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Default The Black Shadow - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality, Horror, Monster, Pregnant, Rape, Written by women

The Black Shadow - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality, Horror, Monster, Pregnant, Rape, Written by women

After my last story I wrote people really hated it. I took my time and wrote this story please rate this. Sorry for the grammer. Please go easy on me because i want to write more parts to this sto. ries but only if you like it. I hope you enjoy this story and please go easy on me this time it my second story.
One late night I was walking home from a party and I was walking home which was only ten minutes away. Anyway I had a couple of shots, which mean I was a little tipsy and I was able to walk home. My name is Christy Jones, 19 years old, female, 155lbs, and 5 '6 tall. I was visiting my parent while my school was out for summer break.

Anyway I was walking home when I heard loud heavy footsteps and the noises was coming from behind me. The footsteps got louder and closer. I had the pit in my stomach that something wasn't right so I kept walking faster. Than all of suddenly the footsteps got faster..... I decided to look behind me, knowing I shouldn't but instead I did and what I saw terrified me was; a tall human shadow figure with vilify blood red eyes looking dead at me. Not wasting anytime I took off as fast as I could. While running I turn my head to look back and he was chasing me. I turn back around and ran luckily all the way home , and unlock the door I ran in and slammed the door behind me and lock it behind me. I looked for my parents but they was no where to be found. 'Oh thats right they went out for the night". I felt so shakeup on what happen to me, and I decided in order for me to calm down was to take a shower and try to forget about this night. So I grabs some clothes and went into the bathroom and.take a shower.

While I was showering I heard noises like someone was trying to force themself in my house. Thinking that I could just be imaging thing I shut the water off and heardnothing. So I decided to get out the shower and put on my night gown and pajamas pants. I quietly went downstairs to investigate.

I slowly ease downstairs and what I saw gave me chills down my spine..... I saw the front door have been demolished...... I was so scare and what made it worse was me hearing my name being whisper, "Chrisssssstyy". As wind brush against my skin.... Than more airwaves coming threw our house had turned every cross upside on our walls upside down, the other crosse and prayermy religious family had decorated the house with was destroyed. I was so scare I literally froze still in fear.......

The same heavy footsteps I recognize was coming closer to the house until it stood at the front door where I was standing. It had the body of a human, 7 feet tall, pitch black, it was a shadow figure with blood red eyes looking at me and I scream. Than the shadow made a growl noise and I ran up the stairs, where the shadow claw my foot with sharp nails pulling me down I was able to.get upstairs where I limped to my room slam it shut locking the door looking at my door bagging away crying..... Than it started to bang on my door and I was crying a lot so I ran to my bed and hid under the covers. The shadow finally broke my door down so I balled it up tighter as I cry...... After a few minutes I decided to take a peek and when I saw his eyes lurking at my soul... I started to scream where he snatch me out of the bed and pin me to the floor where he rip off my pajamas pants. I start screaming and all I heard him do was slap the back of my head, and than all of sudden I felt something invade my vaginal area and I started to scream, " PLEASE STOP I'M BEGGING YOU TO STOP PLEASE"!! When I said.that he punch me in the back of my head where I saw stars,.and he kept.raping me. He was rough I mean literally rough, he was raping me so fucking hard I.felt my pussy was going to be split in half. He went for a .long time silently crid laying.there waiting til he was done. Than all of sudden he let out a howl noise like a wolf and exploded all in my pussy wall. I just got fucking rap by a human shadow figure. He stayed in me I guess so his.sperm won't leak out I guess. Than he punch the back of my head until I blackout.......

When I woke up it was.still.dark and my.vaginal was.really sore. I didn't think much about it. So I was looking around my bedroom when chills went down my spine and I broke out into cold sweat my closet door was wide open. I sleep with my closet door close every night. My light switch was too far so I grab my flash light on my night stand next to my bed. I switch it on.and hope.out the bed my.foot was burning really bad I shine the light on my.foot and it.was the same scratches.from the.dream. I panic as I was gonna close my closet I saw the.same dark 7 foot tall human shadow with evil blood eyes lurking into my soul. All of sudden I was dripping between my legs so I touch down there and I look back into my dark closet and saw the black shadow grinning a milacious smile and blood eyes look at me and I.started to scream until I black out......

When I woke up I was lying in the bed between my parents. I remember everything that happen last night and I decided to.not even think about it. Know.I think about it there was some reality to it I just don't fucking know what it was. Later that even my mom came was in thekitchen as my father was working that day. She had called medown into the kitchen the living room looked normal I was fucking confuse on what I dreamed about and the creature in my closet. Maybe it was just one bad dream despite the scratches on my foot or the blood that was dripping from my pussy Idk. " Yes mother you called me". "Yes.I did look here sweetie you are 19 years old andn have sex with anyone, but I thought I told you that no boys are aloud in my fucking house. This is a religion home", my mama said. " Mom what are you talking about I been here all day and you was suppose to have been out of town". I said. " What are you talking about Christy we been here the whole time are you ok". "Yes but mom.what do you mean by me having sex I'm still a virgin". "Christy when you scream me and your .father found you and your vagina was dripping with semen and blood you're not a virgin sorry".my mother said. So that fucking shadow really did rape me.

I couldn't believe it how could he had rape me in a dream unless it wasn't a dream. For the next three weeks I laid in my room feeling sick to my stomach. My parent came in my room, " Honey are you okay", ask my father. I just nodded. "Do you need us to bring you something sweetie". I shook my head no. So they closed my door until all sudden I ran to the bathroom and vomit everywhere but the toilet and I missed my period.

I went downstair to my parent and said, "Mom and dad I don't feel well can you take me to the hospital". They look at each other and without hesitation they took me to the hospital. Okay the doctor asked me some stupid question and of course I told him. I would go into details but I am trying to hurry up this story. So after me and parents waited forever for the results. " Okay Christy I have some good news and bad news". "What's the good news doctor". The doctor says; " We'll you're not sick'. Well thank you I am relieved doctor". We were happy..... " Wait doctor what's the bad news". 'You're pregnant", said the doctor. I stood there scare the night he grab me and took my virginity by rapping me...... No this can't be real.....

The last thing I remember was passing out...

To be continued.........
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