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Default The Most Amazing story ever told part 1 - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality, Drug, Extreme, Rape, Scatology, Transgendered

The Most Amazing story ever told part 1 - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality, Drug, Extreme, Rape, Scatology, Transgendered

Shaneequa, a 23 year old transsexual, is fucking a 680 pound woman named Helga. Shaneequa gives the lady a tit job. The woman has a heart attack and falls forward and pushes Shaneequa into a puddle of sulfuric acid. She is badly burned while Helga dies. It turns out Helga was pregnant, so Shaneequa cuts her open and retrieves the baby, which is a month premature. She names the boy Peter and calls him Petey.

She loves Petey and spoils the boy for one week until she is sentenced to jail for attempted murder. She has been framed by her neighbor, who almost kicked his wife to death. She is sent to a women's prison, where she impregnates another inmate. The pregnant inmate is named Alice. Alice has the baby. The other inmates cause Shaneequa trouble. One night, they shit in her hair, kick her in the nose and bite her penis in half. Shaneequa get back by stabbing the leader of the group and framing her second banana, Jo-Jo. Jo-Jo goes insane in solitary confinement and bashes her brains out on the wall. Feeling guilty, Shaneequa calls for a truce. Shaneequa assembles people to fight with her. She gets Roxanne, a manic depressive inmate who stole a tomato, committed bestiality with a donkey, hijacked a private bus, interrupted a television broadcast by showing her breasts, abducted her daughters and set fire to a chair. The next, Natasha, a mean but funny woman with a big ass, who was convicted of 2 counts of statutory rape, 135 counts of piracy, attempted manslaughter and grand theft auto. The next, Brandy, a racist blonde haired bitch, who was convicted of 3 counts of murder. And the last was, Geraldine, a quiet mousy woman, who was convicted of lewd conduct, drug possession, truancy, tax evasion and murder. The gang fights their way through until Brandy is executed by lethal injection. That night Roxanne, Shaneequa, Natasha and Geraldine have an orgy. Roxanne cuts Shaneequa with a knife. She cut an R, an N, a G, a B, and an S.

Eleven years later, Shaneequa escapes. She runs around her home city in Montreal. She finds out that Petey has been living in an orphanage for years. Petey sees her walk by and he runs out to see her. Shaneequa kidnaps him. Shaneequa asks how he knows her. Petey shows her a picture she gave him. They ride off to Iowa. A TV report claims to know her location. This sparks in a girl named Megan.

Megan is a light blonde haired girl who plays basketball extremely well. She is an excellent shot blocker and doesn't miss shots. She is extremely fast and can run a mile in four minutes and 1/3 minutes. She is nice and has many friends. She is a beautiful hermaphrodite and you wouldn't know it if not for the large bulge. She also has an 11.8 inch flaccid penis and 14 and half inch boner. Her cock is four and one fourth inches wide. Her cock is prehensile and she uses it to pick up things. She masturbates constantly and fucks her teachers and friends like a bunny. She likes girls and boys. Her testicles are also the size of beets and she comes with great volume. Her favorite thing to do is to put sweet and sour sauce on her cock and suck it off. She sucks her own dick three times every day. Her gigantic cock causes her to be considered a freak, but people respect her none the less. Megan is Shaneequa's daughter. She was born by Alice. Alice was let free and abandoned Megan. Megan was in the same orphanage as Petey but left at the age of four she ran off waywardly. She became a prostitute for a short while. She went to a school for the first time at age eight when she was found on the streets taking a hit from a bong. She went to school and met Pauline, whom she fucks on a regular basis. Pauline is an Asian who is smart and funny. She is part of the chess club and goes off on tangents about random things. Her brother Garry is gay and is an active member of the gay-straight alliance. Garry desires Petey from afar. Megan lets Garry suck her cock. Pauline dies when she chokes on a chocolate pretzel. Garry then drinks a bottle of drain-o to commit suicide. His stomach is pumped. He then jumps in a pool and drowns himself to death. One day Megan sees the woman that she thinks impregnated Alice. It's Shaneequa. It turns out that she found an article about the inmates. She leaves to find Shaneequa

Megan introduces herself to Shaneequa and tells her story. Petey is angered because he is the only boy and because he is overshadowed by Shaneequa's actual child. Petey feels alone because his mother is dead and his father is unknown. Petey is perfectly cute but is a bizarre child. He is afraid of blood, cats, yogurt, snot, television rays and plastic bags. He sits upside down and loves to watch porno. In order to fit in with the girls he dresses up as one and asks to be called Patricia. Shaneequa tells him to take the wig off and he does. His behavior spirals down as he acts erratically. Shaneequa tends to him while Megan decides she also wants to build a relationship with Petey. Petey tells her he's a switch hitter or in other words a bisexual. He likes other boys and girls. He cries into Megan's big breasts while she consoles him. She makes Petey confront his fears. While this happens Megan and Shaneequa start an incestuous relationship.

A man named Irvine comes to kill Shaneequa. He fires at the motel they live in. Irvine is a fifty year old man with a shaved head, who has killed no less than three thousand people in various creative and brutal ways. He attempts to kidnap Petey and threatens to rape him, but Megan throws a knife at his back and he releases Petey. To escape the man who has set out a vendetta for them they move to Thailand.

Each member of the family was addicted to many things. These things were different in many ways. Some of the drugs they did weren't addictive but just fun. Shaneequa liked Ketamine, Horse tranquilizers, Hashish, Mescaline, Beer, Wine, Blotter Acid sheets and Valium. Megan liked beer to. She also liked to drink a keg of hard lemonade, Benzedrine, cocaine, schnapps, mushrooms, ecstasy, marijuana, nitrous oxide, PCP, paint, LSD, cigarettes, and hard liquor. Petey loved drugs the most. He liked to sniff glue, do ayahuasca, Xanax, peyote, GHB, Jello shots, crystal meth, sniff markers, heroin, tequila, absinthe, opium, sleeping pills, crack, chewing tobacco, adult brownies, home made coca wine, and morphine. Fueled on these drugs the trio stumbled around into a crazy world. They never seemed to OD like normal people would. This fueled a strange world which they all dreamt of. They lived in Thailand like happy folk. In reality they were still in the bathroom of the plane having sex. Petey wasn't having sex. He was lying unconscious. He wasn't dying but he met nirvana. Megan felched with Shaneequa and spit the brown cum on her mother's breasts. She licked the cum off partially and rubbed her big breasts on her mothers. Their cum flowed out causing Petey to wake up and slip, breaking his leg. He cries for an hour before the plane could stop to send him to a hospital. Shaneequa fucks Megan in the ass while Megan sucks her own cock and penetrates her own ass along her mom's cock. Megan ejaculates everywhere and the crowd looks in shock.

At the hospital on the ground, it is revealed that the amount of drugs in Petey could have killed three 200 pound men. It is also revealed that Petey can't read. They landed in Ibiza, Spain. Petey runs off to Andorra feeling unloved. He finds a boy named Marco. Marco is gay and is called a faggot by all the boys in the neighborhood. They kiss one night and Cross dress and pretend to be lesbians instead of gay guys. Petey runs off with Marco to Mexico, where Marco's father lives. Marco lives with Step parents because his mother divorced his father, a famous luchadore, for an abusive man. The abuser blows off her head and married a floozy named Gordita. Marco's father hires Irvine, an international bounty hunter to find them and murder Petey. Petey is the son of Irvine who raped the fat woman. Petey and Marco go on a ship headed for Mexico. They leave to Sailtillo to find Marco's father. The two are such great friends they even wipe each others asses. They watch a collection of Bollywood movies on the way. They have great times together and they share thoughts about life and family. They also played a game were they must share 5 gross stories about themselves. Marco tells of a story where he was on a shit covered toilet bowl and he slipped on cum after flushing and crushed his nuts. Petey tells a story of when he got raped by a Great Dane and the doctors had to sew his asshole up. But they broke and then there was fat oozing out of his rectum. Marco tells a story of his sister who was doing cartwheels and had diarrhea. She was ready to burst when Marco turned her around to congratulate her and she shit on his legs. Petey tells a story of how he broke his jaw and threw up pieces of it. Marco tells a story about how once he ate a fly by accident and he puked twice on the ground and then his dog lapped it up and licked Marco's face. Petey tells a story of how he was hugging a cat when it jumped at the window and he ran after it. He ran into a pole and cracked his head open and then his brains were spilling out and the teachers had to use his dirty shoe to keep them in his skull. Marco tells a story of when his Grandmother's friend raped his brother and got pregnant and Marco had to watch her spread her cunt and he aborted the baby with a coat hanger. Petey tells a story in which an old woman sneezed at him and a glob of snot and blood covered his face. Marco tells a story of how his father hit him with a belt and put cayenne pepper in the wound. Then Petey tells a story of how he drank a bottle of piss and had to drink his own piss after wards but then passed out and when he woke up he was being spanked by the teachers at the orphanage and he got spanked so hard he puked on a family portrait of the teacher's family. They laugh together about their hard lives and arrive in Mexico. They walk through a bad neighborhood. A man named Rafael shoots Marco in the shoulder. Marco later dies from an infection. Heartbroken Petey wanders through Mexico looking for revenge on Rafael. He trains to get better as a luchador. He kicks his drug habit and starts to buff up.

Shaneequa and Megan, now in Thailand engage in the strange customs. They eat grubs, lizards, and other exotic meat. They meet a strange family, that too engage in incest. Shaneequa and Megan sleep off the jet lag while sucking each other. The little boy asks Shaneequa to fuck him. The boy pushes on her erect penis. He moves back and forth a few times. He then asks her to suck him. He lies their and gets sucked while Megan takes more drugs. Megan goes out to the cow that eats lemongrass. The cow shits straight in her mouth and she loves it. It drops a huge load down Megan's throat. Megan fucks the cow's un-wiped asshole. She spanks the cow violently. She pulls out her wiggly shit covered dick and double fists it. She gets under the cow and licks it pussy. She also sucks from the udder. Shaneequa continues to suck the boy. He is a prostitute. He is learning English and says to her that he sleeps with about 6 guys a day. The little boy is named Mongkut. Mongkut says his mother has HIV and his father is dying of yellow fever. He says their neighborhood is bad and the crime level is high. He also says his toe was amputated because of snake bite. He also says his brother had cleft palate. The mother walks in on Megan, who is filling the cow with cum. The mother tells her to get off. Megan angrily pisses on the mother. Shaneequa opens up her cock and pretends to talk through it. Mongkut laughs. Megan and Shaneequa leave while on drugs. Megan takes a big shit on the road she falls in it. She wipes it from her crotch and finds that she has bloody diarrhea. She precedes to releases 5 more pounds of shit and has mud butt when she leaves.

Having been stripped of his clothing by cracked out bikers with heavily pierced faces, Petey walked naked through the Mexican sun. He is badly sunburned and dehydrated. He pukes in the sand. He sees a buzzard and he grabs it and snaps its neck. He then cooks it. He wanted to eat Marco, but didn't posses the nerve to. He lays Marco to rest with only a rock sticking out to indicate his final resting place. He eats the bird. He starts to see mirages. His scrotum is badly burned. He walks through the desert and has a mild aneurysm. He is taken to the hospital. He disappears when Irvine takes him. In a bizarre twist Marco is alive and digs out of the ground.

Irvine realized that Peaty was far from a killer. Irvine called to Marco's dad after he heard from Petey that he is dead. Irvine wants Petey to kill. He shows him the ropes. He goes into a fast food place and breaks a man's knee. Then he shoves a woman into a freezer after gouging her eyes. Then he picks up a man and sticks a hook on a fishing line through him. He flosses through the man's heart. Then he decapitates the man with the broken knee. He rips the wooden end through the man and takes the woman out of the freezer half frozen. He then throws hot oil on her. Irvine hopes Petey will think it's funny. But he hates it. He hypnotizes Petey to be a murderer. Petey is later responsible for poisoning a family of six with carbon monoxide. Petey has become a killing machine.

Megan acted as a hooker and has sex with wild Thai men. One man spanked her with a hot plate. Another man squeezed her balls while she vomits in his mouth. Another man ordered her to wear a diaper. She shits and gets horrible diaper rash. She goes to a doctor with a burning in her ass and thighs. The doctor tells her to bathe in oatmeal. She has sex with Shaneequa in the tub of oatmeal. She fucks her mom's ass and makes loud sounds. The oatmeal is strawberry and hot.

After that she sees a dead bloated man with his eyes bugging out. She walks over to him and finds he's alive when he arises to suck her cock. She is extremely scared so she stabs him is the head, cuts off his arm from the elbow and stomps on him until he explodes. It turns out to be the father from the family before. Traumatized by the experience she leaves with Shaneequa. Thailand didn't work out so they move to Texas.

Petey's hypnosis wears off and he leaves Irvine. He goes to train to be a luchadore. In his first match he faces another child named Greco. He break's Greco's nose, leg and arm. Greco vows revenge. During the next match and he breaks down an obese boy. The boy weighs 1206 pounds and has red hair and blue eyes. His diet is huge and he purposely is fat. His named is Jackson. Jackson is also an outsider. He is too, American. He lives alone eating food and drinks. He performs all bodily functions in his mattress and licks his shit off the bed which tastes like count chocula. He takes Petey to his house to lick the shit and piss off the bed. Petey thinks it tastes good, but can't bear to eat it. After this punishment, he pushes Jackson down the stairs. Jackson cuts open his stomach by mistake on a pair of scissors. The boy explodes with fat, shit, piss, semen, stomach acid, organs, blood, partially digested food and skin. Parasitic worms leave his body and go into his eyeballs. Petey sees the body of Jackson. Jackson lay on the ground with his body opened up and worms burrowing into his eyes screaming to Petey to help. Petey leaves him to die. He has one traumatic fight in which he dislocates his shoulders while attempting to escape a full Nelson. He is taken to a hospital where Irvine opens fire on everybody killing sick people, children, visitors, doctors and nurses. He brings Petey out and coaches him to shoot a man in a car. Petey fires the sniper rifle given to him by Irvine the man's head is blown off. Petey runs off on a burro into the sunset in his luchador costume. He fights his last aggressor, Angel. Angel is a mean bastard from Mexico D.F. He beats Petey's face beyond recognition. Petey then kicks Angel's stomach. Angel is still up and punches Petey once more and Petey is down. Petey's injuries affect his brain and he forgets several things about his past. He remembers Irvine and Shaneequa. He also remembers being in Mexico. Megan is erased from his memory. He doesn't know his name and he doesn't now where he is from. Petey starts to reminisce about his bizarre existence.

He remembers at the age of four when he shared room with a black orphan named Tony. Tony was six. Tony's mother shot herself in the head during an argument to spite his father. His father disappeared that night. Tony was a nice boy. He took care of Petey. He loved Petey so much he would give him his spot in line for food. Petey was always grateful. As they grew up Tony left the orphanage. He was adopted by his long lost uncle, Hank. Petey was heartbroken. At this point Petey was eight and it would be three years before he was taken back by Shaneequa, the only woman who had a chance to love him. Petey had no friends. He believed in aliens which many people did not believe in. He was cute but no one liked him for that. Petey wouldn't have wanted that. He one day put on women's underwear. His teacher Ms. Johnson got mad with him. She abused him badly. He threw up on her picture of her family. The truth was that the old bitch hadn't been fucked in years. She hated her family and hated Petey. She spanked him until his ass was red. Petey's obsessions halted at age nine. He soon cracked jokes to all students. He was a class clown. At eleven he was gone.
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