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Default Punishing a Teacher - Fantasy, Anal Dog Sex, BDSM, Bestiality

Punishing a Teacher - Fantasy, Anal Dog Sex, BDSM, Bestiality

Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Non-consensual sex, Older Female / Males, Toys, Violence, Water Sports/Pissing

Hey guys and gals, this is my first time writing something to be posted in the main section for story's, so please be nice.

Chapter 1 - Miss James

When I first walked into the classroom on that first day back was a real shock, because standing behind the desk wasn't mr Jackson, our kindly old teacher, it was a woman.

The woman behind the desk was tall for a woman, she stood at around 5,5, only 9 inches shorter than me. Apart from her height the most immediate thing to notice was her enormous boobs, they must have been G cup at least, they were balanced in a chunky frame that obviously had a bit of a belly beneath it. Her legs looked nice and she was wearing heels that brought her height up another 5 inches. Although her thighs were rather large from what I could see beneath her knee length skirt. The shirt she was wearing was tight but not immodestly so, just enough to show herself off. Turning she wrote her name on the whiteboard and said "good morning class, my name is miss James" her voice had a nasal whine to it and her tone was condescending. "Now I have no idea what the old fool taught you so we are going from the basics". With that she turned and began to write the fundamental meaning of the word Law, there was a grumble from everybody in the class. One of the girls behind me stood up and said "excuse me miss but Mr Jackson wasn't an old fool he was an excellent teacher and he taught us lots". With a sigh miss James turned to face the girl, she walked forward till only the girls desk separated them. Mid James then grabbed one if the girls nipples through her shirt and used it to hold her there whilst she repeatedly slapped her in the face, hard. All the while yelling "don't you tell me what to do you little slutty whore". Finally pushing the girl back into her seat miss James went back to the whiteboard and kept writing on it whilst saying "if anything gets out about what just happened I will find the one who said anything and I will beat you half to death" I looked over at the girl and saw her bleeding lip and already bruising face, it was on that day I realised someone needed to teach mrs James a lesson.

Chapter 2 - Dominated

In the weeks following miss James show of force to the class, the tension continued to rise, with none of us learning anything new, yet still being set very easy yet very long bits of homework the personal lives of the people in our class were falling apart. Finally the day came when I knew something had to be done. So that day I was snarky and rude all day, I made biting comments and was a general wiseass. At the end of the day miss James told me to stay behind. Perfect.

Miss James sat down at her desk and glared at me over her prominent nose. "Callum I am extremely disappointed in you today, you were a wise ass all day and you often humiliated me in front of the class. I have been meaning to address this before, but it is you who have so off put me here, so I don't want you coming to this class any more".

I sat stunned for a few moments, and then anger started bubbling up inside me, I practically screamed "you are daring to try to blame me for this, seriously, it's all because you continue to treat us like children not realising that we have already learned everything you're talking a ab...." My speech was interrupted my miss James slapping me across the face "don't you dare question my teaching methods you dopy little boy" she attempted to bring her hand up to slap me again but this time I caught her wrist.

Looking down at her colds I brought my other hand up to trap her other arm and stop another attempted slap "enough" I said in a low voice. I pushed her back whilst holding onto her arms until she fell backwards onto the surface of her desk. I moved my leg forward so my knee was grinding harshly against her pussy, steadily increasing the pressure until it started to bruise. Meanwhile I gripped both her wrists in one of my hands and wound sellotape around her wrists, allowing me to restrain both her wrists with one hand. My other hand wandered down the front of her to her enormous breasts. I casually tore her shirt open allowing me to see them clad in her big frilly pink bra. Taking a pair of scissors I cut the bra open and let her huge tits spill out to either side, then picking up a ruler from the desk I brought it down with all my strength on her left breast. With a sickening slap the ruler landed and a long red welt appeared on her breast. Raising the ruler again I brought it down on her other breast. I repeated this procedure for the next 20 minutes, until her breasts were a mess of welts and the ruler was looking worse for wear. My knee had also severely bruised her pussy and her arms would be losing skin when she took the sellotape off. I stood and allowed her to slip to the floor where she began to retch, I stood over her proud of what I had done. Finally realising one thing was missing I took my cock out and pissed all over her, making sure to catch her in the hair and face for the most part, mrs James groaned weakly and threw up all over herself. Dropping the ruler I turned picked up my bag and left. After spending half an hour or so walking around the streets thinking about what I just did, I decided to go back and ensure that the message had sunk in, I made a few stops on the way and picked up some things that could be useful. Walking back into the classroom I heard the sound of someone sobbing, I was surprised to see one of the female cleaners standing over mrs James casually emptying her bladder all over her face. When she saw me she waited for the stream to due, buttoned up her overalls and walked past me saying "do you think the students were the only ones she abused"?

Waiting until after I was sure she was gone I closed and locked the door of the room behind me. Making sure the blinds were also drawn. I set down my pack and removed the first item, flipped her over onto her front and bound her hands behind her back with strong but rough rope, very quickly I could see her squirming was rubbing her wrists raw on the rope. The next item I took out was a ring gag, designed to keep the mouth open and the tongue from being able to interfere. I slapped her in the face repeatedly until she opened her mouth and stuffed the gag in, roughly buckling it behind her head. The final item I took out was a permanent water resistant marker pen. Grabbing a large handful if her hair I drew the words "cum slut" on her forehead and the words "Callum's bitch" across the top if her breasts. I then brutally slapped her across the face and kicked her between the legs whilst telling "you see what kind of mess you leave this classroom in? Clean it up now"!!! Miss James was quick to obey she knelt and awkwardly bent forward to start lapping up the piss and puke mixture on the floor. Walking in a circle around her whilst I did this I noticed that she had a pierced clit. Interesting I thought to myself. Whenever miss James would stop I would kick her either between the legs or one of her tugs until she started kicking again. Just as she finished I kicked her onto her back and took two small metal spikes out if my pocket. Kneeling down I shoved one through her belly button and the other through between her nostrils. Taking out a heavy steel ring and a chain with a bell attached to it from my bag I slipped the iron ring through the hike in her nose and superglued it closed, I then stuck the pin on the end of the little chain through the hole in her belly button, I bent the end of it around and once again super glued that to the length of chain. I then said "well enjoy getting out of here before morning miss". With that I left the room for good this time.

Chapter 3 - home visit

I walked home slowly that night, thinking about what I had done, it hit me that I had just raped and beaten up a woman. However then it occurred to me that she had sexually abused the girl in our class and if what the cleaner says is true, she was abusing other members of staff as well. Feeling better about myself I set off at a brink pacd home in the warm evening sunlight.

Going into school the next day I discovered a note pinned to the door of the ckassroom, it read "mrs James has been volenterily dismissed from her job, return in a week and we will see if we have a new teacher. Cursing having had to walk into school today, I turned around and left for home. I suppose I should mention I live in a basement apartment. On the floor above me lived a guy who was high 24/7 and on the top floor was an older lady with a severe hearing impairment. As such I could play music and be as rowdy as I wanted with no one to bug me about it.

Getting to my front door and unlocking it I did not notice miss James step out of the bush to my left until she was grabbing my arm and pulling me inside. Closing the door behind us, she turned to me and said "give me all the money you have", I laughed in her face. "What" she spluttered, "unless you give me money I'm going to the police" I glared at her. "Honestly who do you think they will believe, you a rundown teacher, who is claiming that I, a grade A student with a whole class full of witnesses talking about how you abused a girl in front of all of us"? She stammered "but...the cleaner" I interrupted "pissed on you and left you there, no ones going to believe you sweetheart". Miss James turned to leave but j grabbed her by the arm. "Where do you think your going white? I quite enjoyed myself yesterday and I would like to keep you around...." "Permanently" I breathed. Miss James shook her head wildly and tried to pull away, but before she could I punched her hard in the gut and she collapsed to the floor. Stepping over her I locked all the doors and windows and covered all entrances with curtains. Turning I said "I think it's time we had some fun". Grabbing miss James by the hair I dragged her across the floor to the coffee table I had set up in front if my modest Tv, I was about to bend her over the table until I realised that would mean I could not play with her tits, taking a few moments to think about it, I remembered the heavy industrial hook that the guy who lived in the place before me had out the rope he used to hand himself with. It had been too firmly fixed in place to get it out and so it was just left there. I grabbed a rough blue rope from my bag and bound her hands above her head, then throwing it over the hook I pulled tight and tied it off, this left miss James standing on her tip toes with her whole body on display. I walked up to her and gently stroked her cheek before punching her in the face with my other hand.

Going into the small kitchen I picked up a small knife, a whisk, and a two bowls. Taking these items back out to the main room I saw miss James struggling to break free, but the rope was too strong and my knots were too good. I placed the items down on the coffee table, all apart from the knife, this I ran down the front of miss James's top, yanking it off the rest of the way I admired my new slave. The words "Callum's sub" while maybe a little blurry were still visible above her bust. Looking down to her belly I could see the mangled remains of her belly button, it seemed obvious to me after being unable to prize the links open she had resorted to simply ripping the piercing out, taking the knife again I cut away the torn up flesh leaving her belly lovely and smooth again. I then said "those bowls underneath you are for you to piss and shit in. I expect you to do such things only when I command you and when I am not playing with you". Each word of this sentence was punctuated with be slapping her face,tits or punching her stomach. "Now, how about I get you ready" I pick up the whisk and shove it with no lube up her cunt, she screams in agony and thrashes in her bounds causing her wrists to be rubbed raw and her tits to jiggle. Quickly deciding I had enough of the noise I picked up a large apple and forced it into her mouth, this muting her. "I think I'll really start on you tomorrow" and with that I turned and left to pick up some things in town.

Chapter 4 - the trouble with payback

Waking up the next morning, I went about my normal routine, but when I walked into the main room, the events if last night all came back. I saw mrs James hanging from the ceiling by her wrists, her kegs had obviously given out from under her at some point during the night and I could see her wrists were bruised and raw from the ropes. Moving quietly around the room I finished getting ready for school. Then I remembered that all the students in the class had the next entire week off. Dropping my bag on the ground with a thump, I walked up to my new slave and slapped her in the face. Waking up and feeling the pain in her body and seeing me standing there grinning at her must have been too much for her body and she vomited. Luckily fir her the vomit just oozed out of her mouth and trickled its way down her enormous breasts. But then she did something she would regret. She spat at me.

Delicately wiping the puke laden spit from my cheek I casually looked at her, then I punched her in the face. Looking at her I saw I had given her a split lip and a prominent bruise, drawing my fist back again I once again punched her in the face, another bruise appeared, drawing my fist back again, she flinched expecting another punch, instead I punched her in the throat and turned to walk away leaving her gasping for breath through her already bruising throat. Stepping forward I undid my pants and forced my click up her pussy, grabbing her hair to force her to look at me with one hand, with the other I started to pull at her nipples. With each thrust of my cock I would shake her head by tugging on her hair and plunge my fingernails into one of her sensitive nipples. Finally nearly reaching my climax I pulled out nearly all the way until just the head of my cock was in her pussy then slammed it all the way in, feeling her scream I chummed and sprayed hot cum right up her passages.

Stepping away from her I cleaned my cock off with a sponge which I then used to soak up my morning piss from the toilet. I walked up to slut and forced the sponge in her mouth. I then said "hmm I think it's time I changed your position whore" moving behind her I untied the rope, when she made her break for freedom I was ready and slammed the blunt end of a golf club against the back if her knee, causing her to fall to the floor in agony. Grabbing her by the hair I dragged her over to the sofa and quickly bound her arms and legs spread eagled to the 4 corners of the sofa.Standing back I admired the skills I have shown with rope. Turning away I recieved several I tend from the kitchen and returned. Kneeling down in front of my slaves cunt, I forced an apple in, stretching her pussy lips hideously wide, I then proceeded to force a second and third apple into her cunt. I then stood there toying with a fourth apple, bending down I placed my HSBC one one side of her cunt and spread the lips. Taking the fourth apple in hand I placed it at the entrance of her hole and forced it in, I could hear the slut screaming in agony, but it all seemed very far away. Standing I admired the slurs bulging pussy and misshapen belly. Retrieving another item from the kitchen I approached the sluts mouth. Grabbing her chin I forced her mouth to open and inserted the cucumber. However I had been soaking this cucumber in lemon juice and salt since yesterday and had even cut grooves into the flesh. Thus had allowed the vegetable to soak up huge amounts of the mixed concoction. Forcing the cucumber into her mouth and down her throat caused the slut to only be able to breath through her nose. Even breathing through this became hard when the lemon juice and salt seeped into the open cut on her lip. Stepping back once more to admire my handywork I decided I wanted some fun myself. I squatted and once agai. Pulling my cock out jammed it up her ass. Even through the gag I could hear slut screeching as I forced my cock deeper into her virgin ass. Pounding back and forth and gripping her hair I made her look into my eyes so she could tell I was enjoying this. With a final thrust I dumped my load in her ass and pulled out. I quickly decided to fake out my phone and give Jess, the abused girl from my class a ring, as well as Katie, who I found out was the cleaner. To both of them I said the sand thing "heat ladies, I gave a little problem only a girl can help me deal with, bring your boyfriends. With that I put the phone down and sat back waiting for them to arrive. Watching my whore scream in agony was an enjoyable sight I decided. Whilst waiting for the girls and their boyfriends to show up I had emptied another two full loads of cum onto the sluts tits, one on each. When the doorbell rang I had my fist up the whores cunt, getting the second apple out, when I shouted out "come in" Jess and Katie both walked in with their boyfriends. Quickly I pulled my arm out of the bitches cunt and stood. I then explained "heya gals, and guys. This little whore here has the pleasure of being my little fucktoy for the foreseeable future, and I was wondering whether you wanted a crack at her, you can be as rough as you like"? Both girls looked stunned for a second, the Jess ran forward and hugged me, "thank you Callum you have made my day" with that she turned to the whore and grabbed both her nipples, stretching them as far as she could away from her body. All the while digging her long manicured nails into her areolas. Meanwhile Katie slowly approached and cooly stood there watching jess's hate filled motions. She looked over at me "Callum how much do you like this sofa"? I said "well that's where the whore is going to be tied to from now on, so I guess not very much". She smiled darkly "good" with that she stood up on the sofa with o e leg either side of where slut was tied, pulling aside her panties she began to piss all over my slave. One of the boyfriends tapped me on the shoulder "do you mind if we could get a drink, from the way these two have been going on about her we could be here a while".

Smiling I went and grabbed three beers for me and the boyfriends. When I walked back into the room I discovered my slut had been untied and had been laid across the table in front of the tv, jess and Katie were taking turns using two thick planks to spank her. The two boyfriends were standing either side, with one hand each holding her down and the other abusing her huge breasts. After handing the beers to the boyfriends, who looked at eachother then put their knees in her back to keep her down, Katie walked up to me and took my beer out of my hand. Taking a swig she started choking, after she recovered she said "dang Callum I thought this was going to be decent beer, aww well" she turned and looked at the slut across the table, where jess was flailing away at the whores ass like there was no tomorrow. "I know what to do with it" turning she walked across to the sluts face and pinched her nose causing her to have to open her mouth, she poured the beer in slaves mouth as well as in her eyes and hair, to add a final indignation she puked straight into sluts mouth and forced her to eat every scrap of puke.

Turning to her boyfriend she grabbed his hand and dragged him to the door, turning back briefly she said "thanks for a great evening guys, now if you'll excuse me if have to go and" poking her boyfriend in the chest "fuck this mans brain out". With a huge grin and a thumbs up the boyfriend left with Katie. Hearing the sounds of the thud of flesh on flesh I turned to see Jess had dropped to her knees through fatigue and was trying as hard as she could to slap the whores pussy with all her energy (which was not much by this time) the other hand was digging her fingernails into the sluts protruding belly. I could see the scratch and claw marks from where jess had apparently done this before. With a sigh the boyfriend walked over to jess and picked her up. As he walked past he said "thanks from both of us for a great night". Then he turned and left taking jess with him. After seeing them out the door, I turned back to my whore to see her dazed and out of it. I gently took her wrists and bound them under the table to prevent any escape attempts. Then straddling her I blew one last load on her face before going to bed myself.

Chapter 5 - a new life for the whore.

After waking up the next morning, I lay in bed for about 10 minutes reminiscing about the events of the previous evening. Deciding to inspect the damage I walked into the main room to see the whore laying placid on the table, this in itself was unusual as normally whenever I entered the room she would throw herself against her bonds and beg me or threaten me. However this time she nearly lay placid and silent. Upon seeing my cock slowly hardening as I inspected the bruises and scratches of the night before, her mouth opened wide. I slowly walked up to her head and stood there with my hard cock pointing forward. The whore began to strain, trying to get her mouth around my cock. I wondered what had come over her before deciding to indulge her needs. I roughly straddled her bound body and began to skullfuck her. No sooner had my cock reached the back of her throat that she started to gag, I could see the look of determination on my whores face as she attempted to suppress her gag reflex and choke my cock down. I put my hands on the back if her head and really began to fuck her throat, tears ran from her eyes but she did not resist and indeed seemed to be trying to take more of my cock with each thrust. I felt the stirrings in my balls and finally I blasted a ton if cum straight down the whores throat into her stomach. Standing up and stepping away from my whore, I looked down at her and said "what happened last night whore"?. The white looked at me and explained "well master, the events of last night caused an unexpected phenomenon, you see sir part of me was sickened and disgusted by what was happening to be, but the other part of me loved every minute of it, and well. We split. I now have a split personality sir, as long as you keep on torturing and abusing be, the side you are talking to will retain control of your sluts body". With that she grinned widely at me showing her cum stained teeth.
Chapter 6 - bringing back the whore

Collapsing into bed that day I thought about the events of the day, earlier that day the whore had explained about her split personality deal, I had considered it for about half a day and then realised either way she would have to stay here. I had then decided to enjoy myself and throughout the day had pounded each of her holes at least 3 times each and dumped several large loads on her huge tits. The last time I came inside her I had skullfucked her so hard that puke had come flying up her nose and had flown across the room to land on my carpet, immediately the whore had started wailing and begging to be released to clean up the Luke on the carpet before it dried, at first I attempted to calm her and tell her it didn't matter, however she started to violently jerk against the rope trying to get over to the carpet. Finally giving up I released her and she sped across to the carpet, she clamped her mouth over one puke spot after another and sucked as though her life depended on it. Watching her do this got me hard again and I decided to take one final shot at her. Walking over to her I spread her massive ass cheeks and thrust my cock into her ass. She moaned but continued to suck on the carpet.

After a solid 20 minutes of pounding I shot a weak watery load into her ass. As before she thanked me for honoring her body with my cum. Finally at the end of the longest day of my life so far I collapsed into bed. (I had bound her securely in a kneeling position before I went to bed.

Waking up in the morning I heard thrashing noises coming from the main room. Climbing out of bed I walked in to see the whore thrashing against her ropes. Noticing a note on the floor near her I read "master, the other personality is close to taking control again, I can't win tonight but if you bring me back I can keep control" with that the note trailed off. Looking closer I could see the note appeared to be written in pussy juice. Noticing that I had finished reading the note, the whore (the prudish personality) said "I'm back in control you little freak and I'm not going back". I smiled remembering part of the whores explanation of the twin personality's, about how it was extreme pain and humiliation that had brought it to the fire. Cracking my fingers I said "I'm going to enjoy this".

Quickly going to my stash I grabbed everything I needed and then a quick stop by the kitchen to pick up some extras. Grabbing the back if the whores head I stuffed a large glob if frozen butter in her mouth to stop her screaming too loudly. Then I picked up a large handful of stinging nettles I had once gathered meaning to make nettle soup but bnever getting around to it. (I wore a glove of course. Moving around behind her I used my involved hand to spread the whores ass cheeks and the other to stuff the stinging nettles up her ass. Her screaming felt like if was going to shake the walls down as the delicate pink flesh erupted in hard white bumps as the poison from the nettle caused her ass to burn. Walking back in front of the whore I opened up the large tank she had been looking at curiously (before she started screaming) picking up one of the inhabitents if the tank in either hand I walked foward. By this time the giant African land snails I was holding had curled up deep within their shells. Smiling I slowly pushed them one after the other up the whores cunt. From the look on her face I could tell they had unfurled within her to explore this damp dark, warm tunnel. I grasped two more snails and shoved them up her cunt as well. Leaving the snails to explore I took several elastic bands out of another box and began to loop them over the whores body. When I was finished she had elastic bands stretched tightly all over her body. I then said "you should hear me learn to play the harp" with that I pulled several elastic bands away from her body and let fly. One hit her across the navel, one smacked directly over her big sensitive nipples, the final one however, which I noted had a small knot in it, slapped with a meaty think against her clit. With eyes bulging and a final scream she fainted. I sat back on a chair and admired her tortured form for around half an hour. Then slowly her eyes blinked open, when the whore saw my cock her mouth tried to put the butter aside, but I had wedged it too firm. Her eyes her pleading for my cock. I asked a single question "are you my slave now, forever?" With a satisfied smirk around the butter she nodded her head with determination.
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