, over 30 wolf pups. They could smell their fathers cum all over me, and recognised me as the dens sex toy. They continued to lick and fuck me for over 48 hours, getting no break i was in pure heaven. One by one the pups started to collapse on me overing themselves in their own cum. I never wanted to leave this place ever!

This was my beutiful life now, everything ive ever wanted. I decided that i would try to please some of the female wolves too. I went over to the female and started licking her hairy vagina. It tasted so good as he juices melted across my face. she continued to spin around and please my vagina as well. The amount of pleasure was unbearable i started to fade out, not realizing where i was until 2 days later when i woke up in a heaping pile of sweaty and cum filled fur. I probably had sex with every wolf there and i would do it again. They had finally fully accepted me as one of the bitches of the wolfpack.

For the next 2 weeks i had had dick after dick inside of my anus because the wolves valued me more than their female wolves and the females valued me more than the males, i was the queen of the wolves. I cannot wait until i can exchange pleasure with the wolves again.

Part 2 coming again if liked

Written through Xbox live by 3 people
-Clayton CxC
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