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Default Crandon at Alicia's Orgy - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, BDSM, Bestiality, Incest

Crandon at Alicia's Orgy - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, BDSM, Bestiality, Incest

Mia goes with her sweet baboon, Crandon, for a sex orgy.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

I feel weak. It is like I was racing the whole night without making an effort to rest. I am just from sleeping. Yet I feel like dropping off into slumber again. The alarm chimes loud. It drills into my ears. I make an annoyed face as I pull myself out of bed. Alicia will be having her birthday celebration tonight. I must not fail to show myself there.

While bathing in the shower, I learn that Crandon's cum from last night's fucking is still dripping out of my pussy. What? I become terrified. As thoroughly fast as I can, I scrub my pussy, aiming to wash out all the cum stocked inside here. I should have worked this out last night. Regrettably, I didn't do anything about it.

Noel marches out of his bedroom. He is clothed in tight shorts and nothing more. His chest is naked and eye-catching. I stare at him, feeling sensations of lust bestir inside me. I would sell my soul to the Devil just to fuck him. He walks past me. I quickly swing myself around and look at his butts. They are tempting as well.

Once I am inside my room, I can't fight back the urge to masturbate. I unclothe myself-I was merely clad in a white towel, mind you! Having cast it on my bed, I fetch a fake penis from my drawer and hold it firmly. It is made of plastic.

In my own leisure, I start to lick it-quietly but faster and more quickly. I shut my eyes. Crandon's penis shows into my mind. It looks sweet. I am burning from desire to seize it and lick it madly.

Yes. I lower my hand to my vagina and stroke my clit gently. I can notice myself getting wet. Slowly, I let fall my other hand-which is holding the artificial penis. I must make use of this thing. I nearly scream as I push it inside me. It feels like sugar. At a snail's pace, I force it further in, then pull it out. I can smell heaven from somewhere close.

I fasten my eyes again. My imagination must begin its work. Noel, my young brother, is in my mind. This time, he is one hundred per cent undressed. I look at him carefully. My pussy throbs in impatience at sighting his thick, long dick. Its head is shaped delightfully. Eyeing it makes me more wet.

With these images in mind, I press the plastic cock deeper my cunt. My legs must be dissolving. I am breathing uncontrollably. I bend downwards, driving the cock deeper than it has reached. In no time, I accomplish my first orgasm.

I am late for lunch. I arrive in the dining to see Crandon seated next to Noel. Noel is typing something on his iPod. Crandon is overturning pages of a ragged soccer magazine. After I move closer, I pick up that Noel is browsing through football updates and events.

"What time are you leaving for Alicia's?" He asks me without taking his eyes off the damn iPod. I despise that thing when it comes to eating. In his eyes, it is more valued than the food I have prepared.

"I will start off at six in the evening. I want you to do me one favor, Noel. Can you stay home looking after Crandon?"

He puffs out his eyes and spits tea from his mouth. The glass-patterned cup he is catching drops on the table and pours out tea mixed with milk. It proceeds to the floor, where it knocks and smashes up.

"Noel!" I scream at him in anger. I have spent loads of cash obtaining that cup and its look-alikes that are packed there inside the kitchen.

"I am sorry, Mia," he expresses regret.

It is too late. I can't work magic that will reverse things. In disappointment, I stand from my chair and question anew, "Can you take care of Crandon tonight? I will be away at Alicia's."

He gets up on his feet after me. "I am sorry, big sis. I have classes at college staring from four this afternoon. I won't manage to be back before six and look after your troublesome baboon."

Noel is right. Crandon is bothersome. I can't leave him by himself here. I will find an awful mess by the time I get back from that party. I don't even think I will come back tonight. I shall be awake until the sun arises in the sky. Kati told me there will be an orgy. That's right-a sex party!

"Hi: Mia." This is Kati speaking on the phone. I am in the toilet when she rings, settled calmly on the pan. Of course! I am shitting. My legs are stretched apart; my stomach is aching. I suspect I have diarrhea.

"Hi: Kati." I groan out. This precise minute, feces shower out of my asshole. I was right. I have diarrhea. I don't have to get up and look behind me closely. I can tell everything from the type of feces I am shitting.

"I am in the toilet, you rogue." I groan once more. Something splashes beneath me. Did Kati overhear that? I don't think so. A nasty scent spreads everywhere.

"Oh! You are answering the call of nature. I wasn't picturing that."

"Go straight to your point. I have diarrhea here."

"Guess who is the dude I will be fucking tonight?"

I try to solve that out. It will not be painless though. Okay, I surrender. I have no idea who this guy is. Why am I supposed to give a damn about him in the first place? He might be my boyfriend...or ex-boyfriend. What?

"Kati, first of all answer this: Isn't that dude my own lover, or ex-lover? If he is my man, I swear I am going to tear your cunt away with my thirty-two teeth."

She laughs out gladly. "Mia, you are sick in the head. How can you think something like that? I am your best friend for goodness' sake. I wouldn't do something like that to you."

"Okay. I don't have patience anymore. Tell me who this fortunate guy is?"

"James Cooper; the dude in that condom ad that is buzzing on TV. Do you now recognize him?"

"Of course! How can I not remember him? You are really lucky, girl. I am not blessed myself. Can you buy that I will be having Crandon follow me wherever I go tonight? The trouble!"

"Shit! You are not joking, Mia, are you?"

"Do I sound like I am telling jokes here?"

She sympathizes with me. "Well, you have to fuck him. Or take him to have sex with you and your guy. You should try a threesome. What do you think, baby?"

"We will see what happens, dear."

First, I have to get Crandon dressed up before I touch my clothing. He is stubborn like a donkey. He wants to put on the newest Levi jeans I bought him. That won't suit the occasion! I think he will look blameless in a dark suit.

This is what I take down for him to read on a piece of paper. He has shut his ears using his hands while I am talking. He doesn't want to listen to anything I have to say.

Crandon, listen carefully. If you won't get yourself ready in this suit which I would like you to wear, we will never-never, I say-have BDSM sex. If you do what I am instructing you to, we shall experiment a BDSM fuck two nights away from now.

With this finished, I march out of his room and shut the door behind. I lean myself on it and breathe out. I don't have to return in there. When he feels like it, he is going to grab the note and run an eye over it. This will be before he makes up his mind to rip it furiously.

This is what I will be having on tonight: A scarlet dress which ends mid my thighs. It is decorated with glittering jewels around the collar, all the way down the buttons. I comb my light brown hair straight, then fasten it with a hair tie. I lastly wear high heels on my feet.

When I sneak a look into Crandon's room, I see him seated in silence on his bed. He looks unhappy. This makes me tearful honestly. I hate seeing him like this.

I am driving on the clear road. He is settled besides me with his mouth hardened. He is still furious with me, I know. I am not going to voice a word to him. Regardless, he looks handsome in his black suit. His anger can never overpower his handsomeness.

I am not looking forward to it. He sneaks his hand towards my half-naked thighs and starts caressing them. Yes. This feels wonderful. I continue driving with my eyes fixed on the unending road before me.

He lifts my dress up so he can take a look at my panties. They are scarlet-just like the dress I am putting on. With caution, he places his hand between my legs and rubs my cunt steadily.

I uplift my head, shutting my eyes for a split second, then unclosing them rapidly. The car is racing like a bomb. Trees, high and giant, disappear behind us as quickly as they come into view. That is my good boy! He knows how to do his job properly.

Putting to use both hands this time, he pulls my panties away a bit and locates my pussy with his fingers. I moan in pleasure. He presses his fingers deep. I think I can see a road that journeys up to paradise. "Crandon, you are such a darling," I express to him. "Keep up at this, my sweetest boy."

He finally bends down so he can position his mouth in the face of my cunt. He is about to lick me. Right here inside this car while I drive! I am not against this truthfully. I would surrender my eyes just for him to lick me.

He doesn't lick me like I am assuming. He bites my cunt using his teeth. I grunt out in enjoyment. Everything is sweet so far. His teeth brush my clit-left, then right; up, then down. I slope myself into the seat. I am enjoying this. Crandon deserves a Porn Award.

"Fuck, suck, and lick me," I whisper to him, breathless and overjoyed. "Fuck me, Crandon; suck my cunt; and lick my pussy." We are getting closer to Alicia's place. We have ten minutes remaining to make it there.

By the time we turn up, Crandon and I have ceased fucking inside the car. Not real, solid fucking. He merely jammed his fingers into my cunt and brushed it with his teeth. No one must know what we did here.

"Mia," Kati squeals out, spreading her hands for me to throw myself into her arms. We hug affectionately. "Mia, this party was starting to bore me without you being present here. What took you so long, sweetheart?"

I pull back from her and roll my eyes. "Crandon was annoyed with me. He almost refused coming here."

"The poor thing; he is a fully-grown man. Does his dick hurt when he is fucking you?" She asks in a hushed voice, leaning closer to me. I giggle lightly. She is surely blessed with a sense of humor.

"You wouldn't believe it if I told you that my pussy is still reddened from last night's fucking. We banged in the shower, Kati."

She stretches her eyes wide in shock. "You had a gang bang? Who are the other participators? Tell me, girlfriend."

"It was not a gang bang genuinely. We were solely the two of us."

She drifts closer to me. I have a feeling she wishes to confess something. Before she voices any word, she looks around to see if there is anyone standing close. We are just the three of us-me, her, and Crandon. The rest are a great distance away.

"Mia, I must 'fess up something." Having stated this, she pulls back to examine my response. I am shocked, frankly. What does she want to disclose?

"You are free to speak your mind, Kati," I gaze at her; she looks anxious and shy; her feet are shaking; her brow is folding.

"Please don't make fun of me-"

I cut her short. "Say it already please!"

"Fine..I will...The truth is....James and I....are interested in joining you and Crandon...for a gang bang. An orgy, I must specify. The thing is I am not certain if you will allow us to do that...or not. What is your say?"

There is this unquestionable fear present in her voice. I am equally terrified. I was not hoping to hear this from her. What made her change her mind suddenly? I thought she was against me fucking Crandon. Now she wants to have group sex with him?

"I have no problem with that, Kati. I believe this is the most brilliant idea I have ever heard. What had you change your mind all of a sudden? Did Cooper suggest this?"

She looks embarrassed. It seems I am making her uneasy with these questions. In any case, she replies, "He didn't recommend anything to me. I realized I was missing out on lots of fun that you are enjoying with him-Crandon."

I love the idea of the four of us participating in group sex. We must do precisely that. I can't wait. It is true that Crandon cannot talk. If he was able to say something, this is what he would express, "Kati: You are very right, girl. We must have an orgy. What are we waiting for?"

"Are you sure Cooper wants to do this?" I question in distrust. I just want to be positive that this is truthful of him. He looks more of a faultless, sweet guy. I didn't expect bestiality to be his piece of cake too. Who knows? He might be looking after a flock of animals that he ties to his bed and fucks them up until they cannot howl anymore.

"I am confident about it, Mia."

I am interesting in knowing more. "How did he found out I am into 'best'?" 'Best' is a shortening for 'bestiality.'

"Well-I told him. Don't be furious with me, I beg you. I was speaking stuff to him, and I ended up giving away your secret lifestyle."

"You are an idiot, Kati. Don't you know that saying things irresponsibly will get the two of us into trouble some day? Cooper is a famous guy-not commonplace like those dudes you regularly chill out with. You never know. We might find ourselves highlighted on the cover page of People magazine."

"I am sorry this has upset you. The truth is he let me know he was into bestiality. He adapts to both sides, human and non-human."
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