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Default the second group fuck goes off great - Diary, Anal Dog Sex, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Bestiality

the second group fuck goes off great - Diary, Anal Dog Sex, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Bestiality
Bi-sexual, Dog Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Water Sports/Pissing

what a way to spend a weekend
After our last session with Jan at Steve's place, she was hooked and wanted more, so we worked out when the timing was right and got things set up, it would be a long 3 week wait, but worth it.

The girls told Dave about a camping trip away, it worked out well for a long weekend coming up, and they went thought the motions of getting camping stuff and bedding etc together to make it look good, but every time we had a chance we would fuck Jan in every hole and use our toys or fist her to keep her holes open ready for the weekend of sex we had arranged.

The day came and Jan came over, her heart beating fast her pussy leaking juices, she was so excited to join us again, we sent her in to clean her anus out ready for tonight, while she did that I loaded the car with the camping gear, Dave saw me and asked how I was going, I told him great, would be a peace full weekend and I was going to a mates place to have fun, while Joy was away, little did he know they would be there with me.

As the girls drove of Dave and I waved, we talked for awhile, before I said to him I was heading out, to get started on my weekend off, I felt rotten but what the hell, his wife wanted the sex and he wasn't giving it to her.

It was about 7 pm when I pulled up at Steve place, as I walked in the girls were already being fucked by several guys, both with one in each hole and others waiting, I stripped and quickly found a cock to fill my ass too, we got the weekend started.

Friday night went quickly, we each took any cock we found, guys lined up to use our bodies as the girls and I had fun, Jan more than happy now to ask Steve to get her a dog or horse to fuck her, this time she had one of the dogs fuck her pussy, she told me later it felt strange feeling his cock go into her uterus, and pushing his cum deep in her womb, but wasn't sure she could take a horse in her pussy.

We called it quits about 3 am so we could get some sleep, most of the guys happy that they had fucked us and seen the animals fuck us too, and this time we told them to let us sleep knowing it was going to be a very long weekend of fucking.

After a wake up shower and internal clean, we had a light breakfast, Steve more than happy to make sure we had energy for today, around lunch time, the guys began to turn up and wanted the fun to start again, so this time we paced ourselves, we knew if not we would be to sore to last for the whole weekend.
Saturday afternoon was quite, with 5 or 6 guys at first, but we knew tonight would be busy, so after letting them empty their balls a couple of times in us, we swam and sun baked for a few hours, enjoying the peace and quiet, then after a light snack, more guys started to arrive, most wanting Jan with her big tits, but Joy was kept busy, as both got into their stride.

Steve does well, over the years he has got to know lots of guys who enjoy coming to his orgies, some we have asked along too, and all know the rules, so once the night was bussing, the girls got into the dogs, the guys all cheering them on, as each tried to outdo the other, then as Joy took on a horse some new guys really got excited, shooting cum all over the girls faces, as the horse fucked their ass's and covered them in cum.

They are all told it is a bi sex orgy, so when I took a dog then a horse some of the guys were really shocked, seeing a guys ass open up and take it all, but I loved it as always especially when the guys fuck me or fist me after the horse has filled me with cum.

I saw Jan with three guys, so I took my hard cock, got her to take a sniff of the amyl, then straddled her back, with a bit of effort slid my cock in her ass with the other guy, now she had 4 cocks in her, as she squirted hard, letting us all know she was more than enjoying it.

The four of us fucked her for some 5 minutes like this, than one after the other we filled her holes with hot cum, each time her body shook in orgasmic bliss, it was then I got another guy to lay down his cock in her ass, and got one of the dogs to shove his cock in her ass too, Jan nearly passed out from the feeling of two cocks in her ass, so more amyl helped ease her ass, they both pounded her hard,

As the guy under her cum, his cock slipped out, allowing the knot to enter her ass and flood her with doggy cum. Later when the dog backed away, I ate her ass out, licking deep inside to find his cum, then shared it with her in a huge cum kiss, as I did others fucked her ass or pussy keeping her high on sex, by now she was able to take just about anything she was given, a few guys fisted her ass too, seeing her squirt on their arms was so hot.

During the course of the night, we took all the guys and the dogs and horses too, our holes were gapping open, white cum dropping out as we moved, and several times I sat over Jan's face dropping dog or horse cum in her mouth.

It was around 3 am when we called it quits, we all three knelt down as guy after guy used us to empty his bladder, a nice shower and we fell asleep in one another arms for a well earnt rest.

Sunday was nice and sunny, a swim and some food got us going, we each took time out to get ready internally, as the day went on, Steve enjoyed fucking Jan's ass a few times before it was stretched open to much, then I helped him dp her ass, both of us fucking her as Joy got her pussy eaten out, later Joy put the big 12 inch dildo in the strap on, and fucked Jan's ass with it, I wanted it next, so Jan took to my ass and fucked me with it and fisted me too.

Another light meal and we were ready when the guys turned up around 6, the girls soon had every hole filled and guys waiting, I got a few guys to open my ass up, while I watched the girls have fun, Jan was first to put on a show letting a dog fuck her ass, then straight after taking a horse in her butt too, joy followed soon after the guys all taking her mouth to keep their cocks happy as the dog filled her pussy, with its cum, then another horse fucked her.

I guessed it to be around 11ish when a lot more guys arrived, there was no way I could count the guys there but it was a lot, things picked up as more and more guys wanted to fuck the girls, it was nothing strange to see them both with all three holes filled and new guys taking their place once a hole became empty, I still had enough bi guys to keep me happy, again the girls put on a show for the new guys, lots of cheering and remarks made about them being sluts and animal lovers etc, but by now the girls didn't seem to care.

Because the Monday was a day off no one seemed to be in a hurry to leave, but around 3 am, we told Steve it was time for the girls to have a rest and for the guys to have their last quick fuck and empty any seed they had left, most of the guys emptied their bladders as well over the girls before leaving.

Another hour or so and the house was empty, both Jan and Joy came over to me, and emptied their loads of cum into my mouth, my stomach was nearly full of cum by now, Steve and I took them into the shower, I pissed in Jan's ass and then she stood over me, a nice hot shower went down well.

The Monday was a public holiday, but we told Steve not to have to many guys there as by then we thought our holes would need a rest, so around lunch time a few guys arrived and we set about giving them a good time, after each had fucked us at least once, the girls got the dogs then horses to fuck them, making sure the guys were happy with our show, we decided to rest and get some sun before having to drive home.

We all lay around naked, soaking up some sun, every now and then a Steve or I would slip our cocks in a hole and keep the girls horny, at one time just for a laugh I got both girls to sit on my fists, while Steve had them suck his cock, by now we were all ready to relax.

The weekend had gone well, both girls had really enjoyed the guys and animals, Steve told us word was getting around, and they all wanted more fun with us, we had no problem with that, but Jan had to get out from Dave without him getting suspicious, we told Steve we would organise another night as soon as we could.

After a shower, we got the camping stuff and chucked it around in the car, putting grass and dirt on the tent to make it look used, then the girls drove off, while I stayed with Steve, my ass took over and I sat on his cock as we talked, after he emptied his load in my ass, I sat on his fist, as he played in side my ass his cum ran out down his arm, then Steve finished of the day with a good piss over me before another hot shower.

The girls were unloading the car when I got home, Dave was helping asking how the weekend had gone, I could see the girls trying not to smile to much as they told him it was ok, and the locals were friendly, and how they looked forward to another relaxing weekend away soon. I didn't have the heart to tell Jan they was dried cum on her legs, hopefully Dave woudn't see it.
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